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Boy, 8, Shoots Self With Uzi at Gun Show

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:49 PM
Yes damn sure . The car and work key ring . Which being on 24 hr call my car and work keys were with me 24/7 . And to be certain there is a old trick slip a piece of stick or paper in the door if it has fallen out or been moved you know some one has opened the drawer , door or cabinet . Old trick to see if some one had entered your home while away . And if you keep them spotlessly clean you can see a finger smudges on a shinny barrel . The brass knob shows finger oils and yes I would have known . I can tell you exactly how many rounds are unused in the cabinet , how many for each gun .

I do honor your fathers contribution to our society . Being in law enforcement he should have known the devious nature of children . I have made mistakes with my kids but not in the fire arm category. Its hard being a Father any way you look at it .

Being safe with a fire arms I Must admit, me and the whole family are extremely anal about that .

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by Oreyeon

you are correct i should do a quick google search before i speak my opinion, so that my opinion soun ds like the rest of you google reaserchers.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:56 PM
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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:57 PM
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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:01 PM
First and foremost, guns don't kill people.... so does nuclear weapons.

Second, I'm actually "pro gun", but I won't blame the anti gun people at all for this incident. Pro gun people should aware the responsibility of owning a gun, there's no excuse whatsoever. Such as this horrible tragedy, I don't think the father will blame the anti gun people, not even a little.

As you can see this is an example that you simply cannot trust people with weapons, let alone a nuclear weapon. So... you won't give them the option to own a gun whatsoever, but of course only when this move becomes a necessity. In a meanwhile the second amendment should stay.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:11 PM
[Deleted because I hadn't thought about the possibilty that my post may have contained harsh truth and my have made me many enemies on a largely American website - So I take the humble and decent path and remove my own rather 'foreign' opinion and you leave you all to do what you will, on both sides of the coin]


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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:12 PM
Why was the weapon loaded with more than four rounds?

Even in Basic Training, they don't let the recruits fire more than 3-5 rounds at full auto their first time.

This is basic common sense printed on the instructions of every machine gun sold in the US.

Even illegal gun modification kits come with warning to not fire more than four rounds if you have never fired full auto on that weapon before.

They (Father and carny) both ignored basic Gun Safety.

*Laws already exist that cause manufacturers to enclose Gun Safety pamphlets with the guns they sell;

New laws don't need to be made. Whenever a gun law gets tabled, gun sales increase in that jurisdiction... which is a good thing.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:16 PM
Mr Red 5

You do not know any thing about me . Nothing what so ever . You do not know what circumstances were involved with me being able to say with out a doubt my kids never played with my guns. Some of us when we were not at home and were working had a baby sitter to watch the kids if the kids were home so was I or the other half. NEVER was a child under 14 at home with out a adult of some form period . Grand maw Mom ect .

To call me a lair is uncalled for . Telling the truth is a personal integrity point to me .

I find that comment very offensive . With out any back ground knowledge of me or my circumstances. You have no right or claim to call me a lair . IF you knew me and had a verifiable claim of my inaccuracy I will yield to you and retract my claim Untill then dont call me a lair .

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by TruthTellist

This is basic common sense printed on the instructions of every machine gun sold in the US.

Having never fired a fully automatic weapon myself, I wasn't aware of that. I was aware that they can overpower the shooter and take on 'a life of their own' if not controlled.

With all the regulations on the books about fully-auto weapons, and given that I can get my old semi-auto Mini-14 to fire plenty fast enough for anything I need, I never even cared to own a fully automatic machine. I did get to fire an M-60 once and M-16s several times in JROTC (set to semi-auto and somehow locked into that mode, according to the sergeant over the shooting range), but that's as close as I ever came. We also only had one bullet at a time given to us when we were firing. I felt like Barney Fife!

I mainly wanted to thank you for denying some ignorance in me about this subject. Starred.


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by TruthTellist

They (Father and carny) both ignored basic Gun Safety.

*Laws already exist that cause manufacturers to enclose Gun Safety pamphlets with the guns they sell;

[edit on 27-10-2008 by TruthTellist]

I totally agree with you on that .

Shoot several singles to get the feel before semi or full auto . Honestly I have semi auto rifles malfunction and go auto for a few rounds and decent stature men can get taken but that who hunt alot . How could a inexperienced 8 yo deal with muzzle rise with out training .

My 2 cents lays the blame first with the gun owner who should have known better then with the father for allowing the kid to full auto a gun . Double mistakes .

A tragic situation careless X2 = dead child .

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:41 PM
I think my fellow non-Americans are going to have to agree that banning guns is nigh impossible in the US - it's an imbedded part of the culture and so not removable.

So I won't bang on about how stupid and useless I think guns are.

But this happened at a gun show of all places? I've heard stories of kids shooting themselves with their parents' weapons before, but you would think there would be more precautions at a gun show.

My brain is having a hard time understanding that concept - "Gun Show" - do they dance around naked or what?


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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:55 PM
Topic: Boy, 8, Shoots Self With Uzi at Gun Show

Dear fellow members (and not addressing anyone specifically),

Unless you are that boy, this thread is not about you. Nor is it about other members, what you think about them or what they think about you.

While it is tediously predictable that a topic like this will inspire the same old script that has played out in millions of gun control discussions since even before the Internet began, it's still off-topic.

So please, let's not go down that road. :shk:

All comments, pro con or indifferent, regarding the actual topic of this thread are welcome. Likewise, I don't wish to imply that related topics are out of bounds. If you think tragedies like these prove tighter laws, better safety training, better parenting, safer gun designs, etc. are necessary, there's nothing wrong with saying so.

But all the chest-beating, finger-pointing and other forms of personal grandstanding in the world have absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

At some point, we need to move past the parrot-squawks, disinformation tactics, logical fallacies and copypasta and just discuss the issue at hand.

At least, let's please try.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 12:24 AM

A gun show is like a flea market um swap meet . Private gun owners trying to show off their guns or by sell or trade with other gun owners . Some companies will show off their mew products . Like a car show displaying new and old models and being able to test drive some .

This is like letting a 8 yo test drive a new pace car .

Mod my apologies for straying my original point was training . knowledge and safe keeping reduce the risk of injury or death . Which none them were followed allowing for this unfortunate incident .

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 12:37 AM

Originally posted by red 5
Repeal the 2nd amendment now. Before we all kill each other. The person who disagrees is wrong, no matter what argument they make. They will say how will we protect ourselves, or not all gun owners are idiots I disagree. My dad was a cop and my brothers and I played with his guns all the time it is a miracle no one was killed. I am forty now and would not let a neighbor of mine own guns if I had the choice. I find it unbelievable that we can own guns and not smoke pot in this country. CRAZY. Does any one know how many gun owners are killed by the weapon they own? Or the family members of that person.

This is how we will start thinking once Obama gets to work on us with his agenda to repeal the 2nd amendment.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:33 AM
How sad this is! I would say it was a freak accident, but the thing is that guns have such a higher chance of being the cause of accidents.

An 8 year old is way too young to be handling a weapon like a gun, especially an UZI.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by bknapple32

sorry but this one will go under the 'darwin awards.' how stupid. i mean maybe let an 8yr shoot a .22, but a *snip* uzi??!!?!?! it's criminal stupidity.

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:55 AM

Originally posted by bigfoot1212
being a gun nut i have to reply to this post. yes it is tragic and i believe children should be taught the rules on gun safety however you do not start them out with high powered arms(esp full auto which i assume it was).

Although I know very little about firearms, I have to say that I agree with that totally. Inexperience and power just do not mix.

It's like the 20yo my company hired last year to drive a 45 tonne cement tanker. He lasted about 8 months before he rolled it and a power pole decapitated him.

I doubt this kid would have had the strength to control the recoil of that weapon, especially on full auto. It's like letting a 2yo play with a high pressure hose.

Sad really. I bet his father only wanted to make him feel special by letting him have a go of a "big boy's" toy.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 04:04 AM

Originally posted by Zepherian
C.C.Benjamin: Oh, I see it and agree with you. I don't see any valid reason for a minor to even be able to even touch a gun, let alone fire an uzi.

You do realise that you are saying that 16-year olds living on farms shouldn't be taught how to use a .22 to keep the pests down, don't you?

I first began using a slug gun under my father's tutelage at the age of 11. I had already been using my own bow without supervision for a year by then (it had all of 20-pounds pull-back!). I was using a .22 to spotlight with my father at 14.

With each of these weapons my parents were my instructors and each of them was a single-shot.

My experience with deadly weapons is what makes me in favour of gun control.

Which is why I fully agree with your statement about an Uzi.

Who forgot to ask the question "What is the worst that could happen?" Because anyone with even a passing knowledge of automatic weapons would know that an Uzi will lift its muzzle under full-auto operation, to the point that even inexperienced adult users will have extreme difficulty controlling it if they are not fully prepared.

It's a pity that the winner of this Darwin award decided to complete his entry AFTER he had had children.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 04:37 AM
Whilst not sounding callous I hope but the Americans and their love of the gun has caused more grief for another family and another dead child.
My heart goes out to the family but I can't really say I'm shocked, the gun he was firing was too big for a child to handle.
I myself am from the UK ( My Uncle used to run a gun club when guns were allowed in the UK) and when I go to the states 9 times out of 10 I try to find a gun range.
Over the years I have fired dozens of different types from revolvers to full autos M4 and AK's. I even fired an desert eagle once, I fired the first shot and then put the gun down, the kickback on it was very powerful to say the least, I actually said to myself " I seriously respect those that can use this gun in combat", then fired off the rest of the clip with newfound respect for the weapon.
I'm a grown man and I can handle mostif not all weapons but trying to handle a full auto machine gun like an Uzi when your a child beggers belief, the gun owners should have put the gun in a box so that the gun only fires one way (down the range) and if it gets too far the box stops the gun from turnng towards the firer. or just said sorry no one under 16 should handle this weapon but there you go, eagerness to show off a gun has claimed another life. BUt unfortunatley the average American won't learn but will retort with the weapon is just a tool , but even a hammer in the wrong hands can kill.
So my note is this ,
PARENTS - love your children enough to actually worry about them being children first , then gun toting Americans second. Sure teach them about weapons but stop to think about the size of the gun, start them small then when their arm muscles grow accustomed to firing a gun then and only then let them handle a larger gun. Not everyone can handle a gun like they can in the movies.......

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 05:12 AM

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