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AC/DC Black Ice

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:55 PM
Anyone going? Tickets are outrageous? Razorgator has $750 ea for great seats on floor.
I hear the CD is excellent..

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 02:18 PM
Well, in the UK it was a total fix by Ticketmaster in collusion with other online sellers.

I was trying online.

Tickets for the London shows went on sale at 10am and by 10:03 there were none left. On the ticketmaster page that informs you that there are no tickets available, there is a link to try elsewhere. This link takes you to a site called Get me in. This site was, at 10:03 selling standing tickets for £200 a piece. Now, considering there was a limit of two tickets per person, how did Get Me In have so many tickets so quickly?

That's right; Ticketmaster must have passed them on for a nice fat profit.

So I missed out initially then I just thought I'd have another go at around 10:30 and suddenly an extra date appeared (not previously advertised). I saw it appear on the site so I thought: Standing tickets here I come. No chance sold out immediately. I did get two tickets but they are practically behind the stage and high up. I might get a good view but the sound will be dodgy.

Two tickets totalled £104.

Here's another thing: Ticketmaster has a countdown for every stage of the online purchase with which they threaten to release the tickets they are holding for you if you can't type fast enough. The down side of this, apart from the obvious, is that you have no time to check a floor plan to find out what seats you're being offered. Its 'take it or leave it' and 'Quick, gimme your money'.

I hate it. Why can't I just go to the venue, get in line and have a choice like the good old days?

Also, the phone number the venue gave to book tickets was down.

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