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Afterlives, Alternate Existences, and Astral Projection

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:20 PM
This was initially a reply to a question about OBE's/Astral Projection but I decided to take it beyond that. I never make threads on this board, just post, so this should be interesting.


I would say in regards to an afterlife, the idea would make me define what a life is, an after-life... before-life? If anything, this life of ours seems so limiting and experiences like Astral Projection / Out Of Body Experiences have helped me define what I accepted as my existence.

There's a good book that covers that question, its a very light book, easy to read, mostly on techniques called "Leaving the Body".

In this book (or a related article, I can't remember), this guy did a test, he astral projected into his bedroom, and blew out a candle in that room, then woke himself up. What he realized was that when he woke up, the candle was still lit.

During my own experiences, I noticed that even though I thought I was projecting out of my body, into my house, (it looked and felt that way at first).. I then realized there was some differences. I remember hearing the voices of my family talking and I was hesitant to go upstairs, thinking they might see me as a ghost and I wouldn't know how to deal with it. I went into the bathroom and noticed some differences, some things that weren't there in my physical world, like a house coat, shampoo bottles, which I then proceeded to levitate with my mind. This was out of place since this bathroom had no shower, only the upstairs one did. I won't go over the full experience and the differences, but there WERE differences.

The whole experience had a different feel that was nothing like dreaming to me. It felt so weightless, stress-free, vibrant and I'll tell you this.. I thought this experience was strange, but when I woke up, clicking back into the physical existence I thought felt even stranger. At that time, it seemed that on all aspects, the waking world is the strange one, its a heavy place, and also weighs heavy on our minds. My mind felt so confined.

The soul projecting? I'm not sure, that is what do you define as a soul? I would say it is a matrix of code, a form of energy, a lens/focusing point for something that transcends logical design and a limited vantage point. I would suspect that our soul, or consciousness is a program like everything else of dual nature, that is to say it is a frequency, it is binary.

Next I would ask myself what does it mean to project if I'm also asking myself what does it mean to be "here".

By that thought, if the astral plane was another reality/dimensional layer of our consciousness, I could understand how one could teleport around seemingly, through a network of planes, if we exist on a single point.

There is no distance, only what our mind perceives. That's my thought, and that is also why I feel there is no danger in astral projection, which is why we'll never get "stuck out of body".

I believe the "real" world is as much a dream as the astral plane could be perceived to be. It's just that this real world has such a feeling of limitation, like we're boxed in. It really makes us feel like we live in this little cube and can't conceive of an existence otherwise.

Aside from that, in this book they did a test where this guy went out of body, and looked in a box in another room and told the scientists what was in it. It can be looked at like remote viewing, that is receiving images into the pineal gland, or the BROW CHAKRA, receiving this energy.. but I believe with projection, its like remote viewing only you actually go there in a sense.

This book also talked about reports of seeing people while projecting (looked like ghosts with the silver cord I guess), and this to me implies a couple of things, like one theory I had about ghosts.

We have our normal perceptional range, which is limited by the individual. In our known EM spectrum alone, we aware that we perceive a very small fraction of that, and I would go so far as to saying the wavelengths could be infinitely large or small. I think why ghosts are perceived as translucent or fading in and out is because they are drifting into this transitional phase between realities. When I would go out of body, I saw a couple figures, energy manifestations of my own fears I assumed, but what I realized was they got more visible as I slipped out more and more, and started to disappear as I retreated back into myself. I would compare this to the ghost case.

I think to some degree we are actually projecting an energy of some sorts because of how drained a lot of people feel after doing this... I remember in one plane, I had no voice, and the more I tried to yell, the more tired I felt.. When I woke up, i was dragging my body around all day until maybe 3 in the afternoon. The same thing happened in my next experience but I was less tired. Now a-days I don't feel the drain. I still don't quite understand, but I believe energy is involved here, and it exerts itself if we let it. I think our understanding plays a strong role.

This.. silver cord, I have never seen it, neither has a friend of mine who lucid dreams/projects quite regularly..or consciously aware of it. We both agree that it seems like a limited concept, a fearful/protective influence. I still think that it could very well be another method of projection. It is believed that we have many subtle layers of consciousness, energy bodies. I have heard someone call this cord biological before, and I thought that was interesting since people in the "real world" report seeing this cord off ghostly looking projectors in their home, even though argueably..they aren't really there, (referring to differences of scenery in astral projection),.. this comes back to what I was saying about ghosts, and why I think ghosts are often unaware of our presence, let alone their own state of existence. I think being a ghost could be compared to a dream that just doesn't easily become lucid for some. That lucidity or realization is what makes us move on and realize we have the freedom to do what we want, but more then that, we have our own purposes to fulfill.

Back onto the concept of fading in and out and this silver cord, I was thinking about ectoplasm.. a sort of manifestation of spirit energy that fades in and out just like the ghosts and this is what I think of...

It is speculated that life on this planet began as a pile of goo, amino acids and proteins. I think of a puddle of goo as the building blocks, and i think of ectoplasm... if this plane of existence is a dream plane in a sense like all the rest... I picture it like this... this spirit/creation energy vibrates outwards and as it vibrates to this frequency, this reality, it enters this reality and manifests, this creative spirit energy turns into "matter".. matter of course just being a label to a state of energy.

There has been reports of physical interactions with ghosts and this is what I think of... there energy transitions over into our "reality plane".. and their energy assumes a state of matter.

So yeah, what I wanted to illustrate was, what does it really mean to live? Is there an after-life or just a difference state of consciousness? Do we just exist on a single point?

I look at the physical body as an expression of energy, a concept of the mind, something that goes beyond the brain... the brain just being a control center and interface, a representational/expression of the mind energy. People's body's reflect certain astrological characteristics, I believe all that we are is an expression of something beyond form. Its interesting how chakra energy centers are linked to the endocrine system of the body. It's interesting how I can use various sounds and beliefs to affect my body, and the world around me. When I think of the idea of everything being vibrating energy at the core level, then I don't see any true seperation.. I look to astrology, and nature, and see everything as a dance, there is no truly individual action that is exempt from the flow of nature, our thoughts are one, but it's our individual energy that filters how we think. With this all in mind, I don't find psychic powers, telepathy and telekinesis in our "physical world" to be a stretch. And to touch on the "one-mind" idea.. we could look at our conscious minds as being the steam off our subconscious. We identify so much with is conscious mind yet few of us are aware of the brilliance of our subconscious. I've been reading Dolores Cannon's "The Convoluted Universe" book trilogy, and in this book she does past life regression to people and records what they say. I find it interesting how she could find people who have little interest or experience with science fiction, and once they are in this state, the things they all say are incredible. I feel it's learning to communicate with the subconscious like this would be one definition of psychic intuition. I truly feel there is much to this one-mind, or oneness concept. The very idea that all creations are like a lens, or filter of this universal mind to view oneself from. It's like we're all cells in the same body, and we try to understand our entirety from a single cell's viewpoint, and expanding that viewpoint.

I just see everything as intelligence, flowing energy, truthful nature, and duality. I no longer define what goes on in or outside of something, I just see it all as one in the same.

I want to keep this focused on afterlife and astral projection, so I won't get into my feelings about physical expressions of energy, such as our bodies, or any forms.

I was going to try and discuss my thoughts on why we live, and the purpose of time but I'm away from home where things are peaceful and thoughts are clear! Those topics are too vast, i'd rather try and explain them well. So instead I'm just giving an observation and a case for alternate levels of existence.

Thanks for reading

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hey caveman,

I for one am very happy that someone here is and has had the same experiences as i have. i take take what you are saying very much to heart, and i like your point of view on the subject too. first let me explain a bit about my personal experience to you. it started with very intense lucid dreaming the more i would sleep , i mean the later every day the more lucid my dreams would be, for example , id wake up at 10 see my girlfriend off to work go back to bed for about another hour and half and then i would normally have my most intensive longer lasting lucid dream. and this seems to be the way its stayed too, normally my 3rd or 4rth dream i become lucid and from there it all comes together.

anyway it started with lucid dreaming, but seemed over time to manifest into more of a reality and more of an astral projection. I now think personally their is definatly a thin line between lucid dreaming and astral travel. i believe the one is manifested from the other in a sense. i have also met a series of people some , through personal research i believ to have just died and to me when i approached them and tried to talk to them, they seemed to be incredibly insane as if not understanding what was happening to them. i found out that the reason for this is many dead that cross over to the planes , in some way are not ready to accept or cant accept the fact that they have actually died , therfore being totally strange.

I have also visited the same little town or village a few times , which is very interesting their are many people living there , so happy and friendly and i have chatted to people at one specific place under a big tree a few times, on one ocassion i asked a lady who was clearly projecting or living in the realm if any thing would happen in 2012, and i felt the most embarresing feeling of energy , and the woman responded, with .." you could have asked something of alot more importance than that"..very starnge. anyway , back on track, i wanna know if you talk to someof the beings there or if you ever go to the same realm, and recognise your surroundings. i believe it is a mental and spiritual thing combined, you know many times for exampl if im travelling and my partner is lying by my side and the astral plane i am aware of the slight movements of my partner , and think to myself, that i hope i dont get disturbed and shoot back.

Basically saying , i think we are still fully conected to our physical, while in that state. and the point i like which you brought up was that heavines, that you when you awake , that is exactly what happens to me really strange, anyway star and flage for bringing exactly what i experience to light.....


posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 09:20 AM
Usually I project into my house, or my parent's house. When I projected the first time, i was in my house, and there I went, in a manner of speaking. The next time I was at my parent's house, and I projected there. But now I can be at my house and project into my parent's house, you know what I mean? I think there is much we don't understand about these planes. Every time the house seems to be different.

When i project in my house, I would see this guy I live with, but he's always sleeping, but I went outside and went down the alley and talked to some lady there. Everyone seems to kind of be walking around like they're all spaced out.

I've talked to my family before, and its always the same thing, no'one is aware of where they are... its like if someone appeared in your house right now and told you, you were dreaming, most people would think they're crazy.

They aren't aware of their existence or rather my alternate existence.

I tried to explain to my sister once that I was aware of myself in another dimension, and that is why I could do "amazing" things. People there don't seem to realise that there is so much energy, they can move things with their minds and such.

Some times I would project to what looks like a black void, but with a single room in the middle of it... like again, back to everything being a program, its like this particular place/plane was created for a specific purpose.

The one time it was all black except for this stone, walled off courtyard. It was lit with candles and there was female monks dressed in white singing and going down these stairs. I didn't talk to anyone there, but someone talked to me. There was this guy who just stood there in the corner. I tried to open a wormhole and travel to a particular planet, and I was goin in and I ended back where I was. The guy said "You can only view it with your mind"... so perhaps that says something about an actual projection of energy.

I won't go over the rest of the details of that one, I tried to go to the moon and there was like a forcefield pushing me away, I found this interesting.

Anyways, there was another occurence where I went to this... bar it looked like, very dark... I just went to the bathroom and stared in the mirror, I always do this because i like it, it verifys that i'm projecting, I like to see if I look like what I did lying in bed. As well I always have very light blue eyes there. But yeah, I started to elongate my teeth with my mind, like vampire fangs just to see what would happen. That's when two people approached me curiously, the one girl I didn't recognize, but I knew who the guy was in this life. I tried to.. "wake them up".. in a sense.. trying to explain again, that I could do these things because I was aware of my existence in 2 different places. As I tried to explain this to them, I woke up. I often wonder if some things are kept secret by some guide watching the planes. Things might get chaotic otherwise.

As far as ghosts, none so far I believe, but there was a dream where there was this guy, he was getting married, and all these people I knew were there, I didn't recognize the guy, but I recognized the name, and I think he's dead now in this life, but I can't verify that. I thought that was interesting.

I've also met a friend's girlfriend in a dream. Again, i've never seen this person either but I saw her in this dream. And another friend, I met his girlfriend who was in a coma at the time in one of these dreams. I found that really interesting.


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