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USA call to arms

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:15 AM

Originally posted by reticledc
reply to post by stander

If you are referring to the elections. The electoral college decides, not the people.

I meant it as a huge display of no confidence.

Electoral college consists of electors. Who are the electors?
Here is the shortest description I came across:

Electors are actual human beings, with houses, children, jobs, and very occasionally, their own opinions.

What if they stay home?

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:42 AM
Unfortunately reticledc they would just use this against people.
They would just find a way to exploit it and manipulate it for there own gain and even more control over humanity.
At the end of the day if the tyrannical evil is still breathing, it will find a way to control you.
What do you do to a noxious weed after you have tried everything to get rid of it?
After all the methods you try don't work?
You go and dig it out at the root.
If one piece of root is still alive, it will grow back.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 05:09 PM
Thank you everyone for your comments. I love to see people thinking. While I do believe something like this can work, I do have no doubt that a negative spin would be put on this entire idea. Anyone that talks of dissension is regarded as an outcast, even among individual social networks, like the workplace.
No one wants to be the first.
I really want people to know one simple thing about me before I continue.
That is, I have faith in human beings. Not Gov., Human beings, with dreams and hopes and feelings and families and goals.

We have been so subdued.
Today at work I has talking to someone about the things that are going on lately. One of the person's reactions to this whole mess (she is retiring in 2 years) was and I quote"I don't care! Let the next guy worry about it!" I told that person that "I am the next guy." I can handle personal insults. They don't phase me, but when I heard her say "I don't care!" It hurt me. Truly! I felt physically ill. That is when it dawned on me. It's not that she doesn't care. It's that she has spent so long caring, and watching as no one does anything, that she cannot handle it anymore. She actually cares too much, and has been so wounded by the apathy of other people, she can no longer handle the emotional investment. I felt that pain and I understand it.

I believe that all of us are in that same predicament. We have invested ourselves emotionally, so much, because everything that is happening is so close to home and heart, that we feel we have nothing left. I believe that all the apathy I have been preaching against can largely be attributed to this very emotional state.
We simple have nothing left to invest.
Perhaps it's time to stop looking at this as an emotional investment and start looking at it like a business transaction. Corporate America looks at us that way, so why not look back?
We would merely be imposing a sanction of our revenue upon those who benefit from it. Another point was brought up to me today as I explained this entire scenario to a friend of mine. What about the tax revenue that does go to good places to do good things? I agreed that was a valid point. I replied that instead of bailing Wall st. out, with the some odd trillions of dollars, perhaps the government should have spent that money on a universal health care system they said that the couldn't afford instead. No money for health care but money to bail out the top dogs on Wall st.
By the way, why do you think they call it Wall st.?
It's not because of the name of the street.
All in all, it's just, another brick in the wall.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 10:15 PM

Originally posted by ProfEmeritus
Actually, quite a few of the suggestions have merit. When they passed the treasonous Bailout Bill, I immediately thought about a day where no one worked, bought anything, and stayed home. I quickly thought about what another poster above mentioned, namely what about public safety personnel, and realized it would not be a great idea.

However, I do agree that hitting them in the pocketbook would get their undivided attention. I also like the idea of doing this in union with Canadians, because although there are, and should be, a separate country, I have always felt that they are our brothers and sisters, despite periodic government differences. We have so much in common with our friends to the north.

What would people think about picking a day of the week, say Wednesday, when we buy nothing, every Wednesday, from large companies and corporations. In addition, send emails and make phone calls to our representatives of our respective governments, (House of Commons, House of Representatives, Senate) telling them that we will continue to boycott those businesses until they listen to the majority? I would suggest that the companies and large corporations would soon put pressure on our representatives. In addition, our elected representatives would soon get the message that we are fed up, and won't put up with it anymore. It would, of course, require us to follow through, by voting out the incumbents that do not abide by the will of the people. Therein lies the problem. In both countries. "opposing" parties play off against each other, and actually convey the appearance of different choices, when in fact, it is a deception, to keep us from realizing that they are in the same club. We need to understand that.

I would like suggestions or comments on such an idea.

BRILLIANT! or atleast imo. i am one hundred percent in on this. ive personally always seen the major problem as lack of coordination. we all want generally the same thing, but we arent strong enough on our own. i can take off work, noone will know. but if we (the crowd) are united in what we say, then those on stage will hear us. we can go speak out against bush obama mccain and all "puppets" of the world orders. we just need someone like ron paul in on this to be a voice for us to the govt/senate/congress n such.

this is history in the making folks and we are setting in motion the drastic measures that must be taken to paint a bright future for those following our generation. now i know everyone is scared because they need job security and to pay off debts. but thats exactly what the elite want. for us to be too bound by their control and form of slavery.

now adding to the very good ideas stated thus far, if there were just some way to get enough people to see who ron paul is, we could maybe abstain from work or spending or something until they agreed to let him in power. then we would also see how truly united we are and how much we truly out-number those conspiring all we live out.

last, i think what yall are doing is great. im still new here and to see people coming together and thinking so intellectually is just about all that gives me hope. i try to open peoples eyes very subtley and they ALL siimply state "i dont care, im one person, i will do my best to generate a good income and thats all that i care for". as wisely put in the matrix "they are so dependent on the matrix that they are not ready to awaken...yet"

thanks for the hope

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 02:44 PM
The first time that was threatened was the Solidarity movement in Poland. It was quite effective as a threat.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 05:17 PM
I really feel that if something like this were to work, we would need a major backer. Someone who would stand in the faces of the rest of the Gov. when they say we are plotting to starve the young and elderly of the country.

We need someone who would know what to say, when we finally do have their attention. Someone who who has been saying everything we have all been feeling.
Do you think that any particular "congressman" might support this? HMMM?

Remember, remember, the fifth of November
the gunpowder treason and plot.
I see no good reason why the gunpowder treason,
Should ever be forgot...

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 05:22 PM

Originally posted by NeoSocialist
You complain about Socialism but striking strikes me as being a very 'Socialist' thing to do.

And complaining about being slaves to money too. You're slaves to big bussiness though, it's a shame this isn't understood.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by Jkd Up

The first time that was threatened was the Solidarity movement in Poland. It was quite effective as a threat.

Why don't we call our movement Solidarity, then?

Anyone on the thread good at designing a LOGO we could use?

We could all add it to our avatars.

What do you all think?

We could set up a blog.

We could post as a group.

Keep the ideas coming...

Brainstorming session begins here......

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 08:16 PM
I've started a new thread to get ideas from the entire membership of ATS.
Here is the link:'

Let's not just talk anymore. Let's start the action.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:43 AM
The reality - is that politicians have lied to us for years and now we accept it, we accept it from not only them but also the media, big business and anyone else who wants to. Why? Because we forget how strong we are together!

Check out the U.S. Treasury Department. Are all the facts here on the U.S. Economy? Are not all the laws and regulations public access? Could anyone you know tell you how much we spend on cleaning supplies at the white house? Why not? Because we are STUPID!

So here is the plan:

1.Start a website where people can register for free and work through discussion groups on reviewing regulations and spending. In mass, we can go over regulations and spending, making public the problems! We can expose the overspending of leaders, the misuse of public funds and so on. We can fix things – WE THE PEOPLE!
2.We would need a division of this website – where real news could be reported. I have never been so disappointed in our news agencies as to when they push their own political views on the public – and we TAKE IT! We need to give them a run for their money! We need to tell them that HALF TRUTH'S are NOT ACCEPTABLE!
3.Once we know where all the money goes – we will know where it is being overspent, or some is missing. It is time for the government to stop hiding such things from their people! I used to be ok with “national security” things but the government has crossed the line and it is time for someone to hold them responsible. It is time that government is FOR ALL the people, NOT FOR the rich people!
4.I believe with real commitment, this could lead to an overhaul of the political parties and so on. This would have to be non-partisan and for the good of the human race. So many worry about nuclear war and so on, but it will only happen of we THE PEOPLE allow it! The world is NOT free people! But - if we ALL want it to be - it will be! (and don't worry about the elites - when we stand together, they are nothing)

I was traveling last year – through Dubai, I sat next to a family from Iran on the flight. My first impression was (I did not know they were Iranian at that time) what a nice family. They looked like a typical American family, they spoke English, they joked and were intelligent. Then they were from Iran – I couldn't believe it. They explained to me that it is the governments of the world that hate each other and through their hate, they teach their people to hate – but in reality, most of the people don't hate. It just happens that those who HATE have the biggest mouth's.

I can see very clearly now that governments sow the seeds of hate and distrust in order to control their people more and thus keeping themselves elites. Well – it is the Internet age, it is the age of information. It is time we take on the governments of the world, the people need to begin to stand together and detest this misinformation! Why not? There are some sites where people talk about their countries and so on, but no place where the people from all around the world unite and we get the facts and we work together to change the world, for the people.

I know people who can hack the internet – why dont we know where all these terrorists are posting blogs from? I know accountants who can figure out major accounting messes – why cant we figure out where the government is overspending and balance the budget? The list goes on people – the answer is simple – we do NOT stand together – we need to start or we are the ones at fault for what happens to us!

It just makes me so angry, and for awhile I felt that this was all out of our control – but how wrong I was. If the people of the world stand up and declare – We will not Allow... Anymore! - the politicians would have to listen to us! But we don't anymore – we think that a single person doesn't matter – and the governments love that we think this!

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