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Just Another Brick In The Wall E

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 05:37 PM
Look at the symbols...

The bricks, WALL E, the green trinity and what it is used for, the songs that come in for those scene's.

Maybe its communication, but i think they probably have technology in theatre's that implants the music as a subliminal message audible only to the subconscious, i always wondered why i felt disoriented and weird after seeing a movie, now i think i know why.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 05:48 PM
A mate of mine works at pixar...and no. If is some secret illuminati cover up..he's the best damn double agent they have thats for sure. I think what we have here is teh brains ability to see patterns in everything... We notice the things that 'fit' and remember them, but not the ones that don't...those we forget and it doesn't even register.


posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 09:21 AM

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by zausuaz
Look at the symbols...

The bricks, WALL E, the green trinity and what it is used for, the songs that come in for those scene's.

Maybe its communication, but i think they probably have technology in theatre's that implants the music as a subliminal message audible only to the subconscious, i always wondered why i felt disoriented and weird after seeing a movie, now i think i know why.

Perhaps you feel this way because you have been sitting in a dark room fixated on a massive screen in otherwise complete darkness with a loud and complex sound system bombarding your ears and then all of that ends and you must start walking and talking. It is even worse during the day when you go out into the bright sun. Your body has been at rest, your senses have been over stimulated, and then in an instant you go back to active normal life. Have you ever stood up to quickly and had to sit down?

The other option is that the illuminati and pink floyd have finally decided that young children and their parents are ready for the message they recorder on the album The Wall. The over all purpose being to make people disoriented for a few moments. Those evil geniuses!

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:43 PM

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 11:49 PM

Originally posted by the secret web
A mate of mine works at pixar...and no. If is some secret illuminati cover up..he's the best damn double agent they have thats for sure. I think what we have here is teh brains ability to see patterns in everything... We notice the things that 'fit' and remember them, but not the ones that don't...those we forget and it doesn't even register.


And why do you assume he would know? the only people that would need to know are the editors and the director, thats it. And if youve ever worked with Bryce, the half life game engine, or 3-d scene modeling you would know this.

Im sure you can agree that if you had all the actors, backdrops, props, and the animations to make them move, talk, and/or seem "alive" it wouldn't be such a task to compile it in time with an album, especially if it was an album synced to in order to communicate an idea worldwide.

Its WAY easier to set up whatever scene you would like if you have all the 3d models at your disposal. In that case i doubt your friend had any say in the final product.

Also i find it very amazing how many people say "no" before even thinking about it. Does this make your feel like your opinion cannot be wrong?

WALL E, a dead giveaway, especially when within the first minute of the movie he is setting bricks in a wall, and is also A BRICK.

Well, heres the link agian, should you feel compelled to study feverishly and find every nook and cranny of unrelated material...

Do that, and you might just end up believing me, the last guy who got steamed enough to challenge me did, but i need no apology, this is pre-programmed to be rejected, so i dont feel so bad about being slammed.

one day while were hiding in bunkers and waiting for the NWO troops to pass ill be the one saying...

"i dont want to brag but... didnt i tell you so?", i assure you, this is probably the single most important idea that needs to be put into people's heads. No, the government does not care for you and Yes, we have been brainwashing americans for 60+ years.

when the military and the bankers buy the entertainment of an entire country(america), and use it to spew propaganda from every corner imaginable it wasnt long before Hoover(director of the CIA) said it.

He said it very bluntly, "the CIA owns every major hollywood production"

Hollywood = owned by the military for the purpose of brainwashing the public.

The word "hollywood" is a wand made by druids for the purpose of "casting spells on his audience", and it is no different today than it was then, with the exception that THE WORLD is the audience.

There are 3 kinds of people in the world
1) those that make something happen
2) those who watch it happen
3) those who never knew what happened(IE the public informed by TV)

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 11:50 PM

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 04:55 AM

Originally posted by zausuaz

And why do you assume he would know? the only people that would need to know are the editors and the director, thats it. And if youve ever worked with Bryce, the half life game engine, or 3-d scene modeling you would know this.

Why do you asume that you do then? I'm sorry but this is complete rubbish...the absolute chaos thbat strikes all productions means they can barely keep things together for a release let alone be part of a big conspiracy.

There's a wee but of a difference between using bryce and production level making of assets for films. I wont be contriubutig to this topic anymore as its fairly obvious that no matter what logic is passed on simply 'want to belive'. So fee free to say yoiu told me so if the entire world collpases as a result.


posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 07:08 AM
On the contrary, you are the one who "wants to believe" its not possible, because if it was true you might have to do something about it. Like possibly overthrowing our fascist government.

Martial law was declared in the USA on oct 20, 2008, thats 11 days ago, and you can imagine that it will be put to use as soon as they pull back the troops in 2009, this is no joke, this is bona-fide illuminati communication.

The movie itself is full of propaganda(the three leaves are an obvious hint to global warming) and the eerie fact that it matches up with "the wall" leaves the watcher wondering how many movies this has been done to.

the wizard of Oz and dark side of the moon is even referenced in WALL E by "hello dolly" from 1969, sputnik getting caught on his face, and the shot of apollo 11 as Wall E passes the moon.

1969 was the year judy garland dies(the original dorothy), and apollo 11 reaches the moon showing america "won" the space race.

I cannot open your eyes, only you can do that, only you can make the leap from simulated reality to reality as it is.

Most people dont, they cant take the strain, immediate overload of the senses while they watch. Suddenly they are angry and dont know why, suddenly they are yelling at me about "my crazy conspiracy theory" and suddenly it dawns on me that there are only a few people in my town and circle of friends that have the mental facilities to understand what these vids are.

I dont mean that these people arent smart, i mean that most of them dont have the ATTENTION SPAN of more than 2 minutes, as they are entertained constantly by TV and movies(I.E. conditioned). Or that they simply have a mental block(the psychological wall) that wont allow them to believe any conspiracy theory regardless of the truth.

As far as i know im the only person who has done this, i did so after watching "dark side of the rainbow" on a whim to see if the illuminati was dumb enough to actually use the technique again with a movie that would give it away completely, the movie i thought would be the best match was WALL E and i was not disappointed by the result.

After it really sunk in as to what i had found i had an epiphony.

If the Elite really are so stupid as to make WALL E follow in context and in rythm to "the wall" they must have some failsafe right?

Ofcourse at this point i assumed anyone i showed the vids to would not be able to deny that it was an uncanny match, but lo and behold...

Just by showing a person some of the more odd scenes, such as

"Comfortable Numb" vid number 8(Wall E and EVE make it to the "repair ward" and are surrounded by crazy robots in little lazer bins, and within seconds you are looking at a full blown music video. within seconds of the words "my hands felt like two ballons" six stewards make a wall and display hands across them, the words "this is not how i am" and Wall E curls up into a little cube)

"empty spaces/young lust"(vid number 4, skip to 4:40 seconds and tell me WALL E doesn't bust out dancing exactly as the song switches, and given context from the music what do YOU think the message was?)

Or when the album restarts, The Wall itself is made to be played cyclically as the last words are "and this is where" and the first "we came in?"

If you have the eyes to see it, its what people might call "getting high without drugs". Absolutely mindblowing when you realize the detail put into the movie(IE there are messages everywhere, i mean litterally everywhere, all that is required is a bit of knowledge of symbolism and your good to go)

I want to also stress that all i did was START the album, there are no scenes where the music is ever changed, it plays through from start to finish and begins again immediately, if you didnt know "the Wall" has 18 seconds of blank space before any music is heard.

well im out of characters so i hope this helps.


posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 06:03 AM
all american propaganda(AHEM) movies...

I believe the elite have finally decided to rid themselves of fat lazy americans(ergo the dumb people on the Axiom, the two anagrams of which(in english anyway) are Am i Ox?(as in cattle) and... AIM ox) and take over the world.

There is a spiritual law for Masons, it is a law of FAIR WARNING, hence, "The Wall" being released as both movie and "dark side of the moon/wizard of oz" a running gag in american comedy.

Nevermind that judy garland(the original dorothy) died in 1969, the year "hello dolly" was released and the moon landing was "a success" despite the fact that the camera lenses should have shattered due to exposure to extreme cold...

I think you need some context, so here i go.

Notice two things for me please, first, notice that both the Walt Disney logo(from WALL E) and the MGM Lion logo from wizard of Oz have a strange resemblence to the exact same symbol.

OMEGA, the last letter in the greek alphabet(hence why your supposed to start the dark side of the moon on the third roar, the LAST sound in the logo. If this is the case, then it stands to reason that this is the correct way to sync WALL E, which is what i did to get the effect seen)

Now, its hard for me to tell you step by step in WALL E exactly what is "the message" because the use of symbolism is beyond me(I.E. i havent studied enough greek/pheonecian/celtic alphabet/numerals to completely decypher it yet, over 1000 people have watched the vids... noone got what i got even though it should be pretty damn obvious when every song change is accompanied by a PERFECT scene change, AND that individual motions were synced also)

Ok, So in DSOTM and wizard of OZ dorothy(judy garland) balances on a rail to the words "balanced on the biggest wave, race to us an early grave"

Subsequently it should be noted that Hello Dolly was no accident in WALL E, nor was the use of E as 5(it is inside a red circle, the fifth letter of the alphabet, AND the fifth letter of the word WALL E)

W(the 23RD letter of the alphabet also shares ANOTHER coincidence with OZ/Dorothy)

W is the 4th to last word of the alphabet when read backwards... the opposite being...

D, for Dorothy. The Buy N Large logo at the end of the movie is rotated 90degrees and becomes a Z...

How strange that it is inside yet ANOTHER red circle(O)? Thus OZ... but wait! the rabbit hole goes on FOREVER!!!!

Aliester Crowley, illustrator of the Thoth tarot deck, the first man to seriously attempt to reach the summit of the mountain K2(11th letter of the alphabet) in pakistan, did so AFTER visiting the Great pyramids(giza plateau)...

the word pyramid comes from the pheonecian pyr = for division, and greek met = 10.

The division of 10, and as you can find out for yourself this is no joke, the three pyramids of the Giza plateu are by far the most perfect structures built by man, and TO THIS DAY they do not know
A) How they were built without machinery, though just a few years ago they found an iron plate inside Khufu, predating the Iron Age by 2000 years...
B) What exactly the mortar is made of(they know the elements used, but the mortar itself has not disintegrated under the weight of the pyramids yet, when it should have thousands of years ago)
C) How they knew that the Giza plateu was the ONLY PLACE within several thousand miles that could support the weight of such a massive structure
D) How they knew the earth was NOT flat, or how they were able to build in almost precisely at 29.9 latitude and 29.9 longitude, not to mention how many different alignments it has to the sun, constellations, planets, and the various other peculiar features, such as average earth density, encoded alignments using PI.
E) How they knew that we were a part of the Orion arm of the Milky Way and aligned the Kings chamber to Orions Belt(the three great pyramids also encode a perfect octagon), where exact earth center was, and that the missing "capstone" would be an exact 1/100 scale replica of the

posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 06:05 AM
entire pyramid... this one has baffled scientists for years
F) why tarnished coins left in the pyramids develop a grease on the outside that can easily be whiped off, renewing the coin to as mint as it can get.
G) Why they would build such a monstrousity for dead royalty

My assumption is that they used quartz crystals and "lodestones"(as in the same definition of an electromagnetic "Load") to absorb cosmic radiation to power lightbulbs. There are heiroglyphs in various Necropolises that tell the tale of the "snake" inside a tube, the snake obviously being a sine wave which is just further evidence for advanced technology in ancient Egypt.

SORRY, just wanted to add some reasons to why the world is not as it seems, it is as it is.

Back to Crowley...

Call him a crackpot all you want, Liber Oz was what he wrote as the spiritual LAW to be followed in his book about his encounter with an alien consciousness in the great pyramid of Khufu, and OZ comes right back around to WALL E...

Get it? I truly hope so! but if not here it is, for good or ill.

the letters in the by N large logo... rotated 90 degress during the climax of the film... to the words "is this not what you expected to see" on the second time around(the silence is part of "in the flesh" starting the CD over) BNL encased in a Circle, thus O

"L" i "B" er "OZ"? too many coincidences in my book, goddamn freemasons...

The Wall was written by pink floyd... but in actuality the album was about the spiritual LAW of warning that must be practised by freemasons, hence the words on the THIRD track "time" "then one day you find... 10 years have got behind you, noone told you when to run, you missed the starting gun..."

This was in reference to Bush SNR on september 11, 1991 calling for a "New World Order" and ten years later to the hour the two "pillars of the world"(I.E. the two buildings that held up the worlds economy) WTC 1 and 2, plus building 7(the SALOMON BROTHERS building in reference to the two pillars of SOLOMON, the wisest king and greatest ALCHEMIST, who's temple held before it the freemasonic Boaz and Joachim pillar template which you can find in any freemason church) came crashing down as the most obvious inside job on the planet...

(A sidenote about alchemy, had i not studied it i would never have found that The Wall and Wall E were a perfect match, infact playing them together IS ALCHEMY in and of itself, as it was INTENDED by the powers that be to both mislead the populace and communicate among eachother...
If you dont get WALL E, try BURN E, the pixar short film... you can do it yourself, can you guess what song syncs with Burn E?)

Run Like Hell... B urn(run) (like) hEll? it happens to be the ninth song on the second album(9/11)

following all this a war that isnt over yet and THE LAST WARNING...

Barrack Hussein Obama(like actors in glee reading the scripts written for them by jon stewart and steven colbert) The CIA had to have his name be as close to Osama as possible and added hussein to really make sure those with half a brain would figure out something was horribly wrong...
As if something wasnt already horribly wrong in 2005 when Hunter Thompson was murdered(they called it suicide) after writing but 2 books about bush, the last on entitled "kingdom of fear"

I dont know about you, but if i were Hunter Thompson fighting the good fight, i would do it to the bitter end, and who after so many years of political activism and absolute human achievement decides to commit suicide on presidents day(supposedly to protest the bush dynasty) when they have a wife and two kids?!!??!?

Goodbye Blue Sky?

Did Did Did you see the frightened ones... did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfold beneath the clear blue sky(also entraining the blue/red consciousness theme of awareness in WALLE and "The Matrix" in the form of a pill...) (in WALL E during this song several BNL(liber oz) massive freighters are toppled, and a

posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 06:07 AM
mushroom cloud rises from the last one)

Alright... i cant tell you every little detail... because in reality it would take me weeks to write it... seriously, if i have to add historical/coincidental context to the symbolism in Wall E
A) you wouldn't believe me
B) you would miss the point altogether
C) you wouldnt be able to "see" for yourself, which is what this is ALL ABOUT

Im trying to open your eyes to occult brainwashing... ive had several friends nearly want to punch me for bringing this subject up...

on the SECOND TIME!!! you have to realize(maybe not so much where you are) in america "the land of the free", they have done everything within their power to destroy the minds of the citizens through this kind of Magik(type 9/11 synchronicity 2001 millenium hotel into google to see what i mean).

Magik = psyops = spiritual warfare. In Essence, anyway...

Walt Disney logo comes up, the fairy makes the arc(thus creating the first part of Omega) and Walt Disney below completes it(as above, so below: ancient alchemaic proverb)

press play now...(i encourage you to do it FOR YOURSELF, rather than watch it on youtube, the real thing is quite more impressive... and besides from then on you can all yourself a bona-fide Wizard of the Age)

Next up... LUXO JR. the desk lamp...
Context... ancient THEBES! known today as LUXOR.

a famous king of Thebes named Amenhotep III, AKA Akhenaton, known to the people at the time as the "sun-king" had plans to overthrow the current religion in order and institute the worship of a certain disc i will tell you the name of in a moment, first you must understand that there is no coincidence's that leave out any part of what you see...

For instance everything above mentioned is true, but there is one piece being thrown away(there are so many coincidences it puts the mind in a state where the obvious becomes unclear, hence why noone else makes the connection of WALL E and The WALL, it seems WAY TOO OBVIOUS of a match to be anything other than coincidence does it not? I mean WHY ON EARTH would the illuminati be so stupid as to give it away, right? wrong...

They arent stupid, in fact(atleast in america/brittain) they tell it like it is day in day out on the comedy networks... VP shoots some guy in the face while hunting... HAHAHAHA
Bush #s his pants during a peace conference... then goes on to say some crazy stupid # about fish and people being able to "coexistinate for the time being, at the cost of wings dreaming and kittens being murdered to suck the oils out of their blood to feed the ever growing gasoline junkies..." hahahahA... eh?

sorry again... point being, Amenhotep III(sun-king) aka akhenaton wanted his followers to worship the Aten...

J is the tenth letter of the alphabet, and thus LUXO JR.(who STAMPS OUT THE I(EYE) will be subconsciously engrained in childrens minds as GOD stamping out THEIR EYE's at the begining of every Pixar film, with plenty of historical value they will only become aware of several years later.

Pixar has yet to put out a film that doesnt atleast triple their investment. Disney has been doing similar things since their inception, subliminal sex, occult magik and whatnot. Walt Disney's logo even contains 666, the numbers that invoke "the great beast" otherwise known as...

Aleister Crowley.

See what i mean? All that and the music hasnt even started yet!!!

Children, with their limitless imaginations will see this film and absorb the VISUALS(hence why the first 40 minutes are nothing but sound effects) of post apocalypse and a robot army cleaning up the mess of global warfare/genocide/human waste all due to ONE mass corporation...

Otherwise known as the NWO... OZ, or... if you really want a scare take a look at this Wendy's commercial...
Wendy = Dorothy as D and W are the same number in the alphabet when reversed W(4th letter and 23rd reverse) D(23rd and 4th reverse) In "the fifth element" Milla Jovovich plays LeeLoo(who looks exactly like what a smutty Dorot

posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 06:08 AM
Dorothy from OUTER SPACE/kansas(landing by being attacked and explosion in shape of O) should look like, color scheme and all "fifth element" being the pink floyd track "money".
In DSOTM and wizard of Oz it is famously noted that when the movie went into color upon opening her front door to the land of Oz the track Money syncs all too perfectly...

Notice the wendy's logo has ALWAYS been Omega, Lo and Behold we have...

she holds up a dollar bill with a cha-ching sign... and winks.
sync? wink? the dollar bill? MONEY...

too many damn coincidenes for this one...

Unfortunately ive run out of time for this one... sorry i couldnt be more decicive but i must sleep, this world is killing me.

Good luck, and may these NWO mutherufkers ufck their muthers whilst simultaneously being chopped and ground into Targo's Executive Powder...

(post by patssyncproductions removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Mar, 14 2015 @ 12:02 AM

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