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BREAKING! Learn about the Crisis from the Illuminati that designed it!

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 08:44 AM
Hello here's some brain food for the usual ATS visitor for Doom-self-education from one of the most reknown Illuminati Think Tanks in Europe (available in English, German, Espanol and Francais):

Frist warned in 2006:
Global systemic crisis September 2008 - Special announcement

Published in October '07:
Very Great Depression' in the US, social unrest and army's growing influence on public affairs (2nd quarter 2007 – 4th quarter 2009)

Published in March '08:
End of 2008: Pension funds go off the rails

Published in June '08:
The decisive six months to avoid a global recession: Five strategic advices for central banks, governments and other regulatory authorities< br />

Published yesterday:
Global systemic crisis Alert - Summer 2009: The US government defaults on its debt!-Global-systemic-crisis-Alert-Summer-2009-The-US-government-defaults-on-its-debt_a2250.html

Have "fun". And get physical Gold and silver, rice, beans and water in return for whatever green toilet paper you may can afford...


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