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Bush's Possible, but true Alien War.

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by cbass

what the bushes are saying is they want their escape pod pronto, for the elite the only unpredictable scenario is the rebellion by the souled fearless humans that feel their conception of "freedom" is compromised.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 11:54 PM
I agree with Alien Ghandi.
The majority of E.T's are a threat to the powers that be because they want us to evolve.
Also, Reagan hinted at a fake alien invasion plan as a unifying outside threat...
If it's at all true, Bush proably wants a moon base to deal with earthly foes; either the Russians/Chinese or his own people.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 11:57 PM

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 01:36 AM
The first comment is funny and prophetic.

It is interesting nonetheless. We never see the dark side of the moon...who knows what's there.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 01:51 AM
I think StarGate got it right...

It's either the Asgard or the Goa'uld that are coming...

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 02:01 AM
I just had to post this comment from

Silly Canadians. This old, senile nutter would be a hero on the Above Top Secret forums. Birds of a feather flock together! lmao

Anyway, I finally found the transcription to the video. Here's in part:

CARLSON: Where did you come across this information that the Bush administration is building a forward base on the moon, and why would they do that? And why would they keep it from the public?

HELLYER: Well, to answer your second question first, I don‘t know. That is the reason I am raising the question, is to see why they are.

CARLSON: Well how do you—how do you—that‘s an awfully specific claim. I haven‘t read it in the “New York Times.” Doesn‘t mean it‘s not true, doesn‘t mean you‘re wrong, but I am interested to know why you think that.

HELLYER: Well, because this was forecasted in Colonel Corso‘s book. They were wanting to build a base on the moon, as far back as 1964. And General Arthur Trudeau (ph) -- same name as one of my bosses—was very determined to build a forward base on the moon. And prepared all of the specifications necessary for it, and the blueprints, and so on.

Video Transcription

So basically he knows as much as we do? In other words, he based his knowledge on this book.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 02:07 AM
blah blah blah blah

seriously? is this news because he's an ex-pm?

take away that PAST TENSE position of power and what do you have....some asshat regurgitating corso's BS on TV

corso's book is already ridiculous and baseless as it is, let alone being regurgitated out of this guys mouth

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 02:33 AM
People say to me, they wish they could live in a movie...because life's too boring.

This proves how entirely wrong they are. It's beginning to look more and more like a movie.

They say the best place to hide a lie, is between two truths. And this is exactly what I think they're doing with this disclosure project.

Think about it...if you were a highly advanced life form, would you even allow your enemy to set up support on the moon? Granted that this statement is true.

No freaking way Jose! I am 100% certain that their is alien life out there, and that some of this life has been and is in contact with a select few beings on our planet, some higher-ups, and some normal folk like you and I.

However, I am also 100% certain that what we're being told has been drenched in lies...for a long time now. In fact, I do not take anything they say without questioning it strongly. Whether it seems like it's the truth or not? These people have a bad habit of lying...and habits are hard to break.

All in all, I do know that they are preparing us for something. What I don't know, is if that's something good...or bad. I'll know soon enough it seems.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by cbass

I think it was more aimed at Illegal Aliens from Iraq,Iran,Afganistan
Korea Invading Washington

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 04:16 AM
Wow so much hatred in this thread, people cannot stand to see an opinion that differs from their own anymore without exploding into rage.
I've been lurking for a while, but decided to create an account just to add my two cents in here.

First off, maybe they're just building a forward base on the moon to position themselves for an oncoming space mining operation. Lord knows that would be lucrative.
Or it could be a military base to fight aliens. Who knows, I don't really believe any of this stuff, I just read the posts because anything is possible, and it's amusing and interesting to see what other people are thinking about.
Now for some replies to some of the other posters here.

@Portugoal : You keep mentioning 'ridiculous speeds' and that aliens, if they do exist, possess super-science and weapons that would crush us with ease.
That's entirely possible. It's not beyond the realm of possibility to assume that they may not be hostile, or may not be an aggressive species. Though they might be capable of interstellar or even inter-dimensional travel, maybe they don't possess doomsday weapons. Maybe they do not fly in 'regular space' at light speeds or beyond.
It's possible that if they do exist, they may not be super advanced compared to us. You never know.

@Jazket: Missiles work better in space than they do in earthly atmosphere. They require less fuel to launch, and do not have to put up with pesky air-friction. We probably cannot get them to travel at super-luminal speeds as the fuel requirements would be insane, but they would work well enough to be used as weapons.

@Mopusvindictus: You are a very disturbed individual, obviously fixated on a possible 'Hollow Earth' theory of life and how it connects to possible alien life.
You ridicule anyone else mercilessly and also toss in a lot of "LOL", etc.
What you need to realize is that your own theories are just as fantastic as the rest. Tone down the venom in your posts, and you won't come across as such a nutter.

Sure, it's plausible that the so called aliens are a strain of divergent-man, or maybe even descended from 'raptors'. That is just as possible as saying they are from another world/dimension/whatever.
Until we have concrete proof, it's all just speculation. And if it's just speculation, then there is no reason whatsoever to attack anyone else for having a difference of opinion. People need to dial the maturity up a notch or two here. The screaming matches and taunting are completely unneeded.

Alien life may exist, but until I see some solid proof, they will always be a 'what if' in my mind. There is most likely life in the universe other than that found on earth. Whether it is intelligent or have visited this mudball are an entirely different matter.
There are hundreds of billions of galaxies and each galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars in them. Who knows though, maybe it's all empty space and we are alone.

Oh, and one last thing before I go. Saying that Humanoid life would and could only evolve on earth is silly. Sure, it does make some sense, but so does Panspermia. Maybe the basis for biological life is the same allover the universe, and maybe we are a template for 'intelligent' life. Convergent evolution maybe?

Who knows. This is all fun to think about, but there is no reason to get all riled up over something that may or may not exist. Deny ignorance and all that.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:16 AM
At OP.
And to think it all started with the discovery of Vril technology in 1922 Pre-Nazi Germany!

Just before the war ended the Germans got accustomed to there cloning and genetic engineering abilities. Not to mention there free-energy-subs and there numerous space voyages in the Haunebu crafts.
Now 'they' have perfected there Vril and genetic engineering/cloning technology to give us the Grey, our shinny new enemy to fight!

Edited for spelling*

[edit on 29-10-2008 by Sfen Senterra]

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:25 AM

Originally posted by Thinkmore

@Mopusvindictus: You are a very disturbed individual, obviously fixated on a possible 'Hollow Earth' theory of life and how it connects to possible alien life.
You ridicule anyone else mercilessly and also toss in a lot of "LOL", etc.
What you need to realize is that your own theories are just as fantastic as the rest. Tone down the venom in your posts, and you won't come across as such a nutter.

Sure, it's plausible that the so called aliens are a strain of divergent-man, or maybe even descended from 'raptors'. That is just as possible as saying theyare from another world/dimension/whatever. Until we have concrete proof, it's all just speculation. And if it's just speculation, then there is no reason whatsoever to attack anyone else for having a difference of opinion. People need to dial the maturity up a notch or two here. The screaming matches and taunting are completely unneeded.

Hey, I didn't criticize others so mercilessly, Just him And NO Btw, Hallow Earth theory is another fantasy driven nut wing section belief.

and if you look back I offered my thoughts and he attacked them

Please understand,

If you look through my posts you will see that I repeatedly and constantly use the words IF

I never said there were Aliens in the ground I said IF

and what you get allot of in here and elsewhere

Is the crew of Raelian believers and galactic federation of Light types and the followers of some mainstream bs artists. And what those types do is ruin any chance for real explanation of the subject matter...and they can be fanatical 100% convinced of the federation and these stories that explain the cosmology of everything and ascribe ultra other worldly attributes and goodness and are just...ready to load us all on the mother ship if it arrives like the kooky Mayans that thought Europeans were Gods

I don't completely disbelieve a Stargate or hyperspace is Impossible

But some of these nuts have a belief there are ships coming and going and the federation is in orbit and the portals are there and 57.6 races have contacted the govt, and it's absurd and from any stand point of science, I am sure we'd notice a worm hole opening

there is nada to indicate any possible chance of any of it being real, straight sci fi and bad Sci fi in that it forgets the Sci

sure it is Possible that Aliens are humanoid out there, as you say Billions of planets etc, etc But the people that have dozens of humanoid races visiting us right now popping in and out of worm holes with powers beyond our comprehension chap my buttocks

It's a horror for any serious study of the subject matter or any chance of figuring out... what the only serious sightings are... the Greys and where they come from

The questions of why, a race that can... command the power of stars, still looks humanoid if it ever did and would abduct people... can never be answered by these guys and I say IF, even to those stories because I have never been abducted...

But there is real evidence and some convincing stories and sightings and they follow one theme and it connects to Roswell

Not a Sumerian legacy of planetary collisions and galactic empires and Millennium old pacts between god like aliens who, control enough energy to displace time and space, Yet the most vital place in the universe it's all nutters, It makes a joke of a serious ufologist

and I took the bait when he.. challenged me Because I do real work, I don't regurgitate the words of profiteers on the Internet

I know nothing, I do know the simple facts I stated, Our Govts Main interest is underground, not in space,

I know the craft I see would be harnessing a ridiculous amount of energy with an entirely small crew for those craft to be interplanetary

I know if there is ANY truth to visitation at all... the first thing we can count on being real, from all the info available is that we have captured some and that is not a very higher power thing to have happen, a crash and burn on your craft... multiple time or at the hands of human weaponry

I also know an interest in our genetics leads me to think, they can use our genetics and have a connection to us

I also see their eyes which... indicate a need to see underground

To harness that energy, to be able to do these claimed things, why the interest in us? Very Human interests and actions bagging and tagging another species

I would think... a race that advanced would have little need for that sort of things that by the time you are capable of... Controlling space time via quantum physics, your computers wont crash your ships and you could scan all the people you want in minutes via some nano tech probes world wide... you wouldn't be bagging and tagging so to speak

so, It just doesn't add up, not in anyway

My Theories are down to Earth and Theories not Facts!!!!

I look for evidence where it can be found, I'm not talking about anything deeper then what our govt does under our feet right now, The hallowing out of vast spaces within Mtn ranges which are like great floating Islands in the mantle and the use of existing spaces and based on what we know, and I mean KNOW, there is alot of open space and entire seas and vast chambers in those pockets

I know protected from the suns rays and radiation your looking at longer lifespans less breeding and biologically it's a fit

The only reason I give any credence to the reptilian Raptor issue... is because many people believe the theory and... it's a possibility... many people seem to feel after abduction that they are reptilian in nature ( I don't believe it btw, I think they are Humanoid in every sense of the word )

I think, given that most caves systems the deeper ones not readily accessed by the surface are carved by water that the Grey biology begins to make sense, the big Black eyes the coloring the webbed hands, thew small mouth...

I enjoy spelunking, and to go to the good spots, to get deep you universally have to go through water ways, and it goes, on and on once you do, beyond what most people realize

and you'd be surprised, How seriously and heavily guarded those deep spots are, It's made impossible to access any good locations where you might gain real entrance

I have some real mysteries I can seek out and explore... be it aliens or just govt bases or hidden history

No one is attempting to stop us from peering into space, observatories aren't guarded, But I assure you, the earth beneath your feet is and in a serious way

and do I say I KNOW, for sure, NO I don't

I say, I have good reason to believe from actual exploration, real interviews, from risking my behind and going down there to understand and by scoping out locations and doing it, putting on a rope and harness... and alone sometimes when need be going into the dark to see whats possible,

and others say, They come from arctus 9 and are part of the confederacy of infinite wisdom and the Federation wars of 13,000 years ago between the humanoid races of good and evil fought over the Earth and the Stargate is buried in Iraq....and they mother ship is outside and I received telepathic confirmation and...

this guy wasn't that bad, But you know...

He KNOWS that Wormhole travel is real, for sure and that we have a Humanoid filled Galaxy with vastly superior technology, He knows there I go LOL

You know man... I'm just explaining because...

Thanks for ruining the seriousness of a part of my life's work with concocted stories and all, know what I mean?

I let the Federation of Light know it all types go and speak their peace, They have every right, I'm not a Jerk

Just don't go and debunk by calling me irrational and wrong when I am serious student of the subject matter at hand my simple little post, With some Horrific load of BS made up from tv shows and everyday science articles you barely grasp, because it's a huge insult

I didn't go after him, he singled me out and you post your theory i'll post mine, But engage the fight over your Definitive answers to the whole spectrum of life in the universe without leaving the bedroom...

Nice, I'll take that fight, and leave a person stammering and calling me names every time

And If I had a dollar for every person who knows the composition of life in this galaxy because they are somehow privy to higher knowledge after all this time i'd be a Millionaire, and these types are so sure there is this Star trek of a civilization all around us and offer absolutely Nada and ZERO Science or genuine exploration of the subject matter... but for certain, there are wormholes!!!

It just Amazes me you know? How much FACT you can develop about Aliens from Google? So yah, I laugh, Every one has been in Dulce and Area 52, the Mother ship is invisible in orbit, The Luciferians will relocate us to the next world in 28 days...

and of course this one, Star gates are real... They use wormholes... and it's said with absolute certainty

Because to listen you'd think, he could build one he is so sure that interplanetary travel is real, been through the hole and come back to tell us all...

[edit on 29-10-2008 by mopusvindictus]

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:55 AM
And you know,

The day I go down and find something special, I'll say I KNOW at that time, And i'll bring back the photos and I really and truly go down there, allot looking

I live in the South West, for my children because i'm divorced and... with Dulce, area 51 and The Canyon and Death valley and The rim as my playground and the Anasasi and the testing done out here... and the number of Abductions and Roswell and all the rest as my back yard...
Maybe I'm on to something... maybe i'm not. But each real mystery I uncover seems to lead to another and it all points down not up

If there is real IF I say IF

They sure went to allot of trouble long before we got here to dig in those bases so deep so long ago...


It's just our government being freaks, and burrowing in everywhere like freaks and hogging the best systems for themselves. But in that alone... I have a chance to find an Answer... because either Dulce and Area 51 connect to something down here or they don't.

Either the water passages to the pacific are real or they are not...

Either there are some of the deepest best veins on planet Earth in this location or there is not... either the mts here, in Cali on the rim in New Mexico and Colorado hold something or they don't

Either the stories of the Egyptian passages and the Von Dainekin tunnels are real or fake

and I'll say this much, I have real evidence to believe at the very least, The government is hording a subterranean labyrinth from us

For starters I work in alternative energy and.. have access to information on the water tables that few do because there is consideration of drilling for water out here in the desert... big money consideration and... I Know there is a virtual sea between here and Cali... as a starter

So that much I know is FACT, because we are talking about billions in investment on the table and me being rich or poor, is determined by if that drilling eventually happens

and I have dove sites that i can't find an end too before in the water layer and there is current heading universally west, I know that too

and I am not allowed into Devils hole and I get chased out of the Canyon and the bigger veins are controlled access and you can't break off and many passages are sealed and to seal all those passages under ground requires some extensive man power, I have access to keys to the known and environmentally protected holes that go nowhere and there are some... that are kept hidden

and others that when I go near... in the middle of nowhere, rangers or cops show up, 150 miles from the nearest town and..they know i'm poking my nose around and send me packing

Every excuse in the world from pup fish to falling rocks... But yet no one cares when I climb a random formation above ground with no safety harness in plain sight

so we have cameras around holes in the ground why?

And i'll add this

Theres not a Navajo or Hopi I meet that thinks i'm wrong and it's their land

Just some food for thought

Base on the Moon? Thousands hidden right here under my feet...

Obviously there is a priority for one and not the other...

[edit on 29-10-2008 by mopusvindictus]

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 06:38 AM
And since I do get Long winded, Let me explain my reasons for the harsh comebacks in a simple way...

If you THINK you might have intruders, if you get a report there are criminals loose in your area... The first thing you check is YOUR HOUSE, you open your closets and check your basement and secure your perimiter

You want to know the extent of Alien influence on Earth, First you dig in and secure the ground, perhaps this all the govt has done. NEXT you hold the Moon and explore that, With that secure, You have an answer and security

A decision without evidence that a federation of Humanoids occupies the Galaxy, without even LOOKING at Earth first Is absolute speculation nothing more

Before I decide for myself with NO Evidence whatsoever that there IS for certain Alien Intervention and they have mastered Hyperspace...I think Looking on your own Planet where you KNOW there IS Life for Certain and exploring ALL possible locations from Underground to The South Pole to Under the SEA, Is FAR more rational in a quest for Sentient life that might pilot a craft of some sort... than jumping the gun, assuring yourselves it is from A Galaxy far far away and not even checking under your own bed.

Again... The Mayans thought WE were Gods too... because we had boats and White Skin

Kind of silly in retrospect huh? Another civilization of Different kinds of MEN from across the Ocean!!! Nothing could be Across the Ocean right? What Kind of Men have these strange craft and different skin?

So what makes me Nuts for simply saying... Hey they look like people, they screw up, their ships crash, they have genetic interest in us, they look like people... People are born daily with webbed hands and Big eyes are an adaption for seeing in the dark

Check our planet first before deciding the federation has arrived...

There is nothing that exotic about them or that Alien, it's fishy as heck... their ships are cool, but not type 3 civilization cool... the level of advancement appears to be within 100 years of our own... also very coincidental, no one has ever seen them do anything that was that magnificent, sharp turns fast speed yay, hoorah... show me something we can't get done...

They look Human, check earth before jumping to a conclusion about the federation of light

last time a civilization decided the G-ds/Aliens had come... they were very wrong, the consequences weren't pretty

[edit on 29-10-2008 by mopusvindictus]

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:02 AM
reply to post by CapsFan8

There is no "Dark Side" of the moon, except for the song. It is the Far side of the moon, and at times we can see a part of it as it wobbles up there. And for a moon base to be built, it would have to be able to protect occupants from the extreme temperatures that are experienced in space, otherwise it would be unmanned, remotely controlled.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:57 AM
But Space 1999 is true ......... isn't it?

I am looking for a reference to a test missile that was sent by UK to the moon recently (I think 6-9 mnts back). It had a special ground penetrating head. The test was covered on MSM. It seemed like an odd test weapon. There was something about testing the requirements of a warhead that could penetrate the lunar crust.
Does anyone know more about this? I shall continue to search.
It seemed to me at the time to be very unusual. Most probably related to weaponising space.
Here the article link.

[edit on 29-10-2008 by serpentine]

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 08:05 AM
@Mopus: Hey welcome back to the world of the living!

In all seriousness I enjoyed your reply posts, informative and opinionated without the attack-dog mentality.
Don't get too riled up by others, even if they start it in the first place.
I can see where you're coming from and myself have an interest in spleunking, though I have yet to go beyond intellectual curiosity into actual cave diving.

As a more open-minded person who leans neither one way or the other on these types of subjects, I can see how someone who is looking for real answers would be frustrated by the fact that some people do so much damage to a subject they take seriously.
Some of the stuff people talk about on and off the internet is really hard to swallow, but you always have to stop and think about it because you never know. But some subjects are easier to walk away from than others.

I would like it to be true for there to be alien life, because if that were true it might just force us as a species to get our act together. Plus new technology and gadgets are mighty impressive!

Whether or not there is anything living underground, that's hard to say. I know some native americans who have spent their youth in a more traditional fashion, learning the language, culture and legends. Some of them view their traditions as myth, others as truth. They also believe in beings that live in the ground.

I myself am open to the belief that their may be life hidden underground, but to my thinking, it's more likely lower life forms such as tiny lizards, fish, insects and bacteria/etc.

I honestly do not see how a civilization might live underground without sunlight to grow crops and likely no large domesticated animals to use as a food source.

But it could be possible...
There could be intelligent life in the sea as well (other than octopi, dolphins, whales, etc...) that we do not know about, we have yet to fully explore the seas as well as the depths of the earth.

As to what corporations and governments are doing underground, my guess is secret projects out of the public eye, as well as drilling and mining for precious resources.
The secret project aspect is easy to imagine... well patrolled areas that are constantly monitored and with very tight security and absolute secrecy. They could be doing and researching virtually anything, most probably things that would be illegal if the public were to find out.

I myself will remain firmly on the fence, waiting for evidence before I make up my mind. I wish you best of luck with your expeditions to uncover the truth and would personally think it was awesome if you came back with some evidence and said, "I KNOW."

It would have to be some pretty damned good evidence tho, not this blurry photo type stuff that most people rely upon.

EDIT - should use preview first!

[edit on 29-10-2008 by Thinkmore]

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 08:08 AM
If it's true that there are two factions of aliens who disagree with each other....won't the ones that disagree with the invaders defend us?

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by Thinkmore

I don't Know myself, but there is a spectacular amount of room in the crust.

In places like the Himalayas, take Mt Everest an surrounding Mts all above 27,000 ft...

In these spots the Earths Crust has folded, so the locations are as deep as they are high, that's 5 Miles in each direction...

Much of the water from melting snow runs into rivers that descend into the depths and carve out canyons deep in the earth

In these regions you have an enormous amount of space... imagine that our tallest buildings are currently only 1/3 of a mile like the towers that had no where near the base... and could hold 100,000 people in a good day...

you could fit 100 of those inside everest alone

that's far more optimal than reality...

but the whole region for thousands of square miles is very think crust...

The water, underground rivers eventually pools

Google it! recently we discovered that China sits on a small underground ocean!

The room is there it's just hard to imagine

Here, the south West has a similar phenomena, I can personally attest to the fact that, there is tons of water, I know from one of my jobs... and from caving, Death valley sits (part of it on a sea or at least a steady flow of multiple rivers)

I never actually "got it" myself until I started going down... 99% of the caves we explore are surface caves, but really look at aquifers and their compositions and rock layers and you start to see, there are some gigantic chambers down there...

and I would add...

Most Ufo sightings, tales of underground cities and the rest originate from regions like the Himalayas and Western USA and SA the Andes...

there is a cool thread on Untersberg the Mtn Hitler used to keep an eye on from his home on ats in circulation...

a definitive connection between mts and these phenomena seems to exist

and so many great other locations to explore... west of the Yellowstone caldera, when a Caldera cools and move on as they do drift over time that lava pool hardens and condenses leaving beyond gigantic cavern systems deep beneath them, never explored but we know they are from oil industry attempts to chart the underground...

But seriously, do one day go and do an easy Cave... my image on my avatar this week is of the first cave I ever ran...

Easy as pie, I actually took my 9 year old son and 3 year old daughter through it again just 2 weeks ago, thats why I posted it as an avatar

popular cave,

My 3 year old needed help at the entrance because it's slightly steep, but she has some guts, I get them into these things young! We turned out the lights and she wasn't even scared... total darkness is in a way very comforting, womb like

My oldest is doing some more adventurous caves with me soon, in the Grand Canyon only accessible by raft, 2 are well known 2 are my personal finds

Yet to find a path into the deeper chamber I know are there, but I have hit branches in the Canyon that are very deep, hard to estimate, but ... 2 -3 days in without bottoming out...

and when you do that you realize, it's big down there

The deepest caves listed are in georgia, armenia, but even those are honestly barely explored, the kinds of expeditions needed are crazy

and I am certain the govts keep the best chambers to themselves

all alien theories aside, natural caves are... very useful in war time

just as example, known listed caves


Sarawak (Chamber) - Lubang Nasib Bagus Malaysia 162,700 square meters in one chamber Only!

Miaos Room - Gebihe system China 150,500 sq meters

Lava Tubes?

Kazumura Cave U.S.A. Hawaii 40.700 MILES!!!

Underwater Caves?

Sistema Ox Bel Ha Mexico Quintana Roo Tulum 107.075 Miles

Long caves?

Mammoth Cave System U.S.A. Kentucky Ed./Hart/Bar. 367.000 Miles

Deep Caves?

Krubera (Voronja) Cave Georgia Abkhazia West Caucasus 8.222 Miles long, 7188 feet deep

almost a mile and a half

Illyuzia-Mezhonnogo-Snezhnaya Georgia Abkhazia West Caucasus 14.963 Miles

and here is what is crazy...

These are commonly explored surface caves... what I'm after is

the next layer, beyond the top layer of crust where the really massive hallows lay, we know they are there from surveys that have been done from a variety of methods scouting for oil

I am sure the govt and oil companies have penetrated these

and certain that some caverns access them...

no hallow earth lol! But thousands of square miles of caverns open in between rock layers and entire seas inside the crust of the earth

Thing to know about spelunkers is

it's all a big Secret

Govt and Explorers alike

you find a cool vein you don't tell anyone where it is


Because it's your own private little world... I dunno, lol... I never tell my spots, ever... they are mine, no one else can claim them

But spelunkers, biggest bunch of secret keepers ever

something about it, hard to explain

But if you ever can, do a 2-3 day run... and the whole thing I am saying will seem allot more plausible

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 09:30 AM
A forward base? Think of it as more-forward than hundreds of other "bases" already in existence and in orbit. The moon is the ulimate sattelite!

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