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They are not serious

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 11:33 AM
If these 50 states are serious in wanting a heathly economy and healthy job market, what will they do?

I'll tell you what! They'll seperate from the Fed's entire system and seperate from the U.S. (basically the Federal Government) to go, literally, independant so they can become finacially independant through being monetarily independant and economically independant and judically independant and legislatively independant and executively independant.

Why the hell are they behaving like they cant make due? Why are they behaving like if the U.S. goes down that they will willingly go down with her? These 50 states are stupid is the answer!

It is time to break up the "United" in United States of America. Hey, they sure front like they all for change, but the fact that says they arent for change lies in their not breaking free from the U.S. Hey, we dont have to move out the U.S. when our states can abondon the U.S. right where they stand. It is time for the states to each make a stand apart.

So dont contribute to any local or state elections since they still for contributing to the root of the problem by not going SOLO. These 50 states need to make "I stand alone" by Godsmack each their state anthem, and serve the basic motto implied. Until then, F 'em! I hate to see anybody stay seated in their own throw up, and not do a thing to help themselves up when they in fact have the power and means to.

When the 50 states become 50 new countries, then it'll be better for ppl living in them with their businesses and careers and jobs.

So if your state goes into being effected by depression, you know what time your state is going by: Stupid.

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:37 PM
If the states dont have a back up plan, then the states have been ran by sheep. And the ppl who elect sheep are what? goats?
Whatever they are they are surely not any shephard.

You never seen a single state exercize a drill against the Federal Goverment on 'if they get way in over their heads what should be done to handle em', have you? And of course, you never seen a single state exercize what to put in place to avoid a U.S. depression, have you?

Sheep dont have a mind to take precautions. Then it turns out, when crap happens, that the sheep and the goats are both just sitting ducks. Once they spew throw up on themselves they will not change their clothings, even if clean clothing is sitting out right infront of them. So if you read my topic, "What cha call it", you should see those type of humans that dont behave as persons.


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