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A concerted effort?

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:33 PM
Lately I've notcied an abundance of apparently Christian members--most of them new to the board, I think-- that will try to derail any thread questioning Christianity with an argument something like this.

In the interest of privacy I don't want to post specific posts, but they've been very prevelent:

Person A: Christianity murdered X number of people during the Crusades/Inquisition.

Perseon B: That wasn't us! That was the Catholics!

Person A: Well, okay, but the Protestants murdered woman during the Salem Witch Trials!

Person B: Not fair! There weren't actually and witches killed there, and they were hanged, not burned!

Person A: Allright, well, there were also the efforts to kill Native Americans who did not convert to Christianity.

Person B: Yes, but those people weren' true followers of the Bible.

Let it be known that when someone says Christianity and speaks of it in the historical context, unless otherwise specifically mentioned, they mean the entire spectrum of beleifs that came from the OT & NT Bible.

Let it also be known that the "Not Following Jesus" excuse also falls short. It's not enough to say that it was a lapse of judgement when whatever event in question, like the ones above, was officially sanctioned by the leadership at the time.

I have seen this crop of in many threads now, I expected it in CiR but it's been so many times now that I wonder if there is some concerted effort among certain members, or one person working under many names.

To the people who have been or might want to post something like this, please don't, it only makes the members of your religion look defensive. There's no shame in aknowledging that historical events have happened and that humans are responsible... that's the most important step in ensuring that it doesn't happen again.

Added preemtively: Focus on the OP please, don't turn this into a debate about the evils of atheism vs. religion.

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by asmeone2

You are confusing "Christians" with "Patriots". Most of what you correctly characterize as thoroughly "un-Christian-like" behavior was done for the "tribe/gang/nation/etc". Whitewash religion for the state is a very potent tool of TPTB. However, Jesus preached the KOG. Followers of "The Way" would never do what you attribute to the Children of God. There really is nothing here for which we would "lie/tempt/murder". Those are the characteristics of what Jesus said were the Children of Satan. Now even if you don't believe in the "superstitious" teachings and beliefs of "The Way"... at least give the smart Jewish kid born on the wrong side of the chariot tracks some credit for being a really savvy political analyst of human society.

BTW... I rarely if ever will use the word "Christian" in either my speech or writings. Too much nasty baggage rightly associated with the label.


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