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Lack of leadership/McCarthyism Part Deux

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 02:01 PM
Loss of true leadership in America

This really irritates the hell out of me but I did not want to mess up Dave Rabbitt's thread and I could not post this in the Political 2008 area but I really needed to vent.

Of all the thing"s that have happened in our country or have gone horribly wrong in the last 8 years, one of the worst is the loss of true leadership. I have to be honest and cannot blame anyone but the Republicans. I do not blame them for Iraq so much; because even though I never agreed with the reasons we went there I know from history that Saddam Hussien had WMD's. Anyone who is honest and knows history has to acknoweldge this is true. I personally did not think any of the other justifications we went to war are or were valid however.

Hurricane Katrina itself is no one person's fault. One person cannot cause a natural disaster. It is the President's reponsibility to have someone in charge who is capable, smart, and understanding of the requirements of that position and to have Micheal Brown in charge of FEMA is completely unjustifiable and indefensable. At the time of his appointment the Republicans were in control of both houses of Congress.

The economy itself is another example of poor leadership. I understand the constant need for Republicans to cry out for less government regulation, that is what their platform is based on. They do not have the luxury of deregulation at the same time they run up the biggest national debt this country has ever seen and fighting 2 wars while reducing taxes. Complete stupidity.

The greatest and saddest failure of leadership comes from the Republicans deviding this great and honorable country into the patriotic and un-patriotic. I will admit that after 9-11 when Bush was at Ground Zero with the Rescue Workers that I felt proud. To see my President up there affirming that even though we were hit hard we were also going to hit back even harder. I was an American. I was proud. Looking back I still do not know exactly where we went wrong.

This feeling really hit home when people; Americans, who began to question the leadership of this country what exactly our goals were started being labeled treasonous, traitors, un-American. This was also happening to those who had already sacrificed so much to this country; people like Max Cleland. This decorated, triple amputee from the Vietnam war was called a traitor. He lost his Senate seat by being tied to BinLaden by Republicans.

Fortunately some people, John McCain included stood up and demanded that this type of trash stop. The President and Vice-President, the leaders of our country said nothing. Leadership, or a lack of leadership starts at the top and works it's way down and soon members of congress on the right began following the President's lead and said nothing to stop it. Unfortunately this is still continueing today.

John McCain is the presumptive leader of the Republican party and as such he is in that leadership role. I do not know where his clarity of purpose has gone. In one hand he says that we need to know everything about Obama and who he stands with and we as Americans do. There is a way to do this without throwing chum in the water and getting everyone riled up to the point they start yelling threats and "traitor". Then on the other hand he defends Obama. I thought that was great.

Palin is not interested in becoming V.P. to McCain, she is using this to get in the top spot in 2012 so she is not showing any leadership here, if she even has any to show at all. She actually says she likes to go the real America. How is a dead military families member supposed to react to that? Is Palin saying that because that person was born or lived in that
Un-American part of America they died in vain. I do not think so.

Because McCain shows leadership on certain days and none on other days we now have this idiot congresswoman from MN who wants in depth investigations into members of congress to find those who are
Pro-American and those who are Un-American.

If we do not find a real leader soon are we once again going to have the Alien and Sedtion Act or maybe another Joseph McCarthy?

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