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Sarah Palin's new image costs Republicans $150,000

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 08:50 PM
The thing is, image is more than just clothes. If you truly want to be THE mama-milf, then youve got to sell it the real way!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 09:42 PM
Big deal. All the candidates spend money on things like this.

How about Obama's "combat tour" of Iraq? On the way back, he was in Berlin, getting in touch with his inner JFK.

While there, he stayed at the Kempinski Hotel Adlon. Here's a link to the fleabag he was forced to stay in.

Now, how much of that bill was out of pocket?

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by Merriman Weir

Seriously, if you really give a # about how good your politician looks on camera, you're not actually interested in politics, you're interested in show business.

and alas, you have pointed out that we will never again have an "ugly" president. Because ugly people don't understand the "issues."

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 11:07 PM
Man, I knew these people made Nixon look like a flaming liberal, so I'm not surprised how far a female Republican's wardrobe has changed since the day of the "respectable Republican cloth coat."
Sigh, no wonder Republican old timers and intellectuals seem to have their knickers in a twist over these nominees.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 11:27 PM
$150,000 Bucks....?
That's nothing......

At least compared to the election she's costing them!

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 11:29 PM
By the time this is over, Obama will have spent close to a billion dollars on his campaign. This after he agreed to public funding which McCain did.

He has spent less than 90 million total. So, is this a bought election?

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by jerico65

How about Obama's "combat tour" of Iraq?

I thought you guys were complaining that he hadn't been there in a while??!

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 05:38 AM
I wish our chancellor Angela Merkel , would spend that amount of money on her look

Ms. Palins , ok....she was a bit to colourful for a vize pres. canidate and needed a change of style. But which woman would not go crazy shopping, if she had an unlimited credit card in her pocket?

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 05:57 AM
They are NOT her clothes. Not really.
She's using them and then they will be donated.
That was the plan the whole time.
At least, that's what is reported on the TV news.

Palin has to look good for the cameras.
Just as OBAMA had to look good for his acceptance speech.
How much did he pay for that faux-greek temple on stage?

At least Palin is donating the clothing.
What happened to that faux-greek temple?
It all went in the trash.

The bigger picture - I think that all people who donate to the politicians would be shocked to see what their money is spent on.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:14 AM
Honestly like many people in this thread I don't think this is a real issue. At least the donated monies the RNC has paid to make sure Milfy Palin is soccer mom sheik.

Now what she spent in Alaskan taxpayer dollars on herself, that's an issue.

But donated money to the campaign, honestly, it's not taxpayer money it's donations. Donations can be spent however the campaign sees fit.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:30 AM
Its not an issue whatsoever for me. The election is basically nothing more than an advertising campaign and it is to the candidates' benefit to always look their best. If the RNC determined that this was necessary to achieve that goal, that's not a problem for me. That's what my campaign contribution would have been get the candidate elected. I'm not really going to nitpick how they do it.

Besides, you folks are kidding yourselves if you don't think there's a makeup crew chasing all four of these candidates around 24/7. Both sides are spending considerable amounts of money in order to make themselves look their best and I'm sure that's coming out of the campaign coffers.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by Thebudweiserstuntman
reply to post by Open_Minded Skeptic

I think spending $21000 on flights for her children and $17000 tax claim for her house without lodging it on income tax return should be of concern, particularly for someone running for vice president.
These are tax dollars remember, your money.

Ya know what I think is ironic is that we can put Sarah under a microscope and find out which toilet paper she wipes her butt with but it takes a damn law suit to see Obama's Birth Certificate. It takes a law suit to see Michelle's Princeton thesis. You cry foul she spends money on one day when I guess she should have spread out that wardrobe shopping for clothes for her an her family on a day by day basis. Did she wear her hair up or down, her lipstick makes her look like a slut, her dress is too high, she winks too much, her voice makes me sick, I hate her glasses blah blah blah. Meanwhile Obama accepts the second highest contribution handouts from Fannie mae and Freddie mac owing them the biggest favors likek shooting down McCain's bill in 2005 to tighten them both up but Noooo Obama voted no on that. Raines gets fired leaving with millions in his pocket in separation bonus, FOR WHAT@! the guy should have been put in JAIL indicted like Ken Lay of enron, but NOooo he goes and workd for Obama so he can write the economic bailout bill with 20% earmarked for ACORN. It fails and ya know why? John McCain caught that and didn't want all that pork going to Obama's ACORN. But all WE heard is McCain was stopping progress. Obama agrees to use public funding as a cleaner election and who is the only one that kept his word? McCain so now Obama taking in hundreds of millions a month something unheard of in history while other NATIONS are sending him money,, you know Cuba Russia places like that while Obama wants to redistribute the wealth.

You know so it is fair for everyone.

Yeah Riiiight

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 09:05 AM
Perhaps she looked a little too middle class for Republican tastes... a little too much like the wife of Joe the plumber as opposed to a "leader".

Sad thing is she still looks like she bought the stuff off the rack at wal-mart.

What gets me is the fact that they spent the money not just on her but her husband, children and baby.

Mark my word, once the media looks elsewhere after the election those clothes will go in her closet, not to charity.

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