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An uneasy feeling inside the house + cold chills: Advice needed

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 11:01 PM
I wasn't sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but i was hoping to get some advice from people who had a bit more experience with the paranormal than I have.

I always have had a heightened sense of empathy and generally am able to use it to pick 'good' individuals from the not so good ones and it has served me well. the only way i can describe is that i can 'sense' the motives & intentions of others well.

But recently I am beginning to think that perhaps i can pick up vibes from entities other than people. I say this because my mum purchased an older house where I didnt feel comfortable going into the back yard & towards the back of the house... sometime later we found out that the previous owner had two of her husbands pass away towards the back of the property. I didn't think too much of it then.

But I recently bought a house in an area which till a couple of years ago was undeveloped empty land with no construction on it except for a highway passing nearby. The whole place is wonderful except this one tiny park which is a few hundred meters away from my house. I always felt 'uneasy' walking past it and the sense of unease was so disturbing after a little while that i have taken to avoiding the place completely and will not even drive past it. The strange thing is that my cat and dog will gravitate towards the place as if they have picked up a scent if my husband and i walk anywhere near it.

Anyhow the reason i am posting this and asking for advice is that i am starting to get that uneasy feeling in my house recently. About two weeks ago, my dog which stays in the backyard at night started barking every night around 12 am facing the direction of the street (which also happens to be the general direction of the park). I didn't make too much of it. But then about a week ago, I started feeling uncomfortable leaving the curtains open in rooms which faced the street at night (no problems during the day) as it felt like someone was able to watch us from a distance. Then a couple of nights ago, I felt the strangest of feelings in a certain room in the house which hardly gets used. Evertime i go there, its as if there is a presence of somesort nearby. The weird thing is that our cat which is house trained kept sneaking into that room from a few days ago and pooping in corners and in the cupboard – which it normally does not do. At around the same time, the dog has stopped barking around the midnight mark...

I don’t have any empirical proof – but the sense of dread was so bad that I went to bed with the lights on in the house and kept glancing over to the door. The only thing which kept me from getting into the car and driving over to my mums to spend the night was some verses from one of the Abrahamic books that i kept repeating in my mind and asking the higher powers for protection. I noticed that evertime i stopped i would get a cold chill – which would recede away once i started praying again. Needless to say i only got a couple of hours of sleep at best.

As i mentioned, I was hoping that someone may be able to shed some light into the best way forward. I am not sure if i should be asking for a confirmation of this presence being inside the house or just ignore it – for all i know it could be my imagination – or do something else.

Advice would be much appreciated.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 11:08 PM
Get some smudge sticks and light one and walk through your entire house and let the smoke get everywhere. Don't burn the house down. Now get a cowbell or Tibetan prayer bell or some other loud bell and clang the hell out of it in every room, including closets and stairwells in your house. I worked for me although you might have to repeat once in awhile.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 11:11 PM
Is there any history of any battles fought in the area? Sometimes this can be found in and around old battle sites. Also, it may have been an ancient burial site. I wouldn't worry too much, it sounds like the echos of the past that you and your pets are picking up on. I would be willing to bet that there is a history of some type of violent occurance in the area. If it continues to bother you, I would recommend smudging your house with sage, especially the room that kitty likes to poop in.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by 04326

You're very honest

most people wouldn't suggest it could be their imagination, even though it is responsible sometimes, with some people. But you already know yourself well and you sound like someone who is quite aware of what is imagination and what is not

So I think you're reasonably sure it's not your imagination in this instance

The reason I suspect you're more afraid than you're saying here, is your new practice of leaving the lights on --- and especially the way you keep looking towards the door. You didn't do it before. You're doing it now. Your mind knows more than you're consciously wanting to accept.

Others have given good advice regarding smudge sticks. I've never used them, although on occasion I have used salt around the perimeter of the property and within the house and on window ledges, etc.

I'm hoping someone will come along soon and provide you more comprehensive advice and information. In the meantime, you could search online for things you could do.

Your animals are puzzling, aren't they ? They're seemingly 'attracted' to whatever it is.

But the pooping in the cupboard ? That's not territorial behaviour, is it ? The only time our poor old cat pooped herself was when a strange and large tom-cat suddenly appeared in our rear courtyard and began walking towards the house. Our cat was so petrified, she pooped herself .. even though usually she was quite brave. Obviously, she didn't realise there was thick plate glass between her and the tomcat. From her perspective, the tom was coming to get her.

I'm no cat expert, for sure. So I may be wrong entirely. But based on my little bit of experience alone, I would think a cat would poop itself out of fear. Question mark as to that. Others will have better info.

Some of us are more 'open'/vulnerable than others, I think. You call it empathy, and there's that, too. Then, in addition, there are places (imo) that have a lot of stuff going on in them, quite apart from emphatetic/vulnerable people who may become involved.

There are people who are able and qualified to deal with unseen entities/spirits (as well as many who imagine they're able/qualified but actually put themselves [and others] in harm's way).

So, it depends on how you regard yourself -- and what you're prepared to take on. Life isn't a forum or a movie, as I'm sure you're fully aware. The old maxim: ' don't bite off more than you can chew' is particularly relevant as regards the paranormal.

My advice would be to close down your 'receptors'. Put a bubble around yourself with big 'Do Not Enter' signs all over. Say 'No' any time you feel you need to. Make it a calm and very firm 'No'.

Do the salt and smudge stick exercise, with intent. You are sealing and protecting the integrity of your mind and surroundings and all those (and pets) they contain. It's your absolute right to do this. And the doing of it will be good for you and will make you feel stronger and more in control.

In short, do whatever feels 'right' to you, remembering that nothing you do is 'silly'. Don't be self-conscious about it. You know yourself best, so do what feels right to you.

And seek outside help if you suspect you need some help. Just be judicious about those to whom you turn. Go with your instincts. If someone claims they can help but you feel doubtful .. then don't proceed. Trust your instincts.

If push comes to shove .. move. Rent the place out, or sell it and buy another. Difficult and inconvenient and all sorts of problems involved in moving, yes. But sometimes that's what it takes. Afterwards, find a way to 'close down' and seal whatever 'open' signals you may be transmitting.

It may be there's one or more spirits in the park and they may have picked up on your openness. Maybe they seek help. Maybe they deserve help. Maybe not. But are you experienced enough and willing to go that route ? If not, you have every right to close yourself to whatever it is. I'd do that very soon, because it sounds as if you're being 'stalked', basically. I'm not trying to alarm you, but you've described what sounds like a progression. And your first instinct (trust your instincts) was to AVOID the park. So you did not invite or encourage this. You did your best to say 'no' back then. Whatever it is that's hanging around chose not to listen.

I'd leave and take my animals with me, if at ALL possible, regardless of inconvenience and 'what people will say'. Then, from a distance, you might be able to enlist the clergy or someone experienced to cleanse the house and the park.

Sincere best wishes to you. Wish I could be more help. Remember, there's no shame in running. It's how mankind's stayed alive. Especially when you can't see and don't know what you're dealing with. Please take care
... and go with your instincts always

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:22 AM
Now you're starting scare me lol, I've found quoting verses from the bible helps me to, as well as praying. I always feel much much better, I hate to admit it but I'm terribly afraid of using my Pineal Gland whenever such presences are near, I get cold sweats and all shaky. I've also left the lights on.

Stay cool man

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:31 AM
I am very empathic and I can tell you it does attract

Cat's poop and piddle to cover scents that is the number 1 reason. Likely there was another animal in the home and that room has the most remnants of scent.

household vinegar to descent it is a good way to see if that's why the kitty likes to poop there. I don't think kitty is getting scared poopless otherwise it would poop itself once outta fear and then avoid that room all together.

Cats and dogs can detect certain presences and if they are not uncomfortable take that as a really good sign. The room you don't like, they don't mind I'm taking? They go in there?

So maybe this sense of dread is just your "knowing" someone is there that can't be seen with your eyes.

I would likely do a little chatting here and there where you feel uncomfortable or like you're being watched. Be positive and confident and tell "them" this is your home and you don't want them here.

Some people might suggest finding out why there there and doing things to communicate...that's up to you. If you want to invite them to remain or if you just want to take back your whole home?

Dead or not, no one should be in your home without your permission certainly not if it makes you uncomfortable.

If you believe in The Light...then tell them to go to it. It's YOUR home now make it yours

Best of luck

With the kitty poop if the vinegar doesn't work (some cats are attitudinal - there are non toxic sprays and powders you can get to make the room unpleasant for kitty (although your dog won't like it much either).

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 02:58 AM
thank you for everyone who took the time to read my long post and reply. I really appreciate the advice given - i have found it most useful and will try to make sure i stand firm and will try everything suggested

A bit more background for those who are interested:

I am muslim and had recently gone through the month of Ramadan which means that i pray 5 times a day and spent a lot of the nights in prayer. I had felt that towards the end of the month, i was more in tune with the universe and had been debating how to make the connection between this feeling of being 'one' with the universe and my faith stronger. This is the specific time i started actively avoiding the park.

Now this may sound like a whole lot of hogwash to most - but to give an insight into why Ramadan is considered holy by the muslim world is that it is said that the higher power of the universe restricts the unsavoury influences on earth and their influence is minimised to almost nothing. Once this time is over, these negative forces are re-released from their bounds and go to cause havoc.

After the whole fasting and praying period was over, I got tied up in work and family and basically did not spend any time whatsoever reconnecting with my spiritual side - it's around this time that i had a couple of very clear 'thoughts' come through. They were so clear that it was almost as if someone had spoken them to me. The most distinct one was along the lines of me having "abandoned" my religious beliefs and was told "you are evil" which i vehemently answered No in a loud voice to. I have been telling myself all these weeks that conversation was all in my imagination but the more i think about it today, the more i am convinced that it was real.

It just feels to me that whatever this presence is, knows my weaknesses and fears (both the emotional and the 'creepy horror movie' ones) and is trying to test me or challenge the affirmations i made to myself about being a good person both physically and spiritually. Growing up i made some terrible decisions and upset the people who care about me the most - i regret all that now and have tried to undo the wrongs. My biggest fear is to be classified as an Evil person. I think whatever it is, wants me to distance myself from the path that leads to an enlightment.

Also, a couple of other interesting things that should be mentioned:

* I hate being alone but have learnt to do so over the last few years. The presence manifests in the home the most when my husband is working night shift like yesterday and today.

* It only comes through after dark and goes at day break - i felt comfortable enough to stop asking for divine protection just before dawn and was able to fall asleep.

* the room that i sense it the strongest is the one which i had previously considered the most 'peaceful/serene' in the house. It is usually the room which i go to in order to fulfill the obligatory prayers that a practicing muslim needs to do. I believe it was also considered peaceful by both my pets as till last week i often found them sneaking off to go to sleep there. They haven't done that for the past little while.

Again, thank you for all the input - any additional advice is always welcome and will keep everyone who took the time to read and reply to this thread updated if anything interesting happens.

[edit on 21-10-2008 by 04326]

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 03:21 AM
I'm in no way a religious person persay, but I do have a very strong spirituality. Sounds like you need to spend some time reconnecting to your religion and faith in it as well as yourself.

I think you're own feelings of neglecting your faith is what makes you uneasy. Again pets are a good indicator

Take that room over...pray, remember what it is and how it feels to practice your faith.

Are there Muslim clerics in your neighborhood who can help you find a way to stay in touch with the faith without it impacting on your "social life"?

Sorry I don't know how much time is involved in the Muslim prayers and worship but I get the impression that it makes life a bit hectic?

Is there a happy medium?

I'm not a fan of religions but I am a fan of people having feelings of joy and completion and if your faith once made you feel content and happy and confident then I'd suggest getting back to and finding a way via a Muslim Cleric to "modernize" it a bit so it will fit into daily life.

Like I said I don't know anything about it from the religion standpoint, but from the spiritual side I know it is important to stay centered and connected to ones faith regardless of what or whom it is.

You sound like an awesome lady really, quite in tune

I don't rule out "paranormal" reasons for it rather offer a possible explanation to whatever is happening.

I can usually feel when I've neglected the spiritual side of my life, and it's easy enough to do in this world...usually starts with a nagging feeling almost a dread...but dread of what? LOL when I start thinking about it all I realize I've been neglectful and make corrections.

Best of luck to you, please write more when you can as to how things are improving! (You have a great writing style by the way)

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 03:53 AM
I lived in a house that was cursed (haunted)...
I wont go into details - maybe someday on ATS, but I can't yet.
But I had to respond to your post.
Just a quick note about the cat.
Believe her.
I didn’t believe mine - that she knew something horrid was going on - and it cost her her life.
Please do what you can to make sure your cat stays safe.
Maybe close her in the bathroom at night with her litter box and food/water there?
Someplace she’ll be safe.

*Cleaning* the house...

Buy a new broom and do what you can not to let the bristles touch the floor - stand it in a corner until you're ready to use it, bristles up.
Get a bunch (I mean a BUNCH) of fresh rosemary.
A garbage can lid works good, and some gloves - so light the rosemary holding the garbage lid underneath it while walking through the house (all windows and doors shut).
Repeat in all the rooms while thinking/praying/chanting (whatever it is your belief system uses) for PEACE ON THE ENTITY - while telling it to LEAVE YOU ALONE!
Don’t say Please.
Wish it to find Peace - but command it to GET OUT!

For the broom.
Beginning at the farthest end of your home *sweep out* the whole house by covering all the corners HIGH and low - while not actually touching the ceiling or floor.
Open doors and windows as you go, but closing doors BEHIND you when you’re through with a room - moce forward and out of the house to the front door.
Keep praying for Peace for whatever’s in the house - while demanding it leave.
Once you reach the front door - go out - close the door behind you - saying a Thank You and Peace on yourself and the *It*.
Stand the broom (bristles up) in a corner near your front door.
Leave it there until you need it again (which I hope you wont).
When you're sure all is well - burn the broom.

Good Luck and Peace to you.

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