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Dear Mr Brown, we are not terrorists

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:46 AM

Icelanders protest UK terror move

Iceland has a population of 300,000, about 40,000 people have signed
Thousands of Icelanders are sending a message to Gordon Brown that they are not terrorists after the UK used terror laws to freeze their assets.

An online petition was launched this week following the UK government's attempt to protect British savings in Iceland's failed Landsbanki.

The petition has been signed by about 40,000 people and shows Icelanders with signs saying they are not terrorists.

The Treasury said Iceland was in no way considered to be a terrorist regime.


Signatories to the petition have uploaded wry photographs of themselves in an attempt to show the absurdity of categorising an Icelandic bank as a terrorist organisation.

The photographs show ordinary Icelanders - including a fisherman, a baby and a man in a Father Christmas costume - holding up hand-written signs stating: "Mr, Brown, we are not terrorists."

But despite the light-hearted tone of their protest, Icelanders are furious by what they see as the high-handed actions of the UK government, its implied slur on their national character and the dire consequences for the Icelandic economy.

Once again our so called 'leader' makes a mockery of us to the world, shame on him for ruining our reputation and shame on him for tarring us Brits with the same brush.

To all Icelandic folk on ATS., I apologise for the actions of our dim witted and stupid leader. Just a shame that he will never apologise.


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