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The Approach of the Anti-Christ

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by cbass
I am sure this topic has been discussed before but I found this article to be informative. I want to share it with the Ats community and see what you guys think.

I am not a bible thumping religeous nut by far, But, I am starting to wonder if this whole Anti-Christ thing isn't going to pan out right before our eyes. It seems like we are headed in that direction and this article suggests that the economy was engineered (duhhh) for the purpose of letting -you know who- come in and save the day. If that is true, then we are alot closer than we think to seeing who this a-hole is.
Who is going to swoop in and fix a global economy?

Here is the article

Here is a snippet;

Wall st, the earthly centre of the market meltdown

It’s an old story that has been repeated so many times, yet the greater part of humanity still hasn’t learned. But the lesson is a simple one and until we learn it we will carry on repeating the same old mistakes.

For the Illuminati have a history of creating problems, or allowing them to develop to the stage where people demand, “something must be done”! At which point the Illuminati then step forward with an answer. A solution that formerly might have been unacceptable had it not been needed to fix a problem requiring urgent remedy

Christian esoteric researcher and teacher Rudolph Steiner taught that a figure known to the ancient Zoroastrians as the epitome of evil would incarnate toward the end of the 20th century.
Referred to as Ahriman, Steiner taught that he would likely appear in North America and that others would incarnate before him to assist his passage to prominence.

Spiritually developed men undermine Ahriman’s power and thus he seeks to entrap mankind in a purely physical realm. Impeding man’s spiritual evolution with greed as embodied in the “consumer society”, or more subtle intellectual enticements as may be found in the confines of scientific materialism.

One might even say that the current economic crisis was a set-up; staged like a theatre piece for this character to appear as a redeemer, rescuing the world from impending market meltdown.

From this elevated point and buoyed by public acclaim after contending with the global economic crisis, he would only be few steps away from taking command in a looming confrontation with Iran.

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I know the books of Rudolf Steiner in original speech because I´m german.
the figure of Ahriman is neither the antichrist nor the ´devil´.
on the one side there´s ´Ahriman´(better ahrimanic powers) on the other side there´s Luzifer (better luziferian powers), inbetween christ.
WIKI short description:

""Christ between Lucifer and Ahriman

Lucifer and his counterpart Ahriman figure in anthroposophy as two polar, generally evil influences on world and human evolution. Steiner described both positive and negative aspects of both figures, however: Lucifer as the light spirit which "plays on human pride and offers the delusion of divinity", but also motivates creativity and spirituality; Ahriman as the dark spirit which tempts human beings to "deny [their] link with divinity and to live entirely on the material plane", but also stimulates intellectuality and technology. Both figures exert a negative effect on humanity when their influence becomes misplaced or one-sided, yet their influences are necessary for human freedom to unfold.

According to anthroposophy, each human being has the task to find a balance between these opposing influences, and each is helped in this task by the mediation of the Representative of Humanity, also known as the Christ being, a spiritual entity who stands between and harmonizes the two extremes.""

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by PowerSlave
I don't get why they would wait so long for anything to happen. Why go away for 2000+ years? Why not just take over within a generation?

Could it be because they are extremely long lived? Or as Princess Diana's bestfriend would say, they just keep on living through different shells (bodies)?

You need to look up Alex Collier (personally I hope he's bogus) or The Terra Papers (which I hope is true
) for the possibilites as to why.

Consider this statement from a prominent congressman who was killed:

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and communism under the same tent, all under their control...Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent."

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 10:17 AM
I think they need and want "willing" slaves. I think their numbers were few (so the ancient texts say) and they work through these powerful people on earth , who likely know the plan, in order to achieve their ends. They came originally with only so many crafts and weapons and have required man to reach a sufficiently technologically advanced age in order to help them effectively build up their fleet.....hence back engineered alien craft which will perhaps be remote controlled or even piloted by humans in league with the controllers on Earth....brain washed soldiers

They (the bad ones) tried twice before to wipe us out but it didn't quite go as planned. Much of their technology, laboratories and perhaps many of their exisiting craft would have been wiped out back then. It is told they could not leave the Earth so there was nowhere for them to "return" and re-arm so to speak, they would have had to start over. Realistically to arm themselves as necessary in this way would take a good couple of thousand years of man, their creation, gradually flowering in sciences and technology in able to reach a stage where this was possible. We are at that time now.

They originally controlled us through the way our DNA was designed....we were made to be rather like lobotmized clones aka Brave new World. The rebel faction (serpent in Eden) revealed the truth (serpent =DNA strands) about our slavery and many went with the revealers and had their DNA altered in a way that allowed for them to know freedom of mind, to be as the gods themselves, to no longer be "naked " (ignorant) as they were in Eden.

With much of their technology destroyed or just limited, they were unable to control the chaos that ensued...there was no way for them to be able to manage a global DNA altering programme , which was/is what they need now as its the only way to ever really control us properly.....alter our DNA. Stop us procreating, create "clones", etc......they can only create this kind of world when the population has become more manageable so a razing of the masses has to ensue first

They are obviously a war race and WILL invade but have not had the capability to do this until now. They are also known to be a very occultish race of beings , "superstitious" if you like, they knew all about Astrology and taught it to the peoples. The bible is full of astrology based codes and prophecies as are many esoteric /occult groups and secret societies....the 2012 alignment is a MASSIVE cosmic event and THE most significant event in esoteric Astrology to only occurs every 26,000 yrs. The occult plan coded within the bible and many other places points to this time as ushering in the age of Aquarius, it is the time which heralds "the second coming" or rather, the invasion, which begins with the resign of the Antichrist who takes centre stage after Earth is brought to its knees , begging for help...........

They finally REVEAL who they are and their most ancient and secret knowledge, the Luciferian god-within consciousness they have never wanted the masses to embrace then they ATTACK to once again raze this knowledge from know god is within is to be AS gods...something ENlil never wanted.....HE wants to be God.

They are a brutal race. Dangling the carrot in front of our face before snatching it away again.......and firmly crushing it beneath their feet.
ONLY select initiates are supposed to know the "truth" ...if we all knew it, there is no Hieracrchy anymore, no control is made possible, there would be no religion or spiritual enslavement...

Their Bible tells you don't take the chip or you will die for being unfaithful to god..........they WANT masses to die so of course they tell you this. Most christians on the planet would die rather than take the chip and that's just what they want to happen as they want the kill off about 90% of the masses....(Georgia Guidestones....)

the second coming rescues the chipped slaves and kills off everyone else. All the people who think they are going to be rescued are actually KILLED instead....even revelations tells you these invaders feast on ALL the people on earth, both the SLAVES and the FREE and they rule with IRON, venting and spewing forth the wrath WRATH of ENLIL
They likely have a certain number of people in mind to keep and everyone else, including some former slaves, DIE

It's an INGENUIS stategy, can you see ?

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

You are melting my mind!!!!
Everything you say makes perfect sense but of course there can be no substantial proof. Would you care to divuldge where you came across this info. Please tell me it wasn't "channeled" or I will have to give you the boot.

Thank you for all of your insight. Will you marry me?

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by cbass

You'll have to queue up, I seem to be gathering a fair few fans with my theories LOL

No, not channelled - I don't go near channelled info, never read it and would not believe it, it's all far too subjective if you ask me

What I have come to think is based upon alot of research and alot of thinking, trying to "join the dots" and make sense of all the disparate elements by thinking outside of the box and attempting to understand the mentality of those that wish to control us.

I can't say with any certainty I'm right but it's a theory worth considering...there are still bits and pieces I haven't worked into my "big picture" just yet but this is where I am with it so far and yes, it's a mind twister....

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 04:36 PM
Mr. "O" worries me-he seems to mesmerize so many people that they fail to notice all of the times he contradicts himself....even an American reporter who was doing an interview with him said to the BBC that he was completely mesmerized by him.
Upon coming back to his house, he let his wife ead over his notes, the questions & answers - she underlined around 14 places (I believe it was 14) where he had contradicted himself and said something totally different.

I worry about him-I think he's bad news. I no longer live there, but my family does...

Just my humble opinion and the words of a reporter from here, and his wife...

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