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Tuning in to Extraterrestrial Contact

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by QueenofWeird

This is a little similar to my small gift of psi, and its far easier for me when I live a semi isolated and don't have too many dramas around me or people dropping over. But though it doesn't relate to lost shoes and keys too much, and must have a living connection for me primarily, I can scan and pick up on certain signatures. Or I get scanned and learn to recognize a signature. Or I can locate someone often, and was never wrong. My 7 year old is beginning to show signs of remote perception as well. It is related to remote viewing and often used in an interchanged way, but its not the same. For me also pinging occurs. I'll never forget once when I was dating someone, and it was rather intense. I was thinking of him, and then it got rather more complex, then I knew he was going to phone. Within minutes he phoned and asked me if I was thinking of him. I asked him if he was thinking of me. At that moment we both knew we had the same gift, and had some interesting experiences. That was the first time that happened.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 01:09 PM
This is extremely interesting!
I was reading that someone had an encounter when he was young with some type of blue woman?
Well i had a similar experience but i'm afraid it was only sleep paralysis!

I decided to take a nap around 4 in the afternoon ( during winter) and there was still some light outside. I suddenly found my self half awake with no light but some light in the hallway and opened my eyes. I saw this thing lying down besides me looking at me directly in my eyes but he kept changing form of people. These people were all males( some of them i knew and some if them i didn't) and the faces changed every second but kept smiling. And i pushed myself from my bed and screamed ( i actually fell from my bed) and when i got up there was nothing! i couldn't go back to my room for like 3 hours....

Maybe it was a bad dream but i was concious and there was nothing in my room that changed, the light was in the same direction but i got so scared...

let me know what you think!

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 01:54 PM
I've dabbled in self-hypnosis as a means of relaxation before bed. And I've recently had a dream in which I was sitting in a chair (almost a classroom situation, but I wanna say it was forced) facing an ET at the front of the room. There was a recording playing, a rough raspy voice in a language I didn't understand. But I was told that I had the capacity to understand if I wanted to. I remember focusing really hard on the voice, and in the middle of these unfamiliar words I started to hear the voice in English (can't remember what was being said, just that I understood it). Then something happened in the room and I kinda "pulled back", and it was just rough, raspy gibberish again. Woke up shortly after.

Any thoughts????

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by sasss

I read my other post and I guess I came off kind of harsh about my EBE experiences. I didn’t mean to paint the picture of the aliens as all bad. I'll try to spell out my whole story more clearly.

What I know is that ever since I can remember (since around age 4), the experience of being taken by the aliens was a big part of my life and happened quite regularly. They looked and acted benevolent and appeared similar to the greys from the movie close encounters of the third kind.

Now keep in mind, I'm 40 years old and when I was first taken, there wasn't a popular image of aliens looking like greys. When I was 8 or 9 the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out and I begged my parents to take me. I was desperate to find out more about my experiences even if through a movie. The only source I had for information at that point was all the books at the library. (no internet, no cable tv back then)

Well I was almost in tears when I first saw the depiction of the aliens in the movie because I knew that the ones I was seeing looked like them and not like the ones from The Day the Earth stood still, etc, which dominated popular culture. Again, there wasn't a popular image of aliens looking like greys and I had already been having the experiences for five years, and knew what I saw and it didn't resemble what was on TV or in books, for the most part. The movie was sort of a vindication that some aliens looked like the ones I knew. I've seen quite a bit of revisionist history about the presence of the grey alien appearance existing before close encounters, but I can assure you I read everything in the library on UFOs when I was a kid, seeking answers, and the grey was not even close to being the ubiquitous look of aliens before 1976ish. There were rare and spotty accounts of them but it was nothing like now. I wondered back then, “how does Spielsburg know so much about how they really look”.

Anyway, I was a bit frightened each time they came for me but it was like going to night school and wasn’t completely horrible. They taught me things about the environment, war, spirituality, and the future. They wanted to let me know that they needed people who would change our future for the better. They weren’t secretive about letting me see them or letting me remember my experiences. They showed me where in the sky the star system that they were from was, and occasionally I would see daylight sightings which reinforced my experiences. By the time I was 11 or so (1979ish) I started really getting into science. I spent most of my time working with electronics (especially magnetism and computers) and chemistry. I was an average C student and not remarkably smart. Not dumb either, but not a genius. This is when they moved into the next phase that had to do with sexuality (I had entered puberty) and they started to be much more secretive about letting me remember the conversations and experiences we were having. I don’t know why they stepped up the secrecy but it bugged me because I had a lot of questions about the things I was reading regarding ancient cultures and religion. I spent a ton of time at this phase of my life studying those things along with my science endeavors.

That is the point I made a request of them. My request was, “If you are going to use me for your purposes, can I have something in return? I would like to be a genius so I can understand all of these things I’m studying.” Say what you want, but unbelievably they granted my request. My IQ has been measured many times at around 158. I easily flew through college and got a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. I presently hold a position with one of the most prestigious defense organizations in the US as a design engineer (with security clearances of course).


posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by sasss

experiences continued....

From puberty on, they didn’t let me see their physical appearance any more. I could only see shadows moving around the room and they quickly blocked any memories after the initial contact each time I was abducted. I tried hard to remember, but they only let me see as far as floating into the ship. Once inside, I can’t remember anything. I knew they were still teaching me important things and they are hidden in my subconscious somewhere but they no longer let me remember the experience of interacting with them. I also knew they were making hybrids from my sperm. (Perhaps this is the reason the increased my intelligence, not just for my own purposes.)

It just annoys me that they don’t trust me to remember my experiences. Why not? Why do they have to scare they hell out of me by taking me in the way that they do? Why not just be upfront and forthright about their intentions? That’s the part that makes me suspicious of their intentions. I would probably help if they just asked me. Perhaps it was a better experience when I was very young and didn’t question their motives in such a cynical way. In the back of my mind I do really believe that their intentions are all good, but their methods just aren’t consistent with a positive experience any more.

There are some other things related to the experiences are really wild and I’ll just briefly mention them.
One thing would be my blood type: CIS AB-. This is not normal AB neg but an extremely rare derivative (only an estimated 7000 people on earth have it).

Secondly, I was shown two children at age 15 (a snippet that they did let me remember) and these two children ended up crossing my path at age 33. They were two homeless kids who needed a home, and via an emergency custody order and subsequent adoption became my children. Their past and where they come from is as mysterious as how I came to know of them. I knew I was about to be abducted one night and meditated on the fact that I wanted to ask them for a couple of the hybrid children (yes, specifically two) to be part of my life. My wife was having trouble attempting to get pregnant and I thought they might be able to help. Heck, they owed me that much right? It turned out a bit differently than what I expected. The very next morning a friend of mine called and told me an adoption attorney he knew was looking for an emergency home for these two kids (then aged 8 months and 21 months, brother and sister). Within 24 hours I was their father (the adoption took the better part of a year) but they were placed in my house the next day. So let me spell this out: I went to bed asking for a couple of kids, and within 24 hours kids, from seemingly nowhere, were living in my house under my care. As these kids got older I recognized them as the kids shown to me as a teen and they both look identical to me. No one even ever questions that they were adopted. They have deep blue eyes with dark rings around the color just like mine and the same wispy white blond hair I had prior to puberty. One would swear they were my kids.


posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by sasss

experiences continued...

This year, when running down my genealogy and DNA issues (the odd blood type among other things) I met a girl online in an Rh- forum I found out about in an ATS forum and quickly became friends with her. Strangely this girl (blood type O-) has identical looks and eyes to me and the kids. We opened up to each other long distance (she is in New York and me in Michigan) and found out that she was also a life long abductees who has had kids taken from her womb. Yes, late term disappearing pregnancies. We swore we had me before and the other day we made the connection. She used to live in Michigan and we knew each other a long time ago. Yeah, play twilight zone music now. But I think we both know that we possible know each other in other ways as well; from our shared abduction experiences.

I know this all sounds fantastic and like total prose, but this is my account as I know it and I swear to the truthfulness of what I am reporting. I have to get this stuff off my chest somehow and if you don’t believe me that’s fine. I am 40 now and have kept this stuff to myself for far too long. The level of strangeness of this life long connection with the aliens is as frustrating as it is positive. Like I said, why can’t they just be upfront with me and why are abductions so damn scary?

Take it for what you will,

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 02:57 PM
This looks dangerously like playing in the gardens of Luciferianism while proclaiming Jesus Christ is Lord of all. The EDs from God (angels) shall be revealed to those who God needs to know them, when He decides it is time. The EDs from satan (devils) cajole in mankind's brains with thoughts of love and happiness, with no limitations.

Now, i am not against love and happiness. I wish all could be happy and that everyone on earth would actually love others as they want to be loved (no, sex is in the realm of LUST - big difference). But them li'l devils, they just keep on going with all love an' prosp'rity an' hap'ness an' one god with da many names an' all that stuff, an' nexthin' ya know, the only ones that don' fit there is them true Christians, them stuck-ups who ain't seein' things da way them peaceful EDs see it.

In common language, EDs are spirits. Good spirits appear on God's command. Those you can contact at will, in any way except for God the Trinity, are fallen angels/devils. And devils love nothing more than getting people to burn in hell with them.

If they cannot have the eternal life, they do what they can to keep it from those who can gain it, mankind.

And their score multiplies every day.

Stay out of it. FAR away from it.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 03:11 PM
[edit on 24-10-2008 by J.Smit]

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 03:25 PM

Zdravím z české republiky-střední evropa.
Tady máte adresy které by se Vám mohly hodit.
Czech and slovak language

Pošlete to Vašim přátelům pokud se Vám budou líbit.
Ten překlad je dobrý,přišel jsem na to nedávno.
Tak se tam držte,jdu to kopírovat dál.


posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by JonInMichigan

Fair enough, nice expose.

However it still ends in a fear message, and quite frankly fits perfectly with the sort of material fear based control systems regularly use for mass mind control. You even throw in a 33... Interesting parallel with the bible btw, as that is the supposed age of christ and the bible also ends with the apocalypse, ie, a fear based memetic control mechanism.

I'm not calling you a liar of course, I am just very skeptical about the type of story you post, because it is so stereotypical of a known disinfo meme. Sorry to be blunt.

My experiences have been more benign, and to me fear is the cutoff, not a side effect. Whenever I have fear the experience stops, which to me is a strong suggestion that there is, at least in some cases, something very empathetic, concerned and benign on the other side.

Ah well, at least you got a high IQ out of all this...

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by J.Smit

Speaking of fear based memetic control systems... hi!

Listen, there is nothing to fear, not even fear itself. Fear is a state of absence of love, nothing more, everything less. It's quite simple to understand when thought of this way, it's just being out of tune of the basic creational energies, of love frequencies, if you will. So lucifer is just a non entity, an absence of God imo. And something empty is not to be feared, as there is really nothing there.

An evil person is not really bad, just missguided and empty. That is why there is hope for everyone. Except maybe Obama supporters.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Zepherian

I read my post again and saw that there were some parts that would not make sense, when compared to the original story. So i edited it cleared, as i could not delete it anymore.

As for fear itself, i am in the dubiously honourable position of two times being almost murdered by satan. So please, keep the new-age/wiccan/pagan/whatever teachings away.

Thank you.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by Zepherian

I know this isn't going to help reassure the Christian posters who think it's all demonic but.... they did guide me away from the Church. I was raised a Catholic and was an alter-boy and such. Now I am a practicing pagan and follow pre-christian spirituality. When I finally came out of the proverbial closet about being a Witch is when the abductions slowed down. (about 10 years ago)

Also, even though the message from them, when I was young, involved peace and pacivism, when I knew that in the future we would enter a time a great war and turmoil, here I am using my gifts to develop the weapons our government uses to cause such turmoil. In my defense, when I started working there it was 1996 and we had a defensive posture torwards war so I felt like I was defending our country, not building empires.

My parents were somewhat hippies (I was conceived in 1967 after all) and my parents wouldn't even let me have green-army-men or GI joes to play with when I was a kid and here I am developing high-tech weapons. Sad huh?

Sometimes I don't know what to make of it all. I divorced my first wife and married another Witch. My kids show the same psychic gifts that my wife and I do. When my mom was pregnant with me she was constantly having psychic premonitions. She tells me when she was pregnant that she awoke from a nap in which she saw MLK being killed. She turned on the TV and he had just been shot. My mom had no doubts that things were awry with me but kept it to herself until she couldn't hide it in the face of all the other oddness going on.

My son saved us from a car accident last year by telling me that a deer would jump out in front of the car in a few seconds. I slowed down and admonished him that we weren't in an area where deer normally jumped out. No sooner did the words leave my mouth when the dear jumped in front of us. Had I continued at the speed I was going I would have hit it and possibly been hurt, along with the kids.

There is a degree of real strangeness in my life and I'm very grounded and not crazy. But you can only have so much happen and you just have to wonder, "what the heck?"

When I'm at work there seems to be people that seem familiar to me who appear to be watching/tracking my career moves. I assended unnaturally quickly up the ranks to the second highest level of engineering in the company (chief scientist being the highest) and am entrusted to brief our federal govenment on the state of our technology because of my ability to paint a picture that they can understand while also being scientist.

I have personally briefed both michigan senators and at least 8 of our congress (including the heads of the HASC and SASC) to push for continued funding for my projects which I can't say much about other than, the movie Terminator is quite and interesting depiction of the future and one that worries me. I have seen top generals remark how much science fiction has come to life. It's exciting work, very high tech, but scary as hell. I would get out of it but it seems to be the only game in town lately. They are planning on shifting michigan to be a huge defense hub now that the automotive industry is almost dead in Detroit.

What to do, what to do. Where are the aliens now to guide me? No where to be found. They don't come around any more. Does that mean that they achieved their objectives or have they gotten so secretive that they don't even let me know I've been taken now?

I know the bible thumpers will say that they pulled me away from Jesus and turned me into a war monger. I don't want war, but we still need to defend this country against threats. And what of these kids from nowhere that I'm raising? What is there roll in all of this, and have the abductions shifted to them?

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:09 PM

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by J.Smit
reply to post by Zepherian

As for fear itself, i am in the dubiously honourable position of two times being almost murdered by satan. So please, keep the new-age/wiccan/pagan/whatever teachings away.

Thank you.

It's not a matter of us keeping it away from you, but you getting away from it. Seriously, if you're that worried, I think you should take your bible and leave this thread. And if you choose not to, you'll only have yourself to blame when you end up all infected by these New 'Age/wiccan/pagan whatever teachings' -- they spread really easily, watch:

Hey Sky!

I'm curious where, and if, you make the distinction with the type of entities under discussion -- i.e. other dimensional beings from defined extraterrestrial civilizations -- and the spiritual beings that Michael Newton discusses in your recommended book (from LOA thread) "Journey of the Souls"? (pssst... Smitty, that's a book that talks about our spiritual journey between lives and affirms that our spiritual selves dwell in love and happiness... here'e an excerpt of a video from the Psychologist Michael Newton where he talks all about it... don't watch it!)

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:22 PM
I would ever want to shift my perception, and trying or even attempting this isnt going to put you in contact with anything.

you lot can say what you like, cos you all want to see sumthing so badly you would think a flicker on the tv is a signal from another race.

Only aliens i wanna see is the ones everyone can see, in my visable light, my planet, my hearing freqency. Unfortunatly, its unlikley to happen in my lifetime.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by The Dave

You got it right...
Here's what might happen next time you'll try.
An ex-girlfriend of mine and myself where on our way back to México City from Tepoztlan, a small town wich has arqueological sites believed (and felt by me) to have tremendous amounts of energy... (don't ask me wich kind... is futile. I don't know. You just feel suddenly energize and then your are able to actually run all the way up to the top of the mountain to the arqueological site.)
It's also very well know as a center for ufo activities so read for what follows...
Was about the late afternoon when we where driving on the slopes of the mountain where Mexico City hides from "Tepoz" as the little town is called, when over the visual horizon in front of the slopes of the hills infront ahead of us a light brightens.
I was all day making jokes about having an ufo encounter later on the evening, so when I saw the light I just continued jocking and proclaimed it as "The moment", so we laught...
As the couple of kilometers runs ahead before we reach paralel sightline of the object I started to send mental images of kindness and welcome wishes to this light's inhabitants wich by the way I believe also they listened; and then this Light started to climb up the slope of the mountain at a rate that resulted ending right at the top of it by the time we where pararell to it across the gurges under us at the road.

My girlfriend joke about the light, saying it was an helicopter so I doble dare her to stop so I can prove her wrong. She did.
We where looking at it now from the other side of the hill were the light was hoovering and then I got out of the car from the co-pilot's seat and walked to the side of the gurge, mentally I started to ask for a signal or message to proof her they where real and concient of our presence there.

She was seated in front of the wheel looking at me weirdly, you know like looking at a poor little boy who needs to learn about reallity and forget about santa...
So I told her what I was trying... She almost laught but she loved me back then... remember she's an ex of mine, so she didn't.

Then her cellphone rang... wich was weird because the zone DOESN'T have ANY SIGNAL because of THE BIG MOUNTAIN that blocks them from Mexico City´s nearest repeater tower or whatever they call it.
It was a message call, so she try to pick it up from the voice mail and she didn't... we dind't had ANY SIGNAL. But the cellphone rang...

1st: We didn't have signal when we got the call back for the recovery of the voice mail.
2nd: When we actually reach the other side of the slope that separated us from Mexico City we recovered the message.
What it said was EXACTLY our conversation about the posibilities that this light was really an UFO and my intents to make contact that I was telling her from the side of the road, 30 minutes ago.
3rd: We called the company that provided the service to know the origin of the call (it didn't showed on the idcall). So we find out they didn't Know.
4th: As far as I Know there's no chance to record a message to yourself from the same phone. Because I didn't have any at the time.
Here's my tale and it happend to us for real, so I propose for you all to push the envelope further and practice some daydreaming...

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by MarktheSkepticUK
I would ever want to shift my perception, and trying or even attempting this isnt going to put you in contact with anything.

you lot can say what you like, cos you all want to see sumthing so badly you would think a flicker on the tv is a signal from another race.

Only aliens i wanna see is the ones everyone can see, in my visable light, my planet, my hearing freqency. Unfortunatly, its unlikley to happen in my lifetime.

I don't think anyone here thinks a flicker on the TV is a signal from ET's. But you cannot discount the possibility of the concept SkyFloating has introduced in this thread.. take it or leave it mr. skeptic... No one ordered you to believe any of this,, just keep an open mind.

Perhaps one day, you will get your sighting. I have seen UFO's before. Maybe if you have your sighting, you would change your mind.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by JonInMichigan

" I was raised a Catholic and was an alter-boy"

Me too. But that's altar boy. I am very thankful for my Christian upbringing and have received all the sacraments except for marriage and last rites.

A couple of years ago I was privledged to transport a special anointing holy oil for the sick to a local Diocese. I met the Bishop and ate dinner with him along with a small group of others.

Remember. Faith=technology. ET can be dealt with or summoned, so the Prophet Yahweh is not completely off base. But it seems that you have to trick or deceive ET to get the best possible response.

Will there ever be another year in the US like 2007 for sightings. Maybe.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 05:42 PM
This is great sky, thanks for posting it.
I've been trying to initiate contact but the only problem I always seem to come is... is essentially reason.

I look at this way.. I don't want to bother them if I just want to say hello, and I can't get beyond this really, its just my courtesy
. But limiting as it sounds, I care a lot about efficiency and so I want them to follow through with what they're doing with minimal distractions or my personal requests. I guess what i'm waiting for is for them to want to contact ME. But again... just me putting the energy into that thought would bring those who would want to contact me. Yeah so I guess even still, there's the lack of sincerity in my requests. I believe there is nothing I can discuss with them which would be mutually beneficial. I feel as though I am where I need to be so any interaction would be no doubt interesting, but currently serve no end for me, and again.. THEM. It would be nice if they had the day off "work" and wanted to feed me images of their ship and send me some nice affirming thoughts.

I even thought a couple times of contacting them and asking if I could be of assistance, since I am human, and here on earth, I could do some more hands on tasks they might find difficult to do themselves. I'm just saying for those who try this meditation, here is an example of a thought process you might have to through to figure out how serious you are, and how important this is to you.

ASIDE from all that.. I live in toronto, its a big city, but a year ago i was visiting my family in their town, I find it a bit more peaceful and a safer place for any UFO's to buzz around. One day I was meditating under this deck with this room and window above me. I was trying to contact ET's, and i was very sincere as I recall. I think I may have fallen asleep since I was lying on my back with my legs folded, but I recall staring up through this window / skylight for some time... just looking, seeing white dots go by, I guess I assumed they were birds and then it clicked to me, I got up quickly and ran out from under the roof and noticed there were infact, white seaguls, going back and forth, but its funny because its almost like they were there for skeptical comparison. What I mean is high above them was a ufo passing by at great speed in a straight line. I could clearly see a disk shape (and my eyes are great).. and more then that it made a very mechanical movement, like it was waiting for me to see it then darted left to right then straight again, it was like no bird, it was faster, no visible wings and the movements were not very natural.

I knew what I saw, I think for one, because of how I felt about it, that I tried to initiate it, and even though birds were around, thats the fastest most mechanical saucer shaped bird i've ever seen. It seems they heard my request and were going back and forth until they got my attention.

I wanted to add on the dream part. Some months ago I was trying to will myself to contact the pleiadians. I actually had a dream with them in it and it was funny because I totally caught them off guard. Its like I went to a dream plane where they were doing their thing and I just kind of showed up. And they assumed I thought of them as human, I was like nah I know who you guys are man, you can't fool me. Their "leader".. some long haired blond guy seemed to trust me and be interested about our meeting, but there was another guy who was kind of stressing out over it. It was interesting, I would like to do it again some time.

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