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These 'Call To Action' and 'Time to Overthrow the Government' threads need to stop

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posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by kyred
I find it interesting that the people who took part in the U.S. Revolution in the 1700's are patriots, in that they commited treasonous acts against their government. But today, if a person does the "patriotic" things that would bring about another revolution against an oppressive goverment in the U.S., they would be labled criminals or even, gasp, terrorists. I guess we have all forgotten that Thomas Jefferson condoned bloody revolution from time to time to feed the roots of the tree of liberty. Of course, during the 1700's, the rebels in the colonies had weapons comparable to the British troops. How many civilians now have automatic weapons, microwave weapons, jets with rockets attached to them, radar systems, protective vests and helmets, tanks, machine guns, claymore mines, etc.?
It's much easier now to talk revolution than to actually conduct a revolution against a government now. At least in the U.S. The powers that be have seen to that. I once knew a man who lived in Loveland, Ohio who owned an armored vehicle, but those days are gone. It's now the information age, with the internet, etc. Who was it who said the pen is mightier than the sword? Maybe the info highway is the best way to incite a revolution and perhaps it would be less bloody. Just my rambling thoughts.

Definitely, there will be many among the hacker community, who will be the new Henry's, Jeffersons, and Washingtons.

It may be the only way to bring down the mammoth.

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 02:44 AM
The way I see it...ATS has done wonders already. The fact that the site is still available amazes me completely...

Anyone who is toatally serious up here knows that we can't talk about actuall operations on this board. See "Code/Crypt" for details.

Everyone is is backing up theyre claims is doing just that. Preparing. The tempature is hot, and the water is already beggining to boil. Te BEST things we can do right now, are educate others, offer ideas and keep the information flowing.

Peronsonally, to "overthrow" the goverment.. would require cooperation that we cannot discuss here. Again. See the Code/Crypt thread.

It would be a good idea to do it from within though... Climb the ranks asa goverment official to supply constant, factuall information via safe communication methods to thos who could use it. Yes. Treason. Yes. Espionage.

Bloodline. My father was in the business, and ANYONE who knows even the slightest things about war will tell you one of two things.
1) War, is in fact, a hell

Destroy from within. What ever is comming, is comming and the plan to start a new govermentS is already set in motion.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 09:57 PM
I hope to see the end of the federal gov and there pile of crap they stand for..I hope the states stand up and tell the feds to go jump in a lake with all there new rules and deep pockets..We the people fell those pockets and should have a say on how themoney is spent..If I don't pay my bills someone takes all my stuff..If the good ole boys in detroit can't pay there bills Uncle Sam rewards them..This addiction to this countries Idea of its always someone elses fault will bury us..We must take responsabilty for our own actions at some point..We have let the feds take so much control that we are now nothing more than puppets for them..They tell us what we think we want to hear..Not what we need to hear..There is no addiction in my opion..The is weak mind and wills..And goverment wants us to think we are strong but addited to something..I see the idea of this way of control to work well for them..Make the people think they are happy but in realality the are stressed out of there mind..So how do we make them happy...Drug them..Its all mind control from the start..We now drug our kids at the age of 3 and say its because they need it to be a usefull person...I don't beleave that for a second..They do it to keep the realality that we are failing as a human race to live life freely..May we all have faith that our milatary knows that a talking heads far removed from the real life can't make them fight there friends and family..LORD help us know when to say when..I am no wrighter and I am in no way a straight thinker..If I was school aged I would be highly druged so I could be better at wrighting and thinking..But is that what we really need..NO! We need free thinkers and to stand up to the folks who say we need this..Most needs are not needs..They are wants..Look close at what they say we need..THX for the space for me to rant..HAVE A GREAT DAY..

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:24 PM
Let's face it. NONE of you are WILLING to do anything. T.V. and videogames run your lives. most you you lack basic survival skills beyond mc donalds drive thru and stealing candybars from king soopers. deep down, you know this. The logistics of Government Overthrow is staggering. Collapse of the U.S. Governemnt is feasible and possible and is looking necessary. but, who's got the balls? If we the people stand up and use our rights to destroy our own government, who then protects us from outside invasion? and, if you don't believe that can or would happen, you're dumb and need a history lesson. The U.S. government is now beyond our capability to control AND is using it's power to socially engineer children like all criminal tyranny's have in the past. But, That sure is a Nice Plasma T.V. I guess soccer on a sixty inch sony is worth my child's soul. That, my friends, if YOUR fault. ALL OF YOU. Football and Rat Racing while smoking pot and getting drunk ALLOWED them to do this. Why do you think the C.I.A. put drungs on the street? to PACIFY you like rum in a babies bottle. then, YOU'RE a CRIMINAL for using, what a RACKET... So what are you gonna do? i think i know. you're all going to sit online and whine.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:36 PM
One of the things that should stop is posting threads with title of "some thread topic should stop". This one ia an example.

The seeds of thought get planted, people read and realize that they might not be alone in their desire for change or truth. That is how a movement can grow.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by roadgravel

good point, but it gets a little *snip*in annoying when there's like 100 plus threads on the same idea ... if they want to collaborate why don't they just all post in the same thread? and discuss there instead of posting an individual thread for each idea

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