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Robert Welch reveals and details the NWO agenda in 1974

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 01:27 PM
In 1958, then later here in 1974, Robert Welch (Founder of The John Birch Society) reveals the NWO agenda to induce the gradual surrender of America's sovereignty to various international organizations.

In this video he remarkably lists and details these predictions derived from the "Insiders' long-range plans".

They include;

1. Greatly expanded government spending.

2. Higher, then much higher taxes.

3. An increasingly unbalanced budget.

4. Wild inflation of our currency.

5. Government controls of prices, wages, and materials supposedly on to control inflation.

6. Greatly increase socialistic controls over every operation of our economy.

7. Far more centralization of power in Washington and practical elimination of state lines.

8. Steady advance of federal aid to, and control over our education system, leading to complete federalization of public education.

9. Constant hammering into American consciousness of the horror of modern warfare.

10. The consequent willingness of the American people to allow the steps of appeasement by out government which amounts to a surrender of the free world and American sovereignty.

Those historically familiar with Welsh have been more than likely influenced by authoritative systems to deduce his message as inane conspiracy theories. However, as history and time serve us - we can apply our own conclusions to the NWO agenda at a time when they may have only been known as the "Insiders".

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