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Airliner Had Near Miss With UFO,Says MOD

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 10:59 PM
Nineteen files covering sightings between 1986 and 1992 are being made available online by the Ministry Of Defence.

Almost 200 such files will be made available by the MoD over the next four years!

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:03 PM
Looks like we are about to get some more interesting reading courtesy of the M.O.D!

Just a pity that these cases are coming our way twenty odd years late!

Still,should be worth a look.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 12:13 AM
So, this is the same MOD that issued a 400 page doc describing how UFOs exist but that they are not extraterrestrial? egion.htm

I wish I could think of something positive to say about them.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 12:58 AM
THE MOD doesnt state the are alien in origin, just UFOs. Whats frustrating is that the files were classified on something governments keep repeating is not of national security.

Something which is no threat and no concern to national security surely didnt need to be classified. The fact they chose to classify UFO material says a lot.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:03 AM
Re-read what I wrote. I said that the MOD produced a 400 pg doc that states that UFOs exist but are not extraterrestrial. I have no idea why my link didn't show up there. .htm

Sorry, that's the only way it will let me put it in completely. And yes, it speaks volumes about the truth but if you ask anyone there, you'll get the same sh*te. A larger group of mealy-mouthed, spineless twits you'll never chance to meet, I assure you.

WTFZ!!! Why doesn't it accept that link in its entirety?! Someone explain.

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

I think coz it's too long, type Link here or something in the first dialogue box and see if that works

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:44 AM

Originally posted by CosmicEgg

WTFZ!!! Why doesn't it accept that link in its entirety?! Someone explain.

Fixed link.

I post some informations regarding this sighting:

Captain Achille Zaghetti's Close Encounter

The Western Daily Press newspaper, of Bristol, England, reports on June 15, 2001:
On the night of 21 April 1991, the term 'close encounter' took on an altogether more significant meaning for the crew and passengers of a London-bound airliner. At 9.00 pm Captain Achille Zaghetti, who was piloting a McDonnell MD-80 aircraft, was amazed to see an unidentified flying object pass his aircraft as it flew over the coast of Kent at a height of more than 22,000 feet. As the UFO was no more than 1,000 feet above the airliner, and the incident therefore classed as a 'near-miss', an official inquiry was launched by the CAA.

Approximately two weeks later the following brief statement was issued:

The pilot said the object was light brown, round, three meters long, and did not describe any means of propulsion, the aircraft was under the control of London air traffic control center who had no other aircraft in the vicinity, but consistent with the pilot report, a faint radar trace was observed ten nautical miles behind the Alitalia aircraft. Extensive inquiries have failed to provide any indication of what the sighting may have been. But more was to come.

Over the English Channel
... a missile sighting was made by an Italian pilot, Achille Zaghetti, on a routine flight from Milan to London. On April 21, 1991, Zaghetti and his co-pilot were piloting a McDonnell Douglas MD-80 with 57 passengers on board. was 20.00 hours. Clas Svahn interviewed the Italian pilot over the phone in his home in Rome, and this is his story - with a few abbreviations.

CS: Could you tell me, in your own words, what happened?

AZ: It was during descent, and our position was right in the middle of the Channel between France and England. We were coming down with the autopilot, which is connected to a computer. The descent rate was 1,200 feet per minute. When we were at about 26,000 feet we increased the rate of descent. Of course, when doing that, the speed was going up and we were going faster. So, me and my co-pilot looked outside since we had another aircraft in front. We didn't see the shape of that aircraft, we just saw their anticollision lights. The other plane was ahead of me, about 15 miles. It seemed to us that we were using this distance because of our increasing speed. We were looking out occasionally. Usually we do not look with such intensity as we did this time.

I was crossing 22,100 feet and we were heading 321 when I saw something coming, heading 110-120, about.

CS: So the object was coming from left to right in front of you?

AZ: It was coming from the left to the right. The day was coming down but we had light because of the height. So I saw something circular, very similar to a missile. I used the word "missile" because of the shape, not because I saw a missile. It was like a missile. It was round, about ten feet long, light brown colour and I said to my co-pilot "look out, look out". He was already looking outside with me because of the flight in front of us, not because of the unknown object. And he saw what I saw.

We reported it directly to the control and I asked "Have you something on your screen? It should be behind me now'. Our speed was about 380 knots, but I don't know about the object's speed, of course.

As soon as I asked this to the control, he said to me "Yes, I target something that is now ten miles behind you". That he said in the moment we asked him. When we landed in London I called, I think it was the chief controller, or something like that, and he told me that we were targeted at 22,100 feet.

After one day they told me that it had been a helicopter going northeast, instead of southeast as I had said. And, as you know, it is impossible for a helicopter to be at 22,000 feet. I suggested that they should replay the radar tape again and look at all the spots and rebuild the scene. That was what I suggested the day after, but I never have had any exchanges of ideas, as I am now having with you, with anybody from the British state, or someone else.

CS: I wrote a letter to the Civil Aviation Authority in London and got a reply. I can read from it if you are interested.

AZ: Yes.

CS: "Both Air Defence and Army firing ranges have been ruled out and the Ministry of Defence had no report of any space activity which could provide an explanation. The description of the object does not correspond to that expected had it been a meteorological balloon. The investigation has therefore been closed and the sighting will be listed as an unidentified flying object". So it is no helicopter anymore.

AZ: No helicopter. It is very strange... They thought about a meteorological balloon and so did I. As soon as I saw this object I scanned my INS platform about the wind. I remember that it was coming diagonal, five knots. Usually it goes straight up. It never goes in line as the object I saw, especially when there is no wind.

CS: Was this object passing between you and the other aircraft?

AZ: No, the other aircraft was below, at about 12,000 feet.

CS: How many minutes later did you land at Heathrow?

AZ: This was 23 minutes before landing.

CS: How was the weather at the time? Was it dark?

AZ: It was dark down. It was light up because of the sun.

CS: You didn't see any exhaust trail or something?

AZ: No. If you take a military aircraft, they carry an extra tip-fuel. It was similar to that as far as I remember, the shape could be that.

CS: But it was hard to see exactly?

AZ: Yes, quite impossible, it was just a flash. First, I didn't even want to make a report because It is always difficult that someone will believe you.

CS: So, if they hadn't seen it on radar on the ground you wouldn't have reported it?

AZ: No, I say no. It is strange that when I say "we have something around me that now should be behind me" the controller said to me "yes, you have a target behind you ten miles". I don't think he would have said this if it had been a meteorological balloon. If the object was stationary and not travelling towards me, and if you calculate the time from my question to his answer, it should be four-five miles behind me. My speed was about 400 miles per hour. But if it was something with speed he would be nine or ten miles behind me. From my question to the answer it was 40-60 seconds.

CS: So, the object was travelling with its own speed?

AZ: Yes.

CS: Then it must have had some sort of propulsion system.

AZ: But I didn't see any exhaust, flame or... nothing .

CS: When a pilot sees something he doesn't understand, he usually doesn't report it, if I understand you right?

AZ: Usually we ask the radar first if he saw what we saw. And if he says that he didn't see anything, we didn't see anything either.

CS: You need a confirmation.

AZ: Yeah.

CS: How were you treated afterwards, when you told other pilots and persons of your experience?

AZ: Some people smiled and some people asked me what it was. Some want to make clamour of this but I left home for four days to avoid the press. This is something you experience once in a lifetime and I will never forget it. It is like a photo that will never get out of my head. It was very, very fast. Even now I remember these brief moments. [10]

The Alitalia encounter hit the headlines and got front-page attention in newspapers such as The Sunday Times According to a letter from CAA, the British Civil Aviation Authority, there were no military missile launchings that could explain the sighting (although the plane had been over an infantry training area) .

Paul Murphy, a member of the British parliament approached the Ministry of Defence on the matter. The MoD claimed that at no time, so far, had there been any threat represented by UFO incidents such as this... Believe it, if you like.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 02:00 AM

Originally posted by CosmicEgg
Re-read what I wrote. I said that the MOD produced a 400 pg doc that states that UFOs exist but are not extraterrestrial. I have no idea why my link didn't show up there. .htm

Sorry, that's the only way it will let me put it in completely. And yes, it speaks volumes about the truth but if you ask anyone there, you'll get the same sh*te. A larger group of mealy-mouthed, spineless twits you'll never chance to meet, I assure you.

WTFZ!!! Why doesn't it accept that link in its entirety?! Someone explain.

[edit on 20-10-2008 by CosmicEgg]

Im not sure, we are a step ahead of the US bunch who still have blanket silence as their response.

Im not sure why you slam the MOD, under the Official Secrets Act they cannot be released until a certain time has passed which is why the long wait.

Whether there are further classified infromations not being revealed we will never know, however the UK are far more open about it than the US are, in fact most European Countries are far more open about it. The UK position is "general lack of interest" more than anything else from officials.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 02:06 AM
I posted earlier about this and did a little follow up on the national archive database. They've released some interesting new documents on the Rendlesham Forest incident and there is one detailing a U.S. pilot ordered to engage and destroy a UFO. Within the post I've described where to start and how to access the documents, enjoy.

UK National Archives release new records on UFO's (Rendlesham Forest and Military Sightings)

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 04:48 AM
This is what i've found so far in , file
DEFE 24/1953/1 :

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 03:12 PM
Thanx Internos.

How you find the time to do your research,i do not know!

posted on Jul, 22 2016 @ 03:40 AM
Whatever the documents in the National Archives say, the Alitalia (Capt Zaghetti) incident was not a UFO. The crew's description of the object as looking like a missile was fairly accurate. I guess there must be a way of retrospectively looking at NOTAMs for 1991 to ascertain the activity state of the missile ranges in the Southern UK (of which there are few).

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