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If you were running, what would be your platforms?

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 04:31 AM
Just curious as to what platforms other members would stand on

1. Education reform. I would totally throw out the current way school systems are setup. I would end the districts and zoning. If you living in Seattle and want to send your kid to a school in Miami, go for it. Tax dollars would be attached to the student to ensure that schools would have to keep parents/students happy. Instead of a centralized bureaucracy, each school would essentially be a separate entity. The only exception I would say is for religious based schools based on the first amendment. I feel sending tax payer dollars to a religious based school violated the first amendment.

2. Environmentalism and Energy Reform: I would continue to promote an environmental protect programs. In addition, I would all for firms to apply for grants that had viable ways to harness alternative energy.

3. End Social Security: It's going to fail, simply.

4. Cut loose market regulations: While I believe government has a social responsibility to make sure things like foods and drugs are safe for consumption, that about ends my view of the government's role in business.

5. End the drug war: This really need explanation?

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 05:49 PM
1. Abolish the Patriot Act. Stop spying on Americans, stop torture.

2. Uniform umbrella full health care for all Americans without the insurance companies skimming from the top as a go between consumers and providers.

3. Education reform similar to that stated by the O.P.. Two tracks in H.S.: academic & vocational. Increase funding for Higher education end student loans and grants, and provide uniform access to all qualified students. It's an investment in infrastructure, and a better trained public will mean increases in productivity.

4. Regulation and oversight of the following: transportation, utilities, finance, religion, food, gambling.

5. bring back UN election inspectors that Bush kicked out of the country to act as independent overseers of what should be a free and tamper proof election. All paper machines!

6. break up media conglomerates and restore the fairness doctrine.

7. Equal rights for ALL, and this means gay people too...and yes they can marry.

8. Legalise marijuana.

9. End the occupation in Iraq.

10. Investigate the Bush administration and pardons!

11. cut the bloated military budget by at least half. It's been stated by some high ranking generals even that we could cut 2/3rds and still be ok.

12. Abolish the Federal Reserve. Restore currency making to the treasury, back up paper with metals such as copper, silver, gold etc...abolish the income tax that is used to pay for the fed. reserve note...under the new system it won't be needed anyway. The only revenue tax should be in the areas of corporate gains and capital gains, not on individual labor monies.

13. Massive war like effort at decentralizing electricy; solar panels on every single roof! windmills everywhere! $billions spent in R&D for renewables. There is no reason we should be slaves to a dirty filthy ineficient grid system.

14. With the money saved from slashing the military budget, we can build housing for the poor and provide meals and create jobs for people who need them.

15. Civil Service or Military Service. Everyone contributes two years in return for free higher education.

16. End the electoral college.

17. End legalized bribery...end all campaign contributions. Broadcasting outlets required so many hours dedicated to campaigns, and campaigns all public financed.

18. Tax on all sporting events. If you are able to take the time and money to watch the ball games rather than work towards becoming informed or educated, you should pay a tax to help fund programs for those who do. There's no reason for such excess as one ball player making $20 million per year while children go to school hungry, and social workers qualify for food stamps.

19. Unions in every sector with protections for the union worker.

20. 35 hour work week. 6 weeks vacation time. Expectancy leavs and child care for all.

21. End NAFTA / restore tarrifs and begin making things again.

22. Massive transportation overhaul with train service to just about everywhere including light rail service in all metro areas.

23. Cabinet level positions should be open to election or at least selected by congress...power needs to be restored to the legitimate sunshine govn't by the people.

24. Empty jails of those in on petty drug charges. fund education and rehabilitation programs with tax revenue generated by legal pot sales.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 06:09 PM
see we agree on education and drugs. On regulation however, I believe that the market functions best when playing fields are level and people are not permitted to abuse. The idea of a "free" market is a myth anyway. We need checks and balances. I also don't know why in the world we would want to end social security. That's been one of the more successful programs invented...

Nice thread. It's kind of fun to sit down and put point by point what you believe in.

Oh, also I would keep the bill of rights including the 2nd amend...however we need strict standards for who is permited to have and use guns. Heavier regulation, but citizens reserve the right to have guns, however when that right infringes on other's rights for persuit of happiness etc...that's where it ends ie: your rights end where your fist hits my nose or something...mentally unstable individuals should not have guns. Also people need safety training as well. It doesn't say "well regulated" for nothing!

As for ET's. I'm for full disclosure, including all secret knowledge of energy sources and technology to free us from the centralized greedy and filthy energy grid that we are all currently slaves to.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 06:25 PM
First, get rid of the electoral college. That is an outdated system where the electoral person can vote however they want. It worked when the masses were unedcated, bring in popular vote.

Stay out of other countries business. We have enough problems without tending to other countries.

Put a hit out on my mom's third husband.

Education reform, screw no child left behind. That program dumbs down the smart kids.

create jobs, and tax heavily those that send jobs overseas.

Send anyone coming here illegally back and keep sending them back. There are rules for a reason.

Stop war on drugs, war on terror(you can't win a war on an idea) and give the citizens of the entire country the right to legally own guns to protect themselves, hunt, or just have because they want them.

Restore all the rights Shrub took away.

restore the entire constitution and work towards making laws so people can be imprisoned(actually not just threatened and then pardoned) for breaking constitutional law.

Health care for all.

Tax the rich as much as the poor, and tax breaks for struggling families.
And no, if you bought too big a house and put your money in too many places, but make enough that most anyone could live on without struggling, then that is your own fault, sell the hummer and the yacht or you get no help form the government.

If you are on welfare, and are able to work but refuse to get a job, NO MORE HANDOUT FOR YOU.

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by Finn1916

I agree with you on everything but"putting a hit on your mothers third husband' Affirmative action should be canned.No one can learn to stand on their own merit if they are allowed a bell curve standing because of sex or race.
Foriegn aid should be stopped completly.That money should be diverted toward free higher education for every american citizen.
Congress should pass no new laws.Their job is to deal with funding,and treaty ratification.Each time a new law is passed someone loses a freedom.
Make all government agencies transparent.No more hidden agendas or black op funding.The truth is paramount!!!!
Make lying to the public an act of treason.Punishable by public hanging!Also all their property is forfit to the people(magnacarta)

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:38 PM
I'd stand on:

A) Unmapping America (no addresses, IDs, accounts, etc.). This way everyone has to look for work for pay whenever they need pay and want to work. Everyone by far has to find their keep.

B) Forming an international petition so whenever corruption comes we can give some other countries permission to attack the corrupt power points. Then anyone thinking about doing corruption will more likely not go that route, knowing they can get removed from position violently and may be saught for hanging if they are found alive.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by skyshow

With unions, it only opens things up to large amounts of inefficiency. If your job is secure no matter what, what's the incentive to get things done? In a free and relatively deregulated market, things don't always don't go straight to working conditions straight out of "The Jungle."

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:43 PM
IF I were running, my platforms would be rubber. I prefer New Balance, as I have wide feet and they accommodate.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:51 PM
Open Door Policy:
Id have set days of the month to meet with average Americans. No appointments needed, simply first come first serve. Of course, security measures would be put in place for safety.

Not the Barack Obama kind that has hidden agendas, but true unity between Americans.

We need to rebuild our country in a sense. Bring back manufacturing and tech jobs from overseas. Then put together a program to clean up large cities and bring back Mom and Pop farming.

Make the technology race a priority, including space exploration.

Fair Taxing:
One set rate tax rate for all of America. It's unfair that richer folks should have to spend more.

Rebuild the military's reputation. Require a 2 year, non-combat mandatory fullfillment. This will also grant one paid higher education for 4 years.

Put together a NATIONAL curriculum that all schools must follow closely, unless parents opt for private or home school. States will agree on a curriculum every 8 years to make room for adjustments. This curriculum will be put together to insure everyone has an equal opportunity. Adjustments shall be made for special needs students. Physical Education, Mathematics, History, Music, Geography, Science and Art will be required from all schools. No more handouts in high school.


Create a 3 strike national rule. For minor offenders, states will decide punishment that's fit. No more automatic jail time for silly crimes.

Major crimes, (Rape,Murder,Molestation,Robbery) will have a 1 strike rule. States will also decide the punishments they see fit, but a death sentences are to be carried out immediately after someone is found guilty. It will be much more extensive than listed above, but in short reform is highly necessary. Emphasis on states rights is very important.

Create a system that allows people to get in legal at a more rapid pace. Illegal immigrants will be deported and are not subject to the same rights as a citizen. This includes health care for adults, but excludes healthcare for children.

Foreign Policy:
Tell the UN to take a hike. The UN process almost seldom gets anything done in time. Its almost like the criminal in terms of appeals and such. The US will put together a system that requires certain levels of escalation for certain events. Diplomacy will always be the first option on the table, and war the last. Places like Darfur will receive the help they need immediately with no delay.

I made this plan in the last 5 min, but if I took hours to put it together it would be very clear verse and well written (with details as to how its going to be paid).

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by skyshow

I nominate skyshow for president

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