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Important questions that shall recieve important answers!!!

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 03:21 AM

Important questions that shall recieve important answers!!!

a few questions about outter beings, and a couple points to make.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 03:21 AM
okay... so... as an individual who has personally spotted a "UFO" in the sky one night, i have been asking myself alot of questions, and trying to make sense of these things we have been seeing in the sky, as much as possible....

the question im at right now. IS, why havent they made themselves obvious to our people. why do they decide to just pop in.. and pop out, and only be spotted bye a few amount. now when you first think of that question, a few logical answers come to mind. they dont want us to freak out.... they dont want to get in the way of our "developement" or "graduation". that.. could, and might, make sense... but, then i ask myself about this whole belief of the planet ending in 2012. thats only 3.1 years from now... and wouldnt u think that if we were "graduating" into a higher level of concienceness, that we would be considered... very.. very.. very.. very.. very.. far behind right now?? shouldnt they have already made themselves apparent, and have been trying to explain things as much as possible to us. i mean the belief in knowing that there are other life beings in this universe is so small from the big picture.... and alot of people on this planet completely cant believe that theres any other type of beings in this universe, and honestly i mean the night sky, and the stars alone.. should be proof enough for that... thats how twisted we are right now... and your trying to tell me were 3 years away from travelling into a greater density??

another thing to make apparent. our own government... our own people...... very intelligent. very very, intelligent... think about the whole masterplan they have created to minipulate this planet, even if they arent human, who ever is in absolute power.. i mean... very smart. i heard our technology is now so advanced that we have completely mastered holographic images, and, invisibility. if thats so. another possibility strikes my mind. what if all of this # is #in bull#. just another scam in there system. to use this paranoia we have of aliens to there advantage in some sort of wierd way. all this conspiracy #... all this evidence we magically have... all these government documents being leaked out to the people now. if the government ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY didnt want any proof of aliens getting leaked out, all they have to do is take out a couple satellites.. and poof, no more youtube. do you think they would allow ex-government officials to come out and speak out to the people about this secret information they've been given if they didnt want them to... do you honestly think that once your allowed into areas like that, or have been given that type of information, all precautions arent taken place to garuntee there is no chance you will backstab them, and tell people about it. these people have dropped bombs. killed mass amounts of our own kind. and come up with some bull# reason for acts like these all the time, and we all just sit and watch it happen. whats it matter if a few ex officials get shot in the head, and they say it was a random robbery, even if they did reach the public... even if they didnt kill him, they could throw him in a mental institution, say he got fired for insanity, and make it so nobody believes a thing he just said.

so far what i can say is... all that these james gilliland's lights in the sky prove, and even these metallic ships that appear in front of people, is that there is an advanced technology out there. were so advanced at this point in time, all it takes is a few holographic showings in the sky, to get people freaked out.. maybe its some sort of sick experiment.. maybe there altering what we think about aliens... maybe all this proof were given is all bull#... so they can prove it all wrong in the end, and make our concienceness even more far off.

so, whats happend basically is. aliens have made themself visible to a small amount of people... they tippy toed around our economy.. supposidely they have abducted some, and told them to spread the word. saying, "tell people of our existence". if aliens had any intention of making themself obvious to our people. they could do it very easily. zip in with a mother ship, hover over a major city for a few minutes... once our governments fighterplanes approach... zip out. send a ship to the middle of baseball games... or football games, make an appearance on live tv. our government wouldnt be able to do anything about that.

so.. ive boiled it down to a couple of things.

A) there are still to many non believers. a mass appearance would disrupt and still cause havoc. therefore... they would have to wait for a mass amount of the population to be cut down, or, wait until right before this would happen, where havoc, and panic, wouldnt make a difference.

B) there waiting for the majority to become believers. and the light to prevail over the dark... which... how is that really possible to do... within a system so twisted? dont we need to be saved?? arent we being minipulated by another evil race??

C) they have no intention of stepping in and assisting in the situation at all. we are to messed up for them to get involved, they will wait for us to perish, and teach the survivors.

D) the government was behind it this whole time.. all these conspiracy's are bull#, and in the end, it will leave them in even more power than they were before.. and believe me, dont think they arent smart enough to pull something like that off.

with all that said, dont mistake me for a skeptic. i am open to every possibility. and just like all of you, i am hoping they are here to help, and, that they are actually here. but i advise everybody.. with how bad things are on this planet. only believe what is shown to you personally. and in the things that you experience for yourself. when situations like this arise. you shouldnt feel the need to pick a side. gather all opinions. view all angles. and just try to make sense of the whole situation, for yourself. most of the reason why people are so messed up down here, is because most of our decisions are made for us, and we arent taught to figure things out for ourself. If something is left uncertain. and something hasnt been proven. it should be acknowledged for just that. not that its impossible. or that its a garuntee. it should just be what it is.

anybody... somebody... please tell me something i havent thought of about this topic already. shed some light on this angle for me, and get me started on a new idea. cuz honestly.. something needs to go down soon, were running out of time.

(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 03:30 AM
WHHOOOPSIES.. kinda totally messed that one up there... sorry fellas, not very computer literate. just seen this site, and had something to say. anyways... i hope one thing we can rely on.. is that the truth inevitably comes out. i hope thats how it is. i hope there was just nothing they could do about it.

"forgive them father, for they not know what they do"

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by hiebsies

I think another possibility, if there are in fact beings out there that are not making contact with us and have actually stumbled across our little blue planet, is that they could be waiting for us to achieve a certain level of technological advancement (rather than just social) before making contact.

Just a thought stolen from fiction...

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 04:15 AM
what would they need that for?

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 06:16 AM
I figure the situation is very complex.

Though first of all, I don't think things are all that bad. I see a lot of compassion in my community and my personal fear factor was a lot worse during the heights of the Cold War, when the whole world was going to be turned to glass because of a couple loony "Dr. Strangelove"s. In the 1st grade I was taught to go to the basement cafeteria and kiss my ass good-bye during the air raid drill.

Most of humanity is in a collective perception-object consciousness matrix where we share a 3 dimensional reality moving in the 4th dimension of time. As more people expand their consciousness beyond this limited collective matrix; as more extend their accurate perception of reality, to encompass a shared larger perspective, we approach the "100th Monkey" fulcrum. (If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Yes, if it was remote viewed with audio.) Hopefully, we will reach a point collectively, where most people will be open to changing their minds about a lot of things. The human perception of reality then shifts.

We have seen these sorts of big changes through history. Before the American and French Revolutions The individual had no intrinsic rights. People were the property of their King or feudal overlord. While the growing merchant class could buy their rights. The Spiritualist Movement from the 1840's, got it in peoples' heads that the stuff their religions preached, such as life after death, could be experienced directly. Anyone could have a connection to the "other world" and churches, priests, and pastors were not required. This led to the "New Age" movement at the previous turn of the century. 100 years later it is the majority in Western Culture who will tell you that they consider themselves spiritual but not religious. 100 years ago women did not have the vote and the "proper husband" knew the appropriate extent to beat his wife and children. While it was OK for the Pinkertons to shoot at unruly trade unionist coal miners. Times change, thankfully, and they are changing now. And now, social change moves much faster. Yet, a change way bigger than we remember may be needed, now.

Oh yeah, the aliens. And lets add some other dimensions into the mix, too. Various aliens, interdimensional beings, angels, nature divas, Fearies, ghosts, shadow people, demons, Gaia Earth herself, etc. Many with their own perspectives, agendas, and interests. Some may wish humans the best; others don't like us. Celtic mythology talks about the Elves who warred with the humans. They retreated underground to live apart from us.
In part we are held in a limiting perceptual matrix, to protect ourselves, to make life manageable. Whether this is imposed by some higher intelligence or a mathematical formula, ya got me? But I do figure it is creaking and cracking at the seams. This will please some aliens/intelligences and disappoint others.

The only way humans will survive is through a revolution in consciousness. And that is what is happening. If we do not collectively make it? Look for something out of Arthur Clarke's "Childhood's End", where the cream of the human crop is rescued. Or the Rastafarian Black Star Liners come to take the chosen home. But Personally I expect the Earth to pull through, with salamanders, butterflies, Fearies, and humans intact.

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 07:30 AM
And perhaps aliens and /or beings of a higher vibration have continually been interacting with us with a minimum of interference. If an intelligence can be aware of how a time-line will develop, it will know how to use the "Butterfly Effect" to best advantage. Appear as a UFO to the right family and change what they do, where the kids go to school, what the grand kids accomplish. Appear as an angel to the right kid, at the right time and encourage her to "play it forward". An orphanage gets built, a street gang doesn't get formed, etc. Maybe our collective glass is half full! We made it this far and we will make it further. We are getting the help we need.

But inquiring minds want to know! I figure the veil is rending. I gleefully kick at the matrix as I can. What will we see when it opens? I don't know. But I don't think it will be one type of alien insisting on a world government with whom to deal. If that happens, it is BS.

When the veil rends and the matrix expands it will be overwhelming, freaky, and real cool. When and if we can ever see what is going on, the scenario may be one bunch of aliens chastising others for interfering with our planets rulers, while others thank us for our helpful DNA and make our governments release the technology they already shared, while 20ft tall glowing angels bring peace to battle zones by throttling demons, while we chat with personal ancestors who give advice about how to dispel the pesky shadow beings, and parents chastise Johnny for shooting at the fearies in the garden with his BB gun.

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 08:29 AM
My opinion is just going to be this:
I believe in 'alien' life.
as for it visiting here?
Maybe it is.

But why then aren't they that interested in making themsleves known fully?

Thats the hard part. The Governments own us either through land rights or monetary debts, and as soon as somebody else' (say an 'alien') comes along and says "there's so much more out there " and points to the stars , the ones in control will start to find their control being eroded, and they worry about new ways to control us.
They make back alley treaties with said aliens to keep clear of Earth and us until 'We' are prepared enough' (read that as until they have bled us dry and slavery is ensured through owning our homes and food ) we will have no choice other than to 'belong' to them.
Until then the aliens have to avoid 'full contact' with only minmal visits to keep them in some of our minds.
If the 'aliens' were to say " Earth is doomed on its present course of action" and decide to come here enmasse then the Government would say "its an invasion" and the people would fight as the public has been brainwashed by the media ( all aliens are evil remember, just look at all the films and TV programs). The Government would win the peoples hearts and minds, but the aliens with superior technology would wipe the majority of humankind from the planet whilst the the 'slave owners' would cower in their bunkers < We the normal people would suffer the greatest.

The aliens are doing right by taking small steps but are getting ( in my opinion) more concentrated in their efforts to sway us from the path of self destruction and personal gratifiaction of trying to have as many objects of desire as possible.

IF we had more time for other humans instead of worrying about lining our own pockets then maybe the aliens would visit more. But the trouble they're having is their own rules on proof. Sure they can talk to someone and try to get the word out but they're not supplying proof, so the speaker is ridiculed and laughed at by the rest of the public. If we had proof then more of us would believe , the more we believe the more we can accept aliens and their message of peace, But again the Governments don't want to lose our obidience so make the rest of us laugh at the speakers. Its a vicious circle , we want proof , but laugh at those without.Then more speak out and get laughed at.
Some are just into 'spreading the word' just to make some money for themselves, again belittlling what the real truth is we are trying to find.

. IF they did it for or out of 'love' then maybe people would say " what does he gain from it? he's not asking for money or promoting a book? why is that?", it adds credibilty when that happens but also removes credibilty when they hold theyre hands out for cash.

The Governments even say we'll pay you not to talk or simply threaten those with the message because they fear losing our servitude. All the Governments want is our cash.
I have even heard that some Governments (US mainly) have made arrangements with the real bad aliens to buy passage off this world or for technology to keep us in chains in exchange for Gold, ( gold apparently powers the aliens craft).

If everyone with an interest in UFO's and/ or Aliens descended of ALL government main buildings, The white House and Parliaments and there was not just hundreds but hundreds of thousands , even if the Governments were to 'threaten to open fire' or threaten with arrest , they can't arrest everyone, but if a 'couple of dozen nutjobs' turn up is easy to arrest or laugh at them .
Sure if they 'opened fire' a few people would die but they'd die to make a better world and to let those in control that they should fear us and not us them. They'd be matyred for the good of mankind , I for one would be at the front chanting " tell us the truth " and would glady take a bullet if it benefitted the average joe who's too scared , But everyone needs to make a stand and not be scared, but you see? thats where the Governments have got us, they threaten with arrest and such like , and we bow down, all it takes is a few 'dedicated' individuals to hold the torch and then maybe more would make a stand.
But until that time people will be sheeple instead, less talk , more backbone is whats needed to actually change this world, Sure you can send a letter but people in Governement see it, read it, put you on a list to be watched and then either ignore you or if you claim to have 'proof' or something more concrete the Government will find a way for you to have 'an accident'. Now if there was to be a day or a week where hundreds of thousands (or better yet Millions)of people who all believed the same thing like aliens and UFO's all stopped working , those in control would notice it , when nothing got done, like the bins being emptied or the streets cleaned , machinery not being serviced, planes not flying, food not being prepared then maybe something would get done.
But NO , everyone is too scared to voice an opinion and new ideas that could actually benefit mankind are being silenced by threats or a bullet.
We need to show Governments that we the world are to be taken seriously , if we offered them 'amnesty' for all the wrong they have done then maybe they would think they could do it. we'd have to show that we as a people are enlightened enough not to take revenge on those that wronged us.
AS soon as we did that we'd be on a more spiritual path and then the 'aliens' would appreciate it more and actually say " hi, we exist and we're here with you" instead of doing flybys .
The 'aliens' who the Governments sided with want our gold to power their ships and if they started to lose control over those that control us , they might threaten us but the 'good aliens' who want to guide us to enlightenment would step in and defend us, plus any gold we give them is a bonus, but the real benefit is we'd win our real freedom, to expand our minds and souls to join the universal community instead of being shunned as despotic madmen who kill their own kind for a bit of paper or a fish supper.

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 08:48 AM
I have a slightly different theory .. they do not show themselves open to public and are only seen by few people here and there for a simple reason .. They don't care one way or another..

Answer me that .. when you go to a zoo or a aquarium do you try and communicate with the animals there or just watch them be in their own environment

Thats exactly what we are to them at this point imo , a big zoo where they can watch us/study in our natural environment . If they get seen oh well not a big deal if not then even better ...

Maybe at some other point in time they will acknowledge that we have evolved to the point (if we do not destroy ourselves until then) where communication is acceptable , but I dont think it has happened yet

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 08:53 AM
Part 2:
Now BEFORE anyone says that Millions or thousands would lose their jobs , and businesses would go under realise one thing , What exactly are or is a JOB?
A job is something the Governments would have you believe is 'important' and necessary, to WHOM? sure it pays the bills but it also takes your mind off learning to do something to better yourself , its distracts you and gives them the means to put you in servitude, if your having to work to pay the bills and the loans they have given you then thats ok, your distracted and thats good (for them).
This world would be so much better without money , its what seperates us from each other , it divides us , same as religeon, and then its easier to conquer us, setting us against each other and then we don't learn anything beneficial, all we learn is to hate and to hurt, and thats the reputation we have out in the stars, we hate eveything, from you , me, the enivironment and the other lifeforms that inhabit our world to the very air we breath which keeps us alive.and then to anything we don't understand.
We want to understand but we are not be given the opportunity to learn anything other than "work is good for the soul" when actually it isn't , it's good for someone elses bank balance but thats it , If we stopped fighting over money then the world would relax a bit more, and if we forgive an insult instead of punching back , if we turned out backs the ones instigating would get bored of not being listened to.
IF we took a chance , just once in our lives, that risk MAY make a difference to our lives instead of cowering behind the sofa, if we stood up and told everyone else " I BELIEVE" then we'd find out we're not alone in that thinking.
If we descended onto the steps of the Governments and demanded the truth and say to them " we'll forgive you if you tell us the truth " we'd more likely get a postive response instead of saying " Tell us or die" which won't get us anywhere.

SO if ALL the UFO community ( both believers AND sceptics alike) took a day off work and got together in person instead of bitching at each other from behind a keyboard then maybe it would start a chain reaction that can only lead to a brighter future....

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 04:18 PM
a zoo... interesting.. i thought of that myself. this planet pretty much is a zoo. but humans have to be more special than that. we see in full color. we feel every emotion. and to the extremes. were a brilliant race guys. we could be just as smart as any alien out there, no problem. if we didnt choose to take the path we took that is... earth is a very special planet to, i believe. i havent been shown any proof of that, i just feel it. these guys are grey. some of these aliens are probly pretty grey. the spotlights on us, and there trying to figure out what to do.

maybe the government understands there gonna make themselves apparent no matter what, and they might have given in a little and agreed to prepare us for the situation??

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