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Opinions and help with my "SHTF" survial plan

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 10:59 PM
Well I know there have been a few threads asking the same question but I have specific questions so I hope they could be answered directly and I thank anyone who does.

First off I recently got some property in Exshaw Alberta, a nice well built house with 2 cold storage rooms outside and one in the house and also room for a very large garden. The town only has 500 people maximum but is 45 minutes from Calgary. I move in Nov 1st and hope to begin getting ready which I have yet to do
. Mainly because my girlfriend recently got pregnant I am really into being prepared and ready for what I think will be a rough couple years for everyone.

I plan on stockpiling and canning/pickling my own goods, I will use the rotation method that speaks of keeping the newest canned goods stocked while eating the previously bought. I am going to learn Bow hunting but also have a rifle or shotgun for defensive purposes and consider myself to be a knowledgable angler. I am debating stockpiling water because I am surrounded by lots of glacier water fed creeks/rivers not to mention the huge resevoirs near by.

Now on the subject of the coldrooms, I want to have lots of grain,rice and other stuff like that and how would be the best way to store large ammounts of items like the mentioned above and what other items should I also consider? I currently still have a good job building condos but if noone buys these luxury condos I and many people like me could be out of work and I hope to get all I need before it happens.

One good thing is the people in Exshaw seem to be really helpful towards one another but I am worried that when SHTF a mass migration will occur bringing city folk in search of survival and I just dont see how that can go over well.

Also would having gold or silver even make a difference or would it be wise to stock on fuel as I also have a massive garage on the property? I figure fuel will be very valuble in such scenario but I also (not trying to sound crazy) have came up with the idea to build a mini hydro-electric power damn in the nearby river and hopefully power the small city.

I am just basically askin for any further advice from people who are probably alot more experienced in the field of survival. THings liek best first aid items and whatever you think I missed as I am making a big whoppin list and hopefully I can be ready to help my family, other people and myself. Ty!@

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:40 AM
I would advise 50 gallon Plastic drums with airtight lids for large quantities of grains, flour, beans, legumes, corn meal, sugar, salt,Etc. Always keep fresh water! The sources you stated could very well be polluted or contaminated or even possible "acquired" by military/Gov't/crazies and you could be cut off! Perhaps a well is in order if you don't already have one!

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:45 AM
I don't think there's anything to add in terms of your personal plan.
Whether or not the SHTF, you will be prepared for the rough canadian winters, storms etc. One of the best parts of survival gear / food stores is that you can use them regularly. Refreshing your stock is a great idea. Regular rotation keeps everything current. You can pretend the SHTF already happened and keep the food stores up to date.

As for fuel, being in Alberta, don't worry about that too much. Alchohol based fuel can be created from food scraps if need be. For piece of mind, a few portable containers equivalent to a couple full car tanks might be a good idea. Rotate that the same way you would food as gas becomes unstable / stale over time.

The hydroelectric dam is a brilliant idea, though not legal. However, if situation x occurs, I don't think they will be policing for environmental / permitting compliance. If that river is nearby, you might want to take into consideration flood conditions etc. Run a "what if" drill in your head and think about it, have a plan way ahead of time just in case.

The most valuable asset on any property out of town is definitely the ability to create energy. But what do you do with that energy? What will you power and how will you store as much energy you can?

A welcome addition to your cold storage might be a faraday cage, to block EMF. You can then store communications equipment to one day reach out, if you desire. Any sensitive electronics could be stored there in hopes of one day becoming useful again. This is not only a good idea due to EMP but also from increased galactic radiation as NASA recently acknowledged. There could come a time where it's impossible to operate any sensitive equipment without major protection. Just a thought.

Let's not forget a couple low to mid range shortwave radios. You'll be able to pick up all the propaganda all over the globe as well as mainstream broadcasts / ham radio (depending on receiver). A HAM radio set could be a good idea as well. A couple older models verses anything new will do the job. License or no license everybody is allowed to operate in an emergency, without penalty.

The main thing I see missing from sit X / SHTF kits / plans are provisions for power generation & communications. VERY VERY important items that would be quickly missed.
OLD steel ammo boxes are unbelievably handy for storing vital equipment that needs to survive disaster & the elements & shock.

I know this might sound silly, but bicycles for each family member & supplies for maintenance of them should be on even the most out of shape people's lists!

Good luck with your set up, and hopefully you'll never need to use it but at least your heart and mind will be at ease. That is utterly priceless.

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by Slickinfinity

Just my 2 cents worth, but I would plan for ALL contingencies. Better to have it to trade with later if you don't need something yourself rather than wish you had gotten it when you first thought of it.

While you are lucky enough to live by so much fresh water, I would still invest in a hand held water filtering system or something compact (filter straw or sport bottle filter) to filter water in case you have to travel or nearby reservoirs become suspect or undrinkable. It would not hurt and give more peace of mind.

As for grains, bugs can and do hatch. There are ways to prevent this. I would research how grains, etc. need to be stored safely. Also, you will need*a mill for grinding grain and to learn how to use it. (a number of useful ATS threads - on preparing for a depression and survival - plus food storage/survival food internet sites for additional info). Honey keeps forever and used as sweetener and as an antibiotic. Salt (sea) is essential for iodine. Look at vitamins/minerals/herbs and check dates. Peanut butter, dried/canned goods/protein powders.

It is good you live where the people in your town are friendly, best to live where groups are like-minded who will look out for each other - will be the best thing for protection. We too, plan on moving to a small (safe) town with good agriculture for obvious reasons. (good neighbors = protection against marauders, also group to barter, trade with for services/items if needed). We will get chickens/goats for dairy and learn how to care for them properly and have a garden plus.

There is thought that says silver may/will explode in price in the near future and that it is being artificially depressed right now. The reason for the high price speculation in the future has to do with the myriad of industrial uses for silver. More so than gold. *Check out Howard Ruff, "How to Prosper in the Coming Hard Times" (either 1979 or 2008 updated book) for lots of info on exactly what to expect and how to prepare. I find this book the best for planning and to understand what to expect. (*silver is down now so good time to consider buying - go for "junk silver" though and call around for prices to see who is cheapest). Has recommended dealers listed.

Like you, I am stocking up on extra because there will be people (you know and I know) who will come a'knocking and say, "I should have listened, you are right" and we'll want to help them. So I for one am glad you are looking at it this way. Better to be prepared.

Did you consider fishing poles? Extra blankets/bedding? Light bulbs, fan belts, oil, car tires? Better to stock up on anything you use that you couldn't do without, or wouldn't want to be without, that you might need but might not be able to get except on a "black market" which will cost an arm and a leg later....stock up now. Thrift stores are a plus for small appliances as well as extra coats, jeans, boots, etc. As for medical supplies, many many sites dedicated to first aid - and taking a first aid class might come in handy. Who knows? Even childbirthing class or videos, seriously, esp. in your case.

Good luck, truly, I wish more people were thinking this way. My experience is most people are in denial. But those who don't prepare will suffer the worst of it and the big cities will be hit the hardest along with the civil unrest and civil disobedience. I love the idea of developing your own power source!! God bless!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 07:59 PM
Well ty very much for takin the time to respond and I feel pretty sure I can do this. Being a upcoming father its extremely important to be able to keep my family alive and safe.

Some really good ideas come from this site and I never regreted the day I accidently found myself on ATS. Once I move in and get set up I'll begin the process of getting ready for rough times and I estimate by the start of spring I'll be able to take care of my family if SHTF.

I'll also hope to be able to help other members of my family who will have to listen to me say "I told ya so" lol any if I ever meet a person from ATS during rough times they can count on me for whatever help I am able to provide!

The best Idea I got from this thread was to invest in a water purification system which I now think is a must. Also going to look into keeping my supplies bug/contaminent free so ty all again and lets hope I never need to use my survival skills!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 08:03 PM
Slick, you got a good solid plan. My advice for what its worth would be to scout out a few like minded folks near you, sit down, discuss what could go down and how to cope with it and work from there. 10 pairs of eyes and rifles are better than one could ever be.

As for the rest? you got it pretty damn well covered.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 08:13 PM
As for my idea to generate power via hydro-electric damn, well its a far fetched idea for me (never graduated hish school) but I have learned alot from reading and am a hands-on do it myself type of person. Given a total collapse I think I could gather some other skilled people which live near and we could really pull it off, it doesnt seem that crazy of an idea? I also hope my trade skills would come in handy during Sit-X, I drywall,taper,sheet metal, insulation,steel/wood framing and I really know lots about making structures properly.

Heck if the Amish can live fine then I really dont see how I would have a problem unless the government tried to round people up and off to super-cities or fema camps, a Soylent Green type scenario would suck.

THe Faraday cage is something I am not to familiar with, I know what it does but are they easy to make? Would seem like a good thing to have to avoid EMP or having my signals detected and a HAM radio is just a must to!

Well I got my work cut out for me and I am considering making a short documentry about the process of preparing and hopefully share it here to help others. Off to go fishing!

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