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Politically speaking, what are you really?

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 08:09 PM
There is alot of political labeling going on lately, but after doing a survey on the issues posted on Take the 2008 Candidate Survey thread, and reading the results of others, it seems that most of us do not fall into either the Democrat or Republican category. So what are you, politically speaking?

I'm a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal.

I am a rabid defender of the Constitution, but do not feel it is the end all, be all on all issues. It was intentionally vague on many issues to allow for growth.

I am pro-government, but anti-bureaucracy.

I am pro-individual rights and pro-equal rights for all citizens.

I am pro-religious freedom, but not when it intrudes on government or individual rights. The separation of Church and State is very important.

I am for the government enforcing ethics, but against the government enforcing morality. (There is a big difference!)

I am partially a socialist. There are certain issues that I feel should be governmentally overseen, such as education and healthcare, but efficiently while always seeking ways to improve such systems for the betterment of all. I feel that everyone should have healthcare and that anyone who wants to go to college should be allowed to. I am also anti-big corporation, as they have too much influence.

I am partially a capitalist. The free market system is a good system and competition spurs development of new products and services. But there must be a large number of companies in every field for this to be accomplished. And if they fail, they fail! NO BAILOUTS FOR BAD BUSINESS DECISIONS!!!

I am for America leading the world by example, but against America leading the world by force. I put the Iraq war in the latter category.

I am pro-peace and anti-war, unless provoked. The war in Afghanistan was provoded, the war in Iraq was not.

So as you can see, I am neither Democrat nor Republican. How about you?

I would ask one thing in this thread, PLEASE, NO FLAMING!

Allow others to post their stance without having to debate it. There are plenty of threads for that, and if there isn't one for the stance you have a problem with, go start one, PLEASE!!! I would like this thread to be one where we get to understand each other, not argue endlessly about why we feel the way we do!

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:04 PM
I've always leaned alittle to the conservative side...but i've always considered myself independent. You'll see why in a minute. That is what surprised me most about that survey...their are a few issues that people feel strongly abortion for instance...and that really can be the deciding factor on to where they go politically, even though many other issues they agree with.

I believe strongly in the constitution. I think it should be adhered to whenever possible. I know times change and sometimes things need to be adjusted, but i've always felt that our founding fathers starting something great..that has lasted over 200 years. I'd hate to mess to much with that formula.

I am for a much smaller government...except for militarily.

I absolutely believe in equal rights...but only if that person has not committed a murder or other very serious crime and has been let out of prison. If you don't abide by the law...especially with something that should be stripped of some rights. My opinion of course.

I am not a very religious person myself..actually not at all to be honest although parents have suddenly gotten fixated with it. I think religion can be a good thing if used for the right things such as helping the community and people who have fallen on hard times. To often it is used as a reason for justification of war. I also believe that the world will never be at peace until there is just one religion or none at all. I strongly believe in the separation of church and state..but i also believe that no one should be stripped of their religious rights.

I want smaller government. There are many things this country can do without. I'm also for very low taxes. If we cannot afford a program...then we don't do it..or find another way to fix it. We are taxed so much long do each of us work per year just to pay taxes? It's half for some people.

I pay Social security that i'll never receive...which i'll have to wait for till i'm 70 years old. I understand that people who have payed into this their whole lives should get their due..of course. Myself..i'd rather pay into my own personal account in which it would save for retirement. Pooling everything together was a mistake..IMO.

I'm against socialism. I realize that our country is headed this way. I don't like it...but what can i do? I'm for free markets...with provisions of course. This mortgage mess should have never happened, but i don't think the goverment should be taking over banks. Let the market straighten itself out. I know it would hurt the country...but i think doing the opposite is going to hurt us far worse than we can imagine.

I believe that we should be a leader in freedom..militarily. I'm not for warmongering...but with the realization that so many rogue country are trying to get nuclear's frightening. I understand people hate the Iraq war...and that we went in for the wrong reason...but i think it's important that we are there now. Many countries hate us...but they hated us before the Iraq war. We have it all...the people in the middle east have nothing. Many barely have enough to survive. I have 2 friends that served in Iraq....and they felt that we were doing the right thing. They didn't like being there and were glad to be back home...but they thought it was for good.

I don't think we can lead by example anymore. We are known as a bully in the world by most countries. Now many probably think we are a bunch of morons because of this financial crisis. I think the people in our country are spoiled in a sense that for years it's always been about buying stuff. Lets go buy more crap. Oops..i have no money...wait i have a credit card!! I used to have one....i cut it up after i payed it off. It's good for emergencies...but money should be saved already for that.

Abortion......should i dare touch this one???? I'm going to be brave (or stupid) and do it. I'm in the middle on it. I feel it should be up to the MAN and WOMAN. I do think the father should have some rights here. I also believe that should there be an should be done very quickly. It should not be allowed later in pregnancy. Also..the thing i dislike the most about abortion...people really should worry about their own families, not others, unless asked to. The time and attention some people put to this issue....i just think it could be better served in within the family.

Eh...i hope i don't regret posting that......

As for the survey....i came up with Baldwin with the highest percentage and he's a constitutionalist. I don't know if that means i'm a constitionalist. I just think it means he has more of the same beliefs as me. I'm just not for the political party stuff. I don't believe in the makes it too difficult for a third party to do anything in a presidential race. It's really unfair.

I don't like how are country is divided by our political parties. It's just another way to pit us against each's not like we need more reasons to dislike one another. I do believe that generally this country is full of good people...with some punks thrown in.

I know that i've strayed abit from the thread...i apologize for that....just wanted people to understand where i stand...and hopefully respect me for that.

I disagree with some issues with you Jaxon...but we agree on things also...ALL of us do.

One day...whether it be tomorrow...10 years..100 years from now...i hope that this country and the world will be able to put aside their differences and come together for the good of us all.

P.S. Eh sorry for the novel i just wrote..

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:06 AM
This is difficult to answer as I adapt to situations as I see fit for current times. I will say I am solid in the following:

Strong support of the Constitution:

Our constitution is the oldest still in use by any country. Its kept this country from falling apart and will continue to do so as long as its not modified from its current form.

The barebone of the Bill Of Rights should remain as every human being should be treated equally.

States should have the power to decide certain civil rights issues such as Abortion and Gay Marriage. The federal government needs to keep its nose out of this.

Against Big Government:

Like the person above me, that's without the exception of the military. We need to continue to keep our military funding at high levels. You skimp on this and our country will fall as past civilizations have shown.

Special Programs (Welfare specifically):

I am for the government giving out welfare, but only to those who are actually worthy. If you can afford a platinum "grill" and 22" spinners you can afford to put food on the table. I would certainly be dead or homeless if it werent for these programs. My family has been in the system for a while, so I speak from experience. That being said, we work and pay into the system.


The government should not be responsible in the sense of providing it. I do believe on the other hand that it should be responsible to make sure costs are affordable to everyone. Allow people to go get drugs and get em mailed. On top of this make sure insurance companies don't rip people off and have different rate tiers for different income levels.

With this sort of reform there would not be much trial and error as the basic infrastructure is already in place.

I personally feel universal healthcare is a very bad idea. I have family all over europe and its not as great as its made out to be.


I am pro war when its a justified cause. I personally do not want to go to war, but if needed I would. Iraq was a mistake, but one everyone as an American made. Everyone was for it in the beginning and its not our fault we had false information, its our responsablity to make sure it doesnt become a bigger disaster by leaving too soon. e.g. I dont want to see people walking around with "Save Darfur.... I mean Iraq" shirts on.

War is necessary sometimes. Better to take preventive action than wake up in nuclear winter.

Foreign Affairs:

We need to leave the UN. Every time a real important issue arises, it quickly gets tied up in that system. In my opinion it works a lot like Death Row.

Thats not to say we can't reinforce relationships with other countries and make decision as per discussion with them.

Im weak on foreign affairs (I shouldn't be though since almost all of my family are native Europeans).


This is definitely where I fall in line with my candidate of choice. Drill here, drill now! Nuclear energy is an awesome solution and im certain we will develop ways to deal with waste when the issue arises. We need to get off foreign oil and give our enemies the shaft instead of relying on em to keep us alive.


I believe it was the huskies who said to never envy your fellow man for what they have. That being said, I am highly against taxing people who make more money at a higher rate. In terms of equality as defined in the constitution, every man should be treated equally (even if it doesn't mention taxes).


Ok so there are cases like rape and incest, but a majority of abortions are due to negligence and stupidity. Use a rubber, get fixed.... do something! Just stop making and killing innocent babies.

I do make the exception for rape, incest and health reasions (real ones).

America needs to grow its backbone back though. The whole being friendly with the world thing has caused us to lose it, and along with that has gone our respect. (not to say we should act like bullies)

That's about all I can come up with now. Not sure if its what you are looking for but I'm sure I can come up with more when my mind is rested.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 02:00 AM
Politically speaking? I'm impotent. Doesn't really matter what I think or what I want as I can't change anything.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:20 AM
JR....I seem to come down squarely on the side of....well, where you're at!!

Just to be clear...Sen. Obama wishes to help our Budget Deficit by putting the onus back where it belongs....on Business.

Ronald Reagan's 'trickle down' theory has been shown to be a complete bust!!!!

AFTER RR, eight years of Clinton showed a better Economy.....then we had nearly eight years of "W"...and where did THAT take us????

McCain, despite his 'maverick' admonitions, simply wants to follow the Economic Plan, as is in 'Place'....without any modifications. Well, we've SEEN that idea for nearly eight ya think four or eight MORE years are gonna change the landscape????

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 06:18 PM
When I first started my business, I thought the GOP would be more favorable to my interest. I was wrong! I grew and thrived under Clinton, now I am facing laying off my workers and declaring Chapter 11. If perchance I can save my business; it won't be under a GOP administration.
The Republicans just pay lip service to small business people; they only care about the mega corps. And I am beginning to find very distasteful the vitriolic, hateful cheerleaders that want to divide the country for political reasons.

Politically speaking, I vote from a selfish, personal standpoint. Ideology be damned.

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 06:22 PM
I am a secular progressive socially liberal fiscally conservative libertarian Constitutionalist. In short, I am Bill O'Reilly's worst nightmare.

But I do believe in government health care. If that makes you want to call me a socialist go ahead. Most people who use that as an insult can't even define it.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by GetOutOfMyRabbitHole

GetOutOfMyRabbit....I think that pretty well sums it up!!

Politics get thrown and tossed around (mostly by 'conservative' Right-Wing' so-called 'republicans') as a way to stir up their masses.

Actually, up until a few years ago, it as a problem from both of the two 'Major' Parties --- hence a tendency in the last several decades to form a Third...

Let's clear our heads, and think about this the last 30 years, ONE Democratic candidate has been elected President...twice, of course.

We saw Reagan nearly destroy the Country, economically...we saw Clinton (with all of his personal flaws) repair the economy, then we've seen the results of the last eight years.....

(One caveat...ANOTHER Democratic Nominee for President likely won back in 2000.....but that's for History to decide...water under the bridge, after the devastation of the 'current' 43rd!!!)

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 09:41 PM

Originally posted by GetOutOfMyRabbitHole
I am a secular progressive socially liberal fiscally conservative libertarian Constitutionalist. In short, I am Bill O'Reilly's worst nightmare.

Well said. I agree completely. I'll bet most here probably fall in or near that category, which I do not think is surprising, because it would be what an independent minded truth seeker would want.

I also do not think it is any random coincidence that the "solutions" offered up by our major political parties divide people along lines which prevent such clear-headed thinking. You are the type of person least open to manipulation, and for that reason you are dangerous (dangerously independent and competent, I would say).

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 08:09 PM
Sorry, Jaxonroberts. I planned on posting here and then forgot.

Anyway, I lean to the left a bit. I might even be a bit of a socialist, but if so, not one that has formed any real opinions on it. Often, when I think of politics, I am remind of John Lennon's song - Imagine.

I suppose I think in similar terms as he did. I don't necessarily believe we should have no religion or possessions, and I am not sure John did either, but it is thought provoking. The idea of people actually sympathizing, caring, and helping each other out as a whole.

In my opinion, drugs aren't the problem, the liberal media isn't the problem, gangs are the problem, and religion isn't the problem. The problem is society as a whole. As a whole, we don't care about each other at all.

Look at welfare. I think the program has good intentions, but it's a complete failure. The best we can do for our impoverished communities is offer them a small check that will barely put food on their table?

How about we offer them a good education, equal employment opportunities, and the ability to use their own resources to find their way out of a bad situation. I know, many believe we already do enough, but that's exactly what I am talking about.

As I heard someone say recently about our monetary investments in Afghanistan, we judge our progress by how much money we give. We don't judge it by how it gets used or the actual outcome of the money given. We throw massive amounts of money into failed social programs and none of them solve the root of the problem.

And NO ONE cares.

We through hundreds of millions of dollars into a prison system that houses mostly drug offenders. We don't treat the root cause, the drugs, and then we send them back out on the street with a bitter attitude, and probably more knowledge of how to get away with crimes.

Our school systems are probably the most bloated piece of garbage ever in history. Massive amounts are funded to schools, half of them don't use the money even close to properly. How about paying teachers a decent salary? How about sending money to areas that need it? I remember my high school had something like a 70" LCD in it's lobby that was supposed to be used a touch screen but never got used.

We had a radio station, TV station, granite pillars, and other excessive items. There are schools that have no books. I am willing to sacrifice most of that so that others can have an education that is worth a damn.

Again, back to the problem, while I and others are willing to sacrifice, most aren't. I could go on all day about the money spent and wasted in this country, but I think I've gone far enough.

The reasons these programs fails is because no one cares. All anyone cares about is the bottom line. It's the problem with capitalism. Capitalism justifies greed.

That's where I stand politically on social issues. Militarily? I don't mind spending butt-loads of money on the military. They produce great stuff researching better ways to kill people. They have been responsible for some great inventions.

I do have a problem with our military striking other nations to force our ideals on them. If we are going to go on a world changing mission, then we need to have the world's support.

In all, I think this nation is broken. Eventually it will need to be restructured - sooner, rather than later. The great thing about this country is that it was founded on the basis of change and restructure if necessary. People will hold onto the ways of the past until it is no longer feasible.

I'm just waiting for that day.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 08:13 PM
Personally (I'm from UK), my views are

1. Act with good faith.
2. Try to be as kind as is humanly possible in dealing with people (people may need a slap sometimes, but they don't always need the key throwing away).
3. Don't harm people.

If all our politicians did that, we'd have no wars, everybody looked after and probably a better quality of life all round. Just dreaming.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 09:59 PM
Depending on the issue, I lean sometimes conservative, sometimes liberal. i'm all for equal rights for EVERYONE, and that means gay folk too. I'm not a woman so I can't state weather or not a woman should or should not be allowed to have an abortion, cause i will never be in that situation(nor will any man)

At the same time, I like guns and the right to keep those guns. I believe in seperation of church and state, and wholeheartedly in the Constitution.

So I guess I'm a moderate Constitutionalist.

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