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Pelosi, Obama, Reid Economy Spells A 3 Letter Word: P-O-o-R

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 12:00 PM
If I may borrow from RRConservative's thread titled: Bidens 3 letter word J-O-B-S.

It's obvious, having leaders like Pelosi, Obama and Reid will spell danger for our already weak economy and having these three in power will only push it over the edge.
But why do so many believe the can actually fix something they had a hand in creating?

For years we kept hearing that Bush was going to wreck our economy, yet we kept waiting and waiting for evidence to this claim. I myself kept waiting for this too, but his first term came and went with no sign of a troubling economy.
The fifth and sixth year came and went and still nothing.
It wasn't until after the Dems were elected in 2006, after promising to fix things, that we started noticing signs of what was coming, then two years later we have our financial crisis.

So with this type of track record, how do we know for sure our financial situation will actually improve having this extremely radical bunch in power?

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