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9/11 & Zeitgiest: Addendum

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 10:00 PM
Okay, ... I'm just theorizing ... conspiring, .. so please follow along those lines, and try not to think in terms of this is me ranting about how serious this is and how much we need to pay attention.. Just thinking out loud on a website..

Imagine for a moment that Zeitgeist: Addendum came out *right* after 9/11, what would peoples reactions be? ..

now .. the main conspiracy is that the government was responsible for 9/11 and not Bin Laden, ..

If we follow this logic, than that means that George Bush is trying to destroy the world bank? or making a public statement by attacking the "world trade" buildings? or expose the world banking system, because wasn't that the applied reason for Bin Laden using that as a target, as it is directed related to foreign policy?

Like .. if we believe some of these conspiracies and I understand that Zeitgeist makes the claim that it's all about control and what not.. but this just stinks to me of exposure, like it was all done to expose what is happening, because before 9/11 no one really knew what was going on.... or did something go terribly wrong with "their" agenda (bush and his administration) and now things are all out in the open....

Especially now with this bailout and stuff happening, what exactly IS going on? is it just pure chaos .. a big pool of craziness? or like everyone seems to think is there a weird agenda by some "group" of people?

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