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So Let me get this straight….it’s OBAMA who wants to take money from the rich?? Really, John???

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 10:22 PM

Originally posted by Bizmark35
Changed his mind a little????? Are you friggin KIDDING me????? He went from "I don’t believe the wealthiest 10% of Americans should get 60% of the tax breaks. I think the lowest 10% should get the breaks. …" to....."Senator Obama wants to take money from the wealthy and redistribute it to the poor".

fact is that we have ALWAYS had a progressive tax system in this country, since the inception of the current tax system, it has NEVER changed.

McCain didn't change his mind a little, he is pandering the those with money.....the "Base" of the Republican party.

Tax breaks are a completely separate issue from Wealth Redistribution. Whereas Senator McCain changed his mind about whom to lower or raise the taxes for, Senator Obama is discussing the actual act of taking tax money from one group, and handing it out to the other. These are two completely different issues under a coinciding topic.

As for the "Base" of the Republican Party being rich, that is nothing short of a completely mischaracterized stereotype. Both Political Parties have an equal number of Poor, Middle-Class, and Wealthy members. The entire "Rich Republican" myth stems from the Tax Policies we are discussing, which remain misunderstood by many Americans.

Cutting Federal Income Taxes for those who already pay nearly 80% of all Income Tax in America, seems to be a decent proposition. Most citizens simply ignore or remain oblivious to this fact, and because of such, of course they view these "Tax Breaks" as "Favoring" the "Wealthy". In the long-term however, they favor the workers, consumers, and so forth.

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