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Tuning in to Extraterrestrial Contact

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 03:16 AM

Originally posted by LastOutfiniteVoiceEternal
reply to post by Skyfloating

You're welcome and thank you, and you'll be seeing a lot of me if that's how you want to treat the issue.

I'll see you around.

P.s. There's only one universe.

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Thats alright. I dont mind seeing a lot of you.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 03:49 AM
What I find interesting in this thread is some here are so arrogant as to think they can force contact with an alien species. What makes you think you're so special that they would even take the time to make open contact with little old you? Ego perhaps? I think so.

Some of you act like these aliens, you so badly want to contact, are just stupid life forms that are at your beck and call and they should obey your every command.

IMO, if they can get here, they're far more intelligent than the average human. So why should they make contact with you when they haven't even made open contact with our society in general? Or the more intelligent humans on our world first, at least.

Let's face it, we can't even get along with each other, so why do you think you would do a better job with a being from half way across the universe? Perhaps if we were a peaceful far less egotistical society, they would make contact, but not until then IMO. We still have a lot of growing up to do on this world.

But even if you did somehow initiate open contact with an alien race, I doubt it would do you any real good and it would probally cause you far more problems than you may think, or be able to admit to.

This thread screams of ego. No matter how "nicey nicey" you go about approaching the subject. And proves to me how far we still are from open contact with an alien species.

My advice to anyone who wants to initiate alien contact - Grow up! Stop being so egocentric. Live your life and let them live theirs. If they want to make contact with you, THEY WILL.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by LastOutfiniteVoiceEternal

You asked me "whats the point of making a thread if you cant consistently prove it?"

To which I respond: Are we henceforth only to talk about things which are 100% consistently proven?

Talking about things which are not proven yet (called Speculation in contemporary society) is an OK thing to do...especially at this website.

What you are asking put it as politely as possible...odd.

You are not the only one here with that attitude. There are 100s of people coming here every day saying "Whats the point of talking about this if its not proven?"

Has scientism brainwashed us to an extent where it becomes "wrong" to talk about anything other than what is already known?

The abuse of Religion and Science has been the main enemy of this type of exploration. Religion will tell us "Its evil! Its evil! Dont go there!". And pseudo-scientism will tell us "You´ll go insane! Its not proven! Dont go there!"

But your fight is pointless because some of us have grown-up and no longer believe in the boogyman. We´re ready to accept our role in a larger universe.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:22 AM
reply to post by LastOutfiniteVoiceEternal

When you are educated in the sciences, astronomy, spaceflight, theoretical physics, religion, metaphysics, world religions, psychology, cognition and reality. society and culture and all it's variations to a sufficient degree, and, you stand and watch with another person you trust, something bigger than a couple aircraft carriers moving at 500 feet off the desert floor only a few thousand yards in front of you against a 5000ft mountain traveling at 5-10 miles an hour, in perfect twilight conditions, throwing out sparks to get your attention then drifting for over 20 minuets until it is lost in the haze. While you and your partner are afraid to move like two small rabbits caught in the open, shaking like a leaf, You tend to start to believe.

Once you have cause to believe, you look at such subjects more seriously, and when reading accounts and others experiences, you can more directly understand the reactions and conclusions. You can also tell better when someone is pulling your leg too, but I've been fooled like anyone.

Personal accounts from regular people can be the best information. There is not so much over-intellectualized ornamentation that you loose a clear mental-emotional picture. Of course an experiencer being educated and articulate can enhance the quality of understanding through precise description.

I have lots of missing time, odd occurrences, injuries after bad dreams, blood on the pillow and such. My wife of 27 years is better at burying the memories, but has no doubts of our experiences. It took 14 years before we started reconstructing and talking about that one event. We have had many others since. Including what was likely a night visitor in the bedroom.

Our experiences are highlighted by very extreme ironic circumstances. The kind you would say, "Right, that really happened? But we know it did, and I could really care less for any external opinions in the face of reality I experienced. I don't care to prove anything. I'll tell you honestly what I know. I seem to know more than I can account for however. Maybe not.

I really find it special to read others accounts. I believe these people are generous for trusting us enough to share their experiences. There is information not just in what they say happened to them and their families, but also HOW they say it. This is pure data to me. Qualitative science.

Ive read hundreds of books over the years on such encounters. Science studies also. Many of my friends are engineers, physicists and such, and many have their own stories. All this gathers up your arguments against and keeps it in check. A critical mass builds in you. Especially after years of study and seeing evidence in others experiences.

Seeing is believing. Otherwise my imagination would have been guilty for such belief. I was done looking for proof a long time ago. I am exploring the details now. The nature of it. The science. Everything else wastes valuable time. Life is short, and death stalks us all.

If ATS is all about proof as you say, I guess we have to go somewhere else to get beyond that and try and begin to understand.

I think you are stuck and need a hug or something.
Weird stuff happens, and you will get the memo eventually. Hope to talk with you then.


posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:33 AM
reply to post by ZeroGhost

I'll reply to the both of your responses tomorrow. i'm tired right now and can't do the lengthy responses. I've seen things in the sky and had experiences with craft that I can not explain. However, I do not claim it to be anything but that.

Hugs are nice, I always welcome hugs, I gave the man collecting money at the gate for my softball game tonight a hug

Anyway, before I get back to all of this. would you like to explain to me all the knowledge that you have gained from your various fields of study? As it doesn't seem to help the rationality of your logic yet. I don't throw cool labels on things that I don't understand and/or can't explain and don't have the means to explain or understand them because I have no physical data and material just because it's the in theme. UFO, sure. UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT, extra-terrestrial... now you're just making stuff up.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:45 AM

Originally posted by Tgautier13
reply to post by philjwolf

Probably negative or mostly Service-to-Self entities who masqueraded as positive light beings. This entity would masquerade as positive, and attempt to discredit the group by giving inaccurate information … most commonly in the form of specific time-encoded prophecies of doom that would inevitably fail to come true. Modern channeling is replete with examples of just this.

You mention two of the major problems I've encountered myself.

1) Most entities don't wear namebadges. And even if they would, they are nonphysical namebadges which means they can be changed by a mere thought. Some entities might look all great and make you believe they are benevolent, pushing your buttons so they 'feel' benevolent but really it is more likely one feels their own love and mistake the origin as the other being.

Perhaps one should attempt challenging the entity in the name of the Higher Self, demanding that it leave if it did not come as a messenger of Love/Light/Christ Consciousness.

2) What if they don't leave but instead laugh at your face? When there's someone inside your house (wether or not you invited them) you can physically remove them or call the police, one way or another they can be physically removed. How can you 'think' nonphysical beings out of your own space? Everytime I would try that it actually made the connection (or their presence) stronger because I would give them energy (via attention).

I can sometimes convince myself I am all alone, that there are no other beings around me but essentially I'm lying to myself. Although it might work the danger in this is that I'm fooling myself and I might start fooling myself when there's actually nobody there or I think I am dealing with an entity while in reality it is a totally different entity. Whatever I do to get rid of an unwanted entity, just that will keep the connection 'alive' simply because I am doing 'something' with it, if that makes any sense. It took me awhile (partly because I was pretty frustrated and annoyed at the time) before I learned that even when it is gone I might accidentally create a new link when I check to make sure it's gone.

A third problem I have yet to solve is that compared to physical talking, there is no way you can make other people say things because of a physical barrier. I find it difficult to verbalize but I'll try and hope my point comes across.

Suppose if I formed a sentence and wanted to communicate that to a nonphysical entity, the sentence is like a ball which I create (just like thinking a thought) then throw over to that being so it can read that sentence. Then the being changes the ball with it's answer and throws it back. But here is the tricky part, where my own expectations "color" the answer and that is what I hear. I can never catch the ball if the entity made it some color I have never seen simply because my mind cannot detect it yet, like it isn't aware of it. In the physical you can see all there is on this world without any effort at all, the body takes care of all that. In the mental realms you have to excert your control over a lot of things such as letting go of expectations. That takes a long time to master, it is one of the most difficult things.

If those entities were to "bypass" me and my interpretation and just "inject" a thought straight into my consciousness they would be unethical, it would be like a human is simply a computer waiting for input and acting upon whatever is being programmed into it but if they don't we will have to wait a long time for any real contact.

Another reason by the way why I think there has not yet been contact is because we will influence them. Suppose a nonphysical entity would introduce themselves to a human being and that human would be convinced they are ghosts (or: dead) then I think it's likely the being might instantly die. When I see a duck, ofcourse it will remain a duck regardless if I'm convinced it's a bunny. But in the nonphysical realm, it might just not work that way.

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by LastOutfiniteVoiceEternal

Have a nice planetary rotational unit.

I'm off too.


posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:54 AM
reply to post by silver6ix

hey about that sleep paralysis... its good to see some one else has had them before, not many people belive in those kinda thingss

iva had sleep paralysis about 5 times in my lifee and curiously all around the same timee like all in 2 months tops, my question is...

1. did you also hear a weird sound?, im not sure how to explain this but its kinda like a sound that a space craft from a science-fiction- movie would make .. did you also hear this before you felt that you had no control of your body?

2. and does sleep paralysis come before every OOBE? or is this unrelated?

btw i never knew you also had control of your neck, the only thing i remember was i could hear, i could move my eyes but not open my eyelids and i could "scream" like i can make noiseee but not moving my tounge nor opening my mouth since there also paralysed, it would seem as if i was making a humming noiseee

i used the word scream because that was what i was actually doing cuz i was VERY afriad i had no idea of what was hapening, curiously though right before it hapened i was, in my mind, remembering pictures of aliens i saw in a public conference in my town(with my eyes closed) soo actually i thought aliens were abducting me... cuz the noise i heard and well my paralysis, well we've heard how ppl who claim to be abducted say that they cant move.. well yup i thought i was going through the same phase but i manage to pull myself out of it focusing on moving my bodyy

well i guess i went to far on that soo plzz awnser those questions for me it would be of great help

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 05:16 AM
The saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Once you've tasted it, you know. I don't feel the liberty to talk about more of my own experiences at this point, but they mirror some of what's been posted here. For those who haven't experienced any of this, of course it seems ridiculous. For those who have, it can often seem just as ridiculous. But if you've walked on both sides of the fence, there is a difference between what some are talking about and being "crazy". It's a difference only viewed through experience, no amount of peripheral knowledge verifies it. I know that is difficult for some to swallow, so I'd offer my moccasins for a mile or two, but I see no sense in putting someone through that who doesn't need to be there. It's the only proof I have. Anyone seeking more has to seek for themselves.

And thanks to Skyfloating for answering some questions I've never asked. That's really all I wanted to say, but thought it best if I tried to offer something constructive as well

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 05:54 AM
Keep in mind these are largely my theoretical dispositions, for I have just begun down this path of meditation and self-awareness. Some of my statements you could consider 'naive'. Also, I should point out one of my main points of reference is the Law of One book series, and this is where I draw alot of my opinions from.

Originally posted by Dragonfly791) Most entities don't wear namebadges...

You could say its been scientifically proven that the only two emotions we experience are fear and love, and all other degrees of emotions splinter off in each direction from these two feelings. The Yin and Yang, if you will. Now, let's assume many of the beings who inhabit the universe are many years more advanced than we, and through their knowledge they have gained a more personal or direct connection or philosophy with interaction in the Universe. They understand the power of fear and love. Accordingly, the more advanced a civilization become, the more immersed they will become in fear and/or love.

There's an easier way to understand this. Fear-based entities operate mostly on a Service-to-Self basis, whereas their own ideological philosophies dictate a more selfish life than a charitable one. Accordingly, Love-based entities operate on a Service-to-Others basis, where there own ambitions take second seat to overall benefit of the group as a whole.

Now, taking this understanding, and applying it theoretically to 'ancient ET civilizations', you can begin to see a great schism formed between the entities of this universe. This is all normal and expected though, because of the universe is very perfectly balanced with itself, balanced between love and fear. Knowing this, you can start to envision beings who are able to influence their own love/fear and others' same emotions. I'll go into more detail if you ask, but I feel you get the idea by this point.

Now picture this metaphor: You can spark a candle and introduce a world of light to a room of darkness, but you cannot shroud light with darkness unless you choose to extinguish the light. Those who are tuned to a much more sensitive frequency of these emotions or states of being could and probably do operate in the same way.

Now in this way, if the being you are communicating with is one associated with Service-to-Self (STS) or fear/darkness based, when confronted with feelings or emotions of love/light, they would have no choice but retreat from your vessel to allow a being of love or Service-to-Others (STO) in to communicate with you and share their own wisdom and light.

The old saying goes when dealing with pesky ghosts, tell them to go away, they are not welcome and they would be forced to leave you alone. Can you see the similarities here? This really is just a primer that my own limited knowledge can provide for now, and I'd be glad to point you in the directions of my references if you are so inclined.

2) What if they don't leave but instead laugh at your face?

When faced with above stipulations, they would have no other choice. It would be the equivalent of trying to walk through a brick wall.

A third problem..

This is true, but you can dictate which beings you wish to speak to by your own vibrational frequencies and what you are trying to accomplish in opening up your channel to contact. If your intentions are pure and challenge those you 'speak' to prove the same, there really is no alternative.

Suppose if I formed a sentence and wanted to communicate that to a nonphysical entity, the sentence is like a ball...

Its true, this talent is difficult to master, and I am only beginning to understand it. But as Skyfloating's graph in his OP shows, we certainly do not see all there is in the world to experience based only on our 5 senses.


posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 06:07 AM

There is also the recorded phenomena that entities speak through your channel in the form of symbolism. Speaking through symbolism leaves the recipient of the message to interpret what they have received in their own way, so as not to disrupt the free will of the individual. Free will is the prime directive that dictates the actions of all self-aware beings.

If those entities were to "bypass" me and my interpretation and just "inject" a thought straight into my consciousness they would be unethical..

This also is true, and is also something that is not possible, for it would interfere with the free will of the recipient as I pointed out above. Accordingly, the more advanced you are in being able to channel these messages or keep open these windows of 'conversation' the more complex the message or symbolism you could receive.

Another reason by the way why I think there has not yet been contact is because we will influence them.

You may be right, as nothing is truly certain when we speak on this topic. But wouldn't you expect it to be the other way around? If a being approaches a human who is not ready/willing to receive the message, they could perceive some of the things you pointed out. This wouldn't cause the being to die though, for the personal interpretations of our 'undeveloped' consciousness could not even begin to influence the state of being of those who contacted us. Again this would interfere with the free will of the individual.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by TravelerintheDark

"The saying goes, the proof is in the pudding."

I feel that those that have the time and the inclination for this type of pursuit should be encouraged. I wish I had more time for it. People seemed to be amazed with the goings on of the 2007 sighting season.

Others, to draw a phrase from Alan Greenspan, were in a state of "shocked disbelief".

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 07:02 AM

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 07:26 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
If they want to make contact with you, THEY WILL.

The short and simple truth.

It's ok to be optimistic, initiating contact can happen but it doesn't necessarily mean it will happen, and if it does happen it doesn't necessarily mean you will remember.

It's like searching the sky for ET craft, you might see one then again you might not. Opening a line doesn't necessarily always mean you will get a reception but opening it up does give you a higher probability of getting a reception. Being aware and having knowledge of ET’s with intention to make contact highers your probability yet even more. Accessing your soul mind or subconscious mind and opening a line highers your probability even more and so on. The more tickets you buy in the lottery the higher the probability. I think you get it.

OBE’s on the other hand can initiate all kinds of contact because you enter their turf--invited or un-invited you will know, the problem is do you have the gift and if not learning how. (Not everybody has that gift, It's not an easy thing to achieve but those who have had OBE’s learn all kinds of incredible things on the other side including forms of ET contact and accessing higher spiritual knowledge that is not really understood back in the 3D world.)

Surprisingly most would be in awe to learn how many have had encounters already in one form or another whether they remember it or not, alot of it takes places in higher dimensions and is understood only in our subconscious minds or soul minds usually always when we hit that deep part of our sleep. I’m not saying that you met some ET’s already while asleep though many actually have and could never remember but for the most part at some point in your life ET’s have been behind a lot of your dreams and at times you have been taken out of your physical shell while asleep not even realizing or knowing it. (Not all of us but some)

(There always seems to be a mixup in definition of what ET really means, your deceased family members on the other side are now considered ET’s so let’s not mix up ET with grey or other beings alone---people should understand ET doesn’t mean some imaginary cartoon figure with big black almond shaped eyes it’s much more than that. lol
We are talking about virtually all other beings in this universe, other universe’s and dimensions and beyond, basically anything not of our world is ET, a lot of people mix that up they don‘t believe in ET“s yet they believe in life after death or a heaven or they believe their family is alive somewhere well congratulations they are all officially Ets now and truthfully many of them literally are and would appear to be as they can occupy other forms.)

We have met deceased family members on the other side in dreams not even realizing it, not all of us of course but many of us and you probably met grandpa and grandma yourself but just can‘t remember. They may have even appeared to you in a dream as another person or thing and you could not identify with them because of your state of awareness. When we wake up to this 3D world we forget these experiences because they were accessed through our soul or spiritual minds, (Subconsciously) we naturally cannot remember or access all of those memories with our physical minds because we didn’t experience this in our physical body, the memory is not there.

Memories can return to us from time to time in a dream state or when we are back accessing our subconscious minds now the problem is remembering everything while awake. When I have a dream that seems extraordinary or I feel it has meaning or purpose I quickly write it down upon awaking as you can easily forget these kind of dreams. Dreams play an important role and help us connect with our higher selves, this is who we really are and whether we realize it or not our higher selves that are much wiser than we are, have always been looking out for us, even guiding and directing us in our daily lives and decisions.

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real, you tried to remember all of it but had a hard time remembering after waking up only a few quick memories? You felt as if there was something important or something in your dream that you wanted to remember but you just couldn't? These are the dreams that we know something spectacular happened and it did, these are usually the dreams we met ET”s or family members on the other side. Remember many ET’s in reality are considered family members on the other side. De Ja vu is a marker coming from your guide and in some cases De ja vu can also be your subconscious mind connecting with you as it comprehends and sees past, present and future all at once.

Before you entered into your body and were born on this planet you already knew the outcome and what you would go through. De Ja Vu usually is a confirmation to you that don’t worry everything is ok your on the right path and at the right place and at the right time, usually it comes when we need it to come as most of our inner feelings and intuitions do. Prayers are answered by many various sources whether we believe that or not, we answer our own prayers at times, our guides and/or ET’s can help us out and if you believe in GOD or the creator of all things whatever that might be for you may differ well prayers are answered because we send our thoughts with intention of getting help and there is always someone on the other side available to us and in most cases our higher selves.

My 1 cent!

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 07:55 AM
reply to post by Malevolent_Aliens

Before you entered into your body and were born on this planet you already knew the outcome and what you would go through. De Ja Vu usually is a confirmation to you that don’t worry everything is ok your on the right path and at the right place and at the right time, usually it comes when we need it to come as most of our inner feelings and intuitions do.

Just a couple of comments on your excellent post:

-While it is true that there are inner communications with the "deceased", aliens, and other CONSCIOUSNESS manifestations, the fact remains that most times what is remembered is a INTERPRETATION of symbolic and/or highly coded material.

So the person that comes back after a dream or psychic experience with a certain amount and quality of information, has to realize that the experience has been already "dressed" in the 3D and cultural clothes by the mind that makes the material "available" in the here and now.

This will always apply, unless one takes the time STUDY AND RECOGNIZE the nature and direction of the channel of communication at work, as well as the consciousness manifestations that choose to participate.

Communication is hardly ever to be taken "literally" or at face value, UNLESS you know what you are doing and learn how to correlate and correspond deliberately and knowledgeably with "others".

Although there are continuous reinforcements and support in the form of symbols and other "signs" coming from other "helping" entities, it is still expected from us, firstly that we just communicate, and then that this abilities be expanded through study and balanced judgment.

-Please do not leave out the Free-will premise.

Time is a 3D illusion, put bluntly. There are infinite possibilities that can and WILL be actualized.

So there is and will be a place for every idea, which works TOGETHER with the planning that goes on at deeper levels.

Our given Human nature is wonderfully complex, and because we can and SHOULD exercise our Free-will, the Soul and our inner Realities gain and expand themselves through our own experiences, creating doors and possibilities where there were none.

This is why it is such a pleasure yet also a responsibility to be Human, and the burden is on us to discover and enjoy all this wondrous experience has to offer.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by citizenc

-While it is true that there are inner communications with the "deceased", aliens, and other CONSCIOUSNESS manifestations, the fact remains that most times what is remembered is a INTERPRETATION of symbolic and/or highly coded material.

So the person that comes back after a dream or psychic experience with a certain amount and quality of information, has to realize that the experience has been already "dressed" in the 3D and cultural clothes by the mind that makes the material "available" in the here and now.

Very true, thanks for further adding. We could really go on a 1000 or more pages on the subject and it's funny to see you write some of what I deleted in my original post---I guess I felt my post was overkill and long enough already, maybe it was.
When we experience consciousness manifestations or contact like you said if there is a reason or purpose for us to use that information--upgrade or even downgrade it comes back to us translated or in a form that we further recognize and understand symbolic/coded and even sometimes direct information. Knowledge specifically and directly given to us that we completely understand and sometimes accompanied by perfect memory of events and experiences. Everyone is unique and some people are allowed to remember for a higher purpose/reason.

Small example, my grandfather believed he was contacted and I guess we have some history with contacts in the family. He wrote about it and the being he described contacting him was an angel, his words describing this being were beyond all description, whiter than anything in this world could ever be and the feelings he felt he wrote were incomprehensible in any tongue or language. According to his account words could never describe and man could never speak what he saw or felt” He said it was the best feeling that could ever possibly be imagined just being in contact with this being. Now I take it that he met an ET one of the higher ups and the peace, love and joy he felt he could never come close to putting down in words because there were no words to describe it. I won't share the entire story but it changed his life overnight from one person to a completely different and changed for the better person, he also continually told us as grandchildren that he would do anything just to have that feeling he felt again when having that experience it was so great.

I believe alot of people experience these kind of feelings in the higher up dimensions, overwhelming joy and love indescribable. I have also had experiences and from a child until now 30yrs later and can tell you I sometimes can remember and sometimes cannot. I have also felt wonderful indescribable feelings on some encounters while on others and I won’t hold back horror. The terror and fear experiences mostly happened when I was younger because I did not understand what was happening to me being a scared little girl but for some reason or another I was allowed to remember clearly some of those experiences and now looking back on them with more understanding they are not as bad as I perceived them to be at the time. I realize now that we are only allowed to remember what was intended for this lifetime. I even believe some of those terrifying experiences help bring greater change to my soul and could have been necessary in a way I don’t yet fully understand.

There are some things that are just not meant for our memory bank or we would overload the system in the physical. Not only that most of us would have a harder time dealing with life or seeing life in the same way if we did remember and understood it all. It would change our reality and perception of existence forever and some of us are not meant to have reality changed yet. All things are truly an illusion and can be altered but we are not supposed to know about all of that or understand fully how it works yet. I will share one thing I was shown but it will sound all to unbelievable for most but here it is anyway.

Think of this universe and all physical objects as a simple DVD movie, it can be edited, changed, altered, you can cut and paste or add characters you can even erase past, present and future if needed and correct anything you want or upload or download anything you want. In fact you could transfer all physical matter, this earth, galaxy, universe and all physical back onto 1 DVD, nothing is missed, everything is saved even the very hairs on your head are accounted for because it was all created, tended for and overlooked by THEM and is right on a DVD somewhere. In fact those on the other side are sitting back watching this 3D reality or world we call it on a TV screen like we watch a show in the theatre. Sound hard to believe?
I’m sure it does but that is as close to describing how most of our 3D reality is viewed and perceived by the higher ups. (Or so I’ve been told)
Is our entire universe/reality merely as if a DVD in someone’s hand?

We are meant to experience what we are experiencing and there is a purpose behind it, it's all for a reason and there really are no coincidences, I am sure we will all be greatly surprised looking back on this lifetime upon entering the next. Skeptics on this subject and others in life are doing great I must say, they are right where they are supposed to be. Believe me if there was a reason or purpose for them to have some of the ET experiences, knowledge and understanding it would be given to them.

Have you ever wondered why so many inventors or supposed genius’s always seemed to get their inspiration from a dream or perhaps the ideas came in very unique ways to them?: Hmmm Do we really believe inventions are first time creations or would you think those ideas in some form or another have already been created long before we had them? The point. We receive just about everything from higher up even the very breath of air we take and our heart beating is taken in account. Every thought and memory is recorded and we are continually in contact and being watched that is the plain and simple truth. Our very ideas are not always our own and many times given to us, not in the sense that we are being controlled but more assisted, inspired and pushed along.

A quick example. When my daughter was starting to walk I would be there to help her up when she fell, when she started drawing I would help her fill in pictures with certain colors but I always did it in a way that she felt it was her actually doing the work, all that was important was that she learned the correct colors. When she did her homework I would give her hints. There are similar patterns found in the way we treat our own children that compare us to the way we are being treated from higher ups.
Most of us just do not recognize it and our ego gets in the way when we invent something or accomplish a huge task or pass a test, take 1st in a contest or marathon or become CEO or whatever. Of course we are naturally proud and feel as if we did this all on our own. Truthfully we may be somewhat disappointed because someone was always there pushing us along and guiding us just like we push along and guide our 2yr olds.

Back to Consciousness Manifestations, OBE’s and ET contact.

For those of you who have seen the movie “Contact” well that is almost the reality of some of these experiences. When they finally build the object instructed and Jodie Foster gets in, it goes absolutely nowhere just spins. That is all we see in this 3D reality world “Nothing” no physical evidence or proof of the other side but in actuality she leaves the physical body and makes contact with her father in a higher dimensional/plane. That is really close to how it works as she travels through what appears to be wormholes, this is how a lot of contact with ET is made in the non-physical without an object needed of course only the soul or subconscious mind and it makes me wonder how much they really knew when making that movie.

My Nickels worth!

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 11:28 AM
Wow you guys. I think I´ll just sit back and read your posts now. Some really brilliant thoughts on this page from all.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 11:49 AM

Originally posted by TravelerintheDark
I don't feel the liberty to talk about more of my own experiences at this point

Thats how I feel about many topics and also used to feel about this one. I just kept it secret. Non-disclosure.

While on the one hand society frowns upon secrecy, once certain things are disclosed, they tend to burn you at stake.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 11:50 AM
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Loved your analogy with the lottery ticket. Quite brilliant.

I also see some correlation of the foreign-planet-beach-scene to some real experiences/travels me and others have made.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 11:51 AM
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If you or anyone else is telling us methods of how to get into contact with E.t.'s then it'd better work every time and for all of us.

or what? what happens exactly?

he's not building a nuclear device

or a car even

or even a better mousetrap

he's not proposing the use of a new drug - nothing that needs government approval - or even FDA approval - or any one person's approval

he's suggesting a form of meditation that he believes provides a means of contact with life forms that are different from ourselves - albeit, lifeforms that science has yet to prove exist

meditation has been around a very long time

religion has made use of meditation for ages - and more than just one religion

do we really need another discussion about how religion isn't real?

how religion might make people crazy?

you think Skyfloating might actually make people go crazy?

do you know where you are? The Aliens and UFOs forum - in case you were confused

I have no problem with E.T.'s, no, it's just the information about them being spread by people like you and ZeroGhost.

because - you have actual knowledge of ETs? Because you can prove no one else does?

no, it's just the information about them being spread by people like you

that's the issue right there I think - you have a problem with: "people like you..."

why the anger?

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