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Tuning in to Extraterrestrial Contact

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:23 PM
Well its too late the forced experiences have happened since I was 5, at least. I have no idea if they go further back for anyone in our family. And I have already felt, while I was claiming universal and cosmic laws during the spring, and took the issue into meditation and formal prayer, an instant perpetual contact with nordics. But this is not via memories of face to face contact. Therefore being very subjective, I don't share this. Another forum where these things are discussed in far more depth I remember a thread which I recognized, where he asked pleiadians for help to rescue him from the abductions. He began a series of contact and then things turned a bit, due to a more skeptical contactee who challenged him to test them, and in the end he began to to see that he was from a certain group that had been involved in a war with those taking over the system, and was captured and brought to earth as a prisoner, where he has spent countless incarnations. His account reminded me of Robert Miles story. Earth could be many things, a school, a prison, a dna garden, a place others come to help, or even to be witnesses to the circumstances here in our unbalanced and cruel world. But certain groups, ie amongst the indigineous peoples who have always been given directions to live by, ones of treading lightly on the planet and sharing the resources.
In order to prevent abductions is very legitimate. It can't increase what is already happening, but it can make another group, your soul group (which I believe in) get involved if you feel that your experience is negative. Of course, you have to have the good sense to absolutely refuse to deal with anyone who is negative and be prepared to ask for help from the Creator, from St. Michael, and claim universal law. And everyone should be prepared to test whatever they experience.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by Skyfloating

Buy the books talking with extraterrestrials an d also communicating with extraterrestrials by Lissette Larkins. The second book is more inforative on how to actually have telepathic contact yourself. Not only with them but angels ascended masters people of inner earth agrtha and telos animals the elemental kingdom and more. The portals are now open more than any other time on earth always ask for beings of lighted christ consciouness. Gunner signing off

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:34 PM
Great thread SF...I would be super reluctant to share any of my valuable experiences here in a public forum but I appreciate those of you that do.

It never even occurred to me your tech was intending toward Greys, (which it isn't) The Greys are nothing! They will not mess with you if you are in charge of your counscious awareness. We are GREAT POWERFUL BEINGS! They then fear you.

I would only contact other beings after and through contact with the highest aspect of myself. Beg pardon but I have not read or listened to your meditation which might go in that direction? I have never had to attempt contact but I have had some. Anyway I really enjoy the by in large open-minded exchange of information in your thread.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

She talks to what she calls Nice Greys. I have them brand new, any takers, you can have them.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:40 PM
I find this very interesting. I will definately be trying this out, Is the podcast ready yet?

I am sure I have had some kind of contact with either the spirit world or the E.T world though messages in my dreams. I have also seen some UFO's in the skies. Sometimes I will say in my mind 'if you are up there please show yourselves' and in a matter of seconds or minutes they would show up. I have started a thread on here about starlike objects that move in the night sky. I have had a kind of mind communication with them I even flashed a strong light that I have used in music video projects. I flashed the light 3 times and a couple of seconds later I would see something up in the sky flash back but at a really high level.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:52 PM
Hi there Sky,

i was hoping to get some sort of answer with this question I posed on page 12. You very may well have missed it.. No prob. Bu\t if you could take a few seconds to answer this, it would greatly be appreciated.

can you describe what your physical has experienced? What you have seen with your eyes, what you have smelled, what you may have touched?

I find the whole idea interesting, and am very interested in the sensations encountered during contact.


It might help some of us who have never experienced anything of the sort you have described here. That is if we can get a good sense of what the experience is like. If you have already answered a question of this sort, by all means point me in a direction and ill read on through. Thanks.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:54 PM
Actually there is a reason for sharing, but I have to feel a bit of a green light in order to proceed. Its not so much whether the skeptics try to interfere, as it is to shed some light as much as possible from certain perspectives, because there are many differing accounts, in order to be of some help in case someone is beginning to wake up and find memories that they need to explore. In other words, risking a bit of abuse is less important than being there in case someone needs to hear the message.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by mystiq

In order to prevent abductions is very legitimate. It can't increase what is already happening, but it can make another group, your soul group (which I believe in) get involved if you feel that your experience is negative. Of course, you have to have the good sense to absolutely refuse to deal with anyone who is negative and be prepared to ask for help from the Creator, from St. Michael, and claim universal law. And everyone should be prepared to test whatever they experience.

very interesting post and thank you for the advice

still not sure about trying any contact attempts but after reading your post i have to admit i am more curious than ever

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:02 PM
I'd like to ask a question of those who haven't shared, like myself. Things I haven't shared are because I feel for some reason or another that it is best I don't. It isn't fear of ridicule, just a bit of a "not right now" feeling. And since I don't know why these things happen to me, I respect that feeling as well with the assumption that it isn't yet my place to know.

Does anyone else feel this?

On the other hand, last night I had an experience that I felt compelled to share, and so posted it. So it seems to work both ways.

Personally, I believe there can be discrepancies caused by individual experiences, imagination, wishful thinking, etc. Not that the experience didn't happen, but how we interpret it may not be wholly accurate. But this is just a personal supposition, explanation, as to why I don't always feel I should share.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:11 PM
It is a feeling, and there is a strong element of caution. I have needed to reword a few things already. There has been a few occasions where I crossed that line a bit.

Your inner feeling is probably their connection via their implants. But if you see Miriam Delicado's interview then you must know a certain message is going out now.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:42 PM
I haven't seen the interview and lack computer speakers. What I've experienced up to this point has generally been personal in its message. With an exception that proved it best that I didn't say anything.

Implant, perhaps. I won't rule it out, although I have an idea that I've been chewing on for a while. But it has conflicts that might be hard for some to swallow, so perhaps it best I chew on it a while longer.

Thank you for sharing what you can.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 05:41 PM

Are you using binaural beats in your podcast? I listened to it at work and that soothing wooshing sound made me think of it. I'll have to listen later when I can actually close my eyes and concentrate but I was just curious about that part. If you did what is the frequency difference that you find is best for contact?

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:15 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
reply to post by WishForWings

Ive had some good experiences with ETs, and some very bad experiences in my childhood

what type of E.T have you met? the Greys? or Nordics? how did you communicate with them?


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 07:40 PM
Everyone need remember how completely different these beings are from our very limited context. We can only really talk or communicate with these beings, whomever they may be, from a state of consciousness we are not accustomed. You can better access these states through, like Skyfloating and others here suggest through meditation, mastery of advanced states of awareness and with an understanding, some of which we can get here through intelligent discussion.

Drakir’s encounters are classic and I believe he has had these encounters and through his experiences came back with a healthy and correct knowledge of what the Grays are doing to us. Like thousands of such abductees they have no one to help with PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) and even if, no one in the therapy profession has been trained to deal with such patients except the late John Mack and his contemporaries. A mere handful of qualified professionals who would not treat this as psychosis or mental disease. I take what Drakiir says very seriously as all of us should. His reaction shows within it the true nature of the intrusion and violations this occupying species is engaged in. I think the only reason I am not saying the same thing is that I have, as many, been separated from my memories. It would take me off topic likely, and too traumatized to be effective at what I do.

My brother was abducted and watched these grays go into his children’s bedrooms while he was paralyzed. He has absolutely no sci-fi inclinations and was not even aware of such a reality at the time. He woke up with a severe allergic reaction where his eyes were swollen shut and had painful rash all over his exposed body. His doctor had no clue as to the cause. We know now that physical contact with some of these beings can cause such a severe reaction in some people. He did not tell anyone for many years, only telling me last year after he found out that I produce video on the subject and investigate for Mufon. He was horrified to the extent he forced himself to forget just to manage day to day.

We need to venture forward, but it is the razors edge, and danger is the common threat. Crossing the oceans to the new world would take many lives, and sometimes failed, but eventually the mapmakers and explorers had found enough understanding that crossings became routine, and we had by then occupied a whole new world.

We are map makers. We are the beginnings of serious exploration of this new world we are now destined to face first hand many of us. If we take information like Drakiir’s at all lightly, we would be foolish in the extreme. He is absolutely right. Fear is justified. Horrendous fear. If people after Columbus did not listen to navigational dangers like rocks and treacherous seas, they would be risking real failure and death. This is no less dangerous. Submitting our family’s and loved ones to such encounters could be as good as inviting a rapist into your house in some cases. Even if friendly and altruistic a species, the emotional impact alone could trow someone into an irreversible psychosis or emotional dysfunction for the rest of their life. Make no mistake the cost of such mistakes. You yourself could be the victim.

Listen to those who can better direct a specific search for methods of contact that avoid the darker connects. Skyfloating has some correct protocols for this, and you can do other things to augment this and insure safe and appropriate contact. But you might need to practice.

I climbed Mt Shasta in the late 80’s. I practiced and trained for months for the climb. Even so, it took 4 hours more than planned and was dangerous when I finally got to the top in 6 ft. snow and steep drop offs. You cannot plan for the complete nature of a thing. You do all you can, but be ready for the variables that always crop up.

Like I said and I must stress. Just being around these beings can throw you out of any certainty of effectiveness. Like someone given a psychoactive without their knowledge, you will need to stabilize your awareness. Practice that. Beware (Be-Aware) and be ready for all your preconceptions of reality to be blown away. I mean it. This is not for the regular person.

Your life will be challenged by a reality you never knew, and without any personal power, such beings, if they wish, can do whatever they want to you. It’s for that reason you ask for contact with beings who will either help you with the impact, or will lower themselves to a less threatening form. Spiritual practice, protection, visualization and more are our tools here. Coincidentally these are also paths to expanding awareness.

reply to post by TravelerintheDark

I read many of John Lilly's books, met him once. Brilliant scientist and researcher, but too ahead of his time for the science he was in. He died recently (01). Good material on relationships too from a dyadic standpoint. His site for those wanting to know someone who influenced much more than you know is: John Lilly

reply to post by Tgautier13

Thanks for the connect. I know of this group, but will go much deeper. I just started reading the Allies of Humanity material this year. Any similarity is good for me.

Originally posted by cindymars
Great thread SF...I would be super reluctant to share any of my valuable experiences here in a public forum but I appreciate those of you that do.

It never even occurred to me your tech was intending toward Greys, (which it isn't) The Greys are nothing! They will not mess with you if you are in charge of your conscious awareness. We are GREAT POWERFUL BEINGS! They then fear you.

You said it! Perfect simple statement. Now to help allow people to believe they have some potential for powerful understanding. Thank you for that!


Really sorry for Drakiir’s self eject. He really wanted to help us understand the real dangers, so I will take up his cause as I can, as I believe this, but will not let it stall my work to fight back. That is the first rule when you are faced with such abuse. Fight it and be more trouble than you are worth. As Cindymars said "They will not mess with you if you are in charge."

I am sending Drakiir what I can in compassion and love. This is the correct way for me. Maybe you too.


posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by ZeroGhost

I keep asking.. what did Blossom Goodchild do wrong???? she was in contact with her alien friend for years and years... Ill bet she is singing a different tune now. probably realizes that she never was in contact with an alien.. she was in contact with her dream world..

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by philjwolf

Or maybe massive dissapointment was the idea all along, she was either in colusion or tricked by an entity that wanted to descredit the whole concept of personal interspecies(?) alien contact.

For every person that has a successfull encounter there is probably another faking it, and, as this thread shows, perhaps individual contact is the prefered mechanism of contact for the others.

I have a nagging feeling they are not so muched interested in us as a society, per se, but more interested in those of us that manage to evolve our intelectual-spiritual whole to a point where we can be considered suitable contactees, possibly even students.

At least on the positive alien contact side, fear based contacts are probably manifestations of something else entirely, if of anything at all.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 09:49 PM
Wow very interesting thread here so i will attempt to share my experience with you

when i was younger about 10yrs old i remember i was dissenchanted with things and was wishing they would come and pick me up, i sat by a window actually calling them
(mentally asking them to come and take me) after about 2 hours i did see an object in the sky!
I was happy and shocked! I couldn't beleive it I ran and called for my mother who was in another room and we proceded to look out the window together she seen the lights aswell they darted across the sky from one point to another left to right and back staying at each point for about 30 seconds then darted to the middle for another 15 seconds then just shot off

Later that evening while i laid in bed half asleep i had what seemed like a sezure (And i never had sezures before or after this had happened) which totally woke me up but i was still trapped in this sezure my whole body was shaking in unison bouncing up and down on the bed, there was visions in my head (though i knew i was awake but trapped) i seen myself as alittle man in a baby crib but with an adult face, i was seeing this through what i would call bug eyes or the ET's view which was Very Huge rounded eyes, this creature was walking towards the little me in the crib as i was looking through its eyes and seen myself getting closer the little me had a look of terror on its face and i felt as if it was crying on the inside though all i could see was the look of terror through the eyes of this ET But also felt as if the ET felt sorry for me.
I felt as if i had to force myself to snap out of this sezure i was terrified i felt if this thing i was looking through got any closer i would never be able to get out of this sezure and would proably be in a coma
So i mustered all the strength i could and forced my bouncing body to roll over and fall out of the bed. Needless to say i stayed awake for hours afterwards

and have never told that part to my mother or anyone else until now
this was about 30yrs ago i am 42 now, my mother is still alive and I've asked her if she remembers seeing these ufos that night with me and she still does

For some reason i never attributed that to the ufo i seen, i was under the impression it was a demon or something lol until i read this thread
looking back on this there was some emotions that wasn't mine such as a feeling of sorrow
and now i am guessing the ET felt sorrow that i was not yet ready to handle contact

I Will have to warn you people looking over some of the other threads on bad experiences
I do not think it will be a good experience with any fear or doubts in your mind and you will never be able to make true 100 percent contact
i am feeling now that it is like Christ said you must love everyone even your enemys forgive everyone if you are prejudiced against anything get rid of it! How can you expect to make a peaceful loving contact with something that looks so alien to you, when you can not even love or understand your neighbor if you love Obama, then love Osama the same, he is a human being capable of making mistakes and errors if he were to be infront of you and woke up to the truth and got on his knees and cried and lamented you would feel the love and forgiveness pour out of you i tell you don't wait for people to wake up, you wake up! understand and know what people are fully before you try to make contact if you have fears and worries of humans how could you possibly shake hands with an ET in full contact
just my thoughts on the subject thanks for reading this far :-)

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by Skyfloating

are they bad - or just easily annoyed?

I meant that to be funny - but, now I'm actually curious

I've been trying to keep up with everything in this thread up to now - and I'm sure you've already explained this thoroughly - but I can't remember - or find again - what you had said

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:54 PM
I know I said that I was done with the thread twice but I figure if I don't provide information on the Greys specifically than I too am being irresponsible so a hypocrite I do not wish to be.

Firstly to ZeroGhost: Yes fighting back is a good option, I find that knowing what the enemy is going to do is a good way to reduce their influence. If you know the captors plan of attack than nothing they can do can be of real surprise which does frustrate them.

They dont want a 'slave who can talk back' they want people to be obediant and do as they say for their own agenda. There own agenda in which I beleive in being to use humans as slaves to do their dirty work basically. They will use things like 'fancy tech' to try and con people into thinking they are superior but their motives are totally different.

Secondly there seems to be some blurring of the line here in regards to meditation. I do meditation and commune with high spirits who give me guidance in my life and how to improve it. This technique is vastly different from actually deliberately tuning into 'alien frequencies' to provoke an visitation and not just by Greys but by any race.

I basically pick up good spirits and bad spirits I reject the bad and accept the good through their auric colours which goes from red (bad) to white (pure). This technique is limited to the spiritual realms and higher planes as apposed to connecting to a physical beings frequency, thats the huge difference.

To summarize on that point I can safely say that contacting higher spirits in the higher realms will not bring down physical aliens of any kind. Deliberate tuning into their frequency which I will add I never did once in my life is provoking them to visit.

Abductions in total are a vicious cycle as one has to remember something happening in the first place to fight back. In most cases people dont remember or brush it off as a bad dream when in fact it could be very real.

Also when a person is abducted the person/victim does not call the shots, the Greys do they control everything and can paralyse the victim by disrupting the alpha brain waves.

I am mainly focusing in Greys I know but there is no option for discernment or 'which race to pick from' when deliberately trying to gain contact. It must be made clear that you have no choice who will visit or contact you and that means good or bad

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by philjwolf

Blossom Goodchild from the information given was tricked into channeling spirits from the 4th plane which are not to be trusted. In my meditation I am taught that planes 1 to 4 are not to be trusted, planes 4 to 7 are trusting.

One guy said the same on the youtube video, he said "she was tricked by the dark, no spirit of Light would do this to a person" which I believe is exactly what happened. I said something along the same lines on the main link itself before Oct 14 even happened after Goodchild saying that she 'channeled information from the 4th plane/dimension'.

In a way I do feel sorry for her but I think that it is completely irresponsible of her to instill false hope on the world when she obviously cannot discern between good and bad spirits.

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