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Hurricane off the coast of Brazil!?!

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posted on Mar, 27 2004 @ 07:15 PM

Ship captains have reported hurricanes for centuries and, since the 1960s, weather forecasters have used satellites to track storm activity around the globe.

But a hurricane has never previously been reported in the South Atlantic. Blake said there have been "questionable" tropical weather systems tracked in the area before, but none had developed into a hurricane.

"This one's broken all the rules," he said.

A cyclone in the Southern Atlantic??...very strange folks.

After looking at a few climatological anomaly maps, there was on obvious source for the storm. The 30-day sea surface temperature map indicates a strong warming pattern south of Brazil.

The 7-day map indicates a 4 degree C increase in surface temperature.

You might have also noticed the intense cooling the northwestern Atlantic and warming in the northeastern Atlantic. There would normally be cold upwelling from the Atlantic-Antarctic circulation conveyor off the coast of Greenland, instead there’s a pattern of warming. This indicates that ocean circulation patterns are being disrupted. Any large temperature anomaly would create wind anomalies, which are also present in both hemispheres.

In other climate news, Faux News has already started pre-empting "The Day After" ...

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