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Bin Laden 'Expected' to Release New Tape in October that Will Influence Election

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 04:01 PM

Deciding factor
In 2005, Kerry himself said that 9/11 was the "central deciding thing" of the 2004 election and that the bin Laden video ended any chance he had of being elected.
Just because it was convenient for him to say that doesn't make it untrue. Why did the Bin Laden tape do so much damage?
The 9/11 attack was still fresh in Americans' memories, and the possibility of another one was on our minds.
While sophisticated analysts could explain that bin Laden released the tape just before the election because he hoped Bush would win (Bush was a better recruiting tool for Al Qaeda than a President Kerry would have been), none of that got through.
Instead of making him look like another weak Democrat, a new tape would give Obama a chance to seem muscular on national security The tape had the effect of freezing the 2004 campaign in place.
Kerry couldn't criticize Bush at all for a pivotal 24 hours.
This was partly Kerry's own fault. After his 2003 speech attacking Bush for letting Bin Laden escape at Tora Bora, Kerry dropped most Bin Laden references from his speeches.
Internal polling by the Kerry campaign showed that voters didn't respond well to his talking points about Bush's failure to catch bin Laden, so he gave the whole subject a rest. This was a terrible mistake. Had Kerry kept the heat on, bin Laden's re-emergence would have reinforced the message that he had not been caught.
Attacks on Bush
That's what would happen this time if Bin Laden tried to intervene in another American election. Seven years after 9/11, the country is in a different place, and the Obama campaign would respond to a Bin Laden tape in a different way.
For two years, Obama has been reminding audiences that the Bush administration has failed to catch Bin Laden.
First with Hillary Clinton, then with McCain, Obama has made a point in debates of saying he would risk destabilizing Pakistan by bombing the border with Afghanistan if he had actionable intelligence that Al Qaeda targets had been identified.
In the second debate, on 7 October, Obama brought up Bin Laden again, making a point of stressing that he would "kill him" if possible. McCain's position on Bin Laden has opened him up to attack in a way that Obama failed to exploit.
In the second debate, McCain said, "I know how" to find Bin Laden.
This should have led Obama to respond that if he knows how to catch him, he should have told his friend George Bush.
Obama missed a chance for that riposte in the debate, but he may yet have another opportunity.
New dynamic All of this sets up a quite different dynamic should Bin Laden release another tape.
After condemning the new tape, Obama could launch right into renewed criticism of the failure to catch Al Qaeda's mastermind seven years after 9/11.
Instead of making him look like another weak Democrat, a new tape would give Obama a chance to seem muscular on national security.
McCain would try to argue that the country would be safer with him, but it probably wouldn't have the potency of Bush's similar claim in 2004. Should there be, God forbid, an actual terrorist attack between now and the election, all bets are off.


Wow I'm kind of confused as to whether they're hinting at the fact that there could be a "higher power" involved in the deciding of the election ... seeing as they're making the connection of one of the deciding factors of the 2004 election. Would not be surprised if another tape did come out kinda strange don't you think??? A new Bin Laden Tape gets released before/after something big happens to the U.S. .... it's whatever i just wonder what "osama" will look like in this one because we all know he's dead.....

...i personally think this is just propaganda... to fuel the war on terror for whoever is going to be elected ... seems like its all playing into the "higher powers" hands ... ha that's if this prediction is true....

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 05:03 PM
I certainly believe there are 'powers-that-be' steering world events and guiding the leaders towards a one-world agenda.

Here's proof that both the former Australian Prime Minister and Canada's Prime Minister received the same speech from an undisclosed source - a speech which urged the rest of the government as well as the people to support action against Iraq...action that turned out to be based on lies. In the video they compare the speeches, and they match word for word.

Given that proof, there very well could be something planned - in fact you can almost guarantee it, they wouldn't just stop with 9/11.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by Evasius

Hey, that video you posted is very revealing.
What sovereignty? what freedoms do we really have!

what is really going on right now in the world? Many signs point out to something big.
Th way they dispose of human life makes me sick, we have to realize we are more than cattle...

well see what happens...


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