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Questions for ReconPilot...

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 12:55 PM
Religion Essay continued...

Perhaps it's the need to belong to a group, an innate tribalism, the need to have an external enemy or group to project negative feelings onto, the need to feel superior to others,. When did "I feel there is something more to this life" become "I hate the followers of such and such a religion".

These negative traits are not just hallmarks of religion, but nationalism, and political movements.

The central problem is not one mass movement or another, but man's willingness to give his power to external structures, and his stubborn defense of them even as they lead him to unhappiness and even death.

Religion is not the cause of the crimes man has committed over the past milenia of strife and discord. None of the 40 or so armed conflicts currently taking place are caused by religion. War is caused by greed, stupidity, and the need to dominate, religion, like democracy, has simply served the power mongers as a convenient banner to rally and motivate the masses to their own ends.

We cannot "let go" of religion, patting ourselves on the back for having "evolved" beyond it, if we merely transfer the same egotism and dysfunctional behaviour that we left behind onto the new religions of science, politics, economics.

Any time a large group of people relinquishes control to a small group of elites, corruption, dishonesty competition and often outright brutality are the tragic and inevitable results.

We have to liberate ourselves from this ridiculous self-imposed psychic tyranny before it is to late. The existence of God has not been satisfactorily proven one way or the other, but the majesty of nature and the world is apparent to anyone that has witnessed a bull, rose or thunderstorm.

* * *
If God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, the Space Aliens, Maitreya or a twelve-armed Elephant Goddess exist don't exist, we have to do things on our own. If they do exist, they are obviously waiting in the background for us to figure out certain things on our own.

It is not to late to break into the compartment of the runaway train and steer it to sanity and sobriety.

We suggest leaving aside the religious debate for now, and agreeing, Christians, Muslims, Atheists alike, that we are living in an awesome, fantastic, fragmented world that has incredible potential if we are able to cooperate to resurrect it. In a world of physical pain we must turn from the debating table to the streets, fields, and places of poverty and work step by step to undo the unnecessary suffering of this planet.

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 01:03 PM
I actually don't believe in any form of currency including bartering. The venus project in its exact form is under someone's wing, whereas a true moneyless society would be grass roots, in a kind of proportional democracy, like norway without money. Also, bartering implies those who own property or have things and those who do not. This is still not and never could be considered equality. True equality does not reward those with certain gifts, talents and intellect, or health and physical stamina any more than anyone else. Everyone should contribute from their talents and abiities, as their health and stamina allows, but all inlcuding the elderly, the mothers already doing the most important job with young children, the handicapped, everyone should live equally. Technology should serve people, and only an open source model such as linux provides for the computer world where land is not owned but borrowed, where houses are erected by the community for each member, and all are able to give and recieve into this system without an actual exchange.

So the venus project is just a symbol for a grass roots version for me.

I haven't noticed recently any new authors that I follow in ufology. I don't know whats going to happen in the next while, but I ask for help frequently from the ets I know are up there. And I ping on them a lot. When you do this they notice. I also, with my experieces, have a positive feeling for them.
Again they notice this. Theres a lot of protocol and its necessary as there are two sides to the issue, and groups that do not have our best interest at heart as well. That protocol exist on every level. I also know if you scratch the surface on the world around you, there a lot more under your nose than meets the eye.

The stories I'm drawn to are Jim Sparks, Bill Holden, Dr. Michael Wolf, Alex Collier amongst others I can't recall offhand. But grassroots stories by people, like many threads here on ats for example, draw me the most. I think the non-interference contracts are soon ending. I also believe its critical for us to receive help and that there are those who wish to do so.

Edit to add: I will never support a world that is not completely equal, where the 160 IQ, strong healthy man has any material gains over the orphaned handicapped child, with 90 IQ, and no one to care. Inequality is evil. I will never give my yes to any form of inequality.

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 03:00 PM
I definitely support equal basics for every human. Seriously - there are enough resources in this world too - feed - clothe - educate - and provide shelter for every human.

But - beyond that people are just not equal.

I have a friend who works with Native Americans (actually Canadian). In their culture no one can be better then anyone else. Kids go away to college - then come back to the reservation to try to improve their people's lives - - but because they are met with so much opposition - - they end up leaving for good.

No culture needs their brightest thinkers to go elsewhere because no one can be better then another.

Can rewards of self-satisfaction through giving back - ever replace monetary rewards?

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 03:13 PM
Ets do not live in a world were the brightest go away. They live in a world were everyone is accorded their needs, and obtain the educations. From what I've read this amounts to 150-180 years of schooling and they pretty much learn everthing. They chose from amongst their interests and can retain at any time.

Obviously, in an emergency the native model stands, but in the venus model, only adapted to grass roots people, this means everyone who can gives and takes freely from the system, while the world develops clean high level technology and enters into the cosmos as it must and should, because a reset button is a failure. We don't need any more blasts from the pasts. And yes, we're all equal. We are supposed to be one family, that looks after its own properly. Being born with gifts of intelligence and health is not something you can pat yourself on the back for. As far as I'm concerned it means greater service will be expected from you. We're all supposed to wake up and be on active duty, aside from being happy, and loving and caring with our family and friends and living joyfully and from the heart, something this world robs from countless billions who know only pain, suffering and trauma.

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 03:56 PM
mystiq - I like your Venus world. It is the world I see myself in. Ever since being dropped off on the wrong planet - - I've had trouble accepting and understanding this one.

Some posts on this thread speak of overpopulation. Personally I'm seeing a confusion of levels of soul evolution - rather then physical. Kind of like we are all in a classroom - and the different levels of ability and understanding are becoming apparent. In such a situation - those of each group might progress better if separated and placed in environments more in-tune and of the proper challenges for their personal evolvement - - and not being a burden on those of different levels.

With respect I will move on now - - as it seems I've been gently hand slapped by the OP for hi-jacking a thread - with thoughts of my own.

Truly an unintentional mis-understanding.

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 12:39 AM
I'm enjoying this discussion, it's very important that we talk through alternative systems cos no one here on Earth seems to know what they're doing now.

Annie, it wasn't a hand slap at you, just a comment for those of us who know ReconPilot...

1) Mystiq, I'm very interested in the protocol question, because it's something I've only just realised myself. Could you expand on that at all and how it works on an individual level? I'd love to hear all your thoughts cos there doesn't seem to be much writing about it. Is it something to do with a psychic process they go through to see if you're ready, and they are able to scan you to see how you progress? As the whole thing is all done on a telepathic level it's hard to get my head around it but I'm getting better. And yes, my favourite ET stories are the grassroots ones.

Alternative Systems... I am on the same wave as you Mystiq, definitely. In the long run I support free basics for all, everyone treated equally, no one left out. I have lived both sides of the weak/strong divide and it hurts to be ill and in debt.

Zeitgeist Addendum may not be perfect but it creates forum and we can talk about the issues raised.

- I think the transition from debt based fiat insanity to harmonius, inclusive sanity would take a few years, ideally there would be a few intermediary stages.

- I think resource based models are good, but we may need transition steps of metal backed currencies or local currencies. In an abundant, cooperative paradigm the weak would have healthcare, shelter, and food so there would be nothing ugly or unfair about using some sort of currency. I think Ron Paul's economic ideas are the first in a long journey towards sanity. Remember Recon said they use metals and barter on his home system.

- I think there are three possible pathways to the introduction of a fairer system:

1) We are shocked into it after some sort of cataclysm.
2) We are led by hand into it by a more advanced society
3) We do it ourselves step by step with advice.

I don't want (1), cataclysms suck.
(2) may come about but ET's have repeatedly stated they will only consult+ help, not fully lead, however, I agree non-interference protocols may be coming to an end.
(3) When I say step-by-step and gradually, I mean quickly- over a period of months, or 1-2 years. I understand the urgency, people are dying now.

The big question:

How do you think planet Earth could peacefully transit to a stabler resource system?

What stages + challenges do you see?

It's a question of:

A) Detailing the vision of a perfect or near perfect future society.
B) Examining the steps needed to get us there.

Visionaries and pragmatists much work together to support each other.

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 09:02 AM
There are many ways protocols are followed as the operations are militia type ones, and the ets information is very sensitive and classified for their race, I imagine. The kind of protocols here was with regard to signatures and recognition. For example, seeing et script and being woken up to your experiences and past life memory they must have shown you during your time with them. That script would be important and I imagine that it would probably be dependent on the specific group that was your handlers. As there are many different groups, some are renegades, and don't have your best interests in mind. So you are programmed to respond to the right script. I see this is a kind of recognition protocol.

Their signatures are different, actually everyone's energy signature is unique. So this part, and I'm claiming its programming, because I find it annoying!, relates to recognition of your group I guess. For example the greys warm up my heart and I feel happiness and joy. Theres a huge amount of memory blocks, with only some leaks, so I'm suspcious there are many less happy moments there, yet you would never know that by me. I'm just unreasonably happy and they can beam me up anytime. Theres another one too that I'm even less thrilled by.... So I believe they program layers of recognition stuff in people so that if the wrong group shows up and you don't feel a certain way, the signatures don't match.
This stuff is what I've been working out my own, its speculative, but I'm sticking by those being programmed, because jumping up and down like a fangirl or cheerleader doesnt go over well with me. Its undignified.

We're trying to avoid a huge catastrophe here. Thats one of the reasons I ask for help, and suggest that everyone who wakes up does. Those contracts are even more meaningless that way and help will come. Not that they're legal to begin with. Laws are about protecting life and sentient beings rights. Laws that give ownership of real estate and people are actually crimes and abuse of power. Rip them up and charge them. I'm referring to the non-interference contracts here, or the non-massive contact contracts. We have to ask for help.

Still catastrophe is one way where changes happen. But then massive contact works too. We can't do this alone. This would have to involve mentorship type programs and for a considerable length of time, if restructuring into moneyless resource societies takes place. Everyone is brainwashed into this paradigm. I've read so many posts on ATS, and many of these people are more awake than the average. Yet, while they see the leaders/cabal/renegades as truly evil and want to rescue the world from them, at least many do, they would immediately set up the same system of those who have more and those who have less. They don't believe in helping their neighbours and equaliing things. They still blame people for their circumstances. I've read post after post, then showed films of Norway with its proportional democracy, blending of female and male energy and high standard of living, high educatational system and low crime rate (these people are almost ascended already!) They look after their own people and they have honor.

Simply getting rid of the leaders, without counselling and teaching people, and deprogramming them from their mindset and the MC they've been subjected to would mean the same system would establish itself again.
So we're going to need some help.

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 09:57 AM
Mystic it seems that you are fascinated by Norway. Have you ever been there, visited? If you haven't yet, then you should. Mentality of people living there is different, they don't act like a lot of people in the US do. They are more laid back, but they keep to themselves. It probably has to do with their population, it's only slightly above 4.6 million. And they have a better sense of community, they know their roots, their family history, their culture it all adds up and creates their community. The bad part is that people are leaving Norway to pursue the "American dream", so even though their society looks great from a distance good climate, low crime rate, not as polluted as the rest of the world. People want out. Hint: see their history for the past 50-60 years, see how introduction of other cultures is affected their community.

I also want to comment on moneyless society a bit. You can't do this in the US at the moment, you/your small community will be crushed by taxes, rules and regulations. It can't be done in one year or two. It has to be done in stages and over a period of 3-4 generations because you have to change the mentality of the people. Which is hard when people are used to getting more stuff, more food, more useless toys e.t.c. But, there is a way to do it, get as many like minded people in one state and then secede from the union, but be prepared to defend yourself, although I am pretty sure the Australtairians will help ;-)

Current money system, will not allow you to become independent, the system is falling apart, but people have lived under this system for so long, they are afraid to lose their mortgages and their toys so they will actually help the system to stay afloat. There is another conspiracy that involves devaluing dollar and creating a new currency called Amero, but that's another topic.

So to summarize all this I want to say that it all sounds great, but current slave drivers will not let you do anything without a bloodshed. Unfortunately they have all the cards at the moment, and most people are still on their side.

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by GEX

My grandfather was Norwegian, and his entire family was civilized and idealistic, highly intelligent and political, and gave a dam about everything and everyone, including the natives, the single mothers and the handicapped. We have relatives I've never met in Norway. The reason I'm so fascinated with it is, as a politically oriented, woman living in a dog eat dog capatilistic male oriented political system, we've noticed that the Scandinavian countries shine their lights enormously in this world, and so I researched their political landscape, and it turns out, while researching Sweden I believe, that they don't consider themselves social democrats, and maintain their good self care of their citizens even when a more conservative government get is. It has to do with their constitutions and what we in Canada have worded in ours, but we water down and ignore, and that is the word "substantive"equality. Put your money where your mouth is.

Their system is proportional democracy, so unlike our winner takes all, and here in BC, a minority fascist government can win a majority government with only 40% of the vote province wide and in our premiers riding, while 60% split their left vote between the ndp and green. In proportional democracy, you don't waste a vote, you get the percentage you vote for in the house. Under this model all governments are minority or coalitions and must yield and compromise, citizens have major impact in their political activism as well. Consequently, more women run. Over 30% elected are women, not men's style dog eat dog women, but the real women, who are cooperative and want equality for the vulnerable citizens.

Hence, you get a really good blending of the male and female energies and good social programs, good health care, above the poverty line incomes for all people, even single stay at home moms and the handicapped, controlled prices of essential commodities such as housing and food, (so even after their higher taxes the UN reports say they still have more spending power in their families than we do, and consequently can spend in local businesses as well.),and lower violent crime rates as this is not nature, but nuture and related to traumas. They shine their lights for the world to see, yet everyones been taught to ignore it.

Edit to add: Of course this is all still tied into an economic monied system that is controlled by the bloodlines and cartel. But in this crazy, mixed up and traumatized world, theirs is still the most just system, that attempts to create well cared for and peaceful, intelligent, and empowered, people. I want a moneyless utopia system based on proportional democracy.

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by HiAliens

Its really hard to discuss a good alternative to the systems currently employed because most people can't see beyond what they've been taught. Even more importantly, while they may dislike the leaders/bloodlines/overlords, they're indoctrinated into blaming each other and not able to see that substantive equality means equalizing peoples situations. If the leaders were gone, from the posts I've seen on here, there would still be haves and have nots, with many people expected to starve to death due to their circumstances. Even amongst the more aware posters, there is little cooperation and compassion.

The system would return in no time to what it was, and this earth would still be in dire shape, breathing its last breaths. I don't think we can manage this on our own and have a true change take place. I keep being shown a home I wish to get to, a city that is futuristic and beautiful, with the majority of the planet unmarred by roads, clean well cared for sparkling nature in abundance. I feel I've been there before. I ask for help all the time, but in the worse case scenario, many are going to be freed and get out of this mess, in or out of body.

I think the transition from debt based fiat insanity to harmonius, inclusive sanity would take a few years, ideally there would be a few intermediary stages.

In Canada, they've done studies to see how long it takes for people to adjust to a equal, non-sexist, Canadian culture when moving here from different types of cultures, and the results were 3 generations. It takes 3 generations, living in a more equal society to acclimatize to it, or to graviate away from class systems and viewing women as second class citizens. So this will take considerably longer than a few years. This would take probably 60-150 years to reprogram people.

I think resource based models are good, but we may need transition steps of metal backed currencies or local currencies. In an abundant, cooperative paradigm the weak would have healthcare, shelter, and food so there would be nothing ugly or unfair about using some sort of currency. I think Ron Paul's economic ideas are the first in a long journey towards sanity. Remember Recon said they use metals and barter on his home system.

No we don't. Its never been money thats needed. Money implies scarcity. There is no scarcity, not with our populations, there are more than enough able bodied people irregardless of the ones less capable, such as mothers of young children, elderly and and disabled. This is about organization, and the only thing stopping it is the brainwashing thats been done. An example of scarcity would be: say we wanted to embark on a project that would be enormously costly, (you could choose any, such as global advanced monorail transporation or health care and genetic upgrades) such as putting the newest invented dual core solar panel technology in space around the planet, or if the ets there would let us, on the moon. Huge costly thing that would save enormous money down the road and may even help offset future ice ages. But in a moneyless society, all you have in the equation is 1) the technology 2) the resources to do it and 3) the human effort or work involved. It just gets done. There is no scarcity.

Money is scarcity and slavery. It always creates a slave class and overlords.
Our true power is in cooperation and shared dreams. If we all had advanced psi, this would be moot. We'd know each other, and be so much more willing to cooperate, and not blame people for their circumstances, but in the end respect them for what they are doing or have tried to do given their circumstances.

The big question:

How do you think planet Earth could peacefully transit to a stabler resource system?

What stages + challenges do you see?

We're the biggest problem I see. We would stand in each others way. We need help to deprogram our mindsets, as this is drilled into us from the psycho controllers over our heads.

A moneyless society that lacks scarcity could be best described as an open source linux model. Everyone that can contributes (gives) and everyone takes, and anything that needs to be done gets done. There would have to be a total respect for the limits of the planet, and not polluting her with unclean technology, or stealing all the natural oil under the surface which I really believe is her lubricants and probably needs to remain there. A better power house back up to wind and solar is geo thermal, not oil or coal. Most of the plastics and stuff we use can be created from plants. We could be bringing back deserts and having skyscraper greenhouses and even underground green houses, so as not to waste good farming soil which should be food crops. Crystals can be grown, not just dug out of the ground.
There are so many alternatives to what we're currently doing to this planet.

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 10:58 AM
I have an odd question maybe someone else can answer for me, since after just reading through this thread I see Reconpilot is no longer able to participate in it.

To my knowledge I have not really participated in any thread on ATS before this one, before now, that Reconpilot has too.

Yet when I look at my profile, Reconpilot has selected me as one of his friends.

Does anyone have any idea what might have caused him to view me so favorably, and what if any significance that might have?


posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 12:38 PM
Just so we are on the same page, I was telling you that people in Norway and people in the US have different mentality, and that they have their own culture and history that goes back for centuries. This all adds up and that's why their democratic society is different.

Back to this perfect, utopian society.
People are not motivated enough by the perfect society idea, because everyone has their own views of what this society should look like.
You do need leaders to motivate people, but leadership means more responsibility, and that's what people don't like. People who have the right mindset, and there are many, unfortunately get shot down pretty quickly, because their idea is not "cost effective". How can you motivate someone to join you? Leaders in the past used a whip to motivate the masses, current leaders use money, no change really because people in the past feared the whip, today people fear losing their flow of money. Motivation is important. Don't you think so? And how can you convince people that your idea of a perfect society is the right idea?

I was actually thinking about perfect society for a while now, aliens are not a part of it however, they have nothing to do with it at all since this is our planet. I would listen to their advise, but make my own decisions. In every scenario, you need land, access to an ocean/sea, and many people. To get acceptance from people there has to be something they all agree on. Hitler was a good motivational speaker, he managed to pull the country out of a big hole, so was Lenin, and Stalin. Lenin was "better" speaker because he was able to actually overtake a great country with few forces. The country was in bad shape but still he managed to convince people that he was their leader now. Stalin was able to mobilize an entire country and created huge factory, that way he was able to rebuild all infrastructure within the country.
I don't like them, but they managed to create their society.

So ok, you have several thousand people who agree with you and want to help you build better society, you have several acres of land somewhere near Atlantic Ocean. What is your first move? What are you going to do to show these people that they are going in the right direction?

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 01:33 PM
Norwegian people are human, as we all are, but you are right in that they have had been raised in a different paradigm for a lot longer. But they show us simple facts. That its not just genetically built into humans to be violents smucks! That it truly is the environment and paradigm they live in that shapes the way they are. This give me hope for the human race.

There is absolutely no other system I will work for, cooperate with or accept than the one I described. Everything else is compromising with scarcity, control and evil. Thankfully I believe there will be mentorship programs going on so that this will occur. Otherwise, there will always be volunteers reincarnating into this, and probably other unjust systems until they change.

Leaders. That could be done in many ways. There is no group that is entitled to leadership. Organization needs to be done at grass roots levels, in a kind of proportional democratic style, but the ability to fire and get rid of a corrupt person, because we lack that handy dandy psi ability to protect ourselves from being fooled by someone. However, we need to practice this in groups and in community and increase our mental and heart abilities. In a good system, the people who temporarily are managers could be jury duty. In any case, they must be grass roots people from the bottom up.


posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 04:20 PM
Developing telepathy or any other abilities will take some time. For now I am thinking of growing my own food and preparing for the unexpected. I can have my own perfect society on my lot. The bad thing is government will try to make it illegal to grow your own food without permission.

Anyway. What do you mean mentor programs? When Ets sit down with selected few and give them directions on what to do? The disclosure should happen in a year or two according to our reconpilot. That's when you expect this to happen? How?

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 04:39 PM
Groups of ets have been here all this time, and more recently, throughout decades, they have worked with people doing various work, training them, educating them, (I have a memory block and believe its going to stay that way until the time is right). We don't know what lies ahead. There are so many different possibilities and some of them are catastrophes.

The best case scenario, and the one I keep asking for, is a massive contact, getting people to safety and then taking out the bad guys. This is what I picture and ask for. Afterwards, people are going to need help. To begin with, don't even know if earth is going to be alright. We are breathing in depleted uranium globally bonded to the atmosphere, something like 50,000 nano particles with each breath we take, from the megatons of depleted uranium they used since Yugoslavia, and the Gulf Wars. We're not in good shape, and this without other often mentioned disasters that could happen. Even in the best case scenario, for humans, we will need them to stay and help us clean up this planet and restructure, if its possible. If we were lucky enough to be relocated if this planet is too far gone, do you think we will be given such a lovely jewel again, when we have allowed it to be destroyed.

There are worse case scenarios, and I wont even think about them. To me they amount to failures. Massive loss of life is failure. To me, this is akin to a huge stadium filled with say 5000 people being taken over by a small group of renegades. Sure, tip the earth over, bring in a ship capable of that, or an astroid? Sure a disaster scenario would work to bring about change.
I suppose the police could bomb the stadium and kill most of 5000 people to capture the bad guys too. There are laws governing things. I''ll be handing in my report if this goes in an ugly way, in body or out.

In any case, I ask for help from them all the time.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 12:00 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
Groups of ets have been here all this time, and more recently, throughout decades, they have worked with people doing various work, training them, educating them, (I have a memory block and believe its going to stay that way until the time is right). We don't know what lies ahead. There are so many different possibilities and some of them are catastrophes.

Tell me, is this something you know? or is it just a guess? your sources?

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
Groups of ets have been here all this time, and more recently, throughout decades, they have worked with people doing various work, training them, educating them, (I have a memory block and believe its going to stay that way until the time is right). We don't know what lies ahead. There are so many different possibilities and some of them are catastrophes.

I believe we are a creation and monitored.

I too have a block. In astral travel as a child (5 or 6) - a tall humanoid being came to me and told me I was not allowed to "fly" anymore. I wanted to "go home" - this was not allowed - privileges were revoked.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 01:35 PM
When they decided to wake me up I guess, despite many indicators I didn't study ufology, was interested, but never got around to it. It was so unnatural to never ever connect the dots. In any case, yes there are memory leaks, short moments since childhood, things that would come to mind briefly and disappear in a flash. My earliest memories, which I presume started just after seeing the grey at 4 or 5, the race of mutant antmen that lived under the ground (at least this is what I told myself all my life!) involved a base with greys and humans (looked like a nazi to me, now that I am older). Anyway they were working with children. There was a group of children participating in some work. The human liason ended because other leaks are just ets.
I don't get all my memories, yet. I will. I'm very stubborn. There were nordics involved as well, and on the craft. I remember brief moments at various ages right up until recently.

The main thing despite the family witnessing the crafts, and my brother having missing time, and me totally ignoring everything, is that suddenly I was supposed to wake up. Suddenly researching one of our sitings got me into ufology and Project Camelot and Jim Sparks, instead of articles on physics. Though I should be grateful, for a brief moment I understand how electrical circuits worked.
For me it was all about seeing some et script and having a very rough emotional discharge and memories, dots, everything converging. Then a couple days later, after years of no sitings, siting after siting. My youngest thought we were being followed when we were visiting relatives on vacation. He won't sleep near windows and told me he thought he would be taken in the night. That particular craft just appeared over the lake and disappeared permanently behind the one cloud in the night sky. I just see the large red light obscurring the shape, but my 17 year old with perfect vision said was a diamond shaped craft. He also shared missing time and a sighting of a grey that admonished him for being awake still. He willingly went to sleep.

We've also seen nordic crafts, been pinged by them to run outside and watch them soundlessly fly over. Go in, have a connect. Then my son jumps up and says, "they're back" and we ran out again and they flew over again. They often send postcards. Spent a year vacillitating between them being negative or positive with everyone arguing that greys are bad, and pointing to me to really scary info. Last fall, after something happened to warm my heart up and send me love by the greys, I stopped listening to all of that, and decided I had to run with what my heart tells me, while I still entertain possibilities with my mind, my heart tells me that theres a huge disinfo campaign going on against them.

Now the question is, since a few others have been woken up recently as well, whats up with that?

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by mystiq

Hi Mystiq,
What do you mean postcards???? I've seen you mention this a few times, but I really dnt know if it's a metaphor or what. What do you mean?
I'm very busy at the moment but your other info is interesting.

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 10:19 AM
Leaks or memories take place on a base, thats off planet, or on a craft. I can remember not wanting to go home as a child. So they're different.
But this last year after with all the crafts, I'll give an example of two different cases. On May 17th we all saw a black triangle, now the kids saw it clearly, as it flew over our portion of the roof, relatively low. They called me out and I watched it flying in the valley out back. Since then we've seen a few, even one that flew with scout planes. They probably working with our militia. In any case, the very next day, for the first time I saw a cloud ship out back, in the daytime, large, low and extremely defined. There isn't even as defined an example on google images. I jumped back in the house because I sensed a danger. Then I go out a moment later and this thing is gone completely, while the other clouds are still slowly changing.

The next day, my son pulls me outside to see the cloudship. And he pulls to the same spot, just after school. Its gone. I never told him about my siting.

The next day at the same time I don't go outside, in fact, deliberately staying away from outside. I was pacing around looking at the time to pick up the kids when suddenly I'm on the couch with sleep coming at me, and there is a picture as clear as a digital screen of a reptilian in my mind. He's got mottled green skin and red eyes. He wants to talk to me, and projects this incredible vibrant male human energy so strong and neat feeling that I'd want to sit and talk to him for hours over a coffee. I knew darn well this was a lure or a trick. Though I still find that confusing and interesting. I jump off the couch with "Have to pick up the kids". I believe its all related.

Another type of postcard was in the fall there was a craft in September, October and November of one craft, saucer my son tells me. All I see is the red light completely covering it. He calls me out over and over again. Choppers chase it against the hills, and it keeps blinking ahead. In any case, from the moment I see it, they projected an image. Don't know if its a correct image or not. Because its not a face to face meeting. But I see a nordic couple, a man and a woman. The woman has mid lenght, blond hair and is very attractive, the man has more shaggy dark blond, stronger bone structure and almost eastern european bonestructure. They're very cool feeling, very scientific. So for September, it was just almost like a greeting or getting me used to them, so I saw this.

But October and November was different. The image was given when my son called me out. We go in, and I feel connected to this very intense strong. It was not a verbal communication, and I told my son, not to go out there, please stay in the house. As I'm speaking he jumps up saying, "they're back!" We go out and they fly over again. I asked if he was pinged. He nods. He also points to an evergreen where theres an orb nearby, one of their monitoring sensors.

This continued in November, with the craft and the mental contact. I want to say, I tried to ignore them, tried to do something else, rambled useless things to pull out of it. Finally gave in and said "allright". Had to get them to slow down and point out "mentally challenged human here" as it was very fast and strong impressions.

Then again, not that long ago. The man seemed to be with a different woman at that point. They weren't giving a message this time but letting me know they were monitoring me right up close. I actually felt like they were in my living room it was so strong. The same day a friend of mine had visits from his group, and I was wondering if they were making rounds.

In any case, postcards arent face to face. But they are psi communication.

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