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Window of Opportunity

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 05:51 AM

Originally posted by Hidden_Hand
I am glad. It is the probably the singlemost important thing that I have shared.

Then I am glad I picked up on that particular point. I found it to be a real ray of light. Though, I'm unsure what to do with it. This information feels as though it should comfort me, and yet it's difficult to feel comfortable knowing that 'evil', in part, makes us who we are. But thank you nonetheless.

Originally posted by Hidden_Hand
Does it alleviate the Negativity we have perpetuated? No.

True, and I'm glad you pointed that out to me. I think what I really meant when I said you are "alleviated" is that your very essence is not 'evil' or corrupt. And this alleviates you from my perspective because I'd forged an idea of the ruling elite as being comprised of terminally corrupted souls. In a sense, you are as enslaved as we who you enslave.

I have learned an enormous amount from this discussion. Like you say, it is the message, not the messenger that counts, so thank you. You say we all mingle between incarnations but I suspect the nature of our perception and interaction in that realm is not comparable to our Earthly methods of interaction and therefore, as a united entity there'll be no independent 'laughter'
. I have a few (what I feel are probably final) questions for you:

1) How do you know all this? And I really mean KNOW. Clearly you have been taught in great depth about the nature of existence. But how do you know this first hand? How is it more than faith for you? Have you been able to avoid 'forgetting' upon reincarnation?

2) You seem to be suggesting that your methods of physical enslavement are intended to force us into spiritual awakening. But if that is so, why are methods of spiritual suppression used against the general populace (chemicals, organised religion, sociological)? I understand why you obstruct our material lives but not why you obstruct our spiritual development.

3) What is so sacred about geometry?

4) Have you heard of the (admittedly small) Gnostic Luciferian organisation called 'Temple Of The Black Light' (formerly know as the 'MLO - Misanthropic Luciferian Order')? Does the current '218' mean anything to you?

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 06:24 AM
I have one more question for you if i may.

What question has not been asked as of yet that is most important for us to know if any? And if there is any would you consider it asked now? Not sure if this one does any good but it stuck in my mind last night.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 06:54 AM
I have a question...

My girlfriend regularly makes contact with a group of beings, or so it appears this way. Her role is to train me, and she has divulged more information than they wished for me to know, including her 'uploading' training to me from them. They also can contact her regularly just by her relaxing and listening, and also messages through her dreams.

They have said they cannot make this contacted directly for 'unknown' reasons. They have previously said we are "twin souls".

Is there any way you can elaborate on this, and explain to me what is going on (if anything).

Who are these entities, and what is their purpose with myself and my partner? Any information will be of use.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 07:56 AM
Hidden_Hand, I know you're trying to focus on spiritual questions and questions about the density shift. But if you could detract for a moment to answer my questions about shape shifting I'd appreciate it.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 08:54 AM
I have some questions if I may.

1. Is it possible to escape this planet through one's own will or is it necessary to apply the will of the Creator?

2. You mentioned that we are in the midst of the book of Revelation yet you say that we are not to expect a Messiah. Why are some parts of Revelation true and others not?

3. If you are who you say you are why should we believe you?

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by Hidden-Hand

Senator Joseph Biden and General Colin Powell have recently stated that there will be serious "tests" or "crises" facing the new United States Administration within 6 months, possibly as early as January 2009. Pastor Lindsay Williams claims that one of the "world elite" has told him that the price of oil will be driven to $50.00 a barrel in order to crush Arab economies. Wiliams has further claimed that the elite desire John McCain to have the US Presidency. Do Biden, Powell and Williams truly speak on behalf of the world's eliite, or are their statements disinformation.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 09:29 AM
H_H, I wish to thank you for your enlightening words.
It has been an utmost pleasure of mine to read what you have spoken.

I do however have a couple of questions..

As I look into myself, I see (feel) as though I am an old soul who has learned many things and possibilities, how are we to know how far along we have come in regards to obtaining a higher spiritual being during the coming Harvest?

And what of our Loved Ones, or more appropriately, my soul mate who I Love dearly. Will I be able to take this new Journey of the Harvest alongside my Loved ones?

And one more thing as I know there are others who are longing for questions answered..

Why do we Dream in Metaphors which make no sense?

Thank you so very much H_H, I stongly wish I may meet you someday and have a good talk.

Best regards,


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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 09:46 AM

I first want to say thank you very much for taking your time to talk with "us" and I am truly grateful for your wisdom that you have laid forth to us.

I have always questioned to "myself" and "myself" only that who can say that "we" (the human race) are not actually aliens ourselves? Who's to say that if we encountered a "little green man" they wouldn't look at us as aliens. I mean where is it written that this form we all take on is the end all be all for what is normal and explained as not of alien origin?

My questions are:

I have always been very confused and not clear on the subject of "god", having been tossed around from religion to religion from my parents it is hard to discern which "god" to believe or have faith in. Should I keep on having faith in the fact that the world around me is "god" and that there is not one particular being that deserves this faith?

So basically the form that we have is actually just a body with bones and skin and so on and so forth, what matters is our soul or being that is inside us that makes us question and deal with our surroundings and life, so when we "die" the pain and suffering is just part of our human shell, and has nothing to do with our soul or being which will carry on into the next life or density?

I feel as though I am like Shelby, but have lost my way, or I am just so confused and not in-tune with my inner-self that I can not figure out what is my purpose in this game. Is there anything you can shed upon this?

I never really have felt like I was part of the group of people I have come to know, I have always felt different and that I knew something more than those around me, but have never been able to pin-point what it is. Am I just lost or will this eventually come to light?

My life has been a troubled one for awhile now, having been so soaked and brainwashed into the human life form and way of life, but lately I feel as though I am starting to wake up and see things more clearly. Am I doomed because of the path I have taken for most of my life, or can I still save my "soul"?

Thank you for your time here with us, and I wish you the best, it has been a pleasure speaking with you and listening to your knowledge.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 11:10 AM
So, is the harvest an "all or nothing" event or will it be a mixed harvest—a few moving to fourth density, a few moving towards fourth density in service to self, the great majority repeating third density? And if only 94% go to fourth density negative, then you have to repeat 3rd density and try again for a 95% negative harvest? If so, then I would hate to imagine how much more negative your people would make the earth at that point.

You said that the "lukewarm people" at the time of harvest would not notice anything has happened, but they'd be on a different planet. Do you mean that they'd wake up with no memory of what has occurred but still be in the same physical body, or they'd wake up in a new physical body with no memory of any past life?

You keep saying help is available to those searching for truth, all we have to do is ask. What is the best way to go about this? I have never had the ability to remember any of my dreams. What specifically can I do to receive guidance on how to reach the state where it is easier to discern truth from untruth?

I'm still confused about your part in this. In order for you to move on the 4th level, it must be a 95% negative harvest. In other words, to reward your people with 4th density, 95% of the human souls have to be (in the self-contemplation process) as far away from the "Infinite Source" as humanly possible. That just doesn't "feel" right to me.

And on top of that, if 95% isn't reached, you have to try again? You then have to bring more evil to the earth? At that point, it seems like there will be no "positivity" to choose.

Also, I'd like to talk about all of the methods of suppression that you are using on humans. Mind control, hypnotism through media, tainting food, fluoride in water, public education is a joke, etc...

Aren't all of these means of control breaking the Law of Allowance? Aren't you bound by the supreme laws of the universe like everyone else?

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by Hidden-Hand

one question..your choice to answer...
is there an impending birth that your bloodline has been awaiting for..a special one?

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:14 PM
I am impressed that you would attempt to communicate and reveal some of the information held so dear to our Families. However, you are violating some of our oaths but I understand that you have been given permission and your window is closing quickly.

Here are my questions,

Since you are involved with the Spiritual School of influence then please elaborate of the coming Great Harvest? Why do you feel it needs to be negative? We are in a position to raise our vibration and have the Spiritual Earth return to the 5th Density. Yes, this would remove our power but we both know we will gain it again on 5th Density.

Please explain the nature of God?

Explain the families beliefs regarding the galaxy, planets and sun with regard to it's role in the coming days and years?

Explain how to raise our spiritual awareness?

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:41 PM
Hidden_Hand is just mad aboute the weak man that inherited heaven, and a day shall judge angels.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by schiass

Dear hidden_hand

I clearly know and are aware about this game…. But I have a question to you.....
Do your 3-d families have fractions. Do they not know this, all of them.
Because they have try to kill me, and it will not work. of course.
Your family cant win the game by kill the players
Even Lucifer had to step in.
Does your left hand dont know what the right hand teach. Or is it lack of understanding in certain members in your bloodline.

I cant reveal my true name, but I can tell you I am of the Solaris family.
Yes. The ancient ones are here. Well hidden. So we thought. But all belong to the game.

As you understand I have to talk to you with my earth conciousness, its making my filter narrow. You said in your belivesystem was the knowledge that you will merge the infinite one at 8 density. For me, thats not the thruth. You have to go somewhat further. There are more densities.My earth conciousness have been in 12 density, and my physical body now hold 888 frequency. And I still have a long way to go. But it is a beautiful road to travel.

Yes, I am aware of the dark wave going around the earth february or mars 2001 that made so many lightworkers to fall or to stop. What is your take on that ? When can we expect the next wave ? I have got a strong warning about certain entities coming in a short time ahead, What is your take on that ? This energy now being used on the moon, will it be told open, or shown ? And a last question, do your family try to control the prophesy to a certain outcome ? Or do you let the prophesy reveal itself ?

See you on the chessboard A_Solaris

PS. Some of this was for you and some of it to the bloodlines reading DS.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:53 PM
Do the Orion/occultist groups specifically target civilizations before they become a social memory complex.

Are not all humans, for example, expressions of each other?

How are the cultural states of mind organized?

"Light Power Imagers". Can you define this?

Why all the sudden ramping up of control mechanisms.

How long have we been in the harvesting phase?

The Montauk Project & spawn off projects fact or fiction.

What are the main ways subliminal are being used and what form of protection do we have other than awareness? Do the newly proposed cable digital converter boxes have a more sinister motive?

Best ways to decipher between truth and fiction other than what we perceive to be truth specifically in concerning the New Age agenda and the dogmatic churches ideologies.

Please name movies and books & websites that you have a keen interest in.

Home schooling and how long this type of institution will be allowed to exist.

What’s the more important things to teach children to prepare them for the coming "New paradigm". What is the control mechanisms used to manipulate children?

Please explain the wanderer’s roles and what value it is to be wanderer if you have no recollection of ones past lives. Also how does this play with the law of non-intervention (that’s if they are here to help people ).

How is one to stay in full mindfulness of the application of Universal Law? Are there in fact 105 of these laws we should live by? How is your kind able to manipulate these laws? How does that mesh with the control you impose on children??

Is this correct? Love is the most positive aspect of oneself and fear is the most negative end of the spectrum? I always assumed that it was fishy that people that create fear telling the truth about PTB's agenda. Since the PTB control all media and internet books and whatnot why would they allow conspiracy theorist to live or communicate with the sheeple?

Are there any non-corrupted parts of the bible and if what bible version would you suggest?

What meditation exercises would you suggest to correct one self’s aura and mental capabilities?

Are using Tarot cards useful? What are the coincidences between the 56 minor arcane of the Marseilles and Withers 56 emblems and spinner? What version of the tarots would be a reliable version to use?

Was the Rothschild lineage the organizer of the Illuminati in which Weishhaupt later formed? Was this to enable a control of spirituality? Was the twisted cross a representation of the New Era?

Was the Mithras (an angel of light) a story about Lucifer? Is Lucifer the originator of illumination and also called the Cannite Lord? Is Mithraism the same as Christianity? Is Christianity a way to separate people from themselfs, each other and god?

Are the some of the ruling class (GWB and Kerry) members of the brotherhood of the dragon/snake and are they related to Vlad the Imapailer and the Queen of England.

What is the significance of the Dagon?

Are global events perpetrated on certain dates to lower the vibration of earth’s inhabitants? Is this the reason most so called "teorrist" events always follow some sort of numberolgy based date. Is the reason to contort concouisness?

Thanks for the interesting conversation and that’s all for now. I’m sure I will think of more once this is posted. Once again I apologize for any grammatical errors.

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 01:00 PM
Dear Hidden-Hand,

I'm really grateful to your sharing with all of us on this forum. I've wandered off the 'worldly' track for about 12 months now and have since embarked on a spiritual path - one that began with awareness of Climate Change, to the works of Dan Millman and Paulo Coelho, Law of Attraction, Alchemy, 2012, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Nassim Haramein and Dolores Cannon.

The answers you have put up not only allowed me to piece together what I've understood so far but has undoubtedly catalyzed my resolve in pursuing the path further.

Hitherto, I've done much of my work alone in my study and Starbucks cafes. I live in a country where material pursuit is ingrained fundamentally in our socially-engineered city state.

My question is this: what can I do to attract more like-minded individuals to come together to uplift my people's turning to the path of ascension. (I've decided that this is what I can do to express my personal act of 'service to others')

Thank you very much.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 01:56 PM
Hi Hidden Hand and all at ATS,
I must say this is a fascinating thread, and thanks to all participating. It's really helped me realise that we've all come to this planet to learn. If anyone would like to further explore the idea of Spiritual Catalysts I suggest reading "Three Versions of Judas" By Jorge Luis Borges and the "Petty Tyrants" chapter from "The Fire From Within" by Carlos Castaneda.
The idea is firmly cemented in my mind now that evil helps us choose and thus accelarates our progress, and that we are all sovereign beings pretending to be peasants.
Also, as has been pointed out, there is no way the Illuminati could suceed without the complicity and apathy of the general populace. We are not forced to turn on the TV, join the army, deposit money in a Fiat bank, or ingest MSG and Fluoride. I've heard (and feel) that it's a Luciferian rule that we have to be informed and given a free choice. See it in action with Biden/Powell/Albright recently.

I will try and limit my questions... In order, from the profane to the sublime:

Earth Changes; While I understand that death is not the end of my existence, I like my body and would not like to get caught out in any earth changes if I can possibly help it.

1) If your family permits, please could you reveal which places are more likely to be relatively safe during the next 3-4 years? Would the South of China (Canton/Hong Kong) or Patagonia be good bets? Any other places?

The Solar System

2) Are John Lear/Jan Lamprecht correct in their assertion that the majority of planets of the Solar System are inhabited? Is the Earth Hollow? If so, how does one gain access? I understand it's an energetic matter, and doesn't involve wandering round Tibet.

3) Is there any truth to the Nordic alien stories? Is the reason that they have not landed en masse because of the prevailing negative vibration of this planet? Or is the whole alien scenario a trick to keep man locked in the "search for external saviour" game and thus further trick him into forgetting his sovereignty?

4) I understand successful manifesting is a matter of having enough energy. Could you elaborate on this? Where is the best place to focus energy when attempting to acheive a result such as an improvement in ones living conditions? Specifically, which chakra is predominantly responsible for successful manifestation in the physical world?

5) I have recently had profound revelations regarding service to others, and saw, before I even knew of this thread, that the STO/STS battle is the only real one waged on this earth. Could you elaborate further on the mechanisms behind the fantastic positive results seen by people who embark on the service to others path? I invite you to really deeply explain the intricacies of the energy-play at work. While "You get out what you put in" is true, I'd like to see the whole concept dissected and fully explored.
I recently experienced healing of a minor health problem by sending love to all the sick people in the world. How does this work, not why, how.?!?!

I have done my best to limit my questions, as I have many. If you feel any are unanswerable or unimportant please disregard them.

Thanks for your time and a really enlightening thread...

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:11 PM

I often read here, but this is the first time I have posted as I'm generally averse to engaging in negativity. Hence my use of the anonymous posting function. I can only hope that my questions come before the deadline in which you will no longer be available to us.

First, I must say thank you, as some of what you have disclosed has helped me to make sense of many concepts that I have been trying to 'fit into place' so to speak. I have actually found quite a lot of hope in some of the things that have been said here, particularly where it concerns The Harvest, and the possible shift to a possitive fourth density.

About two or so years ago I came to the understanding that I am of the Anasazi Soul Group. I am highly curious where this particular Soul Group has fit into the game that is playing out, and which densities we have perioviusly inhabited? If you are able to share any knowledge on this point, I would be quite greatful.

Also, in the past two months I've experienced two dreams which have both confused me and intruigued me, and was wondering if you were either able to, or willing to, offer comment on. In one, as great cataclysms regned down upon all around me, I was suddenly able to 'shift' or 'phase' into a non-corporeal state in which objects could pass through me, and I could also pass through objects. It was like a momentary flicker which would save me from danger, and then I would be wholly 'physical' again. What I have been unable to discern was whether or not this 'skill' was an instinctive reaction to danger, or if it was a skill that was cultivated and developed. This dream was real in a way that leads me to believe that such a thing is definitely possible.

In the other dream, a friend and I were a different type of organism, I didn't get the sense that we were wholly organic, yet neither were we mechanical, byt somehow a fusion of the two, possibly, and we were like great birds capable of flight. I'm confused if this is some vision of the future paradigm, or some sort of Soul Knowledge of the Anasazi Soul Group.

In any event, thank you for some of the enlightening points that you have detailed for those of us willing to listen with an open mind, and the parts of ourselves that are Universal Conciousness. Because of many of your words, I am far more able to let go of the emotion of fear over What Is To Come.

Bright Blessings,
One who was known as Grey Sunhawk.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:15 PM
One thing that has been bothering me is that this message seems to give our rulers more power since the concept seems to be that bad is good and we deserve what is happing to us because we deserve it.

I find it very had to offer repitance to the people that impose their will on my family. For us to see the light we have to be plundered by idologies that don't resonate.

If I were a fanatical ruler and wanted people to become docile this would be an easy way to control people.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by arc de triumphe

How can you control a people that is not affraid of death? If we go Gandhi on em they will loose.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Come on guys. Where is the proof that he is really that person that to he claims to be? Proof is always needed here at ATS and now everyone believes every single word of H_H without any proof.

Don't believe blindly. He says mostly what you wants to hear. You don't need to be a genius, especially not some sort of family member of a "bloodline" to do that.

But you know what H_H. Tell me one little thing. What do you know about angels? I'm pretty pro in this matter by some reason, so I know when you speak the truth about them or you're just figuring out your answers. The other questions that I sent you via U2U are also valid and I'd like to hear your answers via U2U.

Oh and here is a message to your Lucifer or that person who claims he is Lucifer or what. Be prepared because his ass will be kicked out of the planet soon by some winged fellows.

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