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Noticing Culture Creation and Predictive Programming

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 08:06 PM
A discussion elsewhere merged into this subject and it seemed to be worthy of its own thread.
I will say upfront that I gleaned this info from listening to Alan Watt and from observing popular culture.

Predictive programming and culture creation is, in modern times, a product of the Royal Institute for International Affairs based in London. It consists of basically infusing opinions and values into the culture in order to further an agenda. In the U.S the CIA is the counterpart to theRIIA.

Goals of this project include, destroying the family unit, debasing religious values, stifling independent thought and most anything that will make people easier to control.

Just one example that will surprise some people is that the Beatles were thought to have been working for the RIIA and that they were not in fact responsible for much of their own music. The idea was to introduce kids to new age religion and drug use. Was John Lennon about to blow the whistle on his own involvement? The publishing rights of their music belonged to a british composer who sold out to Michael Jackson.

Aldous Huxley and H.G. Wells were working for this group.

The Zeitgeist phenomena falls into this category I think.

Placing chemtrails in tv commercials and children's cartoons is an example of this type of programming.

To be truly awake one must be aware of what you think and why. It is impossible to avoid but possible to outwit the program. Here is Mr. Watt's website

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