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the whale of truth

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:22 PM
i see into the vastness. the ocean. the blue. mirky waters pervade my vision, but the eco location is enough to map out the nearest 600 miles cubed of watery space in next to exact moving spacial correctness.

i choose to write in human terms. for those of you familiar with whale speak, would not be human. and i do believe that the few reading this that are multiversed enough to understand whale speak, would not appreciate the tale i have to tell. at least those that reside on earth.

I have been trying to secure the gemstone of essense fire. Excuse me, first i feel it necessary to recount my name to you. It is eswalio. pronounced Es-wah-lee-oh
the latter sound being oh as in O, the letter.

we do not use names usually, for there is no need, as truthfully a name is but a label of the infinte self. of which there are infinite names, and as matter of fact, there is infinitely no point of which to further elaborate. I feel I have not quite made my point but that would only be due to the human language, by which i restrictively communicate.

The gemstone of essence fire, or the essensce of fire gemstone, is exactly that; the gemstone which captures the essense of fire. It was appropriately kept, or held if you will, within the opposite element, water, on the water planet, or earth as you know it.

this gemstone is held within the seventy second degree temple, within the one hundred and eight fathom of the deep blue mind, of the great whale. That is the one, whos mind we travel through, when we are travelling through this "real world" which is infact a matrix which is powered by the great mind of the great whale.

The 72 temple, is a sector of his compartmentalised mind, and the 108 fathom, is our universe, each within his mind but powered in which for us to inhabit, as micro souls, within his macro soul. It is not as such a dream of his, as something that is subconciously constant within his mind.

To think of the great whale as a being, that exists in the physical realm would be misleading, for the great whale is everything non physical, that powers us to be so.

My quest for the essense of fire gemstone, is not important, as is everything infinitely non important. Because of course. life is eternal. and so has no peak. no end, no RESULT. and if you realise that when someone says what is the point in that, and you put it in the context of eternity, and there is non? then how could i say that my quest is important? Before becoming a whale on earth, I returned to the essnese of eternity. and realised i had always been, god as you sometimes call it, though, that word should evoke the appropriate impression. However my perceptions had been limited, to experience a perspective of what was in that case, a bonobo ape, who was imprissioned in central usa, and trained as an attack monkey. Upon the choices of my future life i was given several options. each with several draw backs.

I will go into the options given to me as i feel it is of interest. My bonobo physical vehichle had perished, and my personal soul was then evaporated to the limits it had been and i realised my oneness, and then my ego dissapeared. however i was still able to enter and "step into" my previous ego, for which to "remember" my life time learnt knowledge, ofcourse when stepping out of this ego, i knew everything, as the universal knowledge was me. However when being connected with the one and being omnisicient and omnipotent and well, one, it is rather lonely, as you realise, or should i say, one realises, that there is just one entity if you like, existing eternally, in potentially eternal boredom, and loninless too. So that is what the creation really is, like a lonely bored child, who will do anything to forget these feelings. I hope that makes sense.

I was offered by the one. Or indeed, I offered myself, the choice to return to earth, as I was fond of, as one of 8 closely connected beings. You see, the one, does not have to pertain to laws, as such, (cont..)

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:34 PM
however, if one was not to, then, well, the game of life can not be played.

to elaborate, if when i returned to the one, i decided to take away half of the oceans immediately on earth, and put them ontop of mount everest balancing which ofcourse would defy earth physics, but that doesnt matter, because, one can do anything. then the rest of the micro souls would have their world adjusted, and everything would need rethinking. It would cause a great deal of unneccessary confusion and would just be no fun. But this is besides the point. the game should be played, and i knew this as one does.

So i was offered the chance to live a new incarnation as a whale, an elephant, a human, or a squasquark. But this latter was not earth based for the last few billion years anyway.

I chose a whale, and the thing is, I was fortunately allowed to keep all previous carnation knowledge for the entirity of my spiritual lives. I was a soul that had sepeartated from the one and created my ego at 1/4 way mark of the creation cycle before the next chapter. roughly speaking we are nearing 4/5s of the chapter now. and A chapter is around 72to the power 72 years long. So i have learnt a lot in my incarnations.

you see this was the gift of the whale. to remember. they say an elephant never forgets, but you see. that is simply not true. to become an elephant i would have had to forget that i could have been a whale. or a human, or a squasquark. i would have had to forget my previous lifes knowledge. but i would have been given the gift of the elephant,

--(to be added to later, if anyone requests it. am tired now, this has also been a freestyle writing, written with like a freestlye rap is performed. good night)--

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 08:04 PM


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