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Anxiety points to the immaterial

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:16 PM
Anxiety points to the immaterial.

Anxiety is basically your unconscious reacting to your conscious thoughts.

So, say you are thinking about having a heart attack, your unconscious is not bound by time so you will start to have some of the symptoms of a heart attack. They might even get so bad that you will go to the hospital.

Your unconscious cannot filter these things and it responds to your conscious thoughts in real time because it's non-material and therefore not bound by time.

I think the collective unconscious is like software that produces these local programs or local realities that we experience.

It's like a feedback loop between your conscious and unconscious self that can generate reality.

For instance, you have a bad break up but you don't face some of the feelings at that time so your conscious filters those feelings out but your unconscious will recieve those feelings. Those feelings could then be fed back to your consciousness and manifest itself in destructive ways.

So, you can begin overeating and gain 20 lbs and the next thing you know you have high cholesteral.

It's like when people say if you think about your success in a particular field, and you start to feel like a success, your unconscious will generate the information that could help you acheive these goals.

I also think your unconscious can guide you in the right direction because it's not bound by time. I think the unconscious is in a higher dimension while generating are 3 dimensional reality.

So, your unconscious can see something that might happen in the future on your 3-dimensional worldline and try to send you the information so you can take another path.

This is why sometimes you might get these strong feelings or a sudden urge to do something like go home instead of going to the mall.

It seems like a small thing, but maybe your unconscious self saw you in a deadly car crash if you went to the mall. So you get off of the highway and go home.

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