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12 Israelis released in Caicos dispute vs Chinese kidnapped in Pakistan escapes

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:56 PM
12 Israeli were taken as hostage in China and A Chinese engineer who was taken hostage in Pakistan seven weeks ago has escaped from his kidnappers, finding his way to an army post.

That means that China knows that the one who took their engineer as a hostage in Pakistan were Mossad ... that is why when they took their israeli as a hostage they been only released when the mossad in pakistan released the chinese engineering ...

Which means that all chaos done in pakistan made by Mossad and Mi6

In forum I posted a dream that a military strike will happen against pakistan done by the Mossad with pakistani government green light

and my dream came true .

10-28-2006, 03:10 PM
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Last night i had a dream about pakistan

Israeli are attacking pakistan and flying into the pakistani airspace as they do with lebanon ...
and the pakistani are so angry

and the israeli did a bomb into pakistan ,,,

Pakistan is occupied by Mossad , British intelligence

and Bhutto husband Asif Ali Zardari won the election because pakistan use the great system "Electoral College"

In pakistan and Sudan .... Now it is quiet obvious who abducted our tourist in Egypt sudanese border ....

China workers abducted in Sudan

TO revenge from chinese because they were able to release their engineering in pakistan by capturing 12 israeli ...

The israeli revenge back by abducted the chinese workers in sudan

Now it is quiet obvious who been bombing our mosque and funding the rebels to rape and kill in pakistan and sudan

Mossad you are quiet stupid .... to uncover all your cards .


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