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Questions about our existence. Answers?

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 08:37 PM
What if humans were created by another race of beings? There could be several possibilities based on that:

1: A single being created the first humans for an unknown purpose.
2: We are the remnants of a crashed ship of space faring humans; there might be a galaxy of humans out there.
3: We were seeded here by a probe either for scientific purposes, a way for the species to expand, or to escape a cataclysm.
4: We did evolve into humans on our own, but the seed or spark of life was planted on this planet eons ago by another race of beings.
5: Other?

Could it be that out religions are based on the scraps/remnants of ancient facts about our creation? Obviously, 99.9999% of today's view of religious-based creation would be utter made up crap, but perhaps the underlying "we were created by a higher 'power' in this higher power's image" was actually an attempt to recreate life on this planet.

Some would say that if we came from an advanced civilization in the stars then why did our technology de-evolve? That's easy. It's easier to tell someone how to do the basics than it is to teach them how to build complex technology. Any Earth-born cataclysm could easily wipe out advanced technology if the "colony" was too small in the first place.

There are many references to Nephlim in the bible.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 09:12 PM
Theres many unanswered questions but science chooses to answer only what it wants to answer and "madmen" rejected by science have always been the true groundbreakers.

Where we come from is hard to say, maybe we come from here. Maybe Mars was once a populated world, that in itself is not unreasonable given its age and the fact science has long speculated on its surface formations which indicate water and oceans might have once been there, maybe it was once similar to Earth in that it had life.

Maybe they developed nukes and wiped themsleves out. Maybe a huge comet wiped them out, who knows.

Would we have evidence of it? No, why should we? Lets assume disaster struck Earth right now, how many people would get off? A handful in spaceshuttles thats all.

So maybe they were at a similar point and Mars was wiped out leaving only the few in space shuttles, and science stations. They set a trajectory to Earth, crash landed here and began again. Maybe they inter bred with us for survival and caused the missing link.

Theres many possible answers to the question. The missing link doesnt seem to be here on Earth though because we have found everything on both sides of it and yet that final piece of the puzzle is still missing. Who knows really, I do find it all fascinating though.

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