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Have any ATS members got any personal pictures or video evidence?

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 08:40 AM
Im just wondering as the paranormal studies forum seems to have dried up recently. Has anyone got any good photographic or video evidence of their own personal experience.

The only thing ive ever caught on tape were "orbs" whilst filming a supposed house.
To be honest i dont really class orbs as being anything conclusive. There was a streetlamp nearby which i feel may have played a part in creating the orb effect. Unfortunatley we were to scared to go up to the house which is off a lane leading around a local mountain. This was a few years ago but id prob be too scared to go in now lol

I bring this up as my friend who filmed the tape has just found the video so we are hoping to upload it real soon. But in the meantime what about you people? Anything good?

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