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Hurry and instate the NWO NOW !

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 09:58 PM
At least they will get rid of the rif raf, gangbangers and such,,,clean up the slums and filth and let the rest of us enjoy the natural bounty of this world...but I will miss the elections.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by 1nt3rp0l

so why would this woman even be at this web site?????? ask yourself this question, also rumor has it the canadians are fixing up there old japanese internmant camps freedoms almost gone, and it will cost alot of lives to get it back.........................are you ready???????????????????

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 11:24 PM
I am not saying that this nut is or is not involved in whatever they are portraying themselves to be affiliated with, though if not they seem to have had a truly clairvoyant moment.

Then again, maybe not, who didn't see this coming?

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by Gateway
For all its good intentions, a one world government will bring more chaos and less freedoms, and therefore is quite contrary to its intended purpose.

The power has always originated from the People. The "Divine Right to Rule" doctrine has always been a lie...And when people like 1nt3pp01 says things like:

Originally posted by 1nt3rp0l
LOL!!! And to exagerate your own importance to think YOU are someone worth being silenced is comical.

...they are only showing their total disregard for the basic commonality shared by all people; Please refer to my earlier post & link about Ethan Brand. It's a pity that an intelligent human being can choose to intentionally "disconnect themselves" from their whole species, nuture such an unearned egotism & believe themselves so superior. This is the kind of attitude is what puts the lie to the "Divine Right to Rule" doctrine in the first place. While I do respect her Right to Choose thusly, I DO NOT tolerate such choices being FORCED onto others. No one & no group has the Right to violate the Equal Rights of others.

God doesn't create governments, People do. Governments never existed before People did, only the Natural Law existed. If not for the Laws of Nature, People would never exist. Governments that violate the Laws of Nature also violate their own Creators. The series of America's Founding Documents (The Declaration of Independance, The Journals of the Continental Congress, the US Constitution) are all derived directly from the Common Law (aka: The Natural Law). The NWO denies & violates the shared commonality of the entire human species. The self-styled "NWO" really is nothing new, because all it promotes is "Government above People." This is clearly a very old concept & acts in violation of Natural Law; Never listen to their words, but never blind yourself to their actions.

Originally posted by badmedia
Lets just go ahead and decentralize the issue 1 level, and make it a state issue. Rather than 1 program for all, you have 50 programs. Each program working to be the best. When a state does something bad, it's only the 1 state that suffers. But then they have 49 programs to look at for improvements.

And "voting with your feet" to move to a better State is much more effective than voting at the ballot box, any day.
The problem with the OWO (Old World Order) is that they will leave no other places to go! They truly DO want to be "the only game in town" & that's been their whole goal since before humanity began recording history.

Originally posted by badmedia
Now you can take those issues and put them on the community level as well. In which case you have 1000's of programs, all working to be the best - because that is what we expect.

This is why de-centralized power works better. This is why de-centralized power is the first result of the Natural Law. Before there were nations, there were communities...This is where the true power begins & where it should always stay. But even then, one step further, the true power originates from the individual, for no community can exist without individuals exercising their Natrual-Born individual power to create a community in the first place. People need governments to settle differences between each other, though.
But for each new "layer" of government should go the lesser share of power. This is the whole concept behind the Constitution; As communities developed into territories, fewer political powers are delegated, as territories develop into States, fewer powers are delegated (each State has its own Constitution, ya' know, they can't be ratified as States until they have one
), as States joined into the Union, the national-level of government was granted the fewest powers of all. The States would not ratify the US Constitution until the Bill of Rights was added; In the 10th Amendment, it's specified that the US Government had only limited powers & the States acted as "buffer zones" to keep the the federal government out of the lives of individual people.
The Natural Law is that every individual is the true source of political power. The OWO is in direct antithesis to Natural Law.

Originally posted by badmedia
Oh look, it's the zeitgeist agenda. Who woulda guessed it? We already know the federal reserve is a scam. But pointing that out doesn't make your right else where.

Why is it we can't get rid of the fed without a world government?

The reason why we must get rid of the Fed is because it's already a tool for the OWO. The Fed answers to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which in turn answers to the World Bank, which in turn answers to the United Nations. The Fed exists as a blight against the Supreme Law of our Land...It's our Land & our Laws being violated, not theirs to play their games with!

The means & methods used by "Big Government/OWO" (in the effort to centralize power that was created decentralized from the very start) has always involved treachery, deception, betrayal, oppression, theft & cohersion (& in far too many instances, murder & mass-murder) against the very People that created government. The phrase, "The ends justify the means" is simply another lie...In truth, the means defines the end.
And what will this end be? There are numerous examples, just taken from our own human history...Empires rise, empires fall. OWO is no different, because it simply perpetuates the same mistakes in history, taken by those empire-builiders of old (& modern) times. Total control is an illusion & the empire-builders (OWO included) are simply propping up the same illusion.
Thomas Jefferson said it quite well, even though this one isn't included in my previous list of quotes:

It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself

1nt3rp01 has already admitted that these people I quoted earlier were wiser than herself, but sad to say, that she isn't in the frame of mind to accept such wisdom...Just like those who strive to create the OWO have rejected such wisdom, they also perpetuate the same mistakes that are peppered throughout history.

Originally posted by 1nt3rp0l
I see, that if the new leaders come with true positive agendas, for the true uplifting of all people, that this would be a win, win.

This much I agree with...But exactly, who has such a "true positive agenda?" Who, exactly, has the kind of purity needed to pull it off in a positive manner? Let's face the truth; The human species is pretty much a contrary, contradictive species...So, how can any one (or a few) human(s) be completely incorruptable, completely pure? This is where the whole OWO fails the "not like a religion" statement you've repeated so often...For someone like that to be "put in charge" means subverting the faith & beliefs of everyone else & it must become a religion in itself. This is the fallacy of your statement; The NWO won't be "like" a religion...In order to work at all, it has to become a religion & force everyone to believe it it. Another Crusade, anyone?
Again, this is where de-centralized power is the Natural Law of life on this planet; since no one can be so trusted or so trustworthy, we need each other just to stay honest!

Originally posted by unbound_human
All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

Funny...Thomas Jefferson also said that...

I think the last I have to say on this matter is that, when it comes time to lift a gun to fight for the OWO (in aggression) or against the OWO (in self-defense), I'm going with the Natural Law that grants me the Right to self defense. Yes, it is Natural Law because all living things have the means to defend themselves; the gazelle has it's speed to flee the lion, the bird has it's wings & even the predators have teeth & claws to defend themselves from other predators...For human beings (without such built-in defenses), we rely upon our minds & our tools for defense; Hello 2nd Amendment!

Even though I support 1ntrp01's Right to Speak as she wishes, I find it sad to say that some, like 1ntr3rp01, are also going to be hefting a gun for the wrong reasons & wind up on the wrong side of the guns being hefted for the right reasons.
Go from us in peace & I'll remember that you are a fellow human being, even if you have forgotten so yourself. Strive not to enforce yourself upon me & we shall never come to blows. I'll pray that we never meet as enemies, but will not hesitate to defend myself should you prove to be one.

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:21 PM
Reply to post by 1nt3rp0l

Sorry but I can't help but point this out. You say you're a member of a certain "social hierarchy". Wouldn't someone of your apparent stature be able to compose your thoughts in a much more literary way? You sound like a 9th grader in your post. I would expect a charismatic and well flowing essay. Not some jumbled bunch of words that sounds like a child trying to give a speech in high school. Not to mention you would know how to spell "hologram". You debunked yourself. Moving on.

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:32 PM
On top of that, you mispelled "travesty". You forgot to space between the end of some sentences and the begining of the next. You didn't capitalize "Federal Reserve". Good lord. That just proves you are nothing but a sheep trying to make a louder noise than the rest of us. Anyone that was of your claimed stature would be able to properly use the English language.

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