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They know best... Right?

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 12:02 PM
Alright. I love Devil's Advocate and so lets see how people respond to this. To stir the pot, not peoples brains;

I have read time and time again about the secret hand governemt here in the US as well as over the world. Witnessed babbling and angered tempers about what is happenign and how no regular Joe has the ablity to have a say in any of it.

If there are the secret brotherhood/bloodline/rulers known as the Illuminati (or any other name for that fact, I'll just stick with the well known name), why shouldn't they rule. It is obvious that the rules and laws that have changed in their favor have made true the fact that this has been happening for decades. Then who are we to say (individually or as a collective whole) that they are wrong. They have shown the mythodical and restraint to constantly close on their goal, not taking their eye off their desires or wills for anything.

We as a colation of puplace can't even agree to disagree anymore. We couldn't bind together and try to do anything productive without clashing over the simplist things. Never mind something as major as the takeover and initiation of a world government.

They have shown the determination to do this and do it no matter what the opponant. People whine and cry about thier rights don't give a darn about anyone but themselves in the first place. How are these determined few any differant? Only... They accel and gain while all others fail and complain.

"The New World Order is upon us!!!!" I see non-stop. But if we are already living that life-Then what's the problem? If we have already lost all our rights... then what would we complain about. What do we have to loose if we have nothing?

A glodal populace might not be that bad a thing. Anyone ever been a part of one? A one world bank WOULD stabilize the economy. And so what if we are treated like cattle? What are we NOW? Blindly stuck in a job we don't wanna be in for someone making more than we are. Life has become so settle for- what's the worst that could happen?

If you are able to somehow destroy this threat can you really reassure youself that there won't be another threat? Come on folks! It's the inevitable. At least I can say I' cheering for the winning side. Can you?

[This thread might be a modivational speech or might be the true feelings of the author. Only I know for sure.]


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