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Planet X approaching

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by starsyren

Sitchin is the only "scholar" who claims that the Sumerians knew of more than the five planets visible with the naked eye. He is also the only one who thinks the Sumerian tablets say anything about a mythical planet called Nibiru which crosses orbits of the other planets.

Nibiru is variously referred to in the text as:

  1. Jupiter (or Mercury)
  2. The god Marduk
  3. A star (as distinguished from a planet)

Here is an analysis of the use of "Nibiru" in the original tablets.

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:22 AM
You know I use to be a big believer, and i still believe the summerians were visted by some un earthly beings, but as far as planet x goes, im going to say it's a negative.
Im sure there would be enough amature star seekers, who would have noticed this thing.
So what if it is real, what does it mean.
I'v heard so many diffrent out comes.
Destroys earth, Unites earth, Just destroys humaans, will enlighten Humans,
i dont even bother to read the majority of the planet x threads.
But 2012 on the other hand.
I believe something will happen, but i dont thinking it will be out of this world per se.
I think it will be human caused, and on purpose.
But who knows.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Phage

Well, im not an expert in Mayans by any means but that pretty much comes in line with what I know.

The Summarians are very "wsihy washy" what I find confusing about Summarian theory is that so many people tell us what the Summarians apprently knew. However from the Summarians as they are called, I accept this civilization existed, we can trace the line of the Celts.

The druidic migration came from that region, through Jerusalem, modern day Iran and all across Europe which can be shown by the existence of the Druidic stones which make a passage from the namadic druids who formed the spirutual esscence of modern day Celts.

Now my concern is this, the Celts are actually one of the largest civilisations ever to have existed. The disparity in their history comes from the divergence of their celtic names, they lived under so many different names, Germanics for example, in fact the Celts even conquered Rome and started the backlash which formed the Roman empire.

Now whats interesting in this is that in Celtic history and mythology, these fantastic tales which are now attributed to the "summarians" who time and dating of the druid stones which strech out from that region definatively prove were either A) Celtic (the orgins of) or B) They had Celtic Druids among them practicing faith: are not present.

Why then does Celtic religions and understanding show no reference to what is now attributed to Summarians? The druids MAY have been lost in translation is SOME of the modern Celtic based cultures but its stretching to suggest that EVERY Celtic based civilisation of which there are MANY, had no reference to the root material from which they apprently came.

Its said that the druids spred from there to "spread their teachings" now if that was the case, why spread teachings which are missing 90% of the story.

Im not sure what you know of the Celts, but its fascinating. Celtic history have evaded many consipiracy theories because the Romans (in revenge for the conquering of Rome) tred to erase the Celts from history. So their true scale and scope has remained very much below the rader in popualr culture. In that sense they provide a very powerful reference point for comparing summarian myths to.

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by lonesomepine333
Is anyone familiar with the approach of Planet X?; otherwise known as NIBIRU. It is suppose to be visible to the naked eye Feb of 09. And its approach was predicted in the in ( I believe Aztec calender) .I do know that our government ,as well as other governments are watching it.It is suppose to enter our solar system (as it does every 3,600 years.I red that it could contain Aliens.I would be greatly interested on any feedback on this subject! PEACE!

Planet X?

You mean this one??

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:42 AM
Id suggest anyone interested in the summarians to deviate and study the Celtic histories.

In modern term the Celts should have been remebered as one of the most dominant peoples in history. However, what we do have is a very sketchy understanding in modern culture of what the Celts were.

This shows hoe effectively a civilisation can to all extents and purposes be "erased" which is what the Romans did in revenge. Romans never forgave the Celts for conquering Rome. When the Romans expanded they set about rewriting history and elimintaing the Celts from it, they wanted to remove them entirely from existence.

I discovered much of the interest in Celtic origins when discussing the very political topic of Israel and Palestine.

I was looking at who actually had claims to the land at the oldest point, what I wound up discovering is that the Celtic druids were there and are evidenced there right back to the time of the "summarian" culture and their line of passage can be seen by the marker "worship stones" which span their passage out from that region into the modern world.

A truly fantastic secret history.

The reason id suggest its so useful is because its an untampered history. recognised history as influenced by Rome and later catholicism is probably highly coloured. Myths, legends tales which were modified and used to form the basis of faith.

The Celtic histories however had no need of tampering because they were being erased completely. So what remains when pieced together is that which nobody expected you to see.

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:46 AM
Hey Silver6ix any links? That sounds very interesting!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by TSOM87

Ill try to dig some up again.

I had this discussion probably around two years ago. It was actually a modern day political discussion on the Israel Palestine conflict which as always diverged into "who had rights" to the land. Of course I had to delved back and look at the ancient histories of the plane, Sumerians, Pheonicians, ect and to my surprise I discovered the refrences to Druids and the druid line which runs out from that region. From there I started digging at Celtic and druidic originas and it was a shocking wake up.

You very rarely hear about how powerful and immense the Celtic peoples once were. Its all Roman Empire and Greek and so on, but when looking at the Celts I discovered that they actually caused the Roman empire and what came afterwards was the obliteration of their history from existence something which Romand Catholics continued even in ireland and Scotland and Britain as a whole.

Its a truly fascinating subject because they managed to virtually erase the truth of the Celts from moden history.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:58 AM
Yeah thanks!

I have never heard of the Celts being out that far east before! Like i said sounds interesting!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:10 PM
Didn't the originator of this Niburu stuff, Zacariah Sitchin, say we had at least until the next century? I don't think he backs the 2012 date at all. From my library:

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by silver6ix
Did the Mayans actually mention this planet or did someone else just relate this to the Mayan prophecy because it was convenient to do so and added more weight to a paper thin tale?

That is a question I have been asking a long time How did the mayan calendar and Nibiru get mixed together especially since the guy we first heard about Nibiru says it won't be here till 2900 AD?

NO ONE seems to want to answer that...

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:15 PM

Originally posted by TSOM87
Yeah thanks!
I have never heard of the Celts being out that far east before! Like i said sounds interesting!

Alexander the Great had a redhead lady

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by stikkinikki
Didn't the originator of this Niburu stuff, Zacariah Sitchin, say we had at least until the next century? I don't think he backs the 2012 date at all.

I assume you missed reading my post a page back?

I shall Quote Sitchin....

Nibiru settled into a clockwise orbit (equal to 3,600 orbits of Earth
around the Sun). Nibiru stabilized into a clockwise orbit, equal to
3,600 orbits of Earth around the Sun until 10, 900 B.C.E., when
Nibiru arrived earlier, due to increasing drift from Solaris of
Uranus. Uranus' gravity sped Nibiru's orbit. As a result of this
close encounter between Nibiru and Uranus, one of Nibiru's moons,
Miranda, was captured by and became a moon of Uranus as Nibiru and
Uranus pulled at each other. From 10,000B.C.E. on, Nibiru's
revolution sped to 3.450 Earth years; which makes Nibiru's next
return 2900A.D. rather than 2012 as predicated on the earlier 3600-
year orbit [Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Days, pages 315 - 317].

As I said... not till 2900 AD Long after we are all long gone

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:34 PM

Originally posted by zorgon

Originally posted by TSOM87
Yeah thanks!
I have never heard of the Celts being out that far east before! Like i said sounds interesting!

Alexander the Great had a redhead lady

I'll keep that in mind!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:34 PM
Really, OP! The Aztecs predicted Nibiru? I didn't know that.
This is a one line post but now it has become a two line post.

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:41 PM
If it will be visible in feb 2009 we will not have to wait very long. Still on the fence about the whole thing though, leaning to 'nope' but next year will be the make or brake of the whole thing.

I can understand that if it does come it is heavily restricted and we will not get any reliable data about it if TPTB really does not want it.

Ah wel, eitherway there are interesting times ahead of us.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by Harman
I can understand that if it does come it is heavily restricted and we will not get any reliable data about it if TPTB really does not want it.

One question... how will they restrict information on a planet twice the size of Jupiter appearing in the sky heading for Earth?

Just asking...

And where the H... did 2009 come from?

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 12:56 PM
Ok heres one link to Celtic-Jewish origin.

The HUGE problem with this subject is that Celtic history has effectivell been obliterated by what we now know as history and the Romans did a great job of it.

Whats left is putting together pieces of soemthing generations and eras of peoples tried to destroy. NOT an easy fact, even with google the history is so porrly known and to so few people know it theres not so much information to be found on google.

Anyway this link is a good starting point, I think this is one of the links I first found and followed from there looking at the history of the stones in persia, the langauge and the gods. (The Celtci god Anu (also known as Danan, or Dana, is tha same as the sumerian sun god Anu)

Also be caustious because although the evidence is there, even now it is being twisted in favor of certain faiths. For example this link im giving you provides evidence BUT the author is trying to suggests that Celts were Hebrews, obviously a very pro Jewish concept of which the evidence is HIGHLY contradictory because the Celts and druids were PAGAN and many of their gods were banned under catholicism and judaism. Paganism pre dates BOTH judaism and catholicism and indeem Islam.

Thats the link but ill quote some interesting parts which piqued my interest at the time.

'That most common of all Celtic monuments, the Cromlech is to be found not only in most parts of Europe, but also in Asia,' including Palestine. 'Not less ancient and general among the Celtic nations, was the circle of upright stones, with either an altar or tall pillar in the centre, and, like its prototype at Gilgal [ancient Israel], serving sometimes as a temple of worship, sometimes as a place of national council or inauguration ...

Heres a contrast of early Pheonitian language and Celtic language, i think its very telling.

In Pheonetian

Byth lym mo thym nociothii nel ech an ti daisc machon

In Irish Celtic:

Beth liom' mo thime nociaithe, niel ach an ti dairie mae coinne

Almost identical.

Modern language scholars have confirmed that there is a definite connection between the Celtic and Hebrew, as we have shown in our tract, Hebrew And English.

Again be cautious because although Hebrew is claimed by the Jews, it actually predates jews and the jewsih faith and goes back to PAGAN origins (most likely what later became known as Celtics, or the druids who mirated to form them).

In the Bible, the prophet Jeremiah in chapter 3l verse 21 instructed scattered Israel to “set thee up waymarks, make thee high heaps,” and thus we find a trail of unhewn stone monuments, called dolmens, menhirs, and cromlechs, leading from Palestine (Gen. 35:14, etc.) across Europe, and into the British Isles, where they were used in worship by the Druidic priests. In England, according to Isabel Hill Elder’s book, “Celt, Druid, and Culdee,” each stone monument was called a “Si’on” in the ancient Celtic language. The similarity between this and the Hebrew word “Zion”, meaning a stone fortress, is striking. Truly, these are additional witnesses to the identity of the House of Israel in the world today.

Again its critical to be aware that pagnism in the Celtic form was killed off and even modern studies, those who choose to look are weighted to being religious minded people who are looking to make their own case.

You need to attach the druid and celtic connection first to hebrew, pheonetian, and then trace back into paganism to see the evolution from paganism into hebrew and judaism. Its very hard with very little to go on. Kind of like UFO study

Its true to suggest the Hebrews and Jews do indeed share ancestry with Celts, BUT whats slanted is the faith. The modern faith doesnt reflect the ancient druidic pagan faith nor its beliefs or myths, that has all been torn asunder by modern history.

Theres a great deal of similarity (Anu, as I mentioned) and stone evidence which takes the origin of what we know now as Celts right back into the heart of the ancient mixing pot.

Heres another link considering the Tuatha De Dannan (Children of Danan, the Celtic mythical warrior immortals) in the history of ancient Egypt.

Heres more information on the movements of the ten tribes, and the orgins of the Celts from there.

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 01:12 PM
First of all, from my study of this, Nibiru is actually a planet circling the star Nemesis, our TWIN star. 80% of all stars are twins, with one in orbit about the other.
Yes, NASA had announced an incoming object that was altering the orbits of the outer planets. Then fell silent. Someone got to them. It is reported to be 10x the size of Saturn, and a dim star, not nearly as bright as Sol. It is, supposedly, on an eliptical orbit, and I fail to see how nearly hitting a much smaller planet would increase its speed. On that, I think he is dead wrong, and we will soon find out. At this time, it is, supposedly and maybe it is imaginary, incoming but on the opposite side of Sol. I thought we could see it last month, but can't. Maybe the scoffers are correct, and it is all a hoax. But ancient civilizations talked, or wrote, about it. So why would they 'hoax'? What is their motive?
The last time it was supposedly here, 3,600 years ago, we had the Mosaic Exodus, and when it looped thru prior, the flood of Noah, leaving much scientific evidence of that occurance, now suppressed . 'Scientific' athiests (oxymoron) like to point out the natural results of such, saying that it would have caused a huge increase in electrical charge, in the earth-driving the snakes and insects out, and explaining away all the other 'miracles'. What they don't explain is why Moses knew ahead of time that it was about to happen, and why HIS snake ate up all the others. And why the Reed Sea parted just when he raised his staff. Maybe it was explainable, to us. How did he know ahead of time, exactly what and when? They could try saying that the writings have been clouded by myth and legend, but that shows an absolute ignorance of how the words were copied down, like a Xerox copy, for thousands of years.
This planet X is supposed to be inhabited by 'fallen' angels, or the bad guys. And when they are closer, they apparently tend to cause problems here. IMO the sudden appearance in the sky of a star, and its' resulting massive hurricanes, volcanoes, warming and other disasters, will be impetus for the world to turn over power and authority to a world government, and a world dictator. This star supposedly has in its wake, a stream of asteroids and space debris. Accoring to the book of Revelation, one of them will fall into the ocean, killing everything that drinks it, and polluting ground waters. This all sounds far out, but then so does the whole idea of God to those who believe the fantasy of evolution, altered history, and doctored science. You see them on here all the time, blasting serious questions. Like the man says, the first step is ridicule, and the last~self-evident!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by Gregarious

If a planet sized object moved through the solar system just once its gravitational influence would disrupt the nearly circular orbits of all the planets.

If a planet sized object moved through the solar system at 3,600 year intervals the planets would not be able to re-establish their circular orbits. They would become more and more eccentric. We, and the other planets would probably not be here at all.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 01:32 PM
I am not sure, but this article appearing at this time leads me suspect I may have been correct all along; here goes theory concerning Planet X.

1. Planet X is Earth, but not Earth as we know it. Instead it is Earth where all legitmate social systems and authority have collapsed.

2. Society doesn't collapse naturally, someone has to do it, so the Planet X community is where the people responsilbe for doing their part in contributing to the collapse of society can get together and share ideas.

3. The poster saying Planet X approaching is code. The Planet X counter culture, also known as Gog / Magog, is being alerted to get ready to storm the heights of Heaven to take down Adam and Eve.

4. The Ancient Sumerians knew about Planet X, apparently they called it or related it to Nibiru, because they participated in the earliest wars against Heaven; like the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden.

5. This is where it becomes complicated. In the War in the Heaven between the forces of Light and Darkness, if Adam falls, the whole of the creation will be pulled inside out for 3 days and the Sun will appear to rise in the West. Nibiru, a celestial body that can only be seen when the Universe is pulled inside out, appears. This is how everyone knows Planet X has arrived.

So, if this thread just appeared its because the War against the world will soon proceed, probably before election day. I also saw a story concerning the city of Kish recently, which the city where Kingship was first lowered to the Earth. I'll probably see more stories soon enough all with the theme of WWIII.

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