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Sighting in Newcastle Australia 19/10/08

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 07:45 AM
Unfort not a first hand account but thought it was worth while due to the nature of the sighting.....

Just as a bit of back ground info, in my group of friends I am the 'conspiracy nut' and for many yrs have had many jokes made at my expense in jest at my belief in aliens and the UFO enigma.

But today i had one of my friends call me up and leave a bizzare message stating that he had just seen a large silver metalic cylinder shaped object (roughly 3 car lengths long) with no markings in the sky sitting over the ocean to the east off Newcastle.

He said that he was sitting in his car at the lights enjoying the nice blue sky @ 2:30pm AEST on his way back to work when he noticed in the sky the object (mentioned before) appear as if from no-where over the ocean and move quickly across the sky to the north for what seemed to be a fair distance then stop suddenly for 1-2 secs make a 90 degree turn ' on a dime ' was his expression shoot out to sea turn again suddenly under speed back to its original position then dissapear

Now he is one of the people that has given me # about this stuff for years
and was a mass skeptic before this event but now he tells me that there could well be something going on that he didn't want to admit to or want to believe. I told him to jump on here and have a look so hopefully in the next few days we might get his actual account.....

Be interested to know if there was anyone else from the area that comes here that maybe saw anything ??? You never know....

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by Disclosure Agent

HAHA!! DEBUNKED immediately.

There is no blue sky in Newcastle. JOKING!!.

I just noticed you updated it to Newcastle 'Australia'.
You had me wondering for a second.


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