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Crime, the Law and You

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 07:38 PM
Without a shred of doubt the anti-terror laws and associated technology is ACTUALLY about controlling the international flow of drugs and drug money to an even greater extent.


New airport scanners - these are not for weapons because they are easily detectable, they are for detecting drugs concealed on your body

New airport liquid and gel rule - this is not to prevent poeple bringing onboard explosive chemicals, it is stamp out one of the most easy and effective way to take small to medium amounts of drugs with you on a plane: dissolve in bottle of water/gel before getting on, evaporate out after disembarking

Ion detectors - while claimed to be all about electronically sniffing out bombs or explosive chemicals and residues, NOONE has been caught with actual explosives every using this device. What it is really for is detecting DRUGS! Mainly coc aine due to high particle counts, but some speed and ecstacy traces too!

Email, mobile phone, text messaging, home phone, skype, GPS TAPPING - again claimed to be to prevent terrorism, but so far no real cases where this has been the deciding matter in defeating a real terrorism plot. This is ALL about collecting evidence about drug transactions and networks as well as physical location and movement over time. See right now the laws in UK trying to be passed requiring all prepaid mobile phones to be purchased with passport so can match calls with people.

Transactions over $5000, mandatory reporting of suspicious activities etc - not about seizing money from terror groups but about seizing and tracking money from drug deals!!

I could go on but I'm sure you see the point. Drugs and drug money are vital to the government but not in the way we think. They aren't waging WAR on drugs, they want to CONTROL drugs and the revenue from drugs! This is even more vital as when you realise black budgets, black operations and drugs/drug money all need each other!

Plus there is all the revenue from seized accounts, houses, cars, cash, just about anything they want to take from anyone even remotely associated with or accidently near a drug issue. And there is hardly any legal recourse once this process is started.

And even more vital right now is that drug money is probably the ONLY thing left that could possibly save the US economy and I think they know that.

However most people would not accept the huge inconvenience at airports and loss of privacy/liberty just to catch a few extra drug runners, so they have to sell it to you as necessary for combatting terrorism!

The government and corporations don't want competition from smaller drug dealers and or drug dealers from other countries!

This is a main reason why the bastards won't listen to logic and reason and treat drugs as a health and cultural issue but remain fixated to treating it as a law enforcement issue! Thats the way they make the money for all the off balance sheet crap they get up to.

NOTE: If I was in iceland right now, I'd decriminalize drugs and set that island up as the global number one source for recreational drugs and rave parties to kickstart the economy real quick. I say they would be cash flow positive after a couple of weeks

(NOTE: that is humourous fictional suggestion only!)

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by primamateria

Excellent post primamateria, I appreciate your contribution. Besides your fictional solution (which I chuckled at), what do you propose to be a solution here for citizens? As the war on drugs has been brought up a lot in this discussion, what can citizens do to take the country back, to declare peace/cease fire concerning the war on drugs. Is there even a solution that is both effective and feasible?

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by ANOK

I agree with you that violent crimes are caused by poverty and inequality created by existing laws. My two cents:

The current laws ruling the land in any country can be seen as a succession of attempts to create a balance between optimal productivity and optimal peace/justice among the population. This balance is offset in most modern societies; the focus on optimal productivity has overshadowed the peace/justice aspect of this “required” balance.
Terrorism, Cardiovascular diseases, Aids and Global warming among others problems has made us aware of how required this balance is.

A shift is needed and I am of the believe that this shift is already happening. A shift of focus from the egocentric view from which our current society is centered, to a more aware state were people pay attention to detail and enjoy doing so. “Awareness” to detail is the single most important shift we will have to undergo. Becoming aware that simple actions (combined) sometimes have world wide consequences. Something as simple as buying a product that although practical is not sustainable to produce and or discard could if done enough times produce a worldwide problem. As our actions reflect a deeper understanding of the connective ness of our reality, the balance will be achieved.

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