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We must unite now!

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 02:12 AM
I havn't researched all of these facts and numbers, but I know this shows the big picture.
1/3 of the world live in slums, $5 billion dollars spent on the war in Iraq every month.
It's all a big pyramid game, where we, the middle class consumers are holding the whole f...... delicate cardhouse together.
All we have to do is educate ouselves, unite and TAKE ACTION! I'll get to that later...
It's not good enough having small peacefull demonstrations in the hundreds, where the police actually outnumber the demonstraters... WITH WEAPONS! The police/military THINK they are doing the right thing, as they have been brainwashed (by their superiors, who have also been brainwashed by their superiors and so on all the way to the top of the pyramid) into thinking they are doing the right thing.
When we reach numbers of 3.000 30.000, 300.000 or 3.000.000. demonstraters, THEN the police men will say to themselves: "We are on

the wrong side", and they will be unbrainwashed. INSTANTLY!

Stop buying and changing out our Pc's, TV's, the newest gadgets and silly shoes with lights on for our kids.
(We have the technology to make 1 of each of these items, which will last our whole lives: TV, car, washing machine, cooker, fridge etc. But no, everything is made to not last. AND WE ACCEPT IT. THEY HAVE MADE US WEAK! And what happened to the mini disk that they changed out with cd's. They didn't break. So they make cd's that need changing out every few years.
By doing this we are DIRECTLY helping the rich to get richer and the poor, poorer. We are also helping the elites achieve their agenda, as they own a lot of this planet
If we don't start acting NOW, I KNOW WE will be at the bottom of the pyramid much sooner than most people think.
Who's gonna help US then?? NO ONE!

I can tell you who's NOT going to help all of these poor souls around the world dropping like flies, 'cause of wars and starvation,
OUR GOVERNMENTS, the ones representing YOU and ME, (haha!) or the rich elites who have so much money it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to manage to spend it all in several lifetimes...
So who's left on this beautiful planet that have the power to stop this madness? YOU and ME, no one else.
Sounds scary, huh? Well it's gonna be MUCH scarier in the near future if we don't take action.
WE HAVE THE POWER, but we don't have control of our power.
Why, because we've given our power away by being manipulated, a bit by bit over years and decades.
And it's accelarating like mad nowadays. They are going for the kill.
They've got all the money they need, and now they're coming for our pensions and saving money.
Not to gain more money, but to make us weak thus easier to control, making it harder for us to fight back.
They look at us as their property, tools, soldiers, taxpayers etc.
Not being able to see this, one must be in denial, uninformed/disinformed, a "coincidence theorist" or hypnotized by the propoganda and lies that's been jammed down our throats by the TV since we came out of our mums bellies.
The media decides what's "appropriate" for us to see, and they protect the elites. (The poloticians are there to make us think we are in control, to make us satisfied, when they actually serve the capatalists/elites.)
The TV decides how often we laugh a day, (comedies), how "informed" we get ("news" haha), how much excitement we experience (action films/thrillers), how often we get scared (horror films), and how many marriages/partnerships goes to hell by showing how normal it is to f.... your secretary, your neighbour, your best friends wife! (Many movies and TV series).
All news around the world comes from Reuters, Reuters is owned and controlled by these elites??
The media is the democracies central nervous system.


There are hundreds of millions of people around the world, freedom fighters, fighting the corrupt system whos goal is to enslave the entire population. This is NOT enough yet, but the awakening is accelerating.
These freedomfighters are referred to as "conspiracy theorists", a word probably invented by our corrupt governments, media and ignorant people who don't do their own research, but blindly trust what the media feed them.
Freedom fighters are todays heroes fighting for our rights, the ones that got burnt as witches a couple of hundred years ago. Without them, we would all be slaves along time ago. They hold the balance. And if they are NOT the heroes, I ask who are the heroes?? Because I can tell you this much, it's not fun at all fighting tyrrany. It's stressful, scary, depressing and not something we like doing. Why we do it? BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!
I started this fight for freedom after I invested all my money in property development.
To make a long story short, I got ripped off, tricked and lost all of my money.
However I learnt alot about how greedy these rich sosiopaths are.
The man who ripped me off was good for nok250.000.000 or ca. £25.000.000. After ripping me off he is now good for nok257.000.000 or
What amazed me most when I was in in this buisness for 3 years, was this: I got to know all these rich bigshots in my hometown, Bergen Norway, and they are all the same. (At least 90%). They walk over bodies to earn an extra buck, and feel no guilt.

Now just imaine how the richest elites in this world of, soon, people think. Sleep on that... These guys are board of money, centuries ago. They are also bored of massive amounts of power. Now they want 100% control. It's in human nature, we allways want more. There are millions of excamles of this: Practically every rich person in the world's job is to maximize his profits every single day, "everyone" knows this, it's common knowledge. I've experienced this, I was actually like this myself when I was a poker pro. Maximize my profits, minimize my losses. Use any trick in the book. The whole elite poker community were like that, we were called the "sharks", and we used to call the bad players "fish." Only difference is that poker players are nice guys... mostly They hold the bluffing and manipulating to the poker table, don't use it in "real life"... mostly Also everyone plays by the same rules and have equal winning chances. The elites play by their own rules against opponents that DON'T EVEN know any game is being played. And cheating... Ethics does not exist for these guys.

On the official, mainstream ranking list over the richest in the world, Warren Buffet, has most money with about $60 bill in 2007. The Rockefeller family has spread their wealth between them to avoid publicity on the ranking list and are good for $11 trillion. The Rothschild family have about $100 trillion. (Numbers vary here, I've read 4-500 trillion. Hard to value his wealth apparantly)

The average Joe will not experience "mingling" or doing buisness with very rich people like this in a whole lifetime; as they are too far down in the money/power pyramid.
They only hear every now and then on the news of similar cases. They would be shocked if they new how often things like this occur.
Not just in buisnesses like this, but all buisnesses, politics, bank scandals etc.

The money I invested in property development, I earned from poker. I started playing poker with nickels and dimes at an early age, and when the internetpoker came, I tested my skills there. I bacame the most winning poker player in Norway several years in a row.
I was ranked as one of the top 5 in the world.
Anyway, after going bankrupt and finding out how corrupt the rich elites in my hometown (and the rest of the world) were, I started doing research on the internet to find out what else I didn't know about this world.
When one does research, one must be very (healthy) sceptical, have an open mind, go very very deep into subjects and NEVER trust only one source as there is alot of disinformation on the internet. Do research on the researchers to find out who one can trust, and delivers credible information.
It's all about information, and since there is so much information available, it's amazing how much truth one can find.

Poker is all about information too, so this I found easy. Since there is so much bluffing, manipulating, deception from our governments and media, I read them like an open book. They are using small stakes poker strategy on the populations, these strategies don't work on high stakes poker players. You can't bluff a bluffer.
I've allways asked questions my whole life. Questions like: Why are we not helping all the starving people around the world, why are there so many religions, why don't we get parachutes on planes and a system where every passenger can be saved, (it MUST be possible), why are there not enough teachers, policemen in Norway and why are they underpaid in the richest country in the world, (order out of chaos) why are there so many people saying that fluoride, aspartame, vacsines etc. are VERY dangerous for us and the media don't even mention it.
I mean come on! We have to open our eyes, seek and thee shall find, is so true!
Why did Jesus, Gahndi, JFK, Malcom X, Martin Luther King etc. get murdered??
Why are all the good guys fighting for YOUR and MY rights getting killed, while all the rich people, who don't give a f.... about you and me being adored and worshiped???
Another big mystery to me is this: The average Joe's admit that politicians lie all the time, and the media is corrupt.
BUT when someone like me, a "conspiracy theorist" (conspiracy realist!) tells the average Joe that the elites, bankiers of the world have a plan, called The New World Order, to centralize all power globally to one bank, one army, one currency, microchip everyone on the entire planet and make us slaves. And there is enormous ammounts of evidence. Then I hear: "Hehe, Chris has gone mad. He thinks someones taking over the world." Saying this without doing a minute of research. Einstein said, "contemplation without investigation, is the worst sort of ignorance". We are in a information age, things are different now than only a few years ago. More truth is being available to the average Joe, information that was rare before. There is a lot og disinfo also, so one has to "seperate the noise from the music." This usually isn't hard, just takes more research, taking longer time.

I am so tired of this fight against tyrrany, frustrated seeing how easy it could be overcome. There are only a few people controlling the whole world. However they have many good people serving them, unknowingly. They manipulate good people to do bad things.

The best excample of this is soldiers fighting wars for them, being killed for wars THAT HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH PROTECTING OUR COUNTRIES. Nothing is more profitable than wars. That's why we fight wars. They are all based on false flag operations. LET THEM FIGHT THEIR OWN WARS, THE COWARDS!

I am sad of seeing my girlfriend crying because it's so hard to get people to unite, pass on emails, losing many friends because they can't handle the truth, are lazy, don't think we can win this fight. WE CAN!

This is the first time in history that practically everyone can find out we are being manipulated to fight wars for our "masters" based on lies. Lies like 11th.Sept.

It's all about information and numbers. When enough people know the truth, then the shadow governments can't work in the shadows any more. They HAVE to work in the shadows, as their agenda don't work once exposed to the sunlight... Thet use us against us.

Enough people knowing the truth is only the first step. The second step is SHOWING what we stand for.

A few thousand years ago, a couple of dictators were having a chat: One of them said: "Maybe we should mark all our slaves, so we easier can identify them." The wiser dictator answered: "No, then the slaves will know how many they are, rebell and win..."

We are The "slaves". We must mark ourselves. If we hang up sheets on our houses, windows, garages, posts in the streets saying for instance: STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER or NO TO FASCISM. Then we show what we stand for. Then policemen, soldiers, government officials will see what's going on and understand that they are being manipulated into working for the wrong side. Document the sheets with messages on by filming, photos and get it on youtube. It will be much easier and less embaracing if we all do it at the same time. Unite on this one. Imagine and visualize when, at least, thousands of people start these projects, sending videos, pictures onto youtube, posting raports via email, facebook, abovetopsecret etc. It will be MUCH easier if we all do it at the same time. And easier for the "troops" behind to follow. Like the shheep following the bell.

We must maximize our use of communicating on the internet, while we still have the internet. This is our best tool, and we shouldn't take it for granted. Having internet now is like a dream, it will be gone/censored like in China soon.

People who believe, in some degree, but don't pass on emails, like this one, don't do it mainly for one reason. They are scared of being ridiculed by uninformed, ignorant people. DON'T LOOK FOR EXCUSES, JUST DO IT! FOR OUR CHILDREN! Say I held a gun to your head, demanding you to do it! The uninformed, ignorant people will stay ignorant until they are microchipped and smell burnt flesh. Not communicating serves the elites, not the patriots who are fighting for freedom. Freedom fighters or conspiracy theorists are todays witches, the ones that got burned at stakes a few hundred years ago.

The elites agenda is to have 1 government, 1 bank, 1 currency 1 millitary. There will be no middle class, only masters and servants/slaves. We've all been tricked, deal with it as best you can. It's happened all through history, it happens all over the world as we speak. Now it's happening to us. If you are scared and uncertain, show this email to the smartest/wisest person you know, (SWALLOW YOU PRIDE, VERY IMPORTANT) make him/her study this information thoroghly/carefully and take their advice.

If you don't act and investigate on this, you are not telling the truth when you say you'll do anything for your kids and loved ones. This must not get sweaped under the carpet.

There are millions of groups all around the world fighting this fight, many powerful people too. Problem is, we are divided. We must unite.

"You can snap 1 arrow easy, try snapping a few million"

A bit of info bellow...

Ps. I'm sorry for scaring anyone, but only the truth will set us free. I'm just the messenger.

"The truth hurts"


ILLUMINATI: (The elites)

Evelyn De Rothschild on BBC talking on the finance crises:

Internet blogger:

'That's a common elitist rhetorical trap. First they lie and deceive for centuries, literally. They make up a false reality which you are actually born into. They literally condition people from birth by the power they have to make the media do largely what they want. And then, when individuals who are already fubared by society make mystakes, there they come to say it was all our fault, and imply that we are dumb and they have all the solutions.

He can play father figure all he wants, to my dieing breath I will know it was him and his like that engineered, out of unfair social leverage, this whole situation and I will know that their solutions is nothing but self serving powergrabbing. The more power they have the more they will trample mankind down, till there is literally nothing left but them and a dumbed down serveant class.

If they have their own way their very selfishness will make sure they atrophiate into a class of babbling morons incapable to even get off their horses properly by themselves, served by a class of monkey like serveant subhumans, within 10 generations.

This elite superclass represents the total decadence of mankind.'

-Maybe he is so power hungry and evil, because his mother gave him a female name. .
Chris S

'Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws.'


This is a conspiracy REALITY, not theory.

The New World Order is just a mad conspiracy theory, huh?

Aaron Russo talks to Alex Jones about Rockefeller and The New World Order:

Rockefellers opening speech, Bilderberg conference in Baden-Baden, Germany, in June 1991:

'We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war, but only peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in the past centuries.'

Presidents warn about NWO:

Glenn Beck, talkshow hoast talks about NWO in mainstream media, Oct. 2008:

Alex Jones, radio hoast on NWO:

David Icke is a British writer and public speaker on NWO:

Canadian Connie Fagal, leader of the Canadian Action Party on NWO:

Alex Jones, 'The Global Elite are making their move':

Bill Hicks, American comedian: 'Go back to bed America, your government is in control...'

George Carlin: 'It's called the American dream 'cause you have to be asleep to beleive it'

There are many around the world working against The New World Order, and have been for a looong time.


Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)

Maybe this guy's got some good advice...

Chris S.

'To heal a situation, it must first be exposed. Once exposed, it can be healed'

'For å helbrede en situasjon, må den først frem i lyset. Når eksponert, kan den helbredes'


posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 02:38 AM
i pray you are are not at your home adress, as in the last 15 mins, im pretty sure about half of the ten thousand goverment agencies we have have been contacted...

This is where that 'Veiws" cololum was very nice.

i will choose to say nothing.

Because the republic is in shatters, and i don't expect the 1st amamndemet to help me in this.

We are not at this point yet, the time right now isn't violent revolution.

This isnt 1917.
Its closer to 1932.

And if you cannot figure that one out, look at some basic history.

And that means that there is more to come, years more of this, and worse...

Then we will see where we stand, and what is our place in history.

Until then, ride out the storm, adhear to the advice of our forefathers(look to sig), and be thankful for every day that we have our dear constitution.

For, each passing day, i fear her days are numbered.

May america hear your sentiment.

[edit on 10/19/2008 by TKainZero]

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 03:09 AM
While I stand firm in my position that something must be done, you are going about it bass-ackwards and breeding idiocy. Sure, there might be more armed Americans than there are US military personell, but what is the point if the US military has the bigger sticks? Think about this person steps up, gathers score's of people that are armed and fed up with the way things are...they get all hyped up...they go to the streets...then...


1 bomb just took out that group...who's next?

The fact is something needs to be done, but in the most logical fashion possible. People will, and have, disagreed with me on this, but I really don't care as I still remain firm in my beliefs. There are countless ways to do this, but there is also countless excuses as to why people thing utilizing logic against logic is a waste of time...not to mention your average american doesn't want to miss next weeks American Idol.

Peaceful logic is the ONLY way to conquer stupid logic...don't give a reason for the BOOM to happen

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by TKainZero

You say:
We are not at this point yet, the time right now isn't violent revolution.

This isnt 1917.
Its closer to 1932.

And if you cannot figure that one out, look at some basic history.

And that means that there is more to come, years more of this, and worse...

I havn't mentioned a violent revolution,not sure what you mean?

"If we hang up sheets on our houses, windows, garages, posts in the streets saying for instance: STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER or NO TO FASCISM. Then we show what we stand for. Then policemen, soldiers, government officials will see what's going on and understand that they are being manipulated into working for the wrong side. Document the sheets with messages on by filming, photos and get it on youtube. It will be much easier and less embaracing if we all do it at the same time. Unite on this one. Imagine and visualize when, at least, thousands of people start these projects, sending videos, pictures onto youtube, posting raports via email, facebook, abovetopsecret etc. It will be MUCH easier if we all do it at the same time. And easier for the 'troops' behind to follow. Like the shheep following the bell.

We must maximize our use of communicating on the internet, while we still have the internet. This is our best tool, and we shouldn't take it for granted. Having internet now is like a dream, it will be gone/censored like in China soon."

This isn't violent.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by TKainZero

You say:

"And that means that there is more to come, years more of this, and worse..."

You reckon it's best to just gonna sit and wait and wait and let them walk all over us?
Then start acting when it's too late?

Btw. "its not good enough to have small peaceful demonstrations"

doesn't mean: "we need large violent demonstrations."

as it seems you think I'm saying

I mean: "we need large PEACEFUL demonstrations."

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:13 PM
Well look I agree with you.
To many sit around on the butts and talk about it.
Talking about it never gets anyone anywhere.
It is the time for action it has been for along time.
The problem is people don't want to sacrifice there life for the good of others.
People have been conditioned by the tyrants to well for to long.
There is army's of hundreds of millions of people who would fight.
But what would it take to actually get them to?

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 12:33 PM
We are United -- I have heard word from mostly enlisted and they are aware of these really weird orders. and they stand with the people and will honor their oaths. except for these gang members who are mostly in the Army and mostly Latino. they seem to not care at all. other than that... expect a call by the Sheriffs -- it appears that thread a few years back about CIA and FBI control the Sheriffs is becoming a reality.. FBI just got through with a joint training mission with local hillsboro county Florida in guess what kind of training .... ? Urban Assault ... excuse me .... you are practicing Arresting Americans... under Federal Orders.... who protects and defends "we the people" ...
?? THE PEOPLE ././././ so this war on terror is a war on America...

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 02:12 PM
Hi everybody.

I am CrushNWOorletourkids girlfriend..and I wonder big time why this thread gets so little attention??? Are people scared or is there something fishy going on here?
This thread gets much attention and positive feedback on other sites, emails etc., so I find it very strange that here, on the biggest conspiracy site, there's almost no response?
Or is it that people don't want to expose themselves, as there is a conspiracy suggesting that ATS is CIA controlled?
Hope there is someone that can help me out with thise questions.
Is it because the plan is stupid, if so, please explain to me why it`s stupid, and suggest an alternative plan. Shouldn't we talk about plans?
Is the ultimate plan to not have a plan, just talk?
Enlighten me.
I don't know, maybe and hopefully there are those who do send this stuff around, or at least get inspired.
If there are, please one of them just say "yes".
Give us some hope.


posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by Interestinggg

Hi Vardana, well put.
But we don't have to sacrifice ourselves just, take acton. The games on anyway, we can join in and make a difference or let them walk over us with little or no resistance?
1 dedicated highly respected friend of mine just emailed to 3000 dedicated contacts, said it was brilliant.
Rather sacrifice than slave Verd.


posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 08:20 PM
Yep, great points made and all to true, spread the word to everyone you meet. Better to warn people than have them be thrown into the NWO by surprise., check out my post on the rules of communism:

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 08:27 PM
Unless everyone replies to everyone else s post's we can never tell if anyone ever read the post's ... you got to love the powers of GOD the Administrator and his infinite wisdom in controlling the huddled masses...

[edit on 19-10-2008 by BornPatriot]

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Hi, TheMythLives.
Tnx for reply.
When I click on your link, I only got this to thread again...

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by BornPatriot

True Born,
Don't seem like this thread is reaching people.
I wouldn't be suprized if everyone replying to this post are agents, as I KNOW it should get more answers from the hard core ATS'ers.
Well, it's getting huge response everywhere else, and everyone is wondering why it's getting no response here.
How does one U2U?

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 09:45 AM
This is truly one of the most informative posts I've read on this subect! Thanks to CrushNWOorletourkids for taking the time to actually do something about it - information is the strongest weapon there is.

@ Fenriz:
While this thread doesn't get the attention it deserves atm, rest assured that efforts are now being made to reach a wider audience!


posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:32 PM
I agree and I have found a few videos on youtube with ways to fight the NWO.

One states to fight it with Non-Compliance with the system.

nice 3 part video.

I have show it to my parents and they said I was mad (or going the way to becoming mad) if I believed that , and as OTC mentioned they didn't bother to research the facts at all , they just went on with their own assumptions.

They want me to respect their rights to drink fluorized water (my mother is a dentist and she mentioned she is aware of what fluor can do , but the "benefits are much higher" , though she is not fully in favor of fluorizing drinking water) and brush their teeth with fluorized toothpaste , but they said I am "radical" to buy free-fluor toothpaste... it is my right to know what I eat and drink , and not have to be forced to eat/drink something that will endanger my health , even if research says it will affect me only in 100 years.

Who knows how trustful government researches can be? Why are most of the researches that appoint things to be bad not financed by big companies nor government? Coincidence ?

I have always been skeptical my whole life , they know it , and they say I am gullible to believing such statements.

The whole Codex Alimentarius is living proof of that , still they see no "common-sense" in slowly slaughtering 80% of humanity. There really isn't if one thinks only about things one think we knows , and most people think they know everything , or that they reached the peak of knowledge (or are close).

My father also is very well versed in the secret societies that exist within our world , he said he was even once invited to be part of freemansonry , but he politely denied. What it seems to me is that many are aware , but are affraid for their lives , and see no way to beat the system AND "if the system is beaten , what to do after? Is it worth it fighting ?" they think.

People THINK they can't live withouth TV , they can't live withouth being consumists , because that's what they have been conditioned to live.

People will mostly deny the truth and won't even do a little effort to research the facts , it's really sad , I only hope more people wake up.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 06:58 PM
That goes to show how much I was paying attention here you folks go:

That should work!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by CrushNWOorletourkids

i feel like i'm listening to myself speak when i read this. i have tried to make as many friends and family members as possible realize there is something else going on here. i'm not saying to them, "hey follow me, i have the answers! replace the elite with a different elite that i like.", i just want to create awareness. however, i am certainly not for much more discussion and conjecture about the potential reality of this situation, i am ready for action, all i want is a plan.
this fight, to be a "freedom fighter" has been the cause of my life. those questions you spoke of that never seem to get proper answers, have echoed in my mind since i was a child. the feeling of using your power, be it physical, financial, or influential, to help your fellow man rise to a higher level, and to search painstakingly for the truth so it can be shared to set mankind free, is all i have ever truly longed for.
after the 2000 US presidential election debacle, and 9-11, i had had enough. it wasn't until recently i began to see how all the pieces that didnt make sense, fit perfectly with the nwo scheme. it is daunting to say the least. people in the know feel overwhelmed and powerless against the opposition. people not in the know will call us kooks, unpatriotic, even terrorists, and will work on as slaves, happily.
i don't want stars and flags and happy supportive comments from people who agree but would never dissent. i dont want to hear from every smartass on ats why this wont work and that wont work. i dont really care how many ufos were spotted in rhode island or were shot down by the uk in the 50s, or that there new evidence on 9-11 being an inside job or predictions on another dow crash. NO F*CKING SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!! how many of these threads do we need to post and reply and re-reply to before we look around and realize that the very fact that a site like this exists means THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG. how much evidence does one person need to know that there is way more to the picutre than day to day bullsh*t and that these "conspiracies" are more real than reality will ever be.
all i want is for rational people, to give rational ideas on how we can move forward on ending the lies and domination, and if we can't, then we can talk about survival ideas and how to stay organized, informed and in contact when things start to get worse and our internet becomes another mind control device.
most of all i want my 2 year old nephew, who i love more than anything in the world, to be able to be a free human being, who is free to learn about life and reality in an open and informed society, where he is always free to seek the truth.


maybe you think you're too cool or too tough or too popular, attractive or well off to ever be some elses slave. ive got news for you folks, you already are and so am i. maybe you're uninformed. maybe you'd like to be informed but you just dont have the time to get wrapped up in it bc of the family and job you need to take care of. just ask yourself, will ignoring these issues make life better for my children and their children? am i doing what i believe in or what sounds good to other people? am i buying x y or z because i need it or because i want other people to see me flaunting it? is our civilization headed in the right direction? am i reaching my greatest potential as a human being, and being the most valuable to humanity. do i care about others? do i care about the future of the children? do i care about myself? do i keep an open mind before passing judgement? do i consider what i don't know about someone before i stereotype them. do i treat others as i would like myself, my mother, my child, to be treated. was i born to be a cog in someone elses machine?
if this IS NOT, what IS worth fighting for?

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 03:42 PM
i dont think the majority needs any more evidence. i thinkn all of yalls points are right when you say people are frightened and scared. people stand by and nudge their neighbor expecting them to do something, or even less, speak up on a site like this in such disorganization that all is heard is rambling. like stated above, we need unity. they fear unity. like the story about putting white armbands on the slaves. a person in power spoke against it saying if we do that, they will see greatly they outnumber us.

this is just on such a mass scale that its not so simple, and they know that. we are what keeps them running, and if we were to stop feeding them, they will starve and they soon will be on their knees. but how do we do this. many will obviously suffer and many will die. but thats the point of a revolution. its not about me, or you. that is selfish. this needs to taken into action with a selfless mentality.

on a side note, someone mentioned how this is maybe a govt site. well...i would very much think so. wouldnt it be their greatest tool against us? havent we learned a thing yet? question everything? you know what disgusts me? is that we are not allowed to put up anything personal, out of....FEAR! guess what friends, THEY KNOW EVERYTHING THEY WANT!! they can trace us through our emails computers they have bots for our phones internet etc. So what is my theory for not putting up anything personal? because you could very well be living in my neighborhood. and then we could...unite off of ATS. hmm? opinions are always appreciated.

anyways i wish i knew yall better in this life. its a pleasure to atleast get to share these relations and similar beliefs with yall. open mindedness, the quest for something more than what we've been shown since birth, THAT is what we have in common, and that my friends, is what scares them.

remember remember the fifth of november...

In Lak'ech

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 10:17 PM
is there something going on here that i dont know about? what am i missing? how is this not the hottest thread on this site? they blind you with "breaking political news" and ufo's flying overhead and all the while buying the elites more time. are you people scared? everythying throughout history leads up to this! we are living in the time only fathomed in movies and nightmares! ITS A REALITY! and what? is this the case of the boiling frog? the progression.....digression has been so slow that before you know it youre ALL OUT WILLING SLAVES!!!!

this is really starting to frighten me a bit. can someone tell me how many people are on this site or how many have access to this particular thread? there has to be something keeping this from getting out. why is noone commenting or throwing in any ideas? why are you all being so passive! what are you so afraid of? people herded like sheep.

im not saying yall arent out there. but prove me wrong

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:25 PM
I posted this in another thread similar to this in the Global Meltdown forum but I believe it applies here too...

As much as I appreciate this thread and I am inspired to find out on a daily basis just how many people are aware of what is going on... the one thing I can still not figure out is where we are heading and how will the average citizen react? How will the military react? How far are the puppets and puppeteers willing to take this?

I have been doing some VERY interesting research which I will start a thread on later that is making me re-think the way the NWO works.

I am almost convinced there is an alternate even more secretive force fighting for good. Where as when you study the history of globalization there are no coincidences, I also find there are far to many coincidences to be chance when they fail.

I am also not so convinced they are convinced they can make their agendas happen so easily however I remain prepared.

As well I think our solution might be learned from simply from watching human behavior and most animals, they do not strike back until pushed into a corner. Nor do humans band together as when faced with an eminent threat. As much as I wish to avoid this scenario I think it ultimately may be necessary for the NWO to push their agenda as hard and as fast as they can for them to fail. With more people informed than ever and with a well armed population such as America the NWO would most certainly be over thrown and sent to hanging galleys.

That being said, I have one nagging problem which this which I cannot decide on and that is the way the NWO brings about their goals is through war and revolution. They have financed the overthrow of so many governments in the past. However this might be different because they financed the overthrow of governments who were not using their banks for currency. Peace is the ultimate enemy of these people who currently run the world and wish to control it with an even tighter grip.

Are the puppeteers so obvious that we can get on a board like ATS and know exactly who they are? I.E. the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, etc. That is the other thing that bothers me... Are we sure who know who is running the show? Are we sure the Rothchilds are not puppets of someone else?

Sorry I am not providing any solutions here... only thoughts going on in my head about what to do. I do not feel I can formulate an answer to the problem when we can not even identify who and what the problem is with 100 percent accuracy.

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