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Unobscured Mentality

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 09:39 PM
I am from The United States of America. I am a programmed being. Do I only think of things I can describe with the language I know?

Does my lens penetrate the prison, or am I bound constantly.. only able to use the words(which appear to be a fractal (up-scale) type of energy bond) available to us to label the electric haze in our minds.

Does anyone know how to extricate the game? How do you free your mind from societal programming. I don't want to be a customer anymore.

My medicine is to be still and gaze. Others can't do that though, it is like, there's hell on earth everyday and people are being destroyed for no reason.

You cannot appreciate the infinint being in a handful of sand when you are being attacked.. or starving. So I am without reason to relax it feels like. They die because of programs. ISMS

People lose their lives over isms. This is infuriating! I have become insane because the world itself is steeped in insanity. Where is the path!?

Does the capstone fail to see the rotting foundation? (There are El-ites. godmen, money masters. Rothschild family fortune could possibly eradicate world hunger? Correct me if I'm wrong.)

That is why it is dis-embodied(the pyr-amid captsone on the back of the $)... it is apart from the suffering and the pain and the reality. Mulitple universes... how ironic. It is just, right now, I don't know which bowl to pour myself into.

Daniel in the Bible, I believe, called satan "The king of the power of the air".

I think those cell-signal towers hurt us. Are they really on the same frequency range as our brain? So, am I crazy.. or is it?
I wish I could return to the new mind. The un-obscured mental.. without impression!

The No-Mind that great japanese sworsdmen spoke of is attainable. But how do you first reset your perception. Without Albert Hoffmans help. The mind of a child.

I used to think I knew it all when I had only connected rudimentary dots. How does our programming affect our perception of reality though.. how do I free my mind.

I have been embracing mystery, realizing it is all one apparatus. I know these social constructs are foreign though.. or is it all merely a chemical reaction... the wars the pain.

Opposition is a fundamental reality. Not a thing against itself though. Where did this cancer on the collective of humanity originate. I know "if we all just get in tune with eachother" it will be resolved. I am considered radical in my own family though, and many people do not have eyes or ears.. I am young and tired.. something is definitely not right.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 10:28 PM
Timothy Leary and Abbie Hoffman spoke with great admiration and respect for Albert Hoffman. I have no idea if Abbie is related in some way to Albert. I do know that all three men spent much of their lives trying to awaken the multitudes. Unfortunately, the PTB did not want us to wake up.

The path you are seeking is within you. To find it you must break the chains that bind you to our, so called, civilized world. You have to loose the suit that society has created for you.

You must open your mind and consider all the truths that you believe in. Consider the 'could bes', the 'what's ifs, the 'why nots' and the 'maybes'.
Stretch your mind to find understanding of your fellow man.

Become one with nature. It has many lessons to teach you. Listen to it's sounds, watch it grow. Watch it die. Cherish it.

Every day do something opposite from the way you normally do it. This stimulates the brain. Habits make deeper paths on our brain, new thoughts and deeds make new paths.

Seek your path and you will find it. Be diligent in your awakening.

You say you are young but tired. Could you be an old soul in a new body?
Could be, maybe so, why not?

May you be successful in your quest. When you find the path lead others to find their path.

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