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Keep a watch on the market today. Dow futures down 250pts

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 06:46 AM
just thought i would let yall know today may be kinda dicey. There is strong selling going on overseas. not just a downward rally but steady strong consistent selling.

Europe markets are down about 4% consistently right now. Same with Asian stocks closing down between 5-7%

Dow futures are down 250, or about 2.7%

Oil is selling off, back under $70 a barrel

Alot of news coming from many sources about smaller private companies having to slow business. and people are becoming aware of this.

some weak earnings released today also.

Gold and sliver are selling off again against what it should be doing because its being sold by companies and holding corps to get cash. Kind of like when you sell your valuables to pay your bills.

the euro/USD is at $1.28....thats shocking!

hell the Mexican peso has gone from 10 pesos for a dollar to, 13.5 pesos per a dollar in jsut 40 days!!! time to travel to Mexico and live like a king! haha

But today may be interesting. Especially at the open.

Not trying to be a fear mongerer, but i think we all know that if something good happens we have nothing to worry about, but it things go haywire, you might want to keep your ATM card handy and get some gas. Just in case...

Not expecting anything too brutal to happen today, but its primed. things are having some added momentum on the bad side of the see-saw so far this morning. Just hope it hits bottom and bounces back up and that the fat kid on the other side doesnt hop off.

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