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VANGA: Russia Will Dominate The World!

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posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 03:09 PM
okay then
it looked alot like russian to me. but i still have yet to see any real predcition that came true.

posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 09:42 PM
well, now you can see one of the predictions coming true. India and Pakistan...


posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 11:19 PM
Predictions look a lot like Billy Meier's predictions, although I have no idea how the author of this time line came up with the dates. I am thinking that whoever created this time line took Vanga's and Meier's predictions, mixed them, created one time line, changed few words, and published it.

Meier said that the war will start after 4 heads of state are assassinated.
He also said that the tensions between Muslim and European countries will escalate. Also talked about ozone layer, and new diseases.
Here are some of his predictions btw "predictions"
you can find more predictions in Contact 251

Here is a small paragraph regarding WW3
"New weapons will once again create quite a stir, and so will the death
of 4 heads of state who will die within 7 days from each other. These then are the last
danger signs, which foretell that within merely 2 years of these events the long-feared
world war will indeed erupt, unless terrestrials finally gain mastery over their reasoning
to stop all these ills. Should this not be done, mankind will fail in its attempt to protest
and boycott the new deadly weapons, because by this time the armories of many nations
will be full to their capacity. Passing laws to prohibit the use of these weapons will be
ineffective at this late stage. World War III cannot be averted if Man fails to finally
become reasonable! The war will begin with conventional weaponry and escalate to
nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The world war will begin in November of a
specific year, after 5 years of intensive effort are spent reaching this goal which is
preceded by 4 years of unspecified preparations. Should war actually break out, it will
last for 3 years and 11 months and will therefore end in October of the fourth year. By
this time, Earth's northern hemisphere will be largely destroyed by nuclear fires and
radioactive radiation that will annihilate the entire animal and plant world unless Man
sees to it that the prophecy proves itself to be just a prophecy without fulfilling itself.
Should this not be the case, the world will face some additional 11 bitter years of poverty,
misery, starvation and many other ills. The nuclear radiation will cause the crippling and
mutation of the children born at that time, and multitudes who survive the war will be
contaminated and burned by radiation. Chemical warfare will cause horrifying and
atrocious skin diseases, and biological warfare will produce festering sores and many
other ills, not to mention vicious human freaks, etc. Prior to these events unfolding,
however --- always with the assumption that the prophecy fulfills itself through Man's
own fault --- scientists will discover the manipulated gene from ancient times in the DNA
chain responsible for the rapid aging in human beings."

So I am calling this time line a BS prophecy. I can't find a lot of info on Vanga, but from what I've seen on the internet that's not her time line.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 11:05 AM
I would lik eto call the BS on Vanga, her predictions for 2300 are quite laughable.

If i recall there will be some superevil dark huge force coming from space by then?

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 11:44 AM
Seems ignorant to believe that one person over anyone else can see the future and or predict events exactly as they happen...Your timeline is so far fetched that even a science fiction novel couldn't keep up. Why didn't she predict 9-11 but predicted a ship sinking? These quote on quote "Predictions" are so bland and non-descriptive its unbelievably easy to take them out of context.

I believe in coincidence and the power perhaps to get a sense of events before they happen but not predicting events to the T. This timeline is ridiculous and no-one can pinpoint exact events to concurrent dates...not to mention dates 20-25 years down the road...Give me a break...

I can tell you a ship will sink again, people will continue to die, and nukes may go off as well- does that mean I'm psychic?

posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 03:57 PM
I would like to comment on this because with the turmoil in Ukraine ahaha well...

posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 04:19 PM

VANGA: Russia Will Dominate The World!
Nobody...I mean no one will dominate the World.

Only I can do that

For example nothing has happened on April 15th 2000 and 14,because I didn't posted anything

If I would posted something of my choosing,certainly that thing would have happened

edit on 15-4-2014 by HeavenlyAngel because: 1

posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by HeavenlyAngel

ahahahah Go you oh mighty person

posted on Apr, 20 2014 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: JanusFIN

All I see are bad predictions, Putins hasn't realized Russia was castrated long before.

Vanga must have been sipping some Chernoble tea.

posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 07:14 AM

originally posted by: Justmea
reply to post by HeavenlyAngel

ahahahah Go you oh mighty person
Maybe you are right,so many billions of years of existence can make you tired sometimes

Well Nuclear Plants.....

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 09:50 PM
a reply to: JanusFIN

I think Cuba will take over Russia, Castro will make a better leader than Putin.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 11:50 AM

originally posted by: HeavenlyAngel

originally posted by: Justmea
reply to post by HeavenlyAngel

ahahahah Go you oh mighty person
Maybe you are right,so many billions of years of existence can make you tired sometimes

Well Nuclear Plants.....
Russia warns Ukraine that US nuclear fuel will not work in Ukrainian nuclear power plants,

Oh but the past....,

Russia and Ukraine are discussing the creating of a joint venture for the conversion and enrichment of uranium on Russian soil, the head of Russia's state nuclear power corporation Rosatom, Sergei Kirienko, has told the press. The two countries already have a JV in Ukraine for the fabrication of nuclear fuel, in which Ukraine holds the controlling stake. If the enrichment JV in Russia is set up, Russia will have control, Kirienko said. Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Yuriy Boiko has confirmed that the countries are interested in integration in the field of converting and enriching uranium, as Ukraine has undertaken not to perform such operations at home. (Interfax Oct. 4, 2012)

Ukraine's 15 nuclear power units at four nuclear power plants are operated by Energoatom, the country's nuclear power utility. Following the addition of two new VVER-1000 reactors in 2005, capacity increased to 13,168 which was 26.3% of the country’s total installed capacity. Energoatom expects nuclear to retain its contribution of 50-52% of Ukraine's electricity in 2020. All are Russian VVER types, two being 440 MWe V-312 models and the rest the larger 1000 MWe units – two early models and the rest V-320s. Power reactors have operated in Ukraine since 1977, and over 300 reactor years of operating experience have been accumulated. Load factors have increased steadily and reached 81.4% in 2004. A decrease of the country's load factor after 2005 is related to restrictions imposed by the national electricity grid. Early in 2010 it was at 73%. "Operational disturbances" at nuclear plants dropped from 71 in 1999 to 21 in 2009.

Original design lifetime of the Russian reactors was 30 years. Energoatom initially planned to extend the lifetimes of Rovno 1 & 2 and South Ukraine 1 by 15 years and final checking of the pressure vessels (for embrittlement) and the internals of all three units was in 2008-9. A 20-year extension of the operating licences for Rovno 1&2 was granted by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRI or SNRC) in December 2010. Energoatom said that more than US$ 300 million had been invested in upgrading the two units since 2004, in collaboration with IAEA. Energoatom has said that Rovno 1&2 are pilot facilities and that it plans to extend all reactor lifetimes similarly. In mid-2012 it announced that the 11 oldest 1000 MWe reactors are to have 20-year life extensions by 2030. In February 2013 the SNRI said that South Ukraine 1 could have life extension after a major upgrade during 2013, and in October it approved plans for a ten-year extension to 2023. In 2014 SNRC was assessing unit 2 of the plant preliminary to a 300-day outage from May 2015 to upgrade it.

In March 2013 the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) announced a EUR 300 million loan for comprehensive reactor safety upgrading to the end of 2017, matching EUR 300 million from Euratom. The EUR 1.4 billion project will include up to 87 safety measures addressing design safety issues comprising the replacement of equipment in safety relevant systems, improvements of instrumentation and control for safety relevant systems and the introduction of organisational improvements for accident management.

The life extension program is being challenged under the UN Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context – informally known as the Espoo Convention – which has been ratified by 44 countries and the EU. The convention comes under the Economic Commission for Europe and the challenge is on the basis of inadequate environmental assessment.

Ukraine's best-known nuclear power plant was Chernobyl (Chornobyl in Ukrainian). This had the only RBMK type reactors in the country. Unit 4 was destroyed in the 1986 accident, unit 2 was shut down after a turbine hall fire in 1991, unit 1 was closed in 1997 and unit 3 closed at the end of 2000 due to international pressure.

I wonder.....

posted on Apr, 29 2014 @ 02:18 PM
Well this is an interesting prediction either way and actually if i had time i would but there are many other fortune tellers who said something similar.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 08:05 AM
When I take the predictions of Vanga concerning the last years:
2008 - Assassination attempts on four heads of states. Conflict in Indonesia. That becomes one of the causes for the start of WWIII.

2010 - The start of WWIII. The war will begin in November of 2010 and will end in October of 2014. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and chemical weapons.

2011 - Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere - no animals or plants will be left. Muslims will begin chemical war against Europeans who are still alive.

2014 - Most of the people in this world will have skin cancer and skin related diseases. (as a result of chemical wars).
- See more at:

None of them came true. I have also the personal information that Russia will lose the 3. World War:

I speak with a demonstrator and explain to him that active opposition in the background is welcome. To appear too much before the public is dangerous, because not only the Russians would have open eyes and ears, but also Austrian would denounce. The activist asks me whether I had even other tips for him. I explain to him that the war lasts only a few weeks and Russia will lose this. TextBefore, they will kill many thousands of people. Therefore, it is better to operate covered and to avoid open, direct confrontations. (Vision; 99 07 07)

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