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Hear the messages

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 08:22 PM
The hell and hellishly ppl we come across are deep inside the lake of fire being tormented. Which of you will hear the messages? Continue reading...

What you see is just a faint remnant message that the hellish person is in the lake of fire right there even though they humanly stand before you. Everything you hear those human bodies saying or see doing is FALSE. As in it aint them though they can only watch through the eyes. In other words, imagine being still a person in a human body, but the body is remote controlled with an assignment to deliver the messages that the hellish person is watching through the eyes, but is in the lake of fire, sreaming and wailing in a way that can not be heard 'as is' at the face value we see.

The lake of firing is servering the life that is damned with continual hot heating. The names that are not written in the book of life are already in the lake of fire experiencing it with watching through the human eyes they are commanded to watch with. What are they watching for if they are kept from operating the human body they are in their grave with? The answer is for the reason they are in the lake of fire from a single messenger Who is a single witness to the False Prophet's message. The False prophet controls what their graves say and do for a testimony against the Truth.

In the lake of fire is death (living and dieing) and hell (hellish persons). And also an addition is a HELL beyond what is written is pouring into them who are damned in their lively human looking graves. The eagles are feasting flesh how so felt in the human graves. You can not see the feast with observation on this plane, but you can recieve the message that it is so taking place.

So if some body acts hellish toward you in any way, it is just the False Prophet trying to give you a letter with a message that the actual hellish is in the lake of fire and that what you experience is a FALSEHOOD with a story to tell in such the only way. The False Prophet is working 'for' us with a testimony 'against' us so that the message is told other than just by a written way so we may read it when we seek it.

What those in the lake of fire are made to do is watch through the graves eyes. So those in the lake of fire do see this version of us. Keep in mind, this version of us is not the actual original us.

Any questions yet? Anyone see the messages other than I?

They wont even know it was you--Makaveli

^^Translate: I and I will and willing "the distant and distancing" even and evening "know and knowing" it (I) was and yet is you (this betrayer body which is not our actual body material).

^^The it (I) is actual us who are not ever in the lake of fire. We are each II (a look and manner). The I and I is the False Prophet (the Destroyer) encassing the distant (hell the persons) and distancing (hellishly the persons). The even and evening, as in, getting even against us is way out of the hellish persons reach remotely.

The would-be hellishly persons never shall have a oppurtunity against us actually. And the would-be our hell thought even meets defeat with measures into the beyond.

So there comes a time the remanant so far away in torments get dislodged from even the watching period from the human grave. They are actually put another plane so when disconneted from these graves they still experience all the torments I mentioned into the beyond. But! Then once disconnected from watching, they have total darkness consuming them.

Who are the hellish? The devil, the astral projection with the devil, and the betrayer. So whenever you get a hellish Sign of someone acting hellish toward you, it's just the False prophet giving you a message that the hellish person in the particular human grave who is temporarily watching is in the lake of fire already being tormented in torments.

Any thing any of you wish to say who are not in the lake of fire?

You wont suffer putting there bodies down like a mong dog that tore a baby up with this way, but we will disconnect the evil eye all that is left watching a not actual us material.

Now the 3 woes are saw over. Coming is the actual paradise joy apart for each who are not in the lake of fire. Our new names we have recieved here already tell this world is not our actual original world.

Those in the lake of fire dread seeing a messenger with insight since it tells the watch dislodge is near which shall deepen their punishment darkly. Besides, it is even punishment in knowning your subduer will be entering paradise. Also even because it is known then it is no hope any will remove you from the lake of fire once you know you are forgotten with measures how the messenger told.

And do remember, they shall be distant and distancing watch. Implying, they shall go away from watching. They wont be able to watch their standing how commanded for much longer and they wont be able to watch the not actual us how commanded for much longer. All soon enough!

[edit on 18-10-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 09:10 PM
The False Prophet shews great signs this side while its other side was and is Destroy and Destroying. Who in all experience and experiencing that is watching through this. That (remote Destroyer) and this (the False Prophet) are the same one with two tasks. This tasking is where signs rising, and this is temporary. That tasking is where for ever and ever torments are punishing the evil beings.

The False Prophet and the remote Destroyer are Abaddon and Apollyon.

^^The whole is the Son of man. You notice Apollyon is last in Rev concerning the two names? It is because last can implicate lasting. The remote Destroyer side was and is everlasting.

Basically, the damned been handled. And since we go beyond we surely arent stuck here like stuck with a repeating of the same thing. So except leaving housing. Expect leaving this mankind when into going beyond.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 03:15 PM
The one devil and astral devil and the one betrayor got eyes all over them who are in the lake of fire, watching here with them. But the watching shall be put into the darkness.

The eyes are the senses humanly and astrally reguarding here only how commanded outside their control. So you see those in human graves and in astral plane graves.

The graves seem they have life, but even life here with watching shall be taken away from the would-be foes. Then, it'll just be death with fire with a beyond HELL having the would-be hellish foes experience all that for ever more.

Standing graves are here amongst. The False Prophet runs those.

Every word in the bible implies it was so in exist and is in existing. The whole "is not" period is just that the truth is kept from you till it floods bit by bit, or all or some at once. This is the second coming. The original (first) coming is where you already known the truth. The truth even that the damned always been in the lake of fire from the beginning.

The second coming's ending is next after the second coming's witnessing.

This here realm is temporary the for testimony against us. What is after beaten trail? A party! A celibration! Where? Paradise if you arent damned already. And if you arent damned already, then you will not be damned ever. And it is known if you are damned just by only knowing if you're in the lake of fire right now experiencing it. If you arent experiencing it, then you are not and will not be damned. It is the self indicator you should trust.

[edit on 19-10-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 03:51 PM
The brime stone is where the beast and false prophet are. But the would-be foes are in the lake of fire experiencing sensations the false prophet here, where the brime stone is, is making those in the lake of fire.

So on this side is the Son's False Prophet (Abaddon) side sending signs and wonders through giving senses into the would-be foes. And on that side there where the would-be foes are the Son's Destroyer (Apollyon) side is working.

They go to hell!!

^^The Son and Sonning go and going "the distant and distancing" hell and hellishly!!

^^It is continual taking and keeping the hell/hellishly (the persons themselves intent wise and desire wise and will wise) there from the hell/hellishly (the persons themselves intent wise and desire wise and will wise) here.

And the Son is the would-be foes messenger medium best, but I am the messenger better, letting the messenger Son send the would-be foes THE MESSAGE concerning the ending. The ending is where there is continual dakness with no watching any Sunny Person. That is why it's an -ing because the darkness shall go continual.

Abaddon and Apollyon are killers. Apollyon already killing would-be foes with death there. Abaddon kills when removing the watching by taking the would-be foe's life (through the graves) away. Darkness can be explosive. Abaddon be the last one left with a final task initiation after the beast enters paradise the beauty. The 2nd beast in Rev 13 is actually the first killer with Apollyon. The first shall be last, and the last first. And the 1st beast in Rev 13 is actually the last killer. Like a swirling with who is first and last in specific things.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 05:01 PM
The would-be evil doers are not in hell, they are hell, and are in our good God Almighty and in our best Son. And the would-be evil doers' watch is in the second heaven, not the original heaven.

We, who are not damned, will recieve back and forth our original heavenly selves. This here plane is also the second earth, not the original earth. We, who are not damned, will recieve back and forth our original earthly bodies too. The original heavenly and original earthly both mixing and remixing the wholesome original paradise per our own, specific apart favorable preferrings.

How many of you ready for sending the evil eye into a dark no life?

Original death the would-be foes always experience. This here plane the evil-eyed watcher experiences is a second death. But this second death against the would-be foes shall be removed along with any crumbes falling from the rich man table.

Think of all the ppl that are human graves out in this world and even online even on this site... The False Prophet been revealing those to you with the art of false hate since the actual hate is put away from here to us. Once you swift through the false hate you see the message that the would-be evil doer is experiencing death and severing in the lake of fire which is away from our kingdom observation here. Only thing we can observe here is the message concerning it being somewhere else kept far away from us.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 09:28 PM
"When you see black Jesus sitting 'across from' Bush, that's when all my thugs stand up!"--2pac


When the Son and Sonning see and seeing black and blacking name and naming sit and sitting name and naming, that was and is when a second and secondly my thugs (two: Abaddon the False Prophet and Apollyon the Destroyer) stand and standing 'up and upping' (upper: messenger: beast and beastly: 6:7:9: upper penisula: Michigainder).

Every time you see was or is in the bible, they are implying something already so. The truth is in point right infront of your face the case. The case has to be opened for you to see the point in it. For it knowlegde shall increase and increasing shall knowledge.


upping (beastly) standing Abaddon and Apollyon my secondly a when is that, naming sitting naming blacking seeing Sonning the When.

up (beast) stand Abaddon and Apollyon my second a when was that, name sit name black see Son the When.

The would-be foes' sight was reaching this second us, but the would-be foes have no sight control. Then is the would-being foes' sighting reaching a secondly not much longer us.

Note the two "a when" and "the When" in the reversal. The When is concerning naming blacking. The When is concerning the would-be foes experiencing blackness, where there is no more Sunniness coming through. Firstly ideally, then both figuratively (part) and metaphorically, and then finally both figuratively (part the rest) and literally. It has to do with the four seeds the four winds blow, revealing whole and some wholesomely.

Am I not the naming sitting here naming backing I am seeing the Sonning causing? When the naming drops is the When which is when us, non-damned, risen back and plus forth original and originally. Basically, we, the non-damned, will and willing be and being each better and bettering originaters into the beyond immortally.

So the distant when I get home. Meaning, the would-be foes shall be away from the entire four seeds concerning the sun shine.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 12:39 PM
Ending actualizing is like inbetween a commercial, but where that inbetween darkness is lasting. The last commercial either blinks into darkness or fades into darkness.

And the would-be foes save how they be because they will not repent from their evil faithfulness.



Second number besides 18 that is away from 6:7:9 (actualizing beastly numbering) is a calulated 679's 22.

God's number is 18 (and 9). The Son's number is 22 (and 4).

^^Both those are an innerlocking good and best, locking away evil period. If added = 40 (and 13). And for singular those = 4 (and 4). Hey, look at this 4th week and its 4th day... It is a whole and some encompass and encompassing 22 (date wise and dating wising).

Wisdom is also knowledge because you cant know it if it wasnt.

Knowledge II will and willing command and commanding increase and increasing.

II = I and I = persons (1 look/looking and 1 manner/mannerliness) = duality.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 05:06 PM
And II be hold and being holding another beast and beastly come and coming up and upping the earth; and he had (snare and snaring) two horns (two) "the distant and distancing" a "lamb", and he spake and spaking "the distant and distancing" a "drag the distant" and "dragging distancing".

^^two two is 22. Horns indicate high points and instraments for announcings and musics.

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