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Real Life Scenario: A Nuke hits a Major City

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:44 AM
Don't waste time on all that expert PHd stuff heres what you do you Government made it all so easy for 'ya all'

see now relax ... goes to find Kentucky on a Map to sent to Russia , why should California have all the fun.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 06:39 AM
you may want to check out a book called alas, babylon. the author is pat frank, i think the first name is right, but frank is his real last name. it gives a pretty good rundown of nuclear war and bombs going off in florida. its a very good read.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 01:24 AM

Originally posted by xynephadyn
A nuke in LA might not hit central united states- but Nashville, St. Louis, or Chicago- yea it would be a big problem... noone is really safe from this threat. I have read from many sources that a missile nuke could produce fallout that could cover the entire us.

Concern #1 is fallout.
Concern #2 is the martial law to follow
Concern #3 Lack of food- grocery stores ransacked- gas stations dry- highways shut down- military precense -- that is why the special ops soldiers have come home from Iraq- to prepare for "homeland security" incase of national emergency-- FEMA detention camps set up all over america are there for a reason

Basically- if a nuke hits the us- regardless of how big or small it is- it is the end of life in america as we know it

[edit on 23-10-2008 by xynephadyn]

Fallout, I agree, should be the first concern. Um, if a nuke did hit Los Angles, I agree that you might be too far to feel it.

Now, concerning martial law. I can't imagine the U.S. imposing martial law UPON ITSELF. I think it would take a more "quarantine" approach to it. They would ensure that whatever damage is going to be done is isolated as much as possible. Plus, if the U.S. DID, for some random change, impose martial law, its going to push one single citizen too far and anarchy will reign. So yeah. Can't imagine martial law.

Now, FEMA and supplies. I...really don't know what to say about that one. the affected areas would obviously not need such supplies and it would be futile to move in and get any goods from that area. FEMA and their detention camps...mixed feelings. I can't imagine them putting up detention camps EVERYWHERE. Idk what they would do about that.

Now, the end of America? Hardly. A big change into the lives of millions for decades to come? Without a shadow of a doubt. But certainly not the end.

That's my two cents.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 04:59 AM
reply to post by xynephadyn

if it helps with the fire thing any, heat may rise, but if you know anything about HVAC different temp and pressures like to even out. that is the whole basis of how an a/c works. so i wouldnt be to trusting of having an open chimney simply because heat rises. btw i am also from ky and found this thread looking for possible fallout radius. they are saying dc or new york. hey, how about this oct 25 thing? two more days....

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