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Breaking News: Hillary Backers Decry Massive Obama Vote Fraud

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 12:54 AM
AT least the good thing today happened when Florida Gov. Crist said early polling will be for 12 hours rather than 8 to allow for all the voters and help give everyone a chance to vote as the lines have been extremely long...

I am like the Republican gov. of Fl. I don't care what party it benifits, but give everyone, all people their right to vote. four or five hour long waits in line is not a smooth process and not fair, and so today a Republican did the right thing. The report I read said another Republican was heard to say that by extending the hours he just blew the election!

Another thing I hope that changes, is letting back in the UN elections inspectors that George Bush kicked out of the country. In fact, that was one of the first things he did after taking office.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 01:24 AM
By the way (and I don't mean to take over the post, it's just that I have been very interested in this topic of voter fraud and how it's used in the political game for a very long time and so have lots of thoughts and to say about it) I starred and flagged your thread. I wanted to bring up that the lady the News Max magazine article referenced has her own website and you can look on there and find out more about her and her work on the topic.

What struck me about her work, is first, she doesn't go into the caucus process much and how it actually works. I mean I don't think it's the same thing as comparing exit polling data to an actual election...with the caucus you have a tiny subset of the people who get to gather and try and compel each other to move over to their could actually be that one candidates views were more compelling. But why can't we just have elections; I'm not for caucusing at all personally. Another thing, is when you go to caucus you don't just show up and enter the room. YOu have to verify that you are the same as the one on the name roster and then sign under penelty of purgery that you are that person. Generally the election worker asks your name and adress then runs down the list and finds it. It's difficult to imagine how a bus full of "african american high school students" from out of state as she said, could come in with all of that information into a small pricinct and it magically all come together with everyone knowing exactly who they are and where they live, asuming it's bogus??? I mean that just doesn't make any sense. And my long standing point has been that when researchers actually look into fraud issues and study how this plays out, they find very very very little instances of people showing up misrepresenting themselves. Thus, I continue to be highly skeptical.

Also she sites a bus with out of state plates, and that doesn't really prove anything except that the bus company licensed the bus somewhere else; something not at all uncomon in the industry. Moreover, Obama's campaign headquarters was in Illinois, so it is quite possible that the bus was rented in Illinois and then brought into Iowa to pick up folks who didn't have transportation to get to the polls, something also not uncommon, nor illigal, in elections.

Basically all I read was a lot of eyebrow raising material, and a bunch of here say and innuendo, but would like more definitive proof. She says at one point the alleged fraud was investigated by federal authorities but that nothing happened. Ok, well why not then? No evidence, or very little is made that shows any criminal conviction, or court rulings deciding on a case etc... Also, what about any stories of fraud that may have occurred allegedly by Clinton staff? Come on, the article is in News Max (not at all a leftist media outlet, nor even a moderate one by most people's standards), and they paint it up like Hillary supporters are squeaky clean angels, but aren't they democrats too? Surely, if the message they would like spread is that the democrats cheat in elections, how come nothing on Clinton campaign? Allegations generally fly on both sides of a campaign, and seldom does anything become of it.

What I see mostly in the courts are cases whereby they want a thousand here, or 10,000 there voters removed from the rolls, or ballots discarded. This tells me that the 8 hundred pound gorilla is in the caging and purging activities.

Anyway, if you can find more on this or run across any follow up data, Rooster, I would enjoy reading about it. No fraud anywhere should be tolerated. If they can prove it, it needs to be prosecuted, and I would think if it were on a massive scale as Lynette suggested, that the Clinton campaign legal team if they believed they could have proven it, would have been all over it, and yet do we see this? Perhaps it was like Kerry in Ohio back in '04...he actually called his legal dogs off...I don’t' understand why they do this if they [politicians] believe that massive fraud has taken place, do you?

Finally, what I would have liked to read in the News Max article was some second sources that could verify what Lynette stated. Also more information from a variety of players in the polls such as follow up interviews with some of the so called "eye witnesses" with their names stated. Also more legal team quotes and questioning. This article just doesn't read well in that it's very one sided with little substance backing it up except for the whole farm riding on this one Lynette long and her once vested interest in a one Hillary Clinton, who isn't talking publically about any of this and who is in fact throwing her full support behind Barack Obama, and out stumping for him as we speak!

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 01:55 AM

Originally posted by skyshow
Anyway, if you can find more on this or run across any follow up data, Rooster, I would enjoy reading about it. No fraud anywhere should be tolerated. If they can prove it, it needs to be prosecuted, and I would think if it were on a massive scale as Lynette suggested, that the Clinton campaign legal team if they believed they could have proven it, would have been all over it, and yet do we see this? this if they [politicians] believe that massive fraud has taken place, do you?

You bring up a couple good points, let me first start by saying any person, group, candidate, etc... caught committing fraud in the election process should be drawn and quartered on Pennsylvania ave in DC.

I think the problem with what Lynette and her team has uncovered has more to do with the timing than anything else. Investigating rumors and uncovering facts is a time consuming process. This info would have benefited Hillary a few months ago, but now there is not much she can do with it, well legally anyway. My guess is we will never know the truth.

And knowing the Clintons, this info is more valuable to them on the black market than it is in the press. These politicians constantly do things that have the rest of us scratching our heads in utter disbelief, but the motive for their actions may have more to do with the kind of work Lynette does, than what meets the eye.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by TheRooster

Yep, and I have to be careful. I lean liberal democrat and so am bias. I have to remember that. Because my knee jerk reaction is to say "see it's more of the Republican side up to no good", but let's face it, This problem seems to be a part of both parties in that we see alegations of wrong doings at various levels of both sides...especially when the elections are close. It's just so much of it is difficult to prove.

Another problem is not all people in the game (including the hundreds of thousands of volunteers, campaign workers and polling station staffers etc...) are crooked; it only takes a few to tarnish a reputation. I think we have to be aware of this on all sides that just because some bad things happen in the McCain camp doesn't mean it's his fault, or visa versa...often a lot of the shenanegins happens at the local level with some over zealous followers who don't behave and choose to not follow the rules.

Anyway, I'll back out now (have to get some shut eye) but will check this thread often and see what others have to contribute. Thanks again for starting the thread...oh, and I did a quick search on Clinton allegations and found some interesting stuff someone rights about regarding Diabold machines up in New Hampshire...some of you Paul supporters may remember that one! What a mess, if even a small percentage of this is true...and none of it should happen. I think we should do away with the caucus all together though...just go with the one vote per person...same with the electoral vote vote for everyone period.


posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 12:55 AM
Yep, it sure appears as if these supporters have quickly become a Unionized Mob.

Check out my thread on it here:

Hillary Backers Decry Vote Fraud

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:19 PM
At this point Hilary herself would have to make an issue of it I think for this to get any real traction. And she and Bill are too busy making campaign appearances endorsing Barack Obama. Just watched a clip of Bill endorsing Obama about an hour ago on MSNBC - it's so totally bizarre. A few months back, Bill was saying on public radio that he would never support Obama, that Obama's camp was playing dirty ball to undercut his wife, and now the man is campaigning for the guy he was trying to railroad.

I wish I knew who it was that got to him and what they threatened him with.

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