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Questions for ReconPilot...

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by the seeker_713g

I am so glad to see you and other good people on this thread puling the pieces together and starting to see the bigger picture . Its not an easy thing to do .

One of the favourite tricks the machine pulls to draw you in to the light is to show a dead relative at the end of the tunnel ! The machine is sentient , it is cunning and it is always hungry .

This planet is not the nicest assignement for any ET . But some people like a challenge .

As I have made clear before ,my friends and I are here to settle an old score and doing so has taken a heavy toll . WE have to isolate Enki ,drive him in to his body then execute him while we have the chance .
Once he was the Hunter ,now he is the hunted .

As a wise old sailor says in the film 'master and commander '
"the devil himself is at the Helm of that there phantom (ship) "

But the devil thrives on keeping his servants ignorant unquestioning slaves . His 'army' are selected based on these qualifications . This makes his troops very vulnerable to small highly trained units who dont play war games according to set piece tactics and strategies .

Fearfull yes men with big ego's DONT MAKE THE BEST SOLDIERS OR OFFICERS . Xerxes(enki again ) found that out the hard way as have many other tyrants . Goering was a classic example of the fat self indulgent leader of men who ultimately lost the battle of britain for germany .

So while it may appear as though the situation is helpless at times and especially now ,rest assured that we have always been behind the scenes ,watching, waiting and jumping in to the fray when the need is there .

My unit privided vital intelligence that the RAF could not ,with all its desk bound 'experts' running the show . But no sooner had we proved our worth and provided the vital expertise , we were sidelined so the mahogany desk pilots could take the credit for all our work . Thats just one example ,but there are many .

The Mosquito was an independantly designed and built fighter Bomber we knew we would need to keep one step ahead of the luftwaffe . based on one of my relatives earlier designs ,the whirlwind , it became the best aircraft of its type in WW2 . WE knocked out ,with these aircraft , any and all targets that would have given Hitler victory .Missile launch sites ,heavy water manafacturing plants , etc. If we had not intervened , Hitler WOULD HAVE HAD his 'ultimate weapon' .

Enki mobilises men through appeals to their greed and lust for power .he has a big pool to choose from so that means 'the few' who stand against him have to work a lot harder and smarter to outwit him .

And thats what we do . If someone says the mission is 'impossible' we say 'wanna place a bet on that ?'

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by reconpilot
Thanks to you and the insight you have provided in your many posts, the path is clearer now for us;

for many long years I did not fit in, always saw everything in a different light, felt like a stranger in a strange land; I understand now.

If I may help, I am here, my friend, for I would rather give my life than live as we do now, and if there be a chance that my kids and grandkids can live in a world of peace and love, free from the black evil of enki and all that goes with it, no price is too small.

Again, thanks, for I am i n your debt.



posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 09:42 PM
I want to thank ReconPilot for his answers, a lot of things make sense now. It makes me feel better that we are not standing against Enki, alone.
We can see that something is changing, at slow pace but changing. We can also see Enki's counter-measures. Terrorism, religious fanatics, racism, nationalism etc.

I read Terra Papers, I think its more pro-Enki though, good thing we have more information to compare it.

Happy holidays!

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 09:06 AM
Hi there - I'd like to reply to Gex's comment that Terra Papers seems to be pro Enki... As I understand it (it being their agendas), whatever those 'gods' are up to is what's reflected on us. If people sees Enki as 'good', it's because it seems he's done something for us rather than seeing that he did something he wanted to do and we just happen to benefit from it. It's just what's happening 'today'. Tomorrow another god or Enki or whoever could turn events so that we find outselves in dire need, whatever that might be - like Hitler arising and wiping millions out. We benefit or suffer because of their whims and dramas - I don't really think any of them truly care about us peons here, we just experience their moods and at this time - so far - its not too bad. But I expect it will get worse and we will not be propsering much longer.

The irony is benevolent beings don't intervene - and beings who are not benevolent do - and they happen to be light years ahead of us and for the most part (I think) look upon us as we do to an infestation of rodents.

We're the ones in the dark because we're not 'fit' to be anywhere else while we're stuffed into these slave vessels and made to return time after time and act out dumb roles in a dumb society run by aliens since the beginning of our (human) time.

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 09:23 AM
Benevolent beings intervene and have from the beginning, though I think its safe to not be too unrealistic about that word, as individuals and even rebel groups may exist on all sides with their own purpose. But basically, there are those who would see this level of abuse end, and see this planet develop with true free will, the people recover from thousands of years of control and slavery. There are those who have worked for the system of slavery and their very natures can be determined by history, and current events. The state this planet is in describes the negative agenda they're on. The only problem is, we have "our" history we can examine. We don't (since we're isolated and not a cosmic people yet) the history of other worlds to examine. The information here describes how other people have been harmed by this aggressive "Enki" group of ets, other planets destroyed, people enslaved and brought here. So we're like a "prison" planet of sorts, except the prison warders are renegades.

The visitors, whose intentions are questioned and many depict as negative or bad, most definately this is how greys are depicted, have a huge disinfo campaign being perpetrated against them. As an experiencer, I've examined this from both sides, and it felt wrong to run with the current negative model. I knew they had a purpose and integrity. I also knew due to memories they gave me, of the far past on earth, that they were long standing "watchers" for earth with a strong sense of wishing to see balance restored. I knew they didn't like our leaders and were working grass roots with people. Dr. Michael Wolf's accounts, in fact this interview is good here:

The visiting ets are not bad, and some of them have been here for a long time, but the increase seems due to the nuclear, which may have given them a legal right to interfere finally.
Its our leaders we need to look at.

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 09:54 AM
Hey Mystiq

Interfering to prevent our nuclear blasts, etc. from doing damage is protecting them and others, not us personally at least as I understand it. That doesnt make them benevolent, it makes them like guardians as they are often referred to - I don't believe benevolent beings would interfere on a personal level, eg, present to me and offer me a ride off the planet while it implodes from earthquakes - I think we're on our own to figure it out.

I haven't had visitations or experiences of contact/abduction so cannot speak from that perspective. Its just from my years or researching that I've come to believe we are on our own, trapped, and probably have a great cheering section no doubt, but don't believe they are going to do anymore than that - cheer us on until we get out of here which could be millenia *sigh*...

I see all the other ets as being everywhere and visible to each other but not us and if some nasty, aggressive one pushes their way through and decides to reign terror on the planet, free will rules, doesn't it? I think they're self serving, not benevolent or evil - it's just whatever they're doing at the time determines how we live here and whether the gods are happy or not.

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 10:52 AM
What makes them "benevolent" though this is not quite a realistic word and lacks depth and range, is their preference for grass roots people, their honoring and focus on natives. Their honoring and focus on the environment, our rain forest and the damage that is being down to our planet, including the breaks in the food chain, their focus on advancing purposes on earth that can rid the world of its slave masters and insure that we actually chose this, that we wake up and go on, that we begin to evolve again. While a reset button may look handy to some of them, they really don't wish to send us backwards, but free us.

What doesn't make the word "benevolence" realistic is that there are differences amongst them. While some agendas are joint, others are not. While all of the more united races, across species, may share common purpose, and do things jointly, there may be solutions offered that we might not like ahead, not all groups think the same way about freedom for example, or upgrades (telepathy would be a very good one, and lead to a more civilized world).

Now this is my take on things, from my own experiences and my search for others accounts that meshed, and were like lifelines to me. This is what my take on this is.

Reconpilot is clarifying some of what I've been feeling, and adding to it in a way that makes sense of some of what I've felt as a base inside while getting swayed by various accounts one way, and then the next. I always have a base feeling that shakes off some things. He has brought forth historical evidence and it really wakes one up.

One thing most people don't understand is, you cannot be for natives, and their earth friendly, cooperative, ways, (and by for, this even involved sheltering them during a reset button, massive cataclysms in a time depicted by myth and even scripture as when the people were wiped out, supposedly all the corruption gone, and Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed), you cannot be for grass roots people, ecology , and against nuclear weapons and still be negative. That is the definition of positive. Someone who honors natives has integrity. This is a way to judge things.

The accounts given of the meetings with ets in the 40s were that the nordic types wouldn not exchange technology with our leaders, and were there to inform them they had to end the nuclear agenda. I believe this was a galactic legal meeting. According to Dr. Michael Wolf's account, the greys were "guests" and cut some deals with them, as prisoners. Also there was mention of cloning being done. I've suspected for some time that the more negative accounts given involve some et clones crafted by the cabal. Just an opinion I have.

[edit on 19-12-2008 by mystiq]

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by kshaund
As has been stated before, the legal owners of this planet are negative, feed off negativity, and promote all the darkness so the negativity grows, bending the laws and rules to their advantage and our dis-advantage; they consider us property;

the law abiders are having to play by the rules, and wait until whoever is the referree in this contest allows them to step in, and then it is a tight rope to walk, for there are many souls, from here and other worlds, being held hostage, as is the planet, with a fanatic holding their finger on the button, ready to take it all down to destruction;

we have been so tightly programmed to see only one reality that most refuse to accept any evidence to the contrary; some are shaking it off and seeing the real situation; You are lied to; you are programmed; you are a slave to the system; our genetics have been altered; and we are quarantined here, trapped here until the owners are dealt with.

it is up to us to see this, to want to change it, and do something about it, and it is little things to start with that will make a difference; get over ego and self righteousness; feed the hungry, free the oppressed, stop being a bunch of damn monkeys fighting over a pile of dirt or which one's beliefs are right; stop FIGHTING each other, period. Stop killing the planet.

I've said enough.


[edit on 12/20/2008 by the seeker_713g]

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 07:05 PM
And start to do the right thing with each other. Be cooperative. Educate others at a local level, by showing some of the films that reveal the true state of affairs.
When a neighbour becomes homeless shelter them. Sidestep their wars, don't go. Don't participate in their agendas. Non-participation,no matter what. The leaders work under the renegade agenda, and they're our biggest problem.


posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 10:12 PM
We are in the dark, so it's up to humans to take up the leading role when this soul catching machine is knocked down. The trick is to not let some beings who are light years ahead of us to take advantage of the situation. We are on our own, but we can choose our allies.

The disinformation campaign against grays or reptilians is part of the counter attack by the renegades. What movies do you suggest? Stargate? Star Trek? Star Wars? Independence Day? Alien vs Predator?

the seeker
Right words. Wrong people have the power.

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 11:55 PM
Well I like Zeitgeist's latest one, but there are many that can be added to the list. Videos on the federal reserve, bloodlines, agendas, that sort of thing. Wake people up. I continually believe that if we don't keep resembling primitives and sheeps things will change for us, and we may receive help in unexpected places as well.

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 03:26 AM
what an interesting thread!

reconpilot seems well aware of the necessary tweaks to the probability matrix to restore paths.

and here we go again.

so let's just say, the futures matrix already looks rather straightforward. we have two main paths at hand. i would say that this "enki" knows it as well, and is pushing for the more dire of the two. then the main situation revolves around preventing that path from being taken. all signs point to the indication that the path will be resolved in 2010.

what is needed to ensure the less dire? i can only speak for my own "unit", as reconpilot refers to them.

this is one of absolute information. when this information is understood, the individual cannot return to the place before it. the absolute operates as a singularity. i think many people do not think enough about the concept of unity to understand what it actually means.

i have been developing ways of modifying the means to transmute this information into language for quite a few years now. even still, it attempts to escape the mind, like a word on the tip of your tongue you just can't say.

still, the only way to defeat this tendency is to keep trying over and over. this has been my objective for almost ten years now.

perhaps we can begin by differentiating the types of paradoxes. there are of course true paradoxes, but there is another kind that is not well known. this is the type when the "opposing" notions do not actually oppose at all. they are a part of a unified whole.

a good one to bring up is always simplicity and complexity.

by studying the notion of how simplicity can be found within complexity and vice versa, we are starting to immerse ourselves into the realm of thought that can accomodate what i am trying to get at. after all, there is a huge difference between organized complexity and disorganized complexity.

what we begin to realize when we study systems is that any form of system of disorganized complexity cannot hold together for long. it is only temporary, in transformation, and will inevitably emerge a set of smaller organized systems.

with any organized complex system, a pattern emerges that allows it to be observed in relatively simplistic terms. at this point it might do us well to imagine the geometries involved.

if you are familiar with what is called a "macro", then it can be said that all organized complex systems exist within one.

the trick is always thus a matter of studying the macro from outside of it, not linearly outside, but "zoomed out" outside, rather than from inside of it.

this is a crucial notion central to the objectives surrounding my "units" purpose.

to develop the description of the skill of "zooming out".

it is usually best to begin at the individual level. if one can master the ability to exist as a 3rd party to themselves, capable at any moment to zoom out of themselves and observe themselves from this perspective, after awhile it becomes a matter of simultaneity.

the same skill can also be applied to the system within which we operate. of course, in a sense we are still "stuck" within the system, and this is why as reconpilot mentions, it is certainly a matter of decision to commit to being "stuck", so to speak.

nonetheless, one has the prior advantage of having these skills in hand already, and it is precisely by successfully introducing these skills on a widespread level, that the "units" mission is then accomplished.

as soon as a wide variety of individuals exhibit the capacity to zoom out of themselves and their context, the next phase of the mission becomes feasible.

any individual is unfortunately not a candidate for participation in the objectives of the 2nd and 3rd phases without having accomplished the first.

so, perhaps, unlike 2005, this time the effort to instill confusion and complacency in the populace by way of ripple effect has backfired, as it has triggered extra incentive to mobilize the counterops that were already well underway. will continue..

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 03:43 AM
Well done guys and gals . This is all good dialogue and it shows you are thinking for your selves .

A bit of clarification on an important point . The original greys are very much aligned with the Altairians . The greys cooperating with the US gov are a renegade group who betrayed their own people and left them to die . Only altairian intervention and aid saved them from extinction. So now we are close allies . The good greys are total nerds . Scientific geniuses with big brains . They are forced to clone because the rogue greys stole their base copy bodies . They have only a limited ability to reproduce naturally . very sad actually , but thats another story.

Now if you want to get an idea of how an altairian thinks and acts ,watch the film 'master and commander '. Its based on the real life Altairian, Lord Cochrane . Ask your self why Captain Jack Aubrey goes to such lengths to hunt down the captain of the 'phantom ship ' Acheron in this film .

There are lots of hints in the film . When the young topman Warley is lost overboard his friend is seen afterwards going through his possesions and finds a silhouette picture of him drawn on parchment . he looks at it .
In close up you will see the letters GIBR rubbed out to leave the word ALTAR . Its an abbreviation for altair of course . Above the sailors picture its says simply 'HOME AGAIN ' .

Then you see a lightening flash and notice rather oddly that the captains cabin has a checkered floor ! Bit unusual for a Sea fairing vessel wouldnt you say ?

In the film Titanic ,the essential message is dont marry for money ! Trust your heart . Find the courage to live as a free thinking individual .

When Rose is near death she looks up in to the night sky .Freeze your DVD player on those stars and look closely . You will see a strange perfectly elliptical formation of stars . Those are the nav lights of a cloaked rescue vessel floating above the scene . The same nav light pattern as the ones you will see on the Bottom of thunderbird two in the recent film of the same name ! Maybe thats why when the cameras searched the wreck of the titanic they found no human remains AT ALL .

I have seen that same nav light pattern hovering over our house when my altairian friend pointed them out to me one evening .

So perhaps thats also a good metaphor for you guys when it comes to joining the dots and looking for patterns .

Your enslavers dont want you to know we are here , but we leave clues ALL OVER THE PLACE . And they come with a message. Our honour code .

So stop feeling sorry for yourselves and start looking because the journey makes the individual worth saving . Courage to say no to greed ,courage enough to do whats right even if you think you will loose everything .
The courage to walk away when evil tries to buy your soul .

Thats what 'Titanic' is all about . And when the journey is over ,Rose gets to see all her friends again . The ones who demonstrated courage when all seemed lost . And who are the Titans ?

Another film I watched shortly after my wake up call was Tarzan . The modern disney cartoon version . There's a Titanic moment in there when tarzan realises that HE IS IN FACT NOT AN APE. Very touching .

The truth is out there , but you will only start to see it was under your nose all the time when you have the courage to THINK FOR YOURSELVES .

have a great xmas friends and make that trip to the video rental store !

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by other-worldly

The word you are searching for ,the one on the tip of your tongue , is OBJECTIVITY .

This is why I try to avoid BIG WORDS and excessive exposition .

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 06:47 AM
just want to say this thread is really good. thank you all for a good debat pureevil, HIaliens, mystic, seeker and ofc reconpilot. you are speeking of something i miss in dailylife

props and streetcred is sent

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 08:41 AM
I haven't got much to add to the conversation now. But I'm watching and soaking up the info. Maybe one day we can all take a Mag-Lev train over to Brasil, or maybe Australia, and meet up in person....
Got more questions but I'll leave them till after Christmas...

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 11:50 PM

Originally posted by reconpilot
reply to post by other-worldly

The word you are searching for ,the one on the tip of your tongue , is OBJECTIVITY .

This is why I try to avoid BIG WORDS and excessive exposition .

I think I see what you mean, in this particular contextual definition of the word. A notion as an object in its own right, independent of all other things, and yet related to all things, rather than one "opposite" thing in particular.

Rather than,

The subjectivity of notion pairs, the dreaded "versus" notion, scaling between the "hands of judgement" rather than the "path of mobilization away from the unwelcome, without ever looking back to even consider it".

If you know what I mean.

We realize a lot of it is one big head trip. And if it worked on us, we'll be happy to get whatever information we can that guides us out of that nightmarish headspace where conflict is needlessly waged ever onwards.

We can still of course seek to make change to eliminate the things in this world that do not belong here without having internal conflict, we just see it as being the manifested illusions of those who still believe in duality, and not our own.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 05:10 PM

Originally posted by other-worldly

Originally posted by reconpilot
reply to post by other-worldly

The word you are searching for ,the one on the tip of your tongue , is OBJECTIVITY .

This is why I try to avoid BIG WORDS and excessive exposition .

I think I see what you mean,

If you know what I mean.

friend, efforts to de-rail this thread are very un-appreciated and you will find we are in the grey area; join and contribute in a meaningful way, or leave us to our discussion, please.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

I will check these films out, this is good stuff.

I also went back and watched 3rd rock from the sun, and with the new perspective i have taken it made sense to me. It goes to show the stupid things " humans " do in everyday life, my favorite episode is the one where the leader, cant remember the name now, but he takes up smoking and ends up trapped in a stairwell at the dentist's office.
just things like that, things i wouldnt have noticed before.

I have also been reading " gnostic writings ", seems there is some truth in there also. that connected some dots for ME. It's amazing how I can go back and read, and watch stuff that i have seen or read before and they make sense, but in a different way.

I went back and read the book of John in the bible, jesus says that he has sheep that are not of this sheep pen (world), and he also talks alot about looking into YOURSELF. I have also came to the conclusion that jesus wasn't speaking of the god of the bible (enki), it seems he is speaking of a loving sort of higher power, a source that does'nt want us to be trapped in this prison.

I do believe it is important for us to share what is connecting dots for us individually, which is what recon and mystiq, also seeker, and others as well are doing.
another one for me was the zeitgeist movie, another is the Urantia papers, and the terra papers. there are other things as well, I cant think of them right now though.

There are clues in a ton of different fields, T.V. shows, movies, books. question everything, then when you think you have found answers, question the answers as well. the bible i believe holds some truth to an extent, as well as apocrypha writings. determining what is truth and what isnt, that is the hard part, but you have to " feel " it, if it doesnt feel right then it probably isn't.

there is much more I want to share with everyone, but words have a tendancy to escape me at times, but in the future i will share what i have learned the best way that I can.

keep connecting dots everyone, I hope you will all share what is helping you to do this as well.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by putiplot

Hi putipilot , nice to have you on board . Your not one of those 'angels' waiting in the wings for a new deployment are you ?

Girls make the best fighter pilots . Multi tasking is their strong suite and in a major swarm , a limp wrist works faster than a clenched fist .

Chicks rule .

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